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rgz Jun 15
He's stalking me, this "Delta Mike"
his bio says he really likes
"girls in hoods; the redder the better"
well, my hood might be ageing but it's never looked better

More a maroon these days than strictly red
it's still a look that flips many heads
could fill a book with the lines I've read
my inbox is a junk box, most remain unread

A message from Mike, let's just see what he said..

Driving straight to the point, straightforward and rude
".. I wanna take you for a ride, see what's under your hood"
maybe I should tell him that's not how to do it
Ah, who am I kidding, we both know I'll do it

He really made his intentions quite clear
and he does have big eyes, the better to see
I wonder if he has big hands and light feet
but I'm not going to ask, I'll just wait and see

Swiftly reply, quickly
I'm starting to feel sickly
I haven't eaten for days and my stomach's all prickly..
oh, he's read it already
I best go get ready
a meat in the park always fixes me steady
who's eating who
Toxic yeti Mar 12
These days
There are more wolves
Instead red riding hoods
Those who are
Wearing red
Are vulnerable
My weapons is my mouth
And my minds
Pick your’s carefully.
Out smart the wolves.
Jasmine Dec 2018
I looked up at the stars twinkling in the midnight sky
Looked at him
"they remind me of my eyes the first time I saw you!"
I said with the sweetest smile on my face
He said nothing..
I asked him "wassup".. then
Noticed his eyes shivering
His cold heart was reminding him
Of each person he ever put a little piece of his heart in
Then took it with them to their death bed
His mind never seemed to rest easy when we stargazed
He said "baby
You over here ooh-ing and awe-ing over lights in the sky
While we surrounded by falling stars"
I could hear the unhealed scars in his heart
When he spoke
You could see the burn and twinkle in his eyes like fireflies
If only I could trap it in a jar the same way
Ease his pain
Kisses and I love you's were never enough
He believed he had to be tough
To run from his rough past
He came a long way
but ran the wrong way
shutting doors on every person who came his way
so he could have more room for harms-way
Because he knew the feeling of being shut out too
Shut out of heaven or hell's doors
Or in his words "wherever real ****** go when they die"
Everything he ever loved walked in and never came back
And as many times as he knocked
Those doors never opened for him
Those shores never swept him
Yet his mind was always lost
At "see what I mean, this life wasn't made for us"
..I wish he didn't believe it
His smile so precious
His mind so ambitious
His love so priceless
I wrote this poem to tell him that
Dirt in his mouth will never taste anything like the dinners I cook for him
and even on his good days, there will always be darkness
Calling for him
Luiz Dec 2018
A warrior, in my hood on the street
live the underworld, I roam quietly
with quick moves, I jack fools, rule on two feet
ghost cloaked in shadows to pounce silently

Since I first held a pen with my left hand
I shot fast like Coby in the Dream Team
no time for fun gotta run scheme the best plan
writing 'til hoochie mamas be screaming

Candy lips hollering for my attention
they are sweet poems I rhyme with pleasure
pen bodies with hard steel and affection
thank you fine ma'am for fun without measure

Life is too short, I live on borrowed time
Be mine tonight, tomorrow out of mind

Luiz D. Hood
© 2018
Kristaps Oct 2018
Oh my tree
blossom child, winter wave-like
eyeshadows and equally
cold stares. Silently

screaming with a closed
mouth. Who ghosts
trough out alone.  Do not

waste your lungs
to ponder. Wolfs of
now might starve with summer, but

the hounds of old will
continue to hunt.  Alas
not sap drop of pitty

do you deserve. You in
cherry cyanide light who
washes in tears of sugar.

The lycans will at last
tear your ephemeral skin. And you'll
learn to slay beasts like man was meant to
Personally, this is my favorite piece I have ever done. It started off as something completely different, to what it eventually turned out to be, and yet the imagery I had envisioned is still there in its full glory just in a different time and perhaps in a fairy tale of sorts
Luna D Oct 2018
You can leave the life
But the life wont leave you
Its talons are hooked into your chest
You’re reminded of the pain
Every-time you breathe
And i know it hurts
Youre scared.
That life you left behind
That you clawed your way out of
You dont want to fall back in
I tell you that you never talk to me
But the more i sit here and think
The more i realize that you did
But my ears were closed
Only wanting to open if you were blunt
But thats not you and ive been so deaf
Your wounds were never hidden
Your scars never covered up
I see it now
How can i not?
Im quick to jump
and quick to push away
And i never once thought to just keep my feet on the ground
To just hold tight to what ive had
In a perfect world i’d have thought
In a perfect world you wouldnt know the pain
That comes with an empty stomach.
And you wouldnt be craving the thing thats going to destroy us
But im your rock.
Your reason for living
And i meant it when i said i shouldnt be
I shouldnt be
Im on my own downward spiral
What if i cant hold us both up?
Were going through our own same ****
Breaking our bones to try
And fit in the boxes we made for each other.
Everything i said was the truth
My love for you is unlike any other
Im breaking my bones with a smile on my face
And tears in my eyes
We have to break to get stronger
To be better
And when i look up at you
I see the universe in your eyes
And i feel it deep in my soul
It surrounds us
Swirling around our bodies
Like nicotine smoke
when the sun is sleeping
I feel the pain in your marrow
I see it dripping out onto the floor
Nose bleeding and hands shaking
Ive been so focused on me
Me me me
Always me
Never you
And we have the same problem
Do you see it too
We cant escape
Promising to not hit each other
But look at us now
Bruises decorate our bodies
When i told you i liked it rough
I didn’t mean emotionally
And look at me now
Making it about me again
Maybe i wasnt there when they gave the lesson on how not to be a narcissist.
How not to be selfish
How to ******* open my ears and rip open my eyes
Its taken me such a long time to see your struggles and now that ive seen them
Im scared to leave you
Not walk away from you, from us
But the road im on has me walking towards death himself
And time and unforeseen occurrences befall us all
Ecclesiastes 9:11
If i died tomorrow how would you live?
I worry about that
Im not immortal
and im not going to make it into paradise
I hope you find peace within yourself
I hope you find comfort in my arms while it lasts
I told you last night to look at where you are now
No longer in the hood
No longer in the game
No longer with that pain
Look how far you come
You’re not alone anymore
You have us.
And were not going anywhere
I need you to remember that
When the pain comes back to haunt you
When i get mad and walk out of the room
When the memories flash across your eyes
Remember that.
Put your faith in my promises that i made you in the kitchen
Put your faith in those lyrics that you relate too so much
And when the day comes that my heart is no longer beating
Put your faith in my undying love and stay strong
Don’t fall back into that life you left
Don’t be scared.
I meant it when i said i’d never leave you.
Not even in death.
Arcassin B Oct 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

I've been all around,
Been all around *,
Been all around.
I've been all around,
Been all around ,
Been all around.
I've been all around,
Been all around ,
Been all around,
I've been all around,
Been all around ,
Been all around,

Good intentions will turn bad,
giving all the actions the praise.
scrawny man with a big heart will become something to hate,
wish I was an orphan in this cruel world to a family that's fair.
after all this world took from me,I hate to say that I cared.

Don't matter what you feel like , Hey,
Guns out da' car like , Hey,
Might be nervous at first,
But you'll get the hang of it, Hey,
Some robbers don't rob these days,
They have a purpose to take these bills,
Not living by the governments rules,
They really don't care how you feel,
They don't care what you feel like hey,
Mayday on the oxfrey , if this keeps going , this might be my
Cracked out hoodlums on the streets of gotham,
Red shinning mask with it,
Reflecting the chaos over the city while the waynes sitting
up there pretty.

I've been all around,
Been all around ,
Been all around.
I've been all around,
Been all around ,
Been all around.
I've been all around,
Been all around ,
Been all around,
I've been all around,
Been all around ,
Been all around*.
Yan F Oct 2018
it was all my fault
          you were drenched in crimson
you just laid there
not a single
strand of your
snow white hair
left unpainted
with red—
     so still
  so pitiful
            so unnerving
so remorseful
         so convenient
                and so **** sad
      that you're still bleeding.
             clutching to
                  what's left
of your poor
          masochistic breath
                         as if
                 you're too sure
     that this time
              i'll hear you out...
   why won't you be?
          i was so sure
                  you'd be shouting it out
             'go to hell'
           'go **** yourself'
  'die now please'
        'you look like a taxi in that suit'
                      'i hate you'
                                          'i love you'
                  you'd scream everything.
                  like when you said
         'i'll always be there for you'
          'i hope you never come back'
                           when you were hurt
                 you'd shout curses
                      like a prayer
      when you were drunk
   you'd screech songs
             like a drifting car.
                   but right then
                                      you whispered.
         and you whispered so softly
   it was more unbelievable
              than the fact that
      i heard it more clealy
           more soundly
                                     than the time
                    you screamed
    'i'm done putting up with you.'
          "tell me a little lie"
                 "and tell me you'll never"
     "ever leave me this time."
              and you were so peaceful
   this one single exeptional time
          as you tried ever so
              to catch your breath.
        i simply couldn't resist.
                  "i promise."
   "i'll never leave you."
     "cross my heart and hope to die."
               but you never
          did listen did you?
it was all your fault
i'm drenched in crimson
some promises just can't be broken
Poetic T Sep 2018
My hood was
            my graveyard...

They'll not remember me,
               as bones feed roses...
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