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Love has different meaning
To different reasoning
With factors and different reason
Love changes too; just like season
Climate change
Could cause damages
To love sacrilege

Love doesn't care
About your fame and wealth
Your pain and tear
Doesn't make love tear

Those that love for reason
Tends to be miserable
When the reason is no more reasonable
Such love ended up treasonable

I love you for
What you've got
And I love you more
For what you're not

Yea, that's true love

I love your style
Your everlasting smile
The way your beauty shine
Could you, please forever be mine

Well, that too
is true love dude

Though true love is scarce,
But saying "no love" is trash
So, I do insist
That true love, really exist
And so does lies and deceit
So, keep exploring
Till you find someone who adore thee

Sometimes you'd love
And won't be loved in return
Sometimes you'd feel loved
Only to find out you're not really loved
Don't give up
It takes some wrong
Some twist and turns
To get to the right point
At the end, you'd find love
Pretending to be blind
Is what I’m good at
Acting like I lack insight
Is what I’m better at
But loving you
Is my best act
Now tell me lies
Tell me I’m the only bae
I would see through the game you play
Make me your profile pics
Ohw! Do I bear the same name as him
Tell me those romantic words
Tell me that I rule your world
Tell me I’m the only one
Tell me! I’m listening ma’am
All those stories tell
Doesn’t ring a bell
Coz there’s no better heck
Than this hell I felt
You play along and fake it
To see if we would make it
And I was writing love songs
About how we’re more strong
Than the hardest metal
Not knowing I’m just a petal
See; I love you
More than life itself
The way I wish to please you
Is dismantling my mental health
Coz nothing hurts more
Than finding out that the one you does love
Is holding on to past
You know how it’d break one’s heart
When you think you’ve found your perfect match
And you discovered that you’re just a backup plan
Or probably in a competition to win her heart over your counterpart
You want to cast her out
But you know how worst you’d become
If she should be gone
And you know I can’t let you go
I am a nincompoop; it’s true
I am a mindless animal with you
I may not be able to give you wings to fly
But at most; I would try
Until my death; I will try
Even if it’s killing me
But maybe someday I will win
Neroxes Zephyrus May 2019
In the time of darkness,
The light remains.
Perhaps a flicker,
Almost in vain.
The hope it still gives,
The path it shows;
Even on the dawn of new eve,
Where the world nearly froze.
Neither can survive,
While the other dies.
The double-edged sword lives,
Thrives in deceit and lies;
But no one can stop
As the worlds collide.
Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise
Eddie May 2019
The truth does not always come from those you want to hear.
It may come from a cop, struggling to do his job without bias
A doctor, giving pregnancy results to unhappy parents
A judge, putting away countless offenders each day
The hardest jobs in life wear heavy on the soul

How does one discern lies from honesty?

it seems the worst of news, the harshest of criticisms come not from friends, family, but those unknown to you.
Sure, not knowing someone can provide some relief
Allowing us to distance ourselves from who we are speaking to
Maybe it isn't personal at all, and the speaker is the one who is truly struggling
Life is an endless whirlpool of harm or be harmed.
An assembly line, passing one cold word to the next.

Where does it end?
What happens when the line stops?
When someone refuses the natural order and throws the system to the wayside.
Will the world simply cease to exist?
After all, I am telling you the world is still turning.
What if that was a lie?

Is kindness for the sake of kindness honesty?
Or is it just a "white lie" and we are never telling the truth at all..?

These are all questions I seek to answer, but may never find them.
Will you be the lucky one to unmask the truth?
The endless ramblings of a madman
Karey Wassam Dec 2018
And I believed him
Truths that held shadowy lies
Such a stupid girl
B Sonia K Nov 2018
How do you trust someone?
How do you take such heavy risk?
Putting your whole world on hold
Banking on someone's good intentions
And their conscience
Even when you know they are human
And we're inately decietful.
Just how?

Right now I'm afriad
Afraid that I'll loose
Loose it all
All that i invested
Invested in a human.

But this time, I'll chose to trust.
Or should I?

©2018 Busola S. kolade
Talk to God but he never listens
So I talk to man who keeps the truth hidden
Life’s true meaning now stings
Birth of infidelity from deceit
Death of loyalty from loss of identity
There’s pain in secrets
Aches in words if we listen
Depth from days of thinking
Could the soul be empty
Lingering and searching
She spoke of my pain
She said she witnessed it for years
My bruised heart that craved for love
The very same one that caught me off guard
Should there be a reason for an act
Or a season to react
What would have been left without the pills
A damaged soul with nothing left to feel
Praggya Joshi May 2018
You were a cold hearted magician
Skilled in the art of trickery and deciet
It was so easy for you
To carve an illusion of your undying love and compassion
And it is so difficult for me
To still believe
That I was only a passing object of your fascination
The comfort and warmth that I absolutely believed
I could find in you
Was only a figment of my imagination
With your second trick
you made it painfully clear
That I was only one of the many stations
At which you paused
Took a breath
And then left
When your work was done
Abbi Sep 2017
Peonies are pink,

your words were unloving, 

Much like a rose, 

you were deceptive and cunning.

Upon embracing your beauty,

my tender flesh was transfixed,

and as my ichor seeped out,

I began to go limp.

My precious petals wilted 
and flit unto the ground.

Back to the earth, for your roots to redound. 

All of my love and all of my spirit.

I will leave to you,
my darling.

My dearest. ~
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