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Criminal acquitted
Type two error
Encouraged as he
Criminals' king
Public's terror
Politicians' friend
Time washes memories
Leader he turns
Constitution doesn't hold him
He upholds it
At his will
The public lines up
Folding their hands
Seek blessings, favours
Meeting their ends
The error creeped in
Corruption, lack evidence
Witness hostile
Or incompetence
Type two error
It turns!
Criminals hand-in- glove with politicians, with time become politicians.
now hear these nonsenses
words spilled on the pale page
words wasted on the wind
and strewn in media
to cry over and again

nonsenses generous
as poverty, as sickness:
plenty to go around
hear how more nonsenses
(as if in fear of being late)

arrive crowding the platform
but always as words
woven barbed and twisted
beyond boundaries of truth
these nonsenses of hope and hate
Norman Crane Aug 19
truth be told
there's nothing to be gained from truth
for why speak words that wound
in place of those which soothe
and what is the base utility
of exposition on an existence of such futility
as yours,
said the politician
Tony Tweedy Jan 7
Man of greed and narrow thought whose power holds the lands.
By cash alone you compel us all to follow your commands.

And willingly for our own needs we see your world as true.
Bought blindness to dictate our days on a course that profits you.

We close our eyes to the carnage and the killing that you call right.
And we pray for something better than greed and a show of might.

In our hearts we know your motive and the wrongs that you do.
And hope that there is some way we will not need to follow you.

You do not pause to think that you could ever be in the wrong.
And through your reins of power you drag us right along.

I see the world rebelling as by fire nature strikes us back.
With those you opposed, in the news, telling of your foolish attack.

Fear of what you lose compels you to fight change at all cost.
And because we do no better we will all eventually be lost.

Many of us have forgotten the simple things that we were taught.
Such as trust, morality and right are things that can not be bought.

The world when it is sane will come to hate your very name.
But by lethargy and greed the next chosen, sure to be just the same.
I apologise to any innocents offended.... I make no apology to those who are guilty.

I know I'd probably get hate comment
But your words cannot create torment
It's just like the way people these days stare at my hair
And I won't even care; as if it doesn't ring a bell
You know; sometimes I wonder if it's possible for someone's brain to be paralysed
That's what I feel anyway; about those who call themselves sarakites
Sometimes I wonder if some youths' mind has been contaminated with the society mayhem
Maybe their master has brainwashed and re-brain-feed them
The so-called buharist too; makes me sick
With their overhyped appraisal for a political freak
they sees their master as saint; and anybody who don't support
's gotto be corrupt
The whole concept of this district makes me weak
It's just a different story of a blind man and his stick
But this time; the white-cane controls the blind man's brain
Just like the white folks controls black man's aim
The sheep now controls the shepherd
The goat rule over the leopard
How do you expect me to praise someone who's got nothing to offer
I'd rather be an orphan
Than being a ripen fruit of a corrupt family tree
Never a slave; I was born to live free
I'm not a puppet of a political faction
I can only lease fraction1/2 support of a political action
Because unlike them clueless fool
I am not a useless youth
Who will abandon his roots and fruits
And start praising some political occult
I am not a political tool
Who engages in spreading counterfeited news
About how the president is a fascist
I'm not an agent of hate-speech
How can I support leaders
with zero point agenda
When poverty is the only completed government project
When political opponents poke-nose in civil servant protest
Why will I vote when I know my vote do not count
Corruption, our newly designed flag
Poverty is our special kind of rain
Our skin covered with grey and black paints (instead of green and white paints)
Pain, pain all over and over again
Now; let us pray
Oh Lord; please do not forsake
Please intervene
Do not let our country stray
To the youth with lighten sane
Receive brain in Almighty's name
annh Sep 2019
“The conflict at the moment,
Is you're literally,
One tweet away,
From the market being down,
5 per cent.”
My day routinely starts with a quick whip through the AFR, and this line caught my eye. Not my usual kinda post and by no means poetic, but there you go.

'As the impeachment movement picks up, Trump will counterpunch. He's shaping up as a master politician and markets don't like that.'
- Greg Bundy, FAM Chairman
Brent Kincaid May 2019
Have you never told the truth
Even in your untrustworthy youth?
Did ever make a habit of saying what you mean?
You’re the biggest fake and loser many have ever seen.
When you look into the mirror, what is it you see?
Can you tell how far you’ve fallen from humanity?
You’re always lyin’, lyin’, lyin’!
So shove it where the sun don’t shine.

You make up crap so fast you can’t keep track.
So much sounds like it came out of the other crack.
You cheat and brazenly brag about your cheating.
At the Devil’s table you needn’t worry about seating.
You’ll be right there at Beelzebub’s right hand
And you’ll have friends there, won’t it be grand?
You’re always lyin’, lyin’, lyin’!
So shove it where the sun don’t shine.

The way you look and dress, and your awful voice
Makes me change the channel if I have any choice.
If the gym I go to has you on the cable TV
I switch the gym I go to as quickly as can be.
I never take kindly to liars and to bragging thieves.
I hope your crimes will match the penalty you receive.
You’re always lyin’, lyin’, lyin’!
So shove it where the sun don’t shine.

Brent Kincaid
Oluwatobi Apr 2019
So many promises made, yet the walls still crumble!

He said "He is our saviour " and he has the answer to our troubles

Words were spoken

Untruths were told

Nevertheless,  all He needed was influence and riches

APRIL 2019
rgz Mar 2019
For a United Kingdom
There's too much division
It's enough to give the stump to any mathematician
All I'm witnessing is schisms caused by witless politicians and unequal partitions between a nation's provisions
The wheels are spinning and the destination needs some revision

We've got an outmoded vehicle
and I can't see what we're here for
but their eyes are open wide
they're driving right off the pier, so
while we lie here and bleed
for something not quite agreed
what do we need to see that we
will be forever in cheek?

I mean forever in check, **** auto-correct
always thinks it knows best
just like the ****** we elect
you need kicked off the deck
you don't deserve self-respect
I'm sick of being pawned off
you need to give it a rest
you're supposed to work for us
but you're just cashing the cheque

Sit in your parliamentary tower growing richer by the hour
gaining favour for labours that you'll never encounter
Bane and hate for those daring enough to face without cower
and blame the state of the nations degradation on our
Seed but still we can't see, we act free but really
we just shuffle past unseemly, faithless
placated by the powers that be

Caught in civic wars, taunted with "problems of foreigners"
fake news from columnists with more fiction than novelists
stuck on pause, acting like you don't know the cause of this
you don't have a clue what you're doing
why keep on bothering us
you're telling me you really can't see what the problem is?
my god, its so obvious
too much you
not enough all of us
There's your meaningful vote.

Bit of brexit, bit of independence
I just don't like politicians but I (basically) managed to keep from swearing so that's preeetty, prettyyyy, pretty good

"No one even knows what a brexit is"
- Danny Dyer
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