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Oh Ye Creator, who love us
The superceder above us
Aid me, Lord! Let me not despair
I'm at the bottom of this sphere, cuddled by deep fear
Let me witness your blessing, ere I die.
Let your guiding light arise, to drown my cry
My heart, my soul and whole, is under thy control
Let not the floods of anguish, overwhelm my soul
Let not my spirit separate from its being
The garbage bin; I don't want to be
I know I'm destined for something great
But there are obstacles that keep it wait
I know its all part of the plan
But my skin is turning to tan
I 've being compressing my feelings though
An unexpressed feeling that's never allowed to show;
It grows and glows till it explode out like a capping-snow
Coz now I only see your face everywhere I go
My only pair;
The one who got my soul repaired
She breaths life back to my heart
She cleanse setbacks on my path
She’s the God-agent(angel) that guides me when I go astray
And where there’s darkness all around' she’s my guarding-ray
My darling; the one with which my heart engage
The one who ‘d cuddle me in warm embrace
And no one would ever separate
Not even when our allies hate
You gat me go lyrical
our heartbeat beats so rhythmical
So rhyming' perfect syllable
She’s my attacheth from the sky; a blessing + a miracle
We 're two arteries; so inseparable;
No aliens invited; to be apart is unacceptable
Like a modshit; she breaths life back-to-me
Being apart will make me go blasphemy
The only precious treasure that I could have
The one with the breath that melted my cold heart
Two loving heart that beats together; breaths together
Let's whine; our smile shines like the sunrise up the north
I feel a new relief; when my eyes divert to yours
the only one who cares about me.
She’s always there to help' when I need.
The one I can rely on, when no one is around to care
No matter how far we are; I still feel you around me near
A star so out of reach; She fell into my life and heal my weakest bone
I would spend every moment of my life with her alone.
I 've being compressing my feelings though
An unexpressed feeling that's never allowed to show;
It grows and glows till it explode out like a capping-snow
Coz now I only see your face everywhere I go
My only pair;
The one who got my soul repaired
She breaths life back to my heart
She cleanse setbacks on my path
She’s the God-agent(angel) that guides me when I go astray
And where there’s darkness all around' she’s my guarding-ray
My darling; the one with which my heart engage
The one who ‘d cuddle me in warm embrace
And no one would ever separate
Not even when our allies hate
You gat me go lyrical
our heartbeat beats so rhythmical
So rhyming' perfect syllable
She’s my attacheth from the sky; a blessing + a miracle
We 're two arteries; so inseparable;
No aliens invited; to be apart is unacceptable
Like a modshit; she breaths life back-to-me
Being apart will make me go blasphemy
The only precious treasure that I could have
The one with the breath that melted my cold heart
Two loving heart that beats together; breaths together
Let's whine; our smile shines like the sunrise up the north
I feel a new relief; when my eyes divert to yours
the only one who cares about me.
She’s always there to help' when I need.
The one I can rely on, when no one is around to care
No matter how far we are; I still feel you around me near
A star so out of reach; She fell into my life and heal my weakest bone
I would spend every moment of my life with her alone.

Dear Me,
I know your esteem has been trampled on
I know your boots' pervaded with sharpened thorn
your dream; shattered and your heart grinded to atom

everyone you love has either hurt you or more
And when you needed them is when they did abscond
Taking away your joy; departed... never to return

Emptied and depressed, your very being..s.. forlorn
Your emotions boiled and your feeling toyed
Those psych smile are a true sign that you are deformed

You tried to be strong; but your brokenness can't be restored
Your mind and heart doesn't seem to get along
Your soul quaver and your spirit mourn
But your face gets paler at the sight of those you adorn

You've done your all to be more in this world
You've loved and loved, and you've been loved times and more

Though you're dying now, but you're bound to be reborn
in the heart of those you truly love, you'd be martyr when you're gone
Ayinke mi, eleyinju aro
Your arms comforts me... like ēka iroko
your eyes... so colourful like rainbow light
and your cuticle smiles.... gives ah heavenly sight

Nibo lo wa, Ayinke mi owon
Omo to rewa ti o la 'bawon
Our heart has been intertwine to one
So living alone suffocates my lungs

What else could I have hoped
Luxuries and gold, don't want none of that
The doctor said I've been diagnosed
And ife re nikan lo le mu mi lara da

Ayinke mi, igbawo lo' made
If you want me to, I'll forever wait
Cos you're worth more than okuta iyebiye
I'll spend all I have.... mi o ko iyekiye
To make my heart' the home you forever stay
Pretending to be blind
Is what I’m good at
Acting like I lack insight
Is what I’m better at
But loving you
Is my best act
Now tell me lies
Tell me I’m the only bae
I would see through the game you play
Make me your profile pics
Ohw! Do I bear the same name as him
Tell me those romantic words
Tell me that I rule your world
Tell me I’m the only one
Tell me! I’m listening ma’am
All those stories tell
Doesn’t ring a bell
Coz there’s no better heck
Than this hell I felt
You play along and fake it
To see if we would make it
And I was writing love songs
About how we’re more strong
Than the hardest metal
Not knowing I’m just a petal
See; I love you
More than life itself
The way I wish to please you
Is dismantling my mental health
Coz nothing hurts more
Than finding out that the one you does love
Is holding on to past
You know how it’d break one’s heart
When you think you’ve found your perfect match
And you discovered that you’re just a backup plan
Or probably in a competition to win her heart over your counterpart
You want to cast her out
But you know how worst you’d become
If she should be gone
And you know I can’t let you go
I am a nincompoop; it’s true
I am a mindless animal with you
I may not be able to give you wings to fly
But at most; I would try
Until my death; I will try
Even if it’s killing me
But maybe someday I will win
Beautiful brilliance
The type that ignites
A weak heart
The type that surpass
The compass
Of this earth

Beautiful brilliance
Wonderfully scribed
Painting the skies
Bright and wild
With its glittering smile

Beautiful brilliance
indescribably beautiful
Far beyond physical
That makes dying flowers bloom
And make the world feel brand new

Beautiful brilliance
That makes the grass seem greener
Beauty; so brilliantly made
Makes the stars look beautifully gray
Makes me suffer in an amazing way

Beautiful brilliance
See; my head and my heart
Are tearing me apart
Your wisdom they crave
Your prettiness they chase

The way that she shines
Makes me want to reach out to the sky
Not to touch the stars
But to whisper to the moon
How beautifully brilliant are you

Beautiful brilliance
You're my heart, my soul and my world
For the lack of better words
I can feel your brilliance from afar
I want to capture your beauty in a jar

The way her beauty glows
Even the sun can't lay it low
The brilliance she's bestowed
Gives my heartbeat a rhythm flow
And ohw; I wish you'd know
How much I love you so
Love, Love, love as you feel
You don't need approval, you're perfect a being
It's all within you, the love that you seek
You are a definition of what cutie could mean
Forget Aphrodite, you're the goddess of beauty to me

And you are brilliant with the most pleasant sight
You are the most beautiful to ever grace earth
You are the apple of God's own eye
See, the stars you admire merely reflect your light
You are to me; what words can't define
Love is phenomenal
Love is cool
Love is good
But love to me
is nothing real

Different kinda love everywhere
Love for ***
Keep you on bed
With your **** ex
Even when you tend
To have move onto next

Love for cash
Is another trash
That love abash

Love for pleasure
is within the measure
of ignoring the scope
Of pipe for a hole
To being ****
****! That's the kinda love
I despise the most

Some men desire
Girl that's fair
Tall and set
With big **** and breast

Well, such men are something else
Coz they tend to regret
And spit load of contempt
After they've touch and check
What's under that; ****** dress

Same goes for women
Who tend to pretend
They're worthy and shy
But are quick to spread their thigh
For that upfront guy
The muscular type
Or someone who's got some cash

Girls like this
I now dismiss
Girls with wandering hips
Who are quick
To run their lips
Feminine ****
Who claim to believe
in Feminism

Anyway, this is my advice to thee
Girls and guys like this
are full of tricks
I hope you're heeding this
Coz AIDs right now; cannot be fixed

Okay Wordsmith
What love do you think
is raw and real
And make love bliss

I don't think there's such
things as love
For better for worse

Love to me
is nothing real
Coz most partners tends
To stay with you
If the love is beneficial

When there is nothing to give
That love that seems real
Will suddenly leave
That's when you'll see
That love isn't real

Wordsmith my bud
I guess you're hurt
Or you've been on the wrong
Side of love

Alright Alright
You've got to stop
I don't despise love
I'm a lover boy
Who give my all
When I find someone
I wholeheartedly love

But what I'm saying
is that human love
Is overrated of course
There is true love
But attach to some'n

The best of love
Is that of God
To human being
That's the kinda love
That comes in all
without expecting a unit return
What would you choose
Love or cruise....
Option one or two
or things you do... when no one looks

Would you rather have fun with love...
than love with fun?
Would you go eschew....
when the condition turn askew

What's your idea of cool?
A handsome dude... with a cherry look...
Or the luxury type, with fast cars and phat yard too

Would you rather use and spew
People you're bounded to
like they're just a cue... in your game of pool

Guess you're not confused...
Or are you... puzzled....
by the terms I used
The words I used are a factual proof... that I'm from terror schools

What is your point of view
Or the nonconforming proof
that things you do....
is yes... the truth

When reality knocks' with its factual hook
Would you stay aloof
Or rather give-in to your conscience coup
Mama, I found a girl
Like you said I would
She shows me every galaxies inside my heart
Like the star does to moon

Even if she wasn’t near
Her image I see everywhere
She’s the only thing I see when I’m dreaming
Her whisper I hear when I’m listening

Thinking of her put my mind at peace
My heart without her love is just a tin
My brain without her memory is just a bin
My life without her is filled with filth

I never had such desires before
I never tried to meet someone this hard
Her beauty is the only thing I sought
Every other thing is blur

She is my addiction; without her I’m unwell
She is my heaven; without her; I’m in hell
She is the cure to my pain
The relief to my sane

She was the torch
That guides me back home when I’m lost
She was the vein
That stitch my heart when it’s crushed

My fondness for her constantly deepens
Every time I see her; my heart starts to weaken
Her shiny beauty make the stars feel jealous
How precious she is; no treasure could measure

When my heart was torn; she was my glue
I was once shattered; but now I’m new
She was my savior; though she never knew
That she was my guardian angel; my phantom hue

She was one in a million
And she was brilliant
I guess she’s called brilliant beauty
The one with the heart that suits me

The day, the sun, the rain and the cloud
The night, the moon as the stars surrounds
You’re more amazing than any of this
Of every natural beauty, she top the list

Thoughts of having you bring to me more hope
Closer enough to discard my telescope
But every time I tried to tell her how I feel
My heart skips its beat

Imagining us together; does a magical wonder
It make my heart beat louder than thunder
And if she can’t be mine in real life
Then I’ll live in this dream forever
Save me from myself
Save me, I need some help
Save me from my soul
Lord, my heart is filled with holes

Save me from my feelings...
Lord save me, I need some healing.
Staring at ceiling
as the thoughts starts to creep-in

My heart trembles in pain.
mind struggles for sane.
My spirit.... tears my souls apart.
as I tried to find some meanings to my life.

Quiet and less-brutal... I fight this battles.
I feel frightened when my mind gets idle
And anxiety almost settles in
as I tried to conquer... the demons within

Brain in fatal contraption
Heavy and sleek like an improper fraction.
Friends gone, loved ones forlorn
Thinking how, when, where do I get it wrong
And so I walk in
Into the devil’s inn
And Aye! I found the devil sitting on his usual chair
In that dark room filled with smoky air
Still seated facing his golden chess
Thinking who’s next he’d trick to hell
Knock! Knock! Is anybody in
He already knew it’s me
He pull his metallic door stylishly
Raising his hand Hi-ing me
Ehy man; here you are again
Tell me; this time, what’s your aim
Tell me; without me; what have you attain
After all; you understand my style of game
He offered me a place
To sit dimensionally face to face
Dear devil, after striving for a while
I’ve come to understand your style
Though I’m yet to realise
Why you choose this path
What has mankind done to ya
That you affiliate yourself to all his wants
Money, power, fame, skyscraper, empire
Even knowledge and earthy desire
Tell me; what’s your sole goal
I’ve seen folks
Sold their sole
For fame and gold
Cash, diamond, glittering things
And all other worldly things
I pinch a pawn
By its head and sets it down
The devil winces as if he knows my next move
Dear devil; what would you do
He reflect my move
By a pawn of his own too
This I’ve learn
That human are so greedy
They yearn for much interest
Than what they invest
They intend to gain huge
Than what they ought to
Celebrities thirst for fame
Louder; like china made
Politicians hungers for power
Even if it’d reduce their glass hour
The poor want to make it big
Survivers want to live
The wealthy want to get more rich
They force their way to top the cliff
I slide another pawn towards
his territories and slightly move it forward
As I always tell you man
God and I exist in different clan
With different plan
For you mankind
I am bestowed every glittering things in this life
Ambitions, dreams, power, desires
You want to live for eternity
I can give you immortality
You want that diamond ring
That bling and bling
Wealth and health remixed
Long life elixir
Geniusity; polymatheism
Supreme intelligence
Woman of perfect form
I can help you divert their thought
And they’d pass their love
To you alone
Mention any worldly luxury
Then my hand is in all of it
Let me give you a hint
Once you start craving for more than you worked for
Just know that I’m involved
The devil match past my pawn
I bouncingly count out squares
Then move my knight to a pawn neighbouring near
He quickly move another pawn forward
Oh devil; this time you’ve run
Into a concrete wall
See; I still have my soul
And I am sure will achieve my goal
Without you been in role
I move forward another knight
But yet the devil doesn’t feel fright
Now, dear devil
Why do you choose to be a rebel
Against human being
And the clan of jinn
And the devil reply
See; what happened between God and I
That got me demonise
Is man’s polymath
See; before the creation of man
I was once loyal; I live at the apex
I dwelt amidst angels
Worshipped God day and night
I walked in the path of light
But the interference of your kind
Turn me to this revengeful type
The fact that I was locked out of heaven’s gate
Filled me with rage and hate
For every offspring
Of Adam and Eve
He angrily slide his bishop between two pawns
Preparing for an attack
No matter what you do
I will not grant you my soul
Your attempts are futile
I don’t have a thing to sacrifice
I twirl my finger around the tip top
And advances another pawn
He take out my pawn with a knight
Intentionally opening a destruction path for my bishop
Oh; devil, this time I won’t give up
Though your intellect is far superior to mine
But this game will rather end up a tie
It’s too late
Man; you’ve fallen a bait
Right now; you can’t deflate
At this point you can’t walk away
From this game
The devil further takes out my knight with his bishop
Then suddenly, I screamed ‘Stop!’
He noticed my ****** expression
Filled with total frustration
I feel hesitant to move my pieces
The devil knew he'd ****** me
I move another pawn, though I know it will be killed
Dear devil; I am been careful with my piece
Don’t want to run into any deal
Dear devil; I can’t continue this game
I’d be back in few days
Until then; let me be
I won’t sign any deal
The devil laughed and somewhat grinned
But still baffled with the fact that he hasn’t win
Salvation devil chess
Children of these days
They're in big dismay
Their attitude, degrade
Their lifestyle is fake
Their value in my eye seems depreciate
They're such a big disgrace

Children of these days
Can't walk without dancing
Just a slight rhythm; and they'll start bouncing
Devilish music; devilish words gat more liking

Children of these days
Their behaviour makes me sad
They would even say 'Hi' to their dad
That's really bad
An act of being  ******

Children of these days
They're so decietful
They won't even greet you

Children of these days
are so mono
They're less gospel and more solo
Surfing the internet; looking for free *****
Man; this logo you have is real loco

Children of these days
Their ways are odds
And they spit missiles of words
They don't want to stain their boot with dirt
But they forgot they're firstly designed from mud

Children of these days have big mouth
They are too proud
They're much of meriment; they're too loud

Children of these days
Should watch out for hollow
They'll say "we are the leaders of tommorrow"
But they do not know
The path to success is narrow

Children of these; I pity
For they think they're pretty
But their style of life is filthy

Children of these days
They post pancaked face on facebook
And ask "How do my face look?"
Ma'am; "you're just a lame snook"
About to get trap in a fish-hook

Children of these days
Don't know their culture
Shoulder 's on; like vulture
That latitude that you walk-on; is not yours
these attitude of yours that you does nurture
Will torture and dis-configure your fine posture
Children of these days
Please take heed
Life is more than that; which you see
So, children of these days; please repent
Before you have a child; you know attitude do reflect
I am never gonna relent
So that my children; that day; won't be bent
I 'm done switching; the road has turn swiftly and now I 've had enough
I 've got a cloud around my heart; that's why I 'm hard to love
And now it's raining on me; so I think we have to talk
I have to object my thought before my heart 'd start to burn
The weight of love bouyed me up till my head knock against the sky
Love split my chest open and left my heart with swollen scars
When our love start to diminish and things start to change
From thickness to connect-dots till the time when you slip away
Now I 'm a victim of hurt; and pain has made his prey
And it promise never to leave until you stop hating me
I know you think I 'm a player coz it looks like I 'm playing you
Until you understand my life and what I am going through
Look deeper in your mind and let your heart certify
Good deeper in your thought and let your eye amplify
Remember our good time of laugh and fun when you 'll tell me your love story and I 'll visualise them in art
When you 'll ask me if I make your sky blue or black
If you're a philospher; a deep-thinker
A Richard Cypher; I mean a truth-seeker
A teach-er; whose thought linger...
on spaces farther
farther from higi-haga
Or some silly wishy-washer
If you belong to this division; holla; let me see ya

If you are a dreamer; an uprighter
A sleepwalker; a future teleporter
A fine writer; a real rhyme slayer
A hoper; a believer; a true-preacher
If you're a realer; come sit by my fire
Corona Warfare II
This corona war
is breeding a lot of stuff
Like increasing the figure
of those filthily poor,
breaking jaw,
degrading thoughts
and causing mental clutch
for those who can't afford
to fill their store
with necessary stuff
to survive this war

and those political guys
Who only abides
with rules that thrive
in destroying our lives
by feeding our mind
with lots of lie
from News headline
That infects our mind
with mental genocide

and other stuff
like internet curse
Cybercrime plus fraud
Cyber bullying and more
So, what are you gonna do
You've got to break through
amidst the war and lies to quarantine you
Coz even as the time goes tik-tok; they're cashing out too

Ehy Damsel
See, if I have you,
I'll win all your battles
So let me feast in your chapel
You Know my eyes needs an apple

I used to read your poems
Your words have always been my stem
Stabilises my head...
when I'm depressed
Like a ship to ah helm

But lately you haven't write,
You know' that isn't right?

Dude, Have you been cool?
Or it's the country's nukes...
thats crueling you
Well, I feel it too

But see, you can't abolish your dreams
You mustn't fall apart at the seam

you're a poet of the heart
Though life at-times,
can make you feel like "Aarghh"
"Man, I can't survive"

But, still,
You're a king,
your pen and your ink
and the words they script
are just too lit

So don't stop
Scripting your thoughts...
Say what you can' in words
Live like a wordsmith you are
A hermit's not your style
#wordsmith #streetpoetry #superwhizzy
Hear me
without you right here
my dreams are nightmared
Dear mate
Do not make the mistake
of rating yourself as being irreplaceable

humans' thoughts,
Their words,
Their love,
is still changeable

And your affection
your compassion,
your love...
in their heart... tends to be degradable
Dear me
Forget about the words
Of the people of this world
It's just an act of disdain
Trying to make you stray
From the right-fill way
That leads to that pearly gate
To some you're genius; to others you're dull
To some you're religious; to some you're worse
To some your approach
Is rude and cold
Some thought you're bestowed
A gentle soul
To some you're a hero; to some you're a curse
To some you're a ******; so they tag you with cult
To some you're slow; so you're not their kind
And to some folk; your pace is so **** fast
To some you're moody; to some you're nice
When some will read and mock your art
And some will glance and 'd be like wow!
To some you're less-ambitious at times
To some you're too serious for their like
Some thought you're brilliant; to some you're quack
To some you're humble; to some you're proud
To some you're good; to others you're bad
They'll say you're this; and say you're that
But your true definition lies; inside your heart
Dear Wordsmith
Where have you been?

Have you forsaken your art
or thy art has forsaken thee

Where now... do you keep?...
the words spiralling in your head

Those words you ****** to me
Every time you're sick, lonely and weak

Have I moved from being your favourite girl
to your long-forsaken ex

When last was it you pick your pen
and make me ouch like it's first time *

Scribing those words; tattooing my skin
Fantasising every bit of my whim

Did you not miss my kiss
Those goosebumps we feel; when we scroll through each other's skin

Why have thee forsaken thy art
Has anyone broken thy heart
Has your world fallen apart

Is it family feuds or country's nukes
thats rampaging your being from deep within

Just tell me; I'll be' the comforter I've always been
Dust your chin up and get back on your feet
Please don't abolish your dreams
No, you mustn't fall apart at the seam
Was it not yesterday when I was born with pain and grief
Now I’m dying, why is my life short and brief
The autumn leaves are falling; the tree is about to exhaust its leaves
The voice within are calling; I could hear the phoenix sobbing as it flew across the cliff
In a more sympathetic sound
I see the angels falling from the sky like Neptune stars
I feel their fingers pointing towards my bleeding heart
It’s time my mind and soul escape remaining part
I could hear the sands of time ticking tack
The sky drew near as the digit counts
My world has breach a ******
I lay myself in my drench bed
Like a road; I’ve reach a dead end
I know the time has come for me to leave, forever
I lay myself to sleep forever
Minutes after minutes I try to manifest positivity.
Distract my mind from depressions it harbours in
I try to hold on strong to whatever holds me, despite how I feel.
Be it pain, struggle or love that never be.
My dreams gets wrecked and so does my self-esteem
Even Mc Gregor can't survive the punches I take within
My age increases but my status stay on hold
Just when I try to do something for me; new calamity unfold
I want to give up on everything; but my spirit say No!
Its hard to be strong: but harder to let myself go
It wasn't so... easy though.
Especially when you're at your lowest low
I ask myself every time “why?”
Why oh why
Do I feel the way that I do
Why do I get bruised so black and blue?.
No answer; no response, just hum
Just myself and I, No one to hold onto
So I mask my emotions and all that I feel.
I guess I am the greatest actor that'd ever be
I keep thuging every punches life throws at me
Like Deadpool did every time he gets killed
At times I can’t bare it, but most times I did.
And when dark times come, I tell myself that I can move forward.
Since I make it this far; there's no retreat
if I can defeat this anxiety and the pain that aches within
Then I can do it again...
I  can move mountains.
Do you believe in God?
Do you believe in love?
Do you believe in us?
Do you believe we can hold hand in one accord?
Black and white, the rich and the filth, english spanish, muslim Jews and the ireligious
Do you believe in a unifying peaceful world?

Okay, let me switch thoughts
Do you believe in destiny?
If I say I don't believe in anything, would you label me an enemy
Do you believe we're slave in the face of our Lord?
So I don't have a say in things that comes
Oh, guess that makes me a bot
No, it does not?
Then What!
Why is there...
Heaven and hell
No, it doesn't make sense,
Do you think I need help
Cos my state of mind is getting messed

Well then, let me take it one at a time.
Now tell me, where does "Will" comes to term
I mean "Noun form of Will" not the verb
The will to choose what I want to
The will to do and undo
Will and destiny, do they converge?...
To infer how we live our lives

Will you believe me if I say I'm an atheist?
Or will you think I'm just wordplaying with my writings?
Okay, okay; Anything you say...

Now, the next question goes thus...
Do you believe in love?
Yes, I've asked that before...
Have you ever love unconditionally?
Literally given it everything; originally
Without been flinch by frictional heat
By bling bling and material things

Did you just say "Aye"
Nah, that's a lie
Unconditional love only comes from mums
When I said mums, I mean mother not *******
Mothers who raise children; not ******* who just have kids
Women who are loving; Not those who have stings
Mothers and ******* belongs to different class
Mothers would rather starve to see their wards living trash
They'd better live filth to see their kids been lift
But ******* with their stings will do the opposite
Popping up at bars showing off their ***
Most women are *******  and most dads are tards..
Now, let me ask again
Do you believe in love without a gain
Would you still love me the same,... if the reasons gets displaced
Would you still stay even if I make you feel pained
Will you love me back to life if my heart is clouded with hate
Will you take the blame for mistakes I made
And when the earth quakes and my heart trembles and break
Would you go on your knees and pray
Cos thats what makes mother's love unremitting
A love that stand strong without Oremiti

I guess you can't,
Cos love as it is; is just a game of heart
It's hyperbolic saying love is an art
Not shambolic; if I said its just a contract

Undisputedly; true love does exist.
Loyalty, trust, honesty; those are the charges it emits
But being unconditional is out of it
Yea, it's a first-degree counterfeit

So, that brings in my last questions,
Do you believe in truth?
Do you believe in things that you do?
You should.....
Believe in you
Child, oh child,
What have you done to the world
That they treat you like a prodigal son

Why do they rebuke you this much
Your art dirt and burn
Your heart hurt and torn

Child; oh child
Prepare your heart for battle...
And your mind for war
Prepare your body for the hurdles...
And your spirit for worse
Be strong and know what is what

Child oh child
Do not shiver, do not cry,
For the trying times will soon go bye

Child oh child
Your past seems cursed
Present... tossed
And the future feels blurred
But there'd be clear path after the fog

Child, oh child
do not whimper, keep your head high
Spread your wings and take to the sky
deck up the ship and hoist the colours high
For the wavering sea will soon change tide

Child oh child
Dont give in; its just a trick
Loosing isn't defeat
No!, you're not even weak
They'd try to break your hinge...
But hey; don't even flinch
You're all that you need

Child oh child
Fret not, God could hear you sobbing
Fret not, his goodness is coming
And since the earth is still revolving
Fret not, salvation will come knocking
What do you want from me?
Affection, love,.... care, support
Protective shield, or skydiving wings
My heart, my soul... or my existence at whole

How do you want me to be?
A lover that listen, or the one that speaks
I could be meek, sing if it'd give the peace you need
If it appease thee, I'd be ya puppetie

What do you want with me?
To be your light when darkness creeps
Your autumn leaves when you're lonely and sick
Or that bright petals that beautify your leaves

What do you want to do to me?
No, you don't have to speak
Want to grab my arm or throw it to shard ?
Protect me from depressions and this self-harm?
I guess not....
Seems I was wrong... all along

But why can't I have a proper love?
Love that last and never leaves crack
Love that mends and never bends
Now, I'm back to where I was
And my emotions gone,.... lost, forlorn
Nothing seems to interest me these days
Neither reading nor sleeping
Even writing seems tiring😫,  
Talking to people seems exhausting
And socialising too'..... boring
Food most especially; all taste the same
And hunger unusually doesn't feel like pain
Movies and games even..... couldn't keep my brain at bay

See, most times, I just get weak,
tired and sick
And sleeping on its part, doesn't come with ease
The future too; seems blurry to see
Knowing that nothing is promised to be
Knowing we could work as hard as we need.... but still nothing achieved
Knowing our destiny and dreams could go unfulfilled.
Knowing that our end result could be nothing but filth
Knowing that the promise land is nothing but myth
I admit it
I admit my mind hasn't been stable
I admit my story 's full of fables
I admit I feel disabled
Cos' I've got nothing to bring to the table

I admit I haven't been responsible
And my mind and my heart ain't compatible

I admit I haven't been good
A victim of family feud
I admit I haven't stay truth
Or maybe I'm just being misconstrued

I admit that I've hurt the people that love me
I admit I've loved and in return I'm hurting

I admit that I'm weak and weary
And I almost give up; nearly
Dreaming feels like nighmare; scary
And surviving feels like warfare; deadly

I admit I haven't been myself lately
There's no Yes or No, it's just maybe

I admit my past 's filled with commotion
I admit I've got lingering emotions
I admit I almost took the potion

I admit that I am a loner
And most times I buried my head; feeling sober
responsibilities man had to shoulder
Hoping tomorrow it'd all be over

I admit I'm a lover boy
and I love; 💘 right to the core
And I admit that I'm filth and poor
I wish I had been more

I admit to all the accusation
I admit I'm a bad association
I'm guilty of all the offence
Now you can throw me off the fence
See, I'm in love with you
And my feeling's true
But the vibe isn't cool
And dude don't have a clue

Yes; I'm most confused
Don't know what to do
how to pass it through to you
And how you'd take it too

You could call me fool
or a nincompoop
But I'm just afraid I won't
wont be loving you
like I wish I could

Want to talk to you
But my mouth goes mute
and my legs too; glued...
When I wanted to

Boo, my heart is bruised
And it cuts me through
That I'm not loving you,
The way I wanted to

If I only knew
How to love you true
Maybe the sky will once again be blue
Maybe you'd love me too
Do I still make your heart beat forth and back
Do I still make your sky blue or black
Do I still have a place in your heart
Or insecurity has shattered the place; since I'm afar
Do I still have a home in your heart
Or the house that we built 's being torn apart
Do I make your sky cloudy; or do I make it rain
My love never change; but do you still love me the same
Am I still the star that beautify your moon
Am I still the petal that make your flower bloom
If I fall; will you catch; or I'd better get a parachute
Am I stranded; or do you consider me your pair-of-shoe
Is the fences still secure; hoping I'll come home soon
Or someone else's has occupied my most beloveth room
Am I still the groom that you wished could make you bride
Am I still your man; am I still your pride
Am I still your armour; am I still your guard
Am I still your downfall and the same time your rise
Am I still number-one; or I'm number-two
Probably I'm number-none; maybe there's number-new
Am I still the fuel that ignite your fire
Am I still the tonic that your blood inquire
Am I the guarding light that guides you in the dark
Do I contain your treasured home or I'm just a shack
I wish I am; coz without you my day is dark
I wish I am; coz you're the lense that keep my vision sharp
I wish I am; coz you're the art that keep my demon sealed
I wish I am; coz you're wishful than a million wish
I wish I am; coz you're the rhyme to my every line
I wish I am; coz you're the calmness to my weary mind
I wish I am; coz I feel appease with the thought of you
I wish I am; coz if I'm not; then I'm just a fool
Don’t fall in love with me.
There are days when I get sad without a reason
And I just stare at the ceiling
Senseless thought running around my mind like phrase
With tears streaming down my face.

Don’t fall in love with me.
On those days, I don’t talk to anyone.
I just bury myself on my mattress
And think about how I became this mess of sadness.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I will become attached to you
And I will cry myself to sleep
If you don’t text me good night before you go to sleep
I will convince myself that it’s because you got tired of me.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I’m too much.
I will depend on you.
I need attention, much more than other people.
I’ll talk to you in metaphors and make you one.
I’ll write poems about you and open up notepad at 2 A.M.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I couldn’t stand you coming home to find me on the bathroom floor
Shaking and crying, with blood spilling from my wrists.
I couldn’t stand seeing the disappointment in your eyes.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I will pour everything I’ve left of me into you,
Every bit of love, until I have nothing to give.
Until I become completely empty.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I’m scared that my sadness is contagious.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I will replay your sweet words in my head
When I hate myself so much that I want to die.
Your words will be the only things that make me stay.

Don’t fall in love with me.
You will live in fear.
You won’t be able to leave me,
Because you’d know if you did, I wouldn’t have anything to live for.

Don’t fall in love with me.
Before I met you, there wasn’t a single person who could’ve made me stay.
You’re my reason now.

Don’t fall in love with me.
Because I will fall in love with you
Every day we try to stay
Not to stray from this path we follow
But someone dear died today
And someone else would die tomorrow
That someone; might be me
That someone could be you
It might be the person reading this
Or that buddy standing next to you
It might be someone in my fam
Or someone in yours
You might; on your way to the farm
Or maybe on your way to the mosque
You might; while driving in your car
Or pro’ly while drinking in the bar
Infact! Keep calm, stay gently on your bed
Death will still find you there
Your soul to another atmosphere
Where you will forever dine
Waiting for that day to come
The day we’ll all be judged
For what we did and what we see
For what we hear and what we think
Do something with your life
Or the devil will do something to you
You know Allah; but you don’t obey him
You know paradise; but you don’t seek it
You heard his words; but you don’t heed it
You know there’s hell; yet you don’t think real
You see a tunnel of fire opened by the devil; yet you don’t quench it
You know that there’s death and you don’t prepare for it
You buried the dead and you don’t learn from it
You’re busy talking about other people’s fault
Yet you ignore yours
In hard times; you scream ‘Ya’Allah’
When you’re relieved; you forgot your Lord
Do something now; man; before you fade
Remember, you can’t rewind once you are in grave
You are to live for your Lord
Not this world
Do something now; there’s no halftime
Be reminded; there’s hereafter
When I was young
I use to dream of being a star
I use to glance beyond the sky
But here I am with my heart bruised with scar

When I was a teen
I used to dream that money won’t be a thing
‘s long as my heart and mind could work as a team

When I was young
I used to dream of a house with four walls
And a glass roof that let-in the sunshine
But here I am in this mud hut
Covered with metal and hot thatch

When I was a teen
I use to dream of a futile relationship
A poetic love life filled with stars at night
But here I am staring lonely at the moon outside

But time has passed and I have grown up
I no longer seek that futile dream
For though the battles still rage endlessly
But I grew up been an expert in compressing it
When I was young
I used to dream of being an engineer
But those days are gone
Here I mourn
But here I am wandering in this sphere
In the land of nowhere
Stuck in life’s brevity
Wait, ain’t I the navigator of my destiny
Why are you a charming enemy of my identity?
Destiny asking me: won’t you shed tear
Forget it D: my heart is my pioneer
While determination is my fueling gear
My patience will not turn to fear
Destiny where?
You can’t stop me from getting there
The lord is my guarding spear
It’s my life, do not interfere
My face may look worried but my mind is clear
I’m almost there
This is my breakthrough year
To some
He’s born
On the wrong
part of the world

To others he’s above
Prime amidst the odds
Intelligencial murr
Diamond in the ruff
A young god
Or more

To some
He’s nut
Who knows not
What is right and what is wrong
Opposite wise;  probably curse
By the gods

To others he’s just a dude
From the hood
Who walk around with fade blue hat
On stitch rag and sewed bag
Striving; even with his bruised heart
Trying to rebuild his confused path

To some
He’s a dawg
Who dresses poor
Whose sense is bore
Whose thought needs cure
A piece of junk
Lilly-knight of the lost

To others he’s tore
Been through a lot
Take a trip to his world
Through his sea and shore
You wont make it back bros

To some he’s dumb
Somewhat numb
Paralysically not
Senserable to hurt
But for real; he’s just a boy
Who doesn’t need to be judge
For what he is or not
Can’t you see his strug'
He’s just a boy from the slum
Trying to make it to the top
Emirate city
A district filled with lies and deceit
Home of fabrics and silk
Blessed with honey and milk
Where a man controls it all; like it's his compound
Where he rules like a god with the power-bound

Emirate city
Where liveth handsome and pretty
But their greed and pride; I pity.
Where kids are raised
To raise mace against their race
As long as there's cash; the guilty’d beat the case
And the innocent will die in prison jail

Emirate city
A big city with the view of a family house
Where ma'am sell their dignity for bread and blouse
Where real man are those who could puff-in ****
Just to get em high to fulfil their mission of greed
Where those who wear hijab are criticised
And the half-naked are tagged as civilised

Emirate city
Where graduates walk around the streets
Looking for handy job to get his belly feed
His certificate may not grant him a policy
Why? Because he is not involve in politics

Emirate city
Enormity district
Fortress of lies and deceit
Where man sees lies as truth
Where being upright is rude
Where Money is man's only desire
Home for only those who pledge allegiance to their sire

Emirate city
Where men of God has turn to ritualist
And the politicians and religious leaders are much of spiritualist
Where black coal burns to black ash
Where horse rides on man's back
Where the head controls man's heart
Where man is the slave and money is his master

Emirate city
Where silence is our default
Those who yearn for revolution are seen as thugs
"Ranti omo eni ti o nse"; parent tell their sons thus
Proverb passed down from ancestors to grandsons
No matter how oppressed we are; we should not talk
No, this will not work
Not anymore
Every sector in the Emirate city is corrupt
And every form of justice’s being disrupt
Now we are pushed to the wall
Our rage for change's erupt
They say we should just pray, work hard and wish
But we're too tired and we can't keep being like this
They say if we go against him; then, we're ungrateful
Religion leaders are much hateful, they don't even feel shameful
He, who takes away all our harvest and give us just a seed,
He, which should serve, but rule over us with greed
A definition of a true pillage
And yet they call him our true image
Maybe their sense is not in its normal state
Maybe, he's got hold of their brain, and now he remote-control their fate
Hmm; I just guffawed
Should we keep mute till this virus **** us all?
Away from our home, should we flee and run
No, we'll stand tall, firm for our children's sake
We'll sleep-walk and dream while awake
We really need to wake
For our future is being put on stake
But we keep-on singing "we are the leaders of tomorrow"
If we keep-on on this path we follow
Our dreams and hope will end up in hollow
Our weakened heart will be pierced by filthy arrow
If we make oppression our host; and we become its parasite
We'll die as civil slave,
And heaven will reject our stay
We'll not be chance to be a guest in paradise
Because paradise is not meant for cowardice
I fell in love
Striving to get back up
Struggling to get away
But ****! I never stand again

She fell in love
Loss the remote control
To her heart and soul
Unable to feel whole alone

We fell in love
Tried hard to avoid the void
Brilliantly paralyzed; beautifully disordered
Falling parallel towards each other

All those time
I try
To dust myself off and stand
But it seems I’m forever strand

All my life I’ve never been this
Addict to someone’s bliss
You’ve got that something that I believe
I’ve been craving for centuries

You amplify my heartbeat
You magnify my sight; now I can see
You give relief to my racing heart
You’d the greatest treasure I’d ever hath
Even when the sky isn’t bright
Her smile provides the light
I need to rise
Through unpleasant time

They told me that the word
To express this thought
That I feel is love
But I think there’s more

They told me that the thing
To juxtapose this feeling is
To believe this love is real
And embrace and nurture its seed

And after a brilliantly beautiful thought
She rise in love
Accepting the butterfly to shelter in its bud
Losing herself in his world

I rise in love
Happy that my stress finally yield
Never imagine that my wound ‘d finally heal
That you and I will finally be

We rise in love
Mated like thunder and lightning
Bulldozing every obstacles that try ti tear us apart
We shine and make the darkness hide
Freedom is the most overrated wants of life.
People crave freedom more than 3² meal.
They would do everything to taste that freedom sweet

Yea, they want to be free.
They want to do that, they want to this
They want to have fun, go places they'd never been.

They want to be free... from pain and agony
Free from stress..... making real their fantasy
They want to laugh and hence fill their cheek...
with rays of smile brighter than halogens

They want to talk, they want to see.
They want to breathe without oxygen
They want to chop life and do crazy things
They want the freedom to live eternity

Freedom yes, that's all you need...
Freedom to rule; freedom to be king
To run the street before the lights turns green

Freedom to loot, freedom to steal
Freedom to **** without questioning

Freedom they say, is the peak of everything,
Well, so they think
But what if I tell you bro
Freedom as it is, is slavery pro
Slave to the gold, slave to the doe....
Slave to a life thats not your own

Freedom is the reason 2pac was shot.
Freedom is the reason humans life gets short
Freedom is the reason why after 63 years of independecy
My people will **** for a chance to flee abroad.

Freedom is bad, yea, freedom is crap.
We all slaving to life's goodytrash.
So, I guess you can choose that freedom instead
Cos' to be real..... freedom is bitter sweet.

But afterwards, what do you get... you find yourself swinging in the pendulum of slavery to -slavery fro.
A pendulum that swings you to that 6feet hole.
Freedom isn't free

Freedom is sold
to folks who know
Where and how to be
where they're told to be

Folks who don't think
They just agree
to everything

Do what you're told
and you'd be free

Freedom ain't for outlaws like me
It's for them zombie

Oh, before I go,
Just so you know,
Freedom so.....
is slavery pro
I penegrate the universes
I search with the masses
With huss and due demises
With raw and hood devices
For a rhyme I’ll use to describe this
A line to fit the verses
To describe my hopes and dreams more wild than huge atlantis
I wanna be a poet that writes with rhythm trances
I wanna be a part of the offspring that wisdom hatches
But I’m surrounded by many trashes
Infact! I’m loosing chances(tactics)
My soul hath an hidden matchet
Rowing-out my weary goal; burning down the **** to ashes
**** all the witches *****
The way some mates
Most times use their brain
Helps to ease my pain
Whenever I feel deranged

Their poetical way
Could be describe as sane

People like B_ViRGE
Who keeps me inspired
Every time I feel mentally tired

Or great minds like Muhsin
And the quote-master HMC
And my StreetPoetry cliques
Who doesn't seem
To need a war machine
To rescue or ****

No protective barbed-wire
Or an heavy gunfire
To fight an empire

Cos' their style of war;
Is lyrically pure
Their battling style;
Is well designed;
In poetic lines

Their artistic rhyme;
Could help invert;
The hate-filled mind;
To the rightful path;
Of love and light

And touch the lives
Of those whose life
Are filled with strife

To help ordain
The lost and strayed;
To find their way;
To the rightful place;
they're destined to reign

Their thoughts are gold
The type not-sold

Their words could bring joy
And sometimes a sword
To conquer war
Or break the jaw
Of those whose talk
Are filled with bluff

They're masters of words
Whose art will ever soar
Till forever exhaust
In time of despair
She's always there

When loneliness gives no tales to tell
When hope seems to disappear
And not a single soul is left
To keep you dear

When those you call your friend
Don't want you near
Coz you're a stigma to them

When surviving feels like hell
And you almost succumb to fear
That everyone leave you to despair

When your heart swing back and forth
And you never knew the joy of love
You try to keep up, but nah! you fell
****! you're hurt beyond repair

That's when she appear
With an handkerchief held
to her right hand and then
A spear to her left
One to wipe your tears
And the other to protect

She's not so perfect, yea
But despite the less she gets,
she's willing to share
Her life, her heart and soul
Her whole to give you hope

She's a flawless dear to me
A worthy human being
A guardian angel..... Yes!
With her; I'd be forever bless
They treat me like cowardice
But I survive through them like parasite
They try to feed me fruit and sent me out me paradise
But I caught their whole disguise
They sent me black roses
They fed me bad doses
They give me bad diet
But still I never die yet
My sorrow is their ecstasy
My defeat is their legacy
But I will never let-them-win
I'll stand and die, legendary
I don't give a f*ck about em enemies
I do not care ‘bout their detesting things in any means
I am not fund of uttering platitudes
In stain glass attitude
Soon I'll break those chains
Coz it has cause me so much pain
And when you start making it' everyone will say
That you're walking through a mystic way
But the air severe is but a mere veneer
The cynic smile is but a wile of guile
And when you become an iconic guy,
Your enemies will say "his fame's ritualised"
And when you arranged your lines to entertain them
Your real dude will woo your rhymes like it's Shakespeare's
Coz you did the impossible; you must be sorcerous,
The venon of their mouth compared to a snake is dangerous
But all their malice and hate do not move me
Their gossips and critic will not mute me
I'll buckle my shoe and shoot for the stars
And keep-on aiming for the sky till I die
She's the angel you'd fight the devil for
And I am the hatred you'd give up love for

She is the heaven you'll go through hell for
I'm malignantly toxic; you can't help, but ask more

She's the light you'd go through darkness for
And I am the earthquake preceded by cloudburst

She is the sunshine after a thunderous downpour
Well, I am a terror; no height I wont bring you down from
How do they know
That you’re not real
When all they see
Is a low-level thee

And how will they know
That you’re a master of the ink and
You’re a great thinker
Who doesn’t get sink by
They eye of those I call blinkers

And how do they know
When they only see a side of you
When they don’t believe you could
When they even reject you
Your hard work bloom

And how do they think they knew
How to make you feel blue
Is it by the criticizes they do
Oops; that doesn’t seem to move
Do they think they’ve broken you
I really don't know
Can someone give me a clue

And how do they (ladies) know
When a man got the cash
I guess they're sniffer dogs
In a field full of hash

And why don't they (ladies) know
When a man is a dog
Can't they tell by his breath
When they're having a snog

And why don’t they (ladies) know
That men who could give everything he gets
To get their dress flinged at the leg of the bed
Only wants to ***
Then, the next is
Go to hell’ *****

And why don't we (guys) know
Which woman to love
Because some of them uhn;
Don't fit like a glove

And why don't we (guys) know
When a woman looks great
It's highly unlikely that
She wants a soulmate

And why don't we (guys) know
That a woman who shows
Too much of her body
Is simply a ‘**’e

And why don't they know
That years down the line
Most men want a woman
Whose body's still fine

And how do they know
When you're looking at them
It's them that you're after
Not one of their friends

And what makes them think
That when you've had a drink
It's okay for them
To tease you with a wink  
And what makes them feel
If their man's not obsessive
The love he proclaims
Just cannot be real

And why can't they see
That their love for money
Will never allow their soul to be free

And why do they try
To always imply
That relationships fail because of the guy

And who is the fool
That said it was cool
To trust everything you’re taught in your school
Or those counselling messages shared in them WhatsApp groups
Or quotes wrote by that psychological dudes
Or some videos you came across on YouTube

And why is it
That after things go wrong in a relationship
That’s when she suddenly develops hips like a ship
Uhn, I got that drip
Thumbs up! b*tch
But not everyone could get ****
By your seductive tricks

And what's with these kids
Who games like PS3
Or some kind of YouTube skit
Is more real
To them than reality is

And why do I feel
Like these questions I’m asking
Can't possibly stop
Young people from blasting gun
Or sniffing puff
And those hacking-thugs
From throwing cyber punch
To innocent head; home and abroad
And them all-night mistress
Whose goods for business
Is kept under their less-rag dress
And them young hood girls
From walking the street with naked ***
Or hanging out with top-labelled dawgs

So what's in a lie
Why not tell the truth
Why do people cry
Why do people do
Things that makes me feel confuse
Why do people die
And when all's said and done
What's up with my mind
Why do I consistently ask why
And oh!
What's with this prose
Called what do we know
These days I guess I don't deserve to live
I felt disheartening
Hard to live; happily
Hurt and pain is all I could feel
Work ain't going fine
Life?; "not treating right"

Everyone telling me how bad I be
Trashing me
When parent blasphemy
Like I don't deserve to be
In this fa-mily
Friends don't wanna hang with me
On their Nike clique
Coz my dressing style is seeing
As lowlify thing
Girlfriend telling me
What a non-caring freak I be
For I'm just heartlessly being
Like a robot machine
People stare from afar
Trow me words of slap
Call me this and that
Coz of my fairy glare
Am I scaring them
With my hairy head
Eh! most of the thing they said
Doesn't ring a bell
In my nonemotional head

Maybe they're too blind to see
Maybe truly, I don't deserve to live
Where other people be
It's hard to love
When everybody talk
That I'm not worthy of
Love 'nd joy
Hatred piling up
Why am I been judged
For things I know nothing of
Why can't they just let me walk
Through this disheartening world
I’m afraid of been ignored
I’m afraid of been judged
I’m afraid of the tongue
Of the people of this world

I’m afraid of falling down
And never getting back up again
I’m afraid of waiting around
Hoping for better days

I’m afraid of awful greetings
Afraid of public speaking
Afraid of getting beaten
By the words of hateful critique

I’m afraid of dying alone
And I’m afraid of true love
I’m afraid of staying at home
And hanging out at street club

I’m afraid of been harass
I’m afraid of been bossed
I’m afraid of been rough-
handled by hood thugs
Lord I came to thee.... weak
Tired and sick.
Lord I'm down on my knee..
My palms stretched wide... praying for your bliss.

I've sail through the turbulent sea
in search of treasures buried down deep
Trekk the earth from peak to abyss
Yet my trials never seems to have yield.

I've drank from the elixir of sinful pleasure.
and stole from the box of forbidden treasure.
Yet the things I seek, never seek me.

Can't even fathom the places that I've been
Life seems lifeless; can't comprehend my being
Eyes swollen from the troubles I've seen

Responsibilities bough me to the knee.
Friends getting tired of me.
Family laughs at my irresponsibility.
A joke of a being; that's who I be
Or maybe that's who... they dim me fit

Lord, I pray
Cos only you can stop this rain.
Create me anew and make me whole again
Take away this pain and fill me with hope.
Pave me way and lead me through the road
In your Name again, I pray...
My heart is pierced by cupid
An angelic maid of Rome
There ain't nothing that can console me
But my jolly sailor boat

Alone in my room
Staring up on the roof
There came this gem of sailors
Who interrupted my moody mood

We set out on a sail
To the Atlantis depth unknown
Praying we live to tell the tale
Of our trip to yo-**-**

Heave **, all hands,
hoist the colors high.
Now we dive; far from land
Where we never shall die.

We dive through the storm
In cold and thunderous rain
There ain't nothing that make we stop
Even though we may never return again

We hoist the colours high
Not for some useless glittering gold
We're pirates of higher rank
We only dine for yo-**-**

Freedom is yo-**-** to me
I'm ah slave to land no more
It isn't gold that call me to the sea
But the freedom to do what I love

From the sea of thousands ghommids
To the ocean of ice and cold
We roam, high and low
Hoping we'll soon get to dine at home.

We danced on the deck
While the music is playing
and the breeze has the helm
Of the fine lady swaying

We dreamed of been kissed
By the beautiful maid of calipso
We had nightmares of abandon-ship
Crushed by the horn of Davy-Jones

If this ship has to sink
I'll be there to watch it crash in slow motion
I'll hold the anchor at the hip
As I get drowned beneath the ocean

So forget not how we rise
to the tide of sea and river
We are the Atlantic knight
For we are not a sinner
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