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3.1k · Sep 2018
who i am
Tell me, what do you know about me
Am I just any other guy on the street
Am I being hoody
Or that type of guy that walk around; moody
Am I the type that always tries to protect all
Or that type that loose confidence in front of the projector
Am I that maths-guru that always take all the A’s
Or that computer guy that’s good with symbolic-gate
Am I that proud guy that always put his shoulder’s on
Or that humble boy that’s always scare to fall
Am I that lover-boy which love makes him to change his art
Or that ugly who walk around with half-broken heart
Am I that man who isn’t good with public speech delivery
But write poems effectively
Am I friendly, annoying, stupid, handsome, ugly, optimistic just to mention few
I exist in different dimension; what I am depends on you
2.5k · Oct 2019
We lied
We lied we need change
When all we feel is rage
For the government we create
Who don’t feel shake if the economical price inflate

We lied we are happy
When we hide in the bathroom; crying
We lied we are living
When we are striving for surviving

We lied we are grown
When we are yet to be birth
We lied we are strong
And here we are; paralysed

We lied we are in traffic
When we’re still on our bed dreaming
We lied we are set
When with default setting; we’re breathing

We lied we want about-move
From politics of Jong-Un
From government of John Bull
And parliaments filled with masters of Kungfu

We lied we are in love
When the only thing we feel is lust
We lied we are loved
When the only feeling we procure is hurt

We lied we are loyal
When we lust only after the royal one
We lied we are loyal
And when the ox is gored; we run

We lied we are in paradise
When in filthiness we dine
Stuck in a big mess
Living in hell; but not minding our business

We lied we are responsible
When at the sight of challenge; we flee
We lied we are smart
Whereas we are trickening; coz at the sight of themisticoles; we flee

We lied we are beautiful
When our heart is filled with greed and hate
We lied we are pretty
When the pancaked look on our face is manmade

We lied we are the future
Saying we are the leaders of tomorrow
We lied; saying we are injured
Whereas we’re completely trapped in hollow

We lied we’re from the hood
So no one else to talk to
Coz our lifestyle is not good
And that leaves us in bad mood

We lied we are good
When at the depth of our heart; we’re bad
We lied we are confuse
When we’re stuck and which way? We cant conclude
We lied to survive the tide
And from the real part of life; we hide
Tell the truth’ man; be freed inside
1.2k · May 2019
NO (1)
NO (1)
I am a warrior
My art is superior
I fight with words
My pen hurts than sword

I bask in the light
I chose only the path that’s right
God almighty is my guide
He remote-control my path

I am bolder
Even than the soldier
I say No to terrorism
Cybercrime and cultism

To evil-doers and corrupt government
Mismanagement of civil property
I say No to pop/rap art
Whose rhymes corrupt young mind
1.2k · Apr 2019
Real Music

Real dope rappers
Who write good flows
Not those whackers
Whose IQ ‘s low

Real emcees
Not them fake gees
Whose violence fancy life they pretend to live
In their video scene
Make them obscene

Rap shouldn’t be getting kids trapped
In a ****** life
Imagining wrongly outside the map
Now most of these kids had swapped
Their real life with that rap-gee crap
Things need to be done asap
Before things get out of bound
Before these kids gets out of hand

Rapping should be about feeling
Happening and politicking
And how we take beating
From murderous policing
Rap should be a stencil
Unfading, unlike pencil
It should be a language, fundamental
That boots the mental
Coz rap music is special

Rap should be words arranged in rhythmic verse
To fit the beat and bass
Where the preceding rhymes
Fit the proceeding lines

Rap could be a war song
Against gunmen and war-thugs
To stop their inhumane wrongs
Like killing youngs’ and dropping bombs

Rap could be a love song
Song that keeps our vibe on
And become more strong

Rap could be an ornament
To our chameleon-like president
And those in the parliament
And other less-sensible personnel
In the government

Rap should be an inspiration
That helps you find solution
To war and destitution
And impact its contribution
as medication
To a mind filled with gruesome

Rap should be a resolution
To peace and revolution
Not the type that cause body and soul pollution

Rap should be about feeling
Not *** and drug preaching
Not fake-life flaunting
That leave the young heart bleeding

Rappers should be evolver
Logical thinker
Intellect ******
Who don’t just wear blinkers
They’re problem solvers

Realest cyphers
I’m talking real rap gods
Whose song do not preach hate
Whose line will all relate

How about those with silly way
Who’s supposed to be in jail
Coz their rhythmic way
And their wordplay
Preaches stray
And could derange the brain
Of the kids to decay

Let’s talk euphorism
Rappers whose rhythmism
Somewhat lacks euphemism
Whose art of lyricism
And rhyme algorithm
Lacks aphorism

I’m talking wu-tang pal
Not YMCMB clan
Whose art lack style
I’m talking 2pac
Whose rap never past

What about the music tycoon
Who make the world roam
Whose song gives the heart relief
And gives a warming beat
To a wandering lost soul

Real poetic wordsmith
Whose every word spit
Has a taste of God in it
And could make the world spin

But when rappers start displaying
An art that’s straying
And still gets to be known
That’s got to show
That they’ve bargain their soul
For fame, a chance to glow
Coz they’re rhythmic style is low
So, for them to blow
They’ve got to sold
Their body, heart and soul in whole

But rappers these day
Are just insane
Their lust for fame
Outlived their love for the game
thanks to Dammy Zuliha and Abdul Muhsin for the inspiration
1.2k · Aug 2021
Enough is enough
Don't tell me there is true love
No, I don't wanna hear such a disgusting stuff

True love should be independent
Wholeheartedly aligned; not indented
Lovers shouldn't feel indebted
For the love they co-invented

"I love you to the moon and back"
"The stars are the witness to our...
rhythmically beating heart"
"For you only; my heart' beat forth and back"
Well, all those might just be brutal lies
Lies and lies; until those lies have no more space to lie

Okay; tell me; what is this thing called love
Isn't it the combo of loyalty and trust
Accompanied by stuff like affections and such
Why do we still search for more;
Shouldn't love be sufficient for us?

Well, love doesn't always stand true
Cos' everyone you give you heart to
Will break it in different way
Some will break it into two
Some will trap it to a close-edge cage

Some will throw it into the wildest zoo
Some will manufacture hell out of you
Some will shatter it to the tiniest atom
Some will turn it to the sourest alum

At the end of the day
You will find, that love is two-faced
Cos' it tends to not be enough
When it isn't beneficial at all

When you fall in love
You'll become a sage
The sky above
changes to a poetry page
And then you'll see
The stars as ink
Forming galaxies
Of rhythmic rhymes.

Your lovers' smile
will give you wings to fly
Looking to her pair of eyes
Will feel like paradise
A kiss from her
Will make your plane crash-land
Without being harmed

She/He'll be all your need
at that time indeed
But soon you'll find
That love for cash
And stuff that shines
Supersedes all of that
Especially if you aren't a good looking guy
With urbanic style

And she'll leave you behind
For that good-looking guy
And become the wife
Of that corporate guy
Who's got phat yard
At the country side

And then; you'll be there
Feeling despaired
Towards yourself

But all I want to say is this
Love Isn't always what it seems...
Sometimes; it's overrated
Sometimes underrated
Love is way beyond
Kisses and touch(es)
There's this emotional bond
That can't be swayed
by anything you can name
The feelings that you can't survive
If she isn't a part of your life

So, did you feel like that
When you say he holds the key to your heart
And when you stare at her
Do you feel like Aargh; she's a paradise on earth
Do you love her more; than you love yourself?
Do you feel secure; when he wrap you around himself

Does he make you feel safe and secure?
And she' the sunshine in human form?
Do you taste forever on his curl lips
When your two hearts clipped
Does he arouse you mentally
Does she inflame you spiritually

If she makes you feel more
Than you ever thought you was
And he prioritise you above
Every creature in his world
If he does; then I'll conform
That; that is true love
1.1k · Jun 2018
Don't Fall in Love with Me
Don’t fall in love with me.
There are days when I get sad without a reason
And I just stare at the ceiling
Senseless thought running around my mind like phrase
With tears streaming down my face.

Don’t fall in love with me.
On those days, I don’t talk to anyone.
I just bury myself on my mattress
And think about how I became this mess of sadness.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I will become attached to you
And I will cry myself to sleep
If you don’t text me good night before you go to sleep
I will convince myself that it’s because you got tired of me.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I’m too much.
I will depend on you.
I need attention, much more than other people.
I’ll talk to you in metaphors and make you one.
I’ll write poems about you and open up notepad at 2 A.M.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I couldn’t stand you coming home to find me on the bathroom floor
Shaking and crying, with blood spilling from my wrists.
I couldn’t stand seeing the disappointment in your eyes.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I will pour everything I’ve left of me into you,
Every bit of love, until I have nothing to give.
Until I become completely empty.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I’m scared that my sadness is contagious.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I will replay your sweet words in my head
When I hate myself so much that I want to die.
Your words will be the only things that make me stay.

Don’t fall in love with me.
You will live in fear.
You won’t be able to leave me,
Because you’d know if you did, I wouldn’t have anything to live for.

Don’t fall in love with me.
Before I met you, there wasn’t a single person who could’ve made me stay.
You’re my reason now.

Don’t fall in love with me.
Because I will fall in love with you
1.1k · Jun 2021
A lame boy; they say I be
Low-pitched guy?; yee' that's me
been a lame boy since I was three
Dull and placid; unsatisfactory

been a quiet boy; since I was born
Psychopathic; and somewhat tough
Sail your ship up-north; I go offshore
A prodigal son;...
left by his mum; at the age of four

Sometime I'm cool; sometimes I'm warm
Father wasn't sure; if I was sane or not
Thought my abnormalities; equals 'dull
So he left Up-North where he'd be bother-not

Father's gone; mum's living rough
Doing enough stuff to rid the boy off.....
the black hole living in the boy's thought
Cos' everyone gets lost; crossing the boy's port

Afterward; I was left in this dungeon
Life raised me to this lame strong boy
A lame boy; raised by rain of dirt
All he's ever taste was the opposite of joy

This lame boy will soon find joy
I'm lame for sure; but my feet are strong
My mind find words when my hands are bored
My heart finds love when my head's at fault

When you bring me stress; I'm turning blind
Cos' this lame boy seems to find
Peace in the loneliness of his mind
Seeing the path ahead and behind

This lame boy is ****** enshrined
Prodigal and divine; a boy you can't confine
Cos' money or ******* doesn't define
his mentality and the way he grind

I'm that lame boy; that you hiss and judge
For my writability and use of words
While you nuisance spew sh*t and sort
I do my lame stuff; Yea; I sit and jot...
And then I pour.....; my state of mind; in a distinctive thought

Well; I'm a lame boy; I only look upfront
I don't care if my root; is clean or not
Don't mind if my boot is filled with mud
Only focus on my dreams and things I sought

I'm a lame boy; I've seen the sea and shore
Crawled this earth from south to North
Been in this world before 94
Before Abacha ruin the course; of this Nation more

Lame boy this; lame boy that
'Lame boy 's ****'; 'lame boy 's bad'
"He's lame and dull; he can't attack"
"too rough and poor; he's not my type"
Well; this lame boy doesn't care 'bout
Words from your lilly-filthy mouth
Cos' this lame boy is now an OG; yes!
An Original Gent; who is God-blessed
1.1k · Jun 2019
Dear me
Dear me
Forget about the words
Of the people of this world
It's just an act of disdain
Trying to make you stray
From the right-fill way
That leads to that pearly gate
To some you're genius; to others you're dull
To some you're religious; to some you're worse
To some your approach
Is rude and cold
Some thought you're bestowed
A gentle soul
To some you're a hero; to some you're a curse
To some you're a ******; so they tag you with cult
To some you're slow; so you're not their kind
And to some folk; your pace is so **** fast
To some you're moody; to some you're nice
When some will read and mock your art
And some will glance and 'd be like wow!
To some you're less-ambitious at times
To some you're too serious for their like
Some thought you're brilliant; to some you're quack
To some you're humble; to some you're proud
To some you're good; to others you're bad
They'll say you're this; and say you're that
But your true definition lies; inside your heart
900 · Aug 2018
stay with me
Baby stay with me
Make my heart your home
You will be my guardian
And we could build a rome
Baby stay with me
Through every wrong or right
We could be like moon and star
And make the night look bright
Baby stay with me
Because you’re my drug
You will be my socket and I will be the plug
And forever ‘d be our starting point
Baby stay with me
Coz I can’t live without you
Ask me if I’d be your heaven and earth
And I will tell you “I would”
Baby stay with me
Although today is blur
But tomorrow could be brighter
And we could have enough
Baby stay with me
I’ll be your half in love
No matter how little I have
I’ll give you my world
Baby stay with me
And I’ll be your armour
I will fight against the odds
If they trynna harm ya
Baby stay with me
I wont man you with greed
And I will do everything
To satisfy your needs
Baby stay with me
Be my love and friend
And even when we reach heaven
Our love will never end (we would continue there)
Baby stay with me
You know I’ve always been lonely
You know my life is lifeless
Coz you’re the only one for me
Baby stay with me
I’ll never misuse my ego
Although some people trynna rid you
But we’ll overcome their evil
Baby stay with me
And never let me down
And let’s write the kind of story
That ‘ll make the world say wow
879 · Aug 2022
What is love
And so they asked' bruh
What is love?
And then I said... thus...
Love is an unexplainable trago-chemical curse ******
into your heart leading to a kinda shock
That neither ABC nor CPR can resolve
But instead of dying... you hearts keeps fighting
And instead of crying... your eyes keeps igniting
with lights that's almost blinding
See, what I'm implying....
Is though love strucks like lightening,  it still feels exciting

Pretence, judge, privacy, remorse
Nah, love is far from stuff like such
Love is the brother of loyalty and trust
The great grandpa of affection and lust
Who happens to be the uncle of honesty and Wisdom
And right next to the wall of love
Lives  heartbreak and hurt
Even though they're not related by blood
The same boundary engulfed their hut 🏠

But see, even at detriment of abuse and insult
And when the whole world connive
to bring love distress and strive
True love thrives and survives
All the tempo of life
True love is the upgrade of Love and Like
Yea, I said love and like cos they're alike

Love is immortal; it never dies
Love don't give up; it don't say goodbye
And even if it gets weak; it play back the golden times

Love  attracts enmity; unlike water 💧
But like Leonidas and em 300 Spartans; love don't falter
Yea, love slaughter; any obstacles that tryna taunt her
to Moses and Samson in the bible; Love is stronger
Even box to box; Tyson Fury wouldn't last a quarter

Love don't lie, love don't hide
Love ain't fly, but it touch the sky
Love don't cry; love don't deny
Love don't oblige to picking side
Love don't die; love survive
Love don't sly when bad time arise
Love ain't man; but its arm is open wide
Like clouds up in the sky, love dont lack supply

Love is philanthropic; love don't deal in hate
White or black; love won't discriminate
If you're rich, and I'm not; love won't disintegrate
Love will share with you every grain in its plate
Love is transparent; no tricky games
Love don't give space for hate to lay
Love don't hibernate; it's brain is wide awake
Love don't stray from the right-filled way

Love forgives, love don't seek revenge
Love repent wholeheartedly; love don't pretend
Love don't hold grudges; yea, love dont resent
And when its blood boils hot; it clicks reset
Loyalty and honesty is what love do pledge
Love is trust; love don't set cunning tests
Love believes; it don't need evidence
God is what Love represents
870 · Jul 2018
816 · May 2020
Corona Warfare II
Corona Warfare II
This corona war
is breeding a lot of stuff
Like increasing the figure
of those filthily poor,
breaking jaw,
degrading thoughts
and causing mental clutch
for those who can't afford
to fill their store
with necessary stuff
to survive this war

and those political guys
Who only abides
with rules that thrive
in destroying our lives
by feeding our mind
with lots of lie
from News headline
That infects our mind
with mental genocide

and other stuff
like internet curse
Cybercrime plus fraud
Cyber bullying and more
So, what are you gonna do
You've got to break through
amidst the war and lies to quarantine you
Coz even as the time goes tik-tok; they're cashing out too
684 · Oct 2020
*When will we be free*
Every year; we sing
We're independently free
From colonisation regime
From human-slavery
Free from
Antihuman policies

Impose on we
By em British colony

Free from slavery
to a free-free world
Free from brutality
to a greater course

But when exactly
Will we be free
From the war within

When will we be free
From talks of guns
When will we be free
From wars and bombs

When will we be free
From bad leadership
Coz all I see
is corruptive cliques
occupying governmental seats

When will we be free
From terrorism
territory separatism
Religion barbarism
And tri-balism

When will we be free
From governmental deceit
And societal laws
Made by bribe-filled judge
Whose laws only affects the poor

When will we be free
From godfatherism
And political regime
Where the corruptive folks
Are immune to probe

When will be free
From deadly disease
State of emergency
And economical insurgency

When will we be free
From violent street
Filled with vicious police
Whose only role
is to harass those
Who can't afford 50 naira note

When will we be free

The north is filled
with refugees
victims of terrorism
younger kids
with nowhere to sleep
Roaming the street
Trying to get their belly feed

The southeast is the zone
where them militant roam
Armed to the bone
Brainwashed and scoped
By them Biafran folks
Shooting this; shooting that
Disturbing peace and breaking pipe
yearning for separation
of our beloved Nation

And what about the west
Them Wild Wild West
the district where
Godfatherism dwells
Ruthless men
Political theft
And fraudulent youth
Who often get used
By political dudes
Senseless thugs
Whom at the end of all
's abused and dumped

And human-right activist
Who aren't really for the citizens
Political sheople
Misleading the people
The only thing that matters' ah
getting their pocket's fat

I'm not here to preach
But when will we be free
From being brain-feed
with lies and deceit
Most people can't use their head
Yes, unless it is used for them
Most now follow religious leaders
Instead of the Lord
Whatever the preacher says; is right
Yea, he is the man of God

When will we be free
From enchanted beats
Musical *****
That aren't up to feat

When will we be free
When will we be free

Raise the Green-White-Green
And steadily roll the rim
Even though the white seems gray
I believe one day
We'd be chanced to make
This country great again
So let us pray

O God of Creation
Direct our Noble Course
Guide our Leaders Right
Help our youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
And living just and true
Great lofty heights attain
To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.
672 · Jun 2019
Chess with the devil
And so I walk in
Into the devil’s inn
And Aye! I found the devil sitting on his usual chair
In that dark room filled with smoky air
Still seated facing his golden chess
Thinking who’s next he’d trick to hell
Knock! Knock! Is anybody in
He already knew it’s me
He pull his metallic door stylishly
Raising his hand Hi-ing me
Ehy man; here you are again
Tell me; this time, what’s your aim
Tell me; without me; what have you attain
After all; you understand my style of game
He offered me a place
To sit dimensionally face to face
Dear devil, after striving for a while
I’ve come to understand your style
Though I’m yet to realise
Why you choose this path
What has mankind done to ya
That you affiliate yourself to all his wants
Money, power, fame, skyscraper, empire
Even knowledge and earthy desire
Tell me; what’s your sole goal
I’ve seen folks
Sold their sole
For fame and gold
Cash, diamond, glittering things
And all other worldly things
I pinch a pawn
By its head and sets it down
The devil winces as if he knows my next move
Dear devil; what would you do
He reflect my move
By a pawn of his own too
This I’ve learn
That human are so greedy
They yearn for much interest
Than what they invest
They intend to gain huge
Than what they ought to
Celebrities thirst for fame
Louder; like china made
Politicians hungers for power
Even if it’d reduce their glass hour
The poor want to make it big
Survivers want to live
The wealthy want to get more rich
They force their way to top the cliff
I slide another pawn towards
his territories and slightly move it forward
As I always tell you man
God and I exist in different clan
With different plan
For you mankind
I am bestowed every glittering things in this life
Ambitions, dreams, power, desires
You want to live for eternity
I can give you immortality
You want that diamond ring
That bling and bling
Wealth and health remixed
Long life elixir
Geniusity; polymatheism
Supreme intelligence
Woman of perfect form
I can help you divert their thought
And they’d pass their love
To you alone
Mention any worldly luxury
Then my hand is in all of it
Let me give you a hint
Once you start craving for more than you worked for
Just know that I’m involved
The devil match past my pawn
I bouncingly count out squares
Then move my knight to a pawn neighbouring near
He quickly move another pawn forward
Oh devil; this time you’ve run
Into a concrete wall
See; I still have my soul
And I am sure will achieve my goal
Without you been in role
I move forward another knight
But yet the devil doesn’t feel fright
Now, dear devil
Why do you choose to be a rebel
Against human being
And the clan of jinn
And the devil reply
See; what happened between God and I
That got me demonise
Is man’s polymath
See; before the creation of man
I was once loyal; I live at the apex
I dwelt amidst angels
Worshipped God day and night
I walked in the path of light
But the interference of your kind
Turn me to this revengeful type
The fact that I was locked out of heaven’s gate
Filled me with rage and hate
For every offspring
Of Adam and Eve
He angrily slide his bishop between two pawns
Preparing for an attack
No matter what you do
I will not grant you my soul
Your attempts are futile
I don’t have a thing to sacrifice
I twirl my finger around the tip top
And advances another pawn
He take out my pawn with a knight
Intentionally opening a destruction path for my bishop
Oh; devil, this time I won’t give up
Though your intellect is far superior to mine
But this game will rather end up a tie
It’s too late
Man; you’ve fallen a bait
Right now; you can’t deflate
At this point you can’t walk away
From this game
The devil further takes out my knight with his bishop
Then suddenly, I screamed ‘Stop!’
He noticed my ****** expression
Filled with total frustration
I feel hesitant to move my pieces
The devil knew he'd ****** me
I move another pawn, though I know it will be killed
Dear devil; I am been careful with my piece
Don’t want to run into any deal
Dear devil; I can’t continue this game
I’d be back in few days
Until then; let me be
I won’t sign any deal
The devil laughed and somewhat grinned
But still baffled with the fact that he hasn’t win
Salvation devil chess
662 · Jul 2019
Beautiful Brilliance
Beautiful brilliance
The type that ignites
A weak heart
The type that surpass
The compass
Of this earth

Beautiful brilliance
Wonderfully scribed
Painting the skies
Bright and wild
With its glittering smile

Beautiful brilliance
indescribably beautiful
Far beyond physical
That makes dying flowers bloom
And make the world feel brand new

Beautiful brilliance
That makes the grass seem greener
Beauty; so brilliantly made
Makes the stars look beautifully gray
Makes me suffer in an amazing way

Beautiful brilliance
See; my head and my heart
Are tearing me apart
Your wisdom they crave
Your prettiness they chase

The way that she shines
Makes me want to reach out to the sky
Not to touch the stars
But to whisper to the moon
How beautifully brilliant are you

Beautiful brilliance
You're my heart, my soul and my world
For the lack of better words
I can feel your brilliance from afar
I want to capture your beauty in a jar

The way her beauty glows
Even the sun can't lay it low
The brilliance she's bestowed
Gives my heartbeat a rhythm flow
And ohw; I wish you'd know
How much I love you so
618 · Jul 2021
You Will Remember Me
There will come a day;
When you'll miss me
And you'll wish I'm still
What you're then; blind to see

Maybe on that day; you'll realise...
I live my best...
As ah honest man
And a friend indeed
Who always lend...
A helping hand...
when in need

You'll get the ploy
That I was a lonely boy
But a caring son
A loyal lover
And a buoyant brother

It will get clearer
That I was a corporate *****
A competent teacher
An original gents
An OG; yes!

You'll understand...
That the lot behind...
That sourful smile...
is a hurtful guy;...
With a vengeful mind,
a toxic heart,
And a thorn-filled path

But by that time,
Maybe my soul would've turn to star
My body... buried down...
Six feet underground
My heart dusted apart
With my deeds to the seventh sky
Where judgement 'd be passed

And then you'll regret
How you treated me
Like I'm just a mess
How you jilted me
Like nothingness
How you tossed me
Like I'm option Z
How you judged me
As a prodigal son
How you lambasted me
Like an outlaw
How you loved me with pretence
and negligence

One day
Yes, one day,
You'll remember me
Like you never did
When I was your everything
509 · Nov 2019
Wish me well
I tried my best to be a better man
I do the best I can
But here I am
Hurting everyone around

I try with all my might
To love with all my heart
But they said I'm doing otherwise
That my art is never right

I walk the path of the wise
Write scripts that truly inspire
But all I get is just great torment
Harvested from their hate-comment

I work hard, never disabled
To fend and put food on table
But still I get criticised
And was tagged as "lazy ***"

I try to improve my  profile
Be a better and less-rough guy
But life never permits
Instead; my trial emits afflict'

Family labelled me hellish
Friends tagged me selfish
Haters wish I perish
Neighbours gossips and blemish

I will overcome I guess
But If I ended up diced to pieces instead
By this sharp knife edge
Just be aware; I tried me best
Wish me well
502 · Dec 2018
The one who faulter
The one who faulter
Always see the misuse of clausal
In words other folks utter
But their own level of blunder
Is beyond semantic border

When people see the Faulter
Their voice’s got to come down
I mean; they’d got to mutter
Or else he’ll out-hauled ya
And make y’all feel like defaulter

Anyway; don’t bother
He’s just a wave; I mean disturbance
Who’s trying to put you under
And make you feel like you’re smaller
With the hurting words he utter

The one who faulter
I see; you get phrasal appraisal
For those you syntactically ******
And those that you make feel like you’re worth than
And for your ballyhoo blabber

The one who faulter
Always note the mistake of others
See; the one who faulter
Always speak to impress
When others do express _ themselves __ he jest
Aiming to make them feel less

The one who faulter
I heard your first name is grammer
You’re the top gammer; infact you’re the alpha
But; how far
Is that a reason for you to see others as gamma

The one who faulter
Always put on his shoulder
You know; a linguistic hunter
With his fanatic grammer
But listen to this word-art
Fluency is not the portal
To a successful life span

Let’s put that aside
Why’d you act like you can’t commit liguicide
When none is above grammatical suicide
So, why give yourself ah heart-attack
Or pro’ly ended-up berserked

You call yourself a philosopher; I wonder
Have you win a soul over
Or it’s fun making heart sober
And de-philosophising others
But unlike them; your psych cannot put me asunder

The one who faulter
Tell me; what have you achieved
Beside you being a criticizer
Brother; don’t that make you a freak
Coz your mind state ‘s been altar

Now listen
Even scientist like newton
And others who invented interesting new thing
Don’t need your linguistic-type English
To express their point of view
Hope that concept gets to you
Anyway Mr Faulter
The aim of language is to understand each other
So, leave the grammatical slogan
For the linguish brother
More important; English is not the language of my ancestral father
475 · Oct 2019
My fatherland
My fatherland
"I am blessed"; says our fatherland
"I am the giant of Africa"; remarks our fatherland
“We will curb every corrupt personnel”; lied our corrupt leaders
"No place like home"; opines our elders
"Great people, great nation"; merits our media stations
"Blessed with natural resources"; proclaims our teachers
"All is well"; prophesizes our men of God
"Invest home"; idea our business men
"It will be better"; endures our youth
"I will bring change"; promises our snail-like president
“Next level”; campaign our level-0 party
"Vote for me"; begs our politicians.
“We are your friends”; lied the policemen
“We will find you”; exclaim EFCC
“We will put things in order”; pledged our disorganized representatives
“We will pass positive bills”; fakes our kungfu-senate
“To serve our fatherland”; recites our selfish civil-servant
“We will fight for our rights”; yearn our revolution group
“We can’t accept this”; brags our powerless youth
“We are the leaders of tomorrow”; sings our generation
“I’m tired of this country”; cries our fed-up graduate
“Remember the child of who you are” warns our parents
“Promoting the rule of law” proclaim our lawyers
Yet! The **** ****, the dog bark,
The cat meow, the snake hiss,
The sun shine, the water flow,
Everything being equal.
My father's land changes not!
I cry for our generation,
I weep for what to come,
I pray we wake up from our slumbers.
473 · Oct 2018
Do I still make your heart beat forth and back
Do I still make your sky blue or black
Do I still have a place in your heart
Or insecurity has shattered the place; since I'm afar
Do I still have a home in your heart
Or the house that we built 's being torn apart
Do I make your sky cloudy; or do I make it rain
My love never change; but do you still love me the same
Am I still the star that beautify your moon
Am I still the petal that make your flower bloom
If I fall; will you catch; or I'd better get a parachute
Am I stranded; or do you consider me your pair-of-shoe
Is the fences still secure; hoping I'll come home soon
Or someone else's has occupied my most beloveth room
Am I still the groom that you wished could make you bride
Am I still your man; am I still your pride
Am I still your armour; am I still your guard
Am I still your downfall and the same time your rise
Am I still number-one; or I'm number-two
Probably I'm number-none; maybe there's number-new
Am I still the fuel that ignite your fire
Am I still the tonic that your blood inquire
Am I the guarding light that guides you in the dark
Do I contain your treasured home or I'm just a shack
I wish I am; coz without you my day is dark
I wish I am; coz you're the lense that keep my vision sharp
I wish I am; coz you're the art that keep my demon sealed
I wish I am; coz you're wishful than a million wish
I wish I am; coz you're the rhyme to my every line
I wish I am; coz you're the calmness to my weary mind
I wish I am; coz I feel appease with the thought of you
I wish I am; coz if I'm not; then I'm just a fool
433 · Oct 2019
Dude from the hood
To some
He’s born
On the wrong
part of the world

To others he’s above
Prime amidst the odds
Intelligencial murr
Diamond in the ruff
A young god
Or more

To some
He’s nut
Who knows not
What is right and what is wrong
Opposite wise;  probably curse
By the gods

To others he’s just a dude
From the hood
Who walk around with fade blue hat
On stitch rag and sewed bag
Striving; even with his bruised heart
Trying to rebuild his confused path

To some
He’s a dawg
Who dresses poor
Whose sense is bore
Whose thought needs cure
A piece of junk
Lilly-knight of the lost

To others he’s tore
Been through a lot
Take a trip to his world
Through his sea and shore
You wont make it back bros

To some he’s dumb
Somewhat numb
Paralysically not
Senserable to hurt
But for real; he’s just a boy
Who doesn’t need to be judge
For what he is or not
Can’t you see his strug'
He’s just a boy from the slum
Trying to make it to the top
432 · Oct 2019
My heart is pierced by cupid
An angelic maid of Rome
There ain't nothing that can console me
But my jolly sailor boat

Alone in my room
Staring up on the roof
There came this gem of sailors
Who interrupted my moody mood

We set out on a sail
To the Atlantis depth unknown
Praying we live to tell the tale
Of our trip to yo-**-**

Heave **, all hands,
hoist the colors high.
Now we dive; far from land
Where we never shall die.

We dive through the storm
In cold and thunderous rain
There ain't nothing that make we stop
Even though we may never return again

We hoist the colours high
Not for some useless glittering gold
We're pirates of higher rank
We only dine for yo-**-**

Freedom is yo-**-** to me
I'm ah slave to land no more
It isn't gold that call me to the sea
But the freedom to do what I love

From the sea of thousands ghommids
To the ocean of ice and cold
We roam, high and low
Hoping we'll soon get to dine at home.

We danced on the deck
While the music is playing
and the breeze has the helm
Of the fine lady swaying

We dreamed of been kissed
By the beautiful maid of calipso
We had nightmares of abandon-ship
Crushed by the horn of Davy-Jones

If this ship has to sink
I'll be there to watch it crash in slow motion
I'll hold the anchor at the hip
As I get drowned beneath the ocean

So forget not how we rise
to the tide of sea and river
We are the Atlantic knight
For we are not a sinner
412 · Oct 2023
When do poets fall in love
Poets fall in love everyday
It might be with the sun; or even a tiny ray.
It might be with the stars; or the clouds as it turns to rain.
Or maybe the morning dew as it springs down from the seventh sky

It might be with the way... the pen and the note make beautiful love
Caressing every inch of its sheets; moaning at its ink-filled touch.
Making beautiful baby poems with rhymes and rhythmical style

it might be with the way....... the autunm kiss the twilight moon
Or as the honeybees sinks its stings on the petals as the flower bloom

Poets fall in love with every gift that nature gives.
Chaos, pains and heartbreak arent enough to make em weak.
410 · Jun 2018
Emirate City
Emirate city
A district filled with lies and deceit
Home of fabrics and silk
Blessed with honey and milk
Where a man controls it all; like it's his compound
Where he rules like a god with the power-bound

Emirate city
Where liveth handsome and pretty
But their greed and pride; I pity.
Where kids are raised
To raise mace against their race
As long as there's cash; the guilty’d beat the case
And the innocent will die in prison jail

Emirate city
A big city with the view of a family house
Where ma'am sell their dignity for bread and blouse
Where real man are those who could puff-in ****
Just to get em high to fulfil their mission of greed
Where those who wear hijab are criticised
And the half-naked are tagged as civilised

Emirate city
Where graduates walk around the streets
Looking for handy job to get his belly feed
His certificate may not grant him a policy
Why? Because he is not involve in politics

Emirate city
Enormity district
Fortress of lies and deceit
Where man sees lies as truth
Where being upright is rude
Where Money is man's only desire
Home for only those who pledge allegiance to their sire

Emirate city
Where men of God has turn to ritualist
And the politicians and religious leaders are much of spiritualist
Where black coal burns to black ash
Where horse rides on man's back
Where the head controls man's heart
Where man is the slave and money is his master

Emirate city
Where silence is our default
Those who yearn for revolution are seen as thugs
"Ranti omo eni ti o nse"; parent tell their sons thus
Proverb passed down from ancestors to grandsons
No matter how oppressed we are; we should not talk
No, this will not work
Not anymore
Every sector in the Emirate city is corrupt
And every form of justice’s being disrupt
Now we are pushed to the wall
Our rage for change's erupt
They say we should just pray, work hard and wish
But we're too tired and we can't keep being like this
They say if we go against him; then, we're ungrateful
Religion leaders are much hateful, they don't even feel shameful
He, who takes away all our harvest and give us just a seed,
He, which should serve, but rule over us with greed
A definition of a true pillage
And yet they call him our true image
Maybe their sense is not in its normal state
Maybe, he's got hold of their brain, and now he remote-control their fate
Hmm; I just guffawed
Should we keep mute till this virus **** us all?
Away from our home, should we flee and run
No, we'll stand tall, firm for our children's sake
We'll sleep-walk and dream while awake
We really need to wake
For our future is being put on stake
But we keep-on singing "we are the leaders of tomorrow"
If we keep-on on this path we follow
Our dreams and hope will end up in hollow
Our weakened heart will be pierced by filthy arrow
If we make oppression our host; and we become its parasite
We'll die as civil slave,
And heaven will reject our stay
We'll not be chance to be a guest in paradise
Because paradise is not meant for cowardice
402 · Jul 2018
I'm gone;
I could feel dessert in my vein
Terror running through my brain
And I see the fleet and the heat reversing my aim
The flit;
I'm sinking inside the well
But I live like all is well
My skin is turning to a shell
Mind and soul running to a dwell
The thought
And memory
The fall
And gravity
The brawling of a sparrow in the eaves
And all that famous harmony of leaves
The brilliant moon and all the milky sky;
Had blotted out my image and the cries.
But I keep sailing on the deck of the abandoned ship
Maybe one day, I'll find my way, to the top of the hip
Irrespective of the hate speech and sar-donic
Some say I'm doomed like Odysseus and his wagon ship
But I keep levitating my soaring height
Like a moon climbing upon an empty sky
No climate or condition could dismantle me
Like a bat hanging on a drying tree
This language which my dream is written; keep-on baffling me
And there's never being a psyche to analyse or subtitles it
Maybe somebody hid hope and desire; + fear and hate
Under my feet that follows me night and day
Maybe someday my dark heart will at least turn to gray
For this is the price that I've got to pay
To be brave in the face of pain
Tears rise in my heart
And gathers in my eye
As I lean to touch the sky
The more I try; more I fall
As I try to blaspheme between the stars
The more I search; more I lost
More I cry; the more I mourn
For my book of fate is about to burn
The path to my dreams is about to u-turn
How on earth will I debug,
This raging fault
How will I erase this engraved dirt?
My skin will burn; my flesh will hurt
Though my dreams are dead but I still live
I shred my strength to breath; but I still breathe
How I wish to be with him (my dream) under the six feet
How I wish I got a deadly flick from this street
Then, I decide to take a walk through my district.
To rid away the thought from my instinct
Ironically, I walk majestically and peep at everyone I did meet.
And I think that how would it be
If I wasn't bred to slum filled with big filth
Then I shake my head
And I said.
How could it feel?
To live without being seeing
To live like a god in my thought
To live poor but humane in my hut
To live in this world without being hurt
To pass through enemies plot without being caught
The abhor and foe won't want me grow
Let them go to space and stop me glow (the vibe, they don't)
So I don't feel abice with their songs of hate;
Malice and rage.
I have worked hard
And at this juncture I cannot ******
That tears I've shed were because of fear,
The kick I took that deafened my ear.
Eventually I became this child of steel,
Hard as a rock, with no tender feel.
I became immune to the blows to my head,
As the tips of my welts slightly bled.
The pain, it faded and my heart grew weak,
But as my body grew stronger, I became this freak.
It teaches me from wrong to right.
My rage grew strong,
And even against the world,
I won't take a flight
I stood to fight
393 · Sep 2020
Prodigal son
I'm the prodigal son
Born with a gold-silver spoon
Mummy said when I was born
She was on her caramel top
Showing her Rïchïë stunt off

They call me the prodigal son
Platonically coz
I'm Sardonically born
By the gold-digger mom

Now, I'll tell you more
Of how this prodigal son
was practically born
to this satanical world

Yea, papa was a ****
Mama was a flirt
Then my mama gave birth
to this diamond in the ruff

Father is a political don
A strict guy to the core
I know...and
He knows that
I don't give a ****
Whether he's a don or not

When I was young
He used to be my hero,
All night long
He used to be my pillow
All that has gone
Now, he's my all time foe

Enough of his
What about me
Am I suppose to fall?
By another man flaws
I'm less of a greed
More of a bandit

Yea, I'm that thrifty one
Tagged filthy boy
I grew up a fatherless son
in a slum
not far from the north

I'm the prodigal child
Living life
With my cynical pride
Flaunting my dad riches
Oh! What a *****... I'm.

****, growing up was tough
Papa wasn't home
Mama got issue of her own
So I was left alone
in another family flow

As if that's not enough
Heavens know better; that
I smoke more than a weeder
Come visit my villa
It's more like a smoky lounge

Yea, call me the prodigal son
I'm rough and I'm bad
I'm different from them herd
I laugh when I'm sad
Coz my tears' ******* dry

I'm not done yet
I be the Casanova lad
My promiscuous act
Is topping the chart
They can't get enough of me
Em silly-dumb girls.

I'm that prodigal ****
That your papa doesn't want
That your mama warn you of
Okay now, run, little boy
Or your head 's getting hurt

But, to be honest
All these...
Doesn't behoove my parent
And this's
My mood of regret; please
Forgive and wish me the best.
Combo work from Wordsmith and Radioboi
355 · Aug 2023
Why oh why
Too many whys
Running through my mind

Like why o why
Do we live our life
Searching for things that never wanted to be found

Why do we shy....
away from our real purpose in this life

Why oh why
do our Politicians lie
Telling us things will be fine
beguiling us with few cups of rice
Acting like we the people blind

How oh how, do they expect us to thrive
When the only thing they subsidised....
is our faces filled with joyful smiles

Why do they connive
to bring sufferings to our lives
with the politicking vice they devise

Why do fathers die
Living their kids orphaned

Where are the real mothers and Wives
When wishy-washy women keep tiktoking their pride.

Why wont our elders understand
That the life we in now is different from the past

Why oh why
Is it so hard to find
Someone to keep close to our heart
When all they do is t mess up our mind

Oh why Oh why
Do our youth put on guise
guise of lies' just because they want to survive

Why do our boys sell their soul all for that luxury life.
why do our girls dress bare; to impress and advertise.

Why do our clerics keep weponising our mind
Building partition in the name of the most high

Why do those terrorist thinks they're doing it right
When clearly tis not jihad

Why oh why
Won't God listen to our doleful cries
Forgive our past; filled with sins and crimes
Guide our leaders right....
and liberate us from the powers that victimise our lives.
353 · Aug 2018
This is poetry for my friend; this is a letter to my real gee
You told me that I'm a winner; my achievement has no limit
You told me to keep it real; be nobody and just be me
Forget what haters say; you told me that I could be big
You told me that one day my pain will be gone in a gifi
When I go deep in thought; you get the key to my thinking
You're the closest to my heart; you're a friend more than a sibling
Through hardship and pain; like a mother, you never leave me
When I was feeling down; you'd only one that sees me cry
When I'm alone wishing that I could say goodbye
You refined my soul when I was acting prodigal
Amidst the good of life; you're my choice, the one I only wants
Through worst and better time; you're the arm that I'll be holding on
When all thought that I was whack? You said my rhyme is more than dope
And when I'm broke and full of sob; you showed me tomorrow full of hope
Dear Wordsmith
Where have you been?

Have you forsaken your art
or thy art has forsaken thee

Where now... do you keep?...
the words spiralling in your head

Those words you ****** to me
Every time you're sick, lonely and weak

Have I moved from being your favourite girl
to your long-forsaken ex

When last was it you pick your pen
and make me ouch like it's first time *

Scribing those words; tattooing my skin
Fantasising every bit of my whim

Did you not miss my kiss
Those goosebumps we feel; when we scroll through each other's skin

Why have thee forsaken thy art
Has anyone broken thy heart
Has your world fallen apart

Is it family feuds or country's nukes
thats rampaging your being from deep within

Just tell me; I'll be' the comforter I've always been
Dust your chin up and get back on your feet
Please don't abolish your dreams
No, you mustn't fall apart at the seam
344 · Aug 2018
They treat me like cowardice
But I survive through them like parasite
They try to feed me fruit and sent me out me paradise
But I caught their whole disguise
They sent me black roses
They fed me bad doses
They give me bad diet
But still I never die yet
My sorrow is their ecstasy
My defeat is their legacy
But I will never let-them-win
I'll stand and die, legendary
I don't give a f*ck about em enemies
I do not care ‘bout their detesting things in any means
I am not fund of uttering platitudes
In stain glass attitude
Soon I'll break those chains
Coz it has cause me so much pain
And when you start making it' everyone will say
That you're walking through a mystic way
But the air severe is but a mere veneer
The cynic smile is but a wile of guile
And when you become an iconic guy,
Your enemies will say "his fame's ritualised"
And when you arranged your lines to entertain them
Your real dude will woo your rhymes like it's Shakespeare's
Coz you did the impossible; you must be sorcerous,
The venon of their mouth compared to a snake is dangerous
But all their malice and hate do not move me
Their gossips and critic will not mute me
I'll buckle my shoe and shoot for the stars
And keep-on aiming for the sky till I die
333 · Oct 2019
Use less

I know I'd probably get hate comment
But your words cannot create torment
It's just like the way people these days stare at my hair
And I won't even care; as if it doesn't ring a bell
You know; sometimes I wonder if it's possible for someone's brain to be paralysed
That's what I feel anyway; about those who call themselves sarakites
Sometimes I wonder if some youths' mind has been contaminated with the society mayhem
Maybe their master has brainwashed and re-brain-feed them
The so-called buharist too; makes me sick
With their overhyped appraisal for a political freak
they sees their master as saint; and anybody who don't support
's gotto be corrupt
The whole concept of this district makes me weak
It's just a different story of a blind man and his stick
But this time; the white-cane controls the blind man's brain
Just like the white folks controls black man's aim
The sheep now controls the shepherd
The goat rule over the leopard
How do you expect me to praise someone who's got nothing to offer
I'd rather be an orphan
Than being a ripen fruit of a corrupt family tree
Never a slave; I was born to live free
I'm not a puppet of a political faction
I can only lease fraction1/2 support of a political action
Because unlike them clueless fool
I am not a useless youth
Who will abandon his roots and fruits
And start praising some political occult
I am not a political tool
Who engages in spreading counterfeited news
About how the president is a fascist
I'm not an agent of hate-speech
How can I support leaders
with zero point agenda
When poverty is the only completed government project
When political opponents poke-nose in civil servant protest
Why will I vote when I know my vote do not count
Corruption, our newly designed flag
Poverty is our special kind of rain
Our skin covered with grey and black paints (instead of green and white paints)
Pain, pain all over and over again
Now; let us pray
Oh Lord; please do not forsake
Please intervene
Do not let our country stray
To the youth with lighten sane
Receive brain in Almighty's name
333 · Jul 2018
Children of these days
Children of these days
They're in big dismay
Their attitude, degrade
Their lifestyle is fake
Their value in my eye seems depreciate
They're such a big disgrace

Children of these days
Can't walk without dancing
Just a slight rhythm; and they'll start bouncing
Devilish music; devilish words gat more liking

Children of these days
Their behaviour makes me sad
They would even say 'Hi' to their dad
That's really bad
An act of being  ******

Children of these days
They're so decietful
They won't even greet you

Children of these days
are so mono
They're less gospel and more solo
Surfing the internet; looking for free *****
Man; this logo you have is real loco

Children of these days
Their ways are odds
And they spit missiles of words
They don't want to stain their boot with dirt
But they forgot they're firstly designed from mud

Children of these days have big mouth
They are too proud
They're much of meriment; they're too loud

Children of these days
Should watch out for hollow
They'll say "we are the leaders of tommorrow"
But they do not know
The path to success is narrow

Children of these; I pity
For they think they're pretty
But their style of life is filthy

Children of these days
They post pancaked face on facebook
And ask "How do my face look?"
Ma'am; "you're just a lame snook"
About to get trap in a fish-hook

Children of these days
Don't know their culture
Shoulder 's on; like vulture
That latitude that you walk-on; is not yours
these attitude of yours that you does nurture
Will torture and dis-configure your fine posture
Children of these days
Please take heed
Life is more than that; which you see
So, children of these days; please repent
Before you have a child; you know attitude do reflect
I am never gonna relent
So that my children; that day; won't be bent
303 · Jul 2018
they criticise her and make her hate the moment
her dignity and pride is stolen
they break her stance and potent
she does succumb the omen
they offer her zero condolence
they laugh and mock and curse her
they call her *******
they call her a ****
and other names of such
they drain her to danger red
they call her witch and theft
they make her hate herself
she scurve her face and wept
she cry herself to sleep at night;
hoping that things would change
she 'd told herself that things 'd be right;
one day my pain and scar would fade
and if she would never fly
she said " i'd rather die"
she strive to reframe her picture
her heart and soul is injured
she strive to reframe her name
so she 'll overcome her shame
now the path to succed is open
she's out the heat of oven
she smiles behind her rolex
her foes is rendered goaless
her shame has turned to fame
and her life is not the same
her haters now adore and love her
now none of them can stop her
their hate and game and hurt
is the reason for what she'd turn
301 · Oct 2019
I was dialoging with this dawg named Paul
And he enumerate to me his school of thought
His adventure and the things he saw
When he was schooling abroad

How some white folks ‘d gather
Holding brown black banner
With the label; “black life matter”
And few time after; they’re all out; wildcatter; like Spartan; screaming “**** black panthers”

I don’t understand their style of prototyping
Stop stereotyping; you decolourized race of white ape dolomiting
I don’t know how being me; being Muslim, being poor or being black dude
Has to do with been shrewd; can’t you just be you instead of been rude

We’re all supposed to be on the same team
With the theme “Self-esteem”
At least in my head
But some people are close minded; and want to see some of our life-mates dead

Here’s something Big_Virge,
A young black man said
“I’m just like you; a human; red blood
With emotions; a moving figure
Why should you treat me; like I’m about to pull the trigger”

Over the centuries blacks have been discriminated
Because of the colour of their skin; we’re getting intimidated
Causing a whole population of human to become sadder
But at the end of the day we all bleed the same colour
So why should what’s on the outside even matter?

Being black, that automatically means you deal drugs
And all the homies you hangout with, they’re just a bunch of thugs
Who play with guns; and are thieves
Who gets chicks knocked up; with their baby and then just leave

Black people are the ones who walk around with sagging pants
The ones who get bullied by the police over suspected suspicion and not remaining a proper stance
If they walk around in the wrong neighborhood it gives that scared white woman a good reason to dial
But really it’s just a good opportunity to flash the blue lights and racial profile.

People say brown kids were born to end war between the two races
But people who are racist at heart, won’t stop their cruel ways
Just because they see more brown faces

I don’t experience racism?
That’s what they think
But i’ve gotten pointed at coz my skin isn’t like milk
It’s kinda like a mixed drink

And being on a low-end? Nope that’s a sin
God forbid us to have what we wanted
But little did they know love always wins

You can’t judge someone because of who they identify as or who they love
If it’s not affecting your life, it’s not something you should be concerned of

Now, Muslims.
I guess we’re all terrorists; huh?
But I guess we judge an entire nation of people
Based off of a few unfortunate attacks and call out the whole religion; duh

If you’re wearing a Burqa, Hijab or Niqob
You get judged
And looked at because you’re an assumed terrorist
Yes 9/11 was a tragic day but we can’t blame all Muslims because of it

People will criticize no matter what
But I can tell you what one of society’s errors is
I am a black and I am a muslim
But I am NOT A ******* TERRORIST
295 · Jun 2018
They criticize her and make her hate the moment
Her dignity and pride is stolen
They break her stance and potent
She does succumb the omen
They offer her zero condolence
They laugh and mock and curse her
They call her *******
They call her a ****
and other names of such
They drain her to danger red
They call her witch and theft
They make her hate herself
She scurf her face and wept
She cry herself to sleep at night;
Hoping that things would change
She 'd told herself that things 'd be right;
One day my pain and scar would fade
and if she would never fly
She said " I’d rather die"
She strive to reframe her picture
Her heart and soul is injured
She strive to reframe her name
So she 'll overcome her shame
Now the path to succeed is open
She's out the heat of oven
She smiles behind her rolex
Her foes is rendered goalless
Her shame has turned to fame
And her life is not the same
Her haters now adore and love her
Now none of them can stop her
Their hate and game and hurt
is the reason for what she'd turn
292 · Jun 2018
Slay Queen
Hello sister; can I have a word with you for a second
I see you as a good girl but other thought you 've got a different dimension
You dressed decently; putting a hijab on a skirt and blouse
But you 're something else when you 're outside your father's house
You 're a wild girl outside; but your neighbours taught you 're a decent girl
Half-bad and half-good like she 's stuck in bewilderment
She 's on the street scuffing; sniffing and puffing the cigarette
Looking for exotic-guys as she surf through the internet
She dress solo; she wears tight jean to make her *** looks mono
She rides solo; she wears "I 'm ****" logo
She rolls her artificial eyelids up and down as she walks through the district
A slim teen at the age of sixteen
Posting pictures on facebook; asking how do her face look
Black girl turns white and disastrous like space nuke
Posting half-naked pictures on instagram just to get more likes
She 's gone astray; and her dignity has gone on strike
She lies on her bed seductively; taking pictures inductively
She 'd loss her senses; she can't reason deductively
SlayQueen 's gon wild now; she 's no more domestical
She never minds the critics who says her life is pathetical
She shows her nice curve; dancing hot at the night club
a feeling of being hysterical; she can't resist a guy's touch
She displays her pale skin; and she smiles with fake grin
Young girl turns woman; Miss independence, Madam Slay Queen
She 's a witch of a high class;
with her vision behind glass
And now the lights and camera are all on you
Take pretty pictures is what you do;
Your ***** soul is the devil's bin.
Slay king & slay queen; two disgusting being
I wish a selfie would reflect
Our shortcomings and defects;
Our character and worse behaviour;
And let it stinks out to the neighbours.
The consequences of our stupidity,
And our heart with less rigidity.
How old are you when you loss your virginity
Maybe sixteen; a noble-less girl without a dignity
You're beautiful from the lens of a camera
Yet your character disgusts like cholera.
Your pictures go viral
50k likes on your slay pics, you are the girl that every guy admire
You put your boyfriend over your parent; you could talk to em aggressively
You allow your boyfriend to lay with you intensively
Sister; you 're not his only boo;
You 're just one of a kind, his first-class *******
All in the name of being caring; you 're just a JUST amidst his multitude
You better think better;
Think better and be clever
Try taking a selfie of your inner person;
Edit your flaws, let your ignorance lessen;
Brighten your heart, let your prudence strengthen;
And do away with spots that your virtue threaten.
289 · Jun 2018
Oh Ye Creator, who love us
The superceder above us
Aid me, Lord! Let me not despair
I'm at the bottom of this sphere, cuddled by deep fear
Let me witness your blessing, ere I die.
Let your guiding light arise, to drown my cry
My heart, my soul and whole, is under thy control
Let not the floods of anguish, overwhelm my soul
Let not my spirit separate from its being
The garbage bin; I don't want to be
I know I'm destined for something great
But there are obstacles that keep it wait
I know its all part of the plan
But my skin is turning to tan
289 · Aug 2020
Her and I
She's the angel you'd fight the devil for
And I am the hatred you'd give up love for

She is the heaven you'll go through hell for
I'm malignantly toxic; you can't help, but ask more

She's the light you'd go through darkness for
And I am the earthquake preceded by cloudburst

She is the sunshine after a thunderous downpour
Well, I am a terror; no height I wont bring you down from
280 · Jun 2018
Would you?
Will you still love me the same
Will you marry me; will you make my day splendid, even though I've hurt you so many times
Even though I got no penny; No dime and no any and all I've got is rhyming line
Through losses and the gain; through hardship and shame; would you keep playing the game?
Through hustling and suffer; when I have nothing to offer; would you still love me the same?
In time of bafflement and weary; when the whole world thinks I'm crazy; would you still call me your baby?
Would you stay with me till it ends; when I'll kiss you in the head and call you my lady?
If I showed you my secret; will you reveal or keep them tied to your heart?
If I showed you my weakness; will you stay and never let us fall apart?
If we lost all that we had; and to feed is very hard; would you switch?
Would you stay with me whether we are poor or rich?
When you learnt that I am not the man I used to be
Would you stay at home and spend your whole life with me or flee?
If you become richer than I am; would you still love me like you did?
If I become abnormal; and my life turns upside down; that I can't provide all that you need
If I become dumb and deaf; or turn blind or lost my strength
Will you want me dead; or will you lie with me in my final hour upon our bed?
274 · Jun 2018
Clouded Heart
I 'm done switching; the road has turn swiftly and now I 've had enough
I 've got a cloud around my heart; that's why I 'm hard to love
And now it's raining on me; so I think we have to talk
I have to object my thought before my heart 'd start to burn
The weight of love bouyed me up till my head knock against the sky
Love split my chest open and left my heart with swollen scars
When our love start to diminish and things start to change
From thickness to connect-dots till the time when you slip away
Now I 'm a victim of hurt; and pain has made his prey
And it promise never to leave until you stop hating me
I know you think I 'm a player coz it looks like I 'm playing you
Until you understand my life and what I am going through
Look deeper in your mind and let your heart certify
Good deeper in your thought and let your eye amplify
Remember our good time of laugh and fun when you 'll tell me your love story and I 'll visualise them in art
When you 'll ask me if I make your sky blue or black
269 · Jul 2018
An angel sent to save my soul
A prominent part that makes me whole
A guiding light that guides me right
Meeting such a dutiful heart; I am delight
Her beautiful face surpass the sight
Her wisdom-rate; I can't describe
She impact in every world
She protects and guides with heavy word
She understands it all; words unspoken
She mends and heals the heart that's broken
She's my messiah that was fore-told to be coming
A saviour to the fallen
What would the world’ve being
Without people like this
She's the superwoman sent to save my earth
She was a thing every real man in the universe wanted
A thought that saved me from being haunted
By the monster of a lifetime; impaired with loneliness
A gorgeous illusion which gave me some happiness
268 · Apr 2019
woman of my rib
The woman of my rib
The one that makes me complete
The woman of my dream
My semi; my eve
She’s sleek and black
Fair or partly dark
Tall and slim
Doesn’t need a hill
To bring out the curves of her hips

The woman of my rib
The one that makes me whole
With the heart that gives me home
She ‘d filled my every hole
With the smile that gives me hope
She’s thick and white
Short and fat
Doesn’t need a cream
To bring out the beauty of her skin

The woman of my rib
Is intelligent and wise
Beautiful and kind
Always follows her heart
Doesn’t need a philosophical quote
Before she knows which way to go

The woman of my rib
Is brilliantly tricky
Less like that of Eve
Which led Adam to his doom
She’s a tigress in bedroom
Blessed with ah heavenly womb
She doesn’t need a tattoo
To show that she’s a tycoon

The woman of my rib
Is coy and shy
Lousy and wild
Always putting on a smile
Sometimes wrong; sometimes right
Good and bad
All at the same time

The woman of my rib
Is gentle and calm
But she’s the opposite when I’m around
Always lending a supporting hand
Knows her way around her man

The woman of my rib
Has the most beautiful soul
She always has everything under control
She’s the best in every aspect
Doesn’t try too hard to be perfect
Even perfect wished she was her

Woman of my rib
She’s distinctively pretty
Jealoused by the goddess of beauty
Coz her style ain’t tutee
Not too choosy
That is the kind of woman that suits me
258 · Feb 2020

Ehy Damsel
See, if I have you,
I'll win all your battles
So let me feast in your chapel
You Know my eyes needs an apple

255 · Sep 2018
Life is a camp you can’t forever live
So spent wisely the time you’re give
Don’t live lavish; be less
Abstain from evil you son of Eve
Lay a legacy before you leave
Or you’ll be the residue after the sieve
Abstain from gossip; let go of beef
Life is lifeless; don’t be deceived
From womb to grave the light is brief
And our days are tagged with pain and grief
Cry today so as to laugh tomorrow
Work and pray; n negative your sorrow
Sometime life is a hall for a true believer
Don’t let the turmoil of life mislead ya
Judge yourself where will your potion be
When you die and your heart is returned
Or tell me will your soul be burned
241 · Aug 2018
What shall be of me and you on the judgment day
A day when this greener land of ours will turn to gray
The rich; the wealthy will know how poor they are
The kings and gods will realize how small they are
The popular; famous will become unknown
Some will cry and the comedian will be unable to make his joke
On that day, everyone will know how special he is
Man will regret and blame himself for the way he live
Scientist; philosopher, scholar and professor will know how ignorant they are
Terrorists, hooligans, gangsters and drug dealers will know the reality
They will realize that life is nothing but vanity
Their missiles and guns and bombs will be unable to help them
The escort, bodyguards, bouncers will be unable to protect themselves
Their weight will loose; their muscles will cuddle and turn flat
And after that
Man’s temperature will read indirectly
His stimuli will dis-stimulate negatively
He will shiver under 12pm sun
Father will see but not recognize his son
The moon will burn and the sun will freeze him
His leg will be unable to hold him
A man who live his life and forget his origin
He malign and mistreat the filthy
And he believe he will repent when he reaches fifty
He’s gonna pray and seek for forgiveness at older age
But death took him away at earlier stage
He womanise and he cheated; he wine and dine
So, his grave will welcome him as the most despise
A believer on the other hand whom his heart is purest
His grave will welcome him as the most beloveth
He would be exempt from any form of suffering
And he will pass without exam on the day of judgement
236 · Jun 2018
Tell Me
Out of all; you're my leading mate
Being together forever; that's my hidden faith
I never knew that things will change
My life has been reframe by a bleeding fate
I can't comprehend what my feeling say
I feel so weak and tired like a sleeping face
It seems those words have killed me brain
My heart aches and my head gives me pain
I'm stuck in the middle of greed and hate and it got me retain
I keep asking questions that this pain had sow
Is it true that another half has take my whole
Is it true that someone else now make my role
No! Tell me it's not so! Or take my soul
Somewhere deeper around my soul' this pain has bored ah hole
I think I'm going to die of this pain
I think my pun will fell and deflate
I'm living naked; my heart has lost its case
And now my life is not the same
I spent my night crying
Thinking about how much I've been trying
I spent my life trying to build a future for me and you
But now you're gone and my whole plan is ruin; I can't belief it's true
It's too late for me to say I love you
Coz you've already moved on
I'm forced to deal with what I feel
There's no distraction to mask off what is real
I felt a huge sorrow
Coz all I've got now is your shadow
232 · Aug 2018
Remember man; when you were young; a helpless baby
And its uncertain; if you will survive or die young maybe
You want a good posture but you couldn’t sit yourself
You wet and excrete on your nappies and you couldn’t clean yourself
Your bones and muscles are weak; with low resistance
There’s nothing you can do on your own without assistance
When you’re hungry; you can’t tell or feed yourself
You can’t concede a solid food; there is no teeth in your mouth
Then you start growing up and you start to crawl
And every time you stand up; you can’t move; you’re scare to fall
He’s scare to take a step; he needs a help to walk
Now this kid is developing and growing tall
Now this kid is grown up and he is mature
He walks around, dine along through sea and shore
He boast around and regard himself independent
He goes up and down thinking he’s something special
He act like he made himself and forget his origin
His earlier age of stand and fall; he’s forgotten everything
But soon you’ll get to a stage of trash and no road
If by chance you live long and has the chance to grow old
And once again you will be dependant and weak
You won’t be able to stand or move unless you’re supported by stick
And once again you can’t stand you’re scare to fall
You can’t take a step forward; you need a help to walk
Upon your bed lying helpless; unable to perform your role
Death stood by your head; waiting to take out your soul
And that’s his end; now again your soul is relaxed
Just like a kid; now again they give him a bath
His body is under the ditch; six feet and his soul on the other side
Now he understand the reality of living under the sand
Your wife, children and friends and wealth are all gone
That’s when you will understand the concept of life is not fun
You’re alone on your own under the last mansion
And the company that remain is your good and bad actions.
210 · Jun 2019
What you think of me; matters small

What I think of me; matters more
209 · Sep 2018
Was it not yesterday when I was born with pain and grief
Now I’m dying, why is my life short and brief
The autumn leaves are falling; the tree is about to exhaust its leaves
The voice within are calling; I could hear the phoenix sobbing as it flew across the cliff
In a more sympathetic sound
I see the angels falling from the sky like Neptune stars
I feel their fingers pointing towards my bleeding heart
It’s time my mind and soul escape remaining part
I could hear the sands of time ticking tack
The sky drew near as the digit counts
My world has breach a ******
I lay myself in my drench bed
Like a road; I’ve reach a dead end
I know the time has come for me to leave, forever
I lay myself to sleep forever
209 · Jul 2019
Pretending to be blind
Is what I’m good at
Acting like I lack insight
Is what I’m better at
But loving you
Is my best act
Now tell me lies
Tell me I’m the only bae
I would see through the game you play
Make me your profile pics
Ohw! Do I bear the same name as him
Tell me those romantic words
Tell me that I rule your world
Tell me I’m the only one
Tell me! I’m listening ma’am
All those stories tell
Doesn’t ring a bell
Coz there’s no better heck
Than this hell I felt
You play along and fake it
To see if we would make it
And I was writing love songs
About how we’re more strong
Than the hardest metal
Not knowing I’m just a petal
See; I love you
More than life itself
The way I wish to please you
Is dismantling my mental health
Coz nothing hurts more
Than finding out that the one you does love
Is holding on to past
You know how it’d break one’s heart
When you think you’ve found your perfect match
And you discovered that you’re just a backup plan
Or probably in a competition to win her heart over your counterpart
You want to cast her out
But you know how worst you’d become
If she should be gone
And you know I can’t let you go
I am a nincompoop; it’s true
I am a mindless animal with you
I may not be able to give you wings to fly
But at most; I would try
Until my death; I will try
Even if it’s killing me
But maybe someday I will win
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