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Shlomo Feb 14
Are you serious? You can’t make this up.

Like seriously. You can’t make this stuff up!

You are not even trying anymore!

So that’s the guy you have chosen for sure?

Audacious. Your pure arrogance endures!

A tyrannosaurus. You’re kidding me.

Surely you could be more subtle than that.

That guy? Couldn’t find a ******* diplomat?

Politician? Lying through his teeth for nothing?

Jeez Louise lemon squeeze. Right into my eyes.

Starting to feel the pain from all your lies.

No longer Mr. Freedom and bla blaaa.

More like Mr. *******. And la la la.

La la la la la la la! Can’t hear you!

I’ll never trust anything you say or do.

*** I know you’re only looking out for you.
Listen to my performance and commentary on my Anchor page!
He came,
Spurted a teaspoon of ***** inside her:
A politician,
A model,
A traitor,
A patriot,
A teacher, nurse, doctor,
An artist, a poet, a writer,............ and I,
A swimming gold medallist.
We all swam to reach the ****,
I was Y and I merged withX first,
A new swimming sensation was born.
Randy Johnson Nov 2018
On November the 6th, I voted against Phil Bredesen.
Yesterday, I was pleased to learn that he didn't win.
I also voted against Bredesen once before.
Back in 2006, when he was Tennessee's Governor.
This time he was running to be Tennessee's Senator.
I didn't like how he did his job when he was Governor.
Now he's licking his wounds because he didn't win.
Many of Tennessee's residents voted against Bredesen.
Curtis Owens Oct 2018
Surveying their realm.
Secret disdain for their domain of rule
looking down expecting us fools.
Shackled to rules, guided by fools who use us like tools.
Treat us like work mules,
Bulls for entertainment
These acts are shaming, we walk tamely for fames sake.
Hoping to be remembered in books, so we surrender our right to fight
against the blight  
of flawed systems that hold us tight.
This keep us up at night, gnawing thought that never stops.
So, we take shots and forget  
we the push back the ever fret-
ing of our minds.
Trying to find solace in our mind that the binds  
we wear are worth it.
History is told by the victors
swayed by the bandaged blisters of long repented sores.
Abandoned the brotherhoods  
that formed, upon the shores of less peaceful times, when our place in community was assured.
We steward bards
and they divide us into shards to fight in petty wars
added pawns to the value of their might.
And at the end when we shut our eyes and embrace the night the world is left to fools, who fight and compare might and make us the debt of their plight.
i really like this one
S Nirmal Kumar Oct 2018
Quivering the forked tongue
Spews venom merrily
Shyster politician
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
The preacher, the politician both the same
Nothing but swindlers spewing specious sermons
Noisome talk from their mouths came
Rapacious hands, oh what vermin!

I, as if compunctious for my fault
Left feeling only surfeited  
Fulsome factitious assault
I am left as the convicted
Brent Kincaid May 2018
The Dufus Oompaloompa in Chief
Is nothing but a high-level thief.
He constantly lies and all he tries
Is a rich man’s version of relief.
He’s another rich guy on welfare.
He uses every ***** trick he can use
You see his crooked face everywhere;
He keeps his **** mug in the news.

His morality is virtually nonexistent
He’s never been a commendable fellow.
And because he is truth-resistant
He’s a braggart, a liar and he’s yellow.
His life has been a study in selfishness,
He’s been a *******, a predator and crook.
His biography is an unreal literary mess.
As he has never liked going by the book.

Listening to him speak you can see
He is lying with almost every word.
He can’t interact with anyone honestly
You can’t believe a single word you heard.
Inside his head must be something like
A painting by Bosch or Salvatore Dali
Even if his head ends up on a pike
He’ll still be as bright as a collie!
Brent Kincaid May 2018
Donald Twittler, not a pretty picture
Sees himself as some kind of king.
Makes constant promises,
Doesn’t know what integrity is,
His word really doesn’t mean a thing.
Donald Twittler reveres Adolf ******
Wants a Nuremberg rally of his own.
He craves mass adulation
From a battered nation
From the mistakes that are his alone.

Donald Twittler phones from the *******
Rages  online in the middle of the night.
Each complaint anyone makes
He claims they’re all fakes
As if he's ever known wrong from right.
Donald Twittler, the personification of a drifter,
Has no relationship with the truth at all.
Don’t bother asking why;
He’s the best his Dad could buy,
And he’s never had to be on the ball.

Donald Twittler, a slimy sort of critter
Gets climaxes from national attention.
He has never had morals;
Buys his way out of quarrels,
If he had a soul it’s far beyond redemption.
Donald Twittler, thinks he’s better than ******
And we should all kiss his big fat ***.
More than half of us disagree
And urge him to quickly flee
Because most of us would just as soon pass.
Brent Kincaid Mar 2018
The Non-Subliminal Criminal
High Priest of Hypocrisy
The Diplomat of Draft Dodgery
The Great Example of Paying Test-Takers

The Loudmouth of Wealthy Fakery
The Main Proof of Miseducation
The Nanocrat of Non-Payment
Potentate of *******

Sultan of **** Patronage
The Grand Poobah of Poopoo
The Big Wheel of Blather
The Salesman of Bull-puckey

High Lama of Skullduggery
The Master Purveyor of Inaccuracies
The Pride of Misrepresentation
The Scion of Misdirection and Nepotism.

The Black Knight of Spite.
The Grand Lizard of Hate and Bigotry
The Fomenter of Torment.
The Master of Catastrophe

The Master of the Quick Disaster
The Worshipper of War by Proxy
The Lover of Lies and Liars
The Promiser of Pusillanimity

The Handmaiden of Bribery
The Worshipper of Massive Greed
The Purchaser of Fake News
The Dandy With Unseen Clothes.

The Undead Ghost of the Capitol
The Horrible Haunt of the Presidency
The Embodiment of Embarrassment.
The Shamelessness of Gross Shuckery.
You know who it is, make up your own names for him.
Benjamin Mar 2018
Flames covering
architects of the future
that were called worthless
on their hollow minds.

Burn, burn!

They said,
when future seemed
too promising
for their weakness to take control.

Someone watched from the door
same ***, different age
- young, human being

hoping in a shocked state

that he can still build
on top of the ruins.
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