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Raynne May 6
A chilled afternoon in May,
Looking to the sky for light.
Gloom surrounding my town,
Leaving no light to be found.
A sigh escapes in the form of wind.
Uncertainty portrayed through clouds.
Mother Nature is kind.
Gaia is bold
Earth is undefined.
Life can't be phoned in
Nature has no Pause Button
Reality? Check!
andrea nicole Mar 20
without invitation, without meaning,
breathing the land she bore from a place
of dark matter. for a brief moment,
she relaxes, settling into the dirt
that breaks in her palms, basking light,
embracing it, letting the wonder of the world
fall on her freckled cheeks.

she wastes no time.

when gaia emerged from the abyss,
she gave rise to many others.
i tried something :( not sure it worked
Francie Lynch Mar 17
"Sorry for your luck," wheezed Gaia,
"But I'm long overdue for a breather."
The birds over the world are breathing easier.
Our beautiful world
Voices her wrath through thunder
Clouded eyes rain tears.
I think I started this one around June last year but I finally finished it today...
It's fun to personify the world but the truth is in it's great mysterious vastness it really feels no emotions... not How We Do ...nor is it a single entity really ...from the way I look at is an impossibly complex woven web full of all the life that it contains and supports.. or like a harp where each strand sings its own song whether it's heard or not whether it's appreciated or not independently all notes come together into a song... it's up to us, the ones who can feel and think, to make sure that our threads are not irreparably Tangled with the ones around us or the notes of the song are not discordant to the rest... then maybe our unseen weaver / conductor will smile and sigh in contentment...
Sara Kellie Mar 2019
Angels with torches lighting my way
down grand, windowed hallways
I'll walk down one day.
With framed, pictured memories
highlighting my past.
Flickering candles,
a shadow I cast.
All the while,
wondering why I am here.
This is the story of my yesteryear.
I suddenly realise that this is the end.
A man holds his hand out
and says
"Welcome my friend"

Poetry by Kaydee.
Visions of my last walk.
Our Spirit guides are Warriors
They provide you with positive energy and guidance
They are always watching
They are always near
Their presence is too powerful for the mundane eyes to see
Unlock your chakras and you’ll be able to really see
The wonderful magic that flows within thee
If that *****
Wasn't so stupid
She would
Love me
Earth-lings don't value
Or wisdom
I Was Beulah
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