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sab ariana Oct 17
the violence brewing inside me boils and catalyzes the birth of malice,
from my womb of darkness;
i can not feel the pain anymore.
i do not care about the pain anymore.
my heart in chaos.
my consciousness slipping away from me.
i pray to be born again:
no longer human,
no longer who i am.
Consilius May 8
In a constant battle with chaos,
we hold to our sanctuary of order,
you know how the saying goes,
what doesn’t **** you, makes you stronger.

So we fight till our last breath,
sometimes feeling we can hold no longer,
but there is no life without death,
when the time comes, you may have to draw a border.

Staying sane is a matter of practice,
it’s easy to lose it in a world so crazy.
First you need to be alive to understand what death is.
Only then and only maybe,

You find the beauty in a malice,
remember what you forgot,
you may drink a poison from friend’s chalice,
as long as you know who you are not.


No form can force conformist’s norms,
on souls so strong such storms fall short.
No lie can live where truth’s the choice.
I know myself and I will rejoice!
Sometimes people's false view of who you are not, helps your remember who you always wanted to be.
Poetria Feb 18
i choke on these words
that have fled from containment
i sob and i take
gulps of air like hydration

i starve to maintain
this excess of hate
that sits loud and patient
across my whole navel

i blame these sharp words
that sneak out through my teeth
they lash out at you
as you stare wide at me

my headlights alarming your doe eyes
(no malice apparent but it breeds behind light)
as i speak in these slices of sentencing spite
(then i silently lie and regret in the night)

thought i grew this act out,
but i caved it all in
let it push its way up
let it surface my skin
just to see myself lose
what i thought was a win
i'm sorry i speak so unkindly sometimes
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Why is there so much distrust,
Fueling hatred, malice and lust?

We're caught up in every scam's gust
Leaving many financially bust

Including telemarketers' thrusts
Continuously feeding disgust

We're riding social media's cusp
Allowing real friendships to rust

Causing us to constantly adjust
Leaving us completely nonplussed

Making too many tasks a must
Till we nigh spontaneously combust

Perhaps leaving God's Word thus,
On the shelf gathering dust

This matter needs to be sussed
Not with haphazard zeal but robust

By a brotherhood of people we can trust
With a worldwide campaign to discuss

Preventing impending zero-sum bust
Before we're all planetary dust
12/12/2018 - Poetry form: Monorhyme (couplets) - A Monorhyme is a type of poem in which every single line has the same rhyming sound at the end of the verse. A monorhyme can occur in a stanza, a simple passage, or even an entire poem as long as each line has that repetitive sound. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
that drove my mind insane,
diminished peace,
and replaced it with echoing chaos.

that filled my heart with hate,
venom in my veins,
ice in my soul,
fire in my eyes
and bitterness in my tone.

that made those moments rot
in anger wrapping up deceit.
Letting me dwell in darkness,
chaos and pain.

that makes more malice
to my hand.
So, I lay upon you to scourge.

that makes me feel like a villain,
with a prison sentence that never transpires.
Feet on the ground
Head in the clouds

Eyes always glazed
Knuckles grazed

Back hunched
Head slumped

Rough and calloused
And full of malice

But really just a broken boy
She said "I can practically taste the malice that fills your heart and the hatred in your soul. You would like nothing more than to see this world burn wouldn't you? I can see it in your eyes, that's the real you." She just might be right. The darkness within hums like a gentle rhythm I was but a victim of my humanity, those are memories I don't treasure but it's a measure of how far I've come. I'll take you by storm.... An uncontrollable maelstrom. No friend, no foes and anything goes in this game of mine, regardless of the time, my comeback remains certain.
Jon Thenes Dec 2018
When I smile
free of influence
we are children together
When I am giddy and smiley
minded by
and under the cover of a drug
your discomfort
is apparent
I despise your eyes and your company

Life liquid
I part from you violently
and seek hastle in other venues
I smile now
with malice
which I illuminate
lighting up a cigarette
in the care of cupped hands
They treat me like cowardice
But I survive through them like parasite
They try to feed me fruit and sent me out me paradise
But I caught their whole disguise
They sent me black roses
They fed me bad doses
They give me bad diet
But still I never die yet
My sorrow is their ecstasy
My defeat is their legacy
But I will never let-them-win
I'll stand and die, legendary
I don't give a f*ck about em enemies
I do not care ‘bout their detesting things in any means
I am not fund of uttering platitudes
In stain glass attitude
Soon I'll break those chains
Coz it has cause me so much pain
And when you start making it' everyone will say
That you're walking through a mystic way
But the air severe is but a mere veneer
The cynic smile is but a wile of guile
And when you become an iconic guy,
Your enemies will say "his fame's ritualised"
And when you arranged your lines to entertain them
Your real dude will woo your rhymes like it's Shakespeare's
Coz you did the impossible; you must be sorcerous,
The venon of their mouth compared to a snake is dangerous
But all their malice and hate do not move me
Their gossips and critic will not mute me
I'll buckle my shoe and shoot for the stars
And keep-on aiming for the sky till I die
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