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Sara Kellie Jun 8
Take the pieces that remain,
I'm leaving them to you.
Use them wisely,
learn the game.
You're now on level two.

You cannot change
what others do.
So what will be, will be.
Remember this.
It won't be long.
You're now on level three.

No need for riches,
don't care you're poor.
Quit the race,
you need no more.
You're now on level four.

Organically dying,
body is old.
Your spirit is flying,
you feel alive.
You're now on level five.
Will we meet again?
When you get to level 10
Sara Kellie Jun 8
Dress the bones with flesh
and cover them in skin.
Name this doll,
this mannequin.
This meat case
I live in.

I'm just vibrating.
Ylzm May 7
Life, everywhere
unseen places
toxic dead places
cacophonous, chaotic
complex counterpoints

Ancient writing
fragmentary shard
frustrating lacuna
mysteries unresolved
an intelligent act

Nature’s a speech
Word speaking Word

Why only earth?
What if only earth?
laying with blue skies
in your hair
earthy reddened clay
across your cheeks
the river in your
shoulder blades
smokey fires blooming
from your thighs
solid mountains holding
your ankles together.

You stand and smile at me from across the street
so I pray to Gaia
to be a mistake you can’t help but repeat.
Ιδού, φωτός
Γαια εναντίον του ἐγώ
Αλλά δεν είδα τίποτα
Ήμουν μαζί σου στα όνειρά μου
Μπορώ να αφήσω τη γη
Για να μην υποφέρουμε πλέον
Ή θα με βρει ο Άδης
Και τιμωρήστε με
Για αυτή τη λίστα
Αυτή η εξαπάτηση
Άφησα να τρέξουν περισσότερα δάκρυα
Τότε ο ωκεανός του Ποσειδώνα
Άφησα περισσότερο ροή αίματος
Τότε η αστραπή του Δία
Γαία, σταματήστε να με αγαπάτε
Και ο Άδης, με πάρτε μακριά
Σώστε μου από αυτή την κόλαση
Ο τάρταρος είναι λιγότερο κακός
Και τιμωρήστε με
Σκότωσέ με
Poetry in greek, because I can.
Paige Feb 1
The sun will rise again
The gnarled branches will bloom
The forest will yawn
And sleepy sighs will follow
The frost will melt
And the soil will give birth
To a new world
Dawn is coming
The creatures sing with her arrival
Gone will be the ice
That separated us from her warmth
Shadows will dissipate
And the wild will grow anew
Our bodies will thrive
My body is her garden
Soothed by her presence
Awakened by her opening eyes
I am a part of her
One with the earth and the creatures roaming
This is our rebirth
Our celebration
Together we welcome the morning
We feast through the glorious day
And by fire light we pray for the harvest
Welcome, mother
We have been waiting
Clarissa Ng Jan 30
Since the rotation of sun and moon

The friction between diversity
Has resurfaced
Rubbing harder than the depletion
Of CO3
How these little specks drown monochrome
And grasp the shades that appease
Their glistening eyes
These drooping dandelions fly in the baby white
Mist drifting away from roses they take as shrubs
Sara Kellie Dec 2018
One. Death
Spending a lifetime
before the big reveal.
Though constantly decaying
we still cannot peel.
Held captive in our own flesh tomb
we wait for a sign saying
'Mortuary Room'

Two. Birth
You've served your time,
you're free to go.
Oh yeah it's your Birthday,
that's just so you know.
But didn't I die
or was that just a lie?
Next you'll tell me I'm conscious
and that I can fly.

Three. Life
You're free.
Go fly!

Poetry by Kaydee
Death is the beginning.
Flesh is a tomb.
Now spread your wings and fly!
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