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Äŧül Apr 17
Bereft of love all my life,
Thought I would not need any.
Still, you entered my life,
And now I need you as my wife.
Proposals, you can get many,
Yet you say you will be my wife.
You scuttled my ship.
My HP Poem #1926
©Atul Kaushal
TAW Feb 16
If I write a  poem about you,
Using all the imaginations that roars in my head about us.
I fear I'd not just fill a paper, I'd fill my fears.
With the drinks of, What if your hands don't end up in mine?
Or sadly your heart loses the tune of my voice?
What if your lips loses the taste of the words you would have said to me?

Or suddenly, your nose can no longer smell the aroma of our love because all seasoning had been stopped?

My too much a love, what if your ears gets blocked?
And finally your one or two of your knees refuses to get down?

I'd just wait!
Just wait rather  than run into a wrong future.
Cause what I have with you is right.
I will enjoy my now.
Leave the imaginations for  fear...?
What if I'd just wait.

I'm excited. My first poem here, do follow me
Johnson Oyeniran Dec 2020
The month was summer when we
Excavated the tomb buried  
By the days of old,
Assembled from fine gold
From the biblical period,
During the reign of Gypt the Meek,
Who would have vanished from the pages
Of world history,
Had the elbow of our lead archaeologist not
Pierce the walls shielding
His Hidden shrine.

An ancient parchment; semi intact
But translatable,
Reclining by his tombs feet
Contained a marriage proposal
To the Princess of Obedience,
After they shared night wine on
A new moon.
It read:

''I am Gypt,
Disciple of righteousness.

From the ends of the earth and
Within my lush empire,
Many false Eve's
Fell short to embrace
Yahweh's ideal.

Yet thou, soley thou art
Counted worthy.
So take now my sceptre and
Rule by my side,
Until death scatters our dust
With our ancestors.''
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
My love, you see makes my heart sing
With musical notes it composes
Cause you do play on my hearts strings
My masterpiece laid before you
upon a bed of roses

I won't waste my precious time
& dance around the truth
For a symphony plays its song in me
And your beauty is my fountain of youth
My wife, you see - I hope you to be
My wife, you see - how lovely

My song, you see? Will never cease
It'll play throughout eternity
For the instruments that lay inside
Will never stop, nor ever die
For the beauty I see, instills in me
An everlasting energy
So hearken unto me, my sweet baby
Cause I'll never leave nor say goodbye

My song, you see? Makes my heart ring
Adoration does your heart bring
My masterpiece that will never cease
Is finally composed
I hope, my dear, that our union is near
& I'll become your king
My wife, you see? I hope you to be
Say yes to me, when I final-ly propose

Now we're here right at the end, my dear
A musical crescendo
As it plays, I do hope you say
That you truly love me and that you'll always stay
This song I feel, is very real
And its not an innuendo
Now on my knee, as you can see
Will you marry me? I plead and pray

Marry me, my wife to be, and let our duet play
Forever and ever entwined together
Mr. and Mrs. Gray
I wanted to write about love in a positive light. All my past poems about love have been dark and negative. So I wanted to change it up. Then I made the connection between love and music and then ran with it. The beat came to me as I was thinking and writing. Hope you all enjoy!
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2020
If you want to love
Love wholesome
Not a fraction of his/her
Not only atoms that shine
Not only pretty smile
Love his/her scars
Love his/her roots

What he/she is
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: On Relationship
Author's Note: In the journey of
Being better human
Äŧül Nov 2020
Marriage as a choice,
Needs a voice...

A voice I have found in myself,
A prospect I found in yourself...

Do not be deaf as I recite my proposal,
Do not be dumb during the appraisal...

If you preplanned rejection,
Consider this my swansong...

Come on now,
Know me more...

Read my poems and stories,
Listen to most of my songs...

Know me more,
And forget yourself...

Leave your ego behind,
Welcome my love in your mind...

Make space for me in your life,
I am not fat, I am not huge...

I am confident of my art,
You will find me straightforward...

Straight and ****,
That's how I operate...
My HP Poem #1900
©Atul Kaushal
He promised you the sky
But all he did was make you cry
I guess your raindrops turned to tears

He said he was a nice guy
But all he did was lie
And played upon all your fears

So here you are
Not near or far
I suppose you’re looking for some comfort

But I can’t be
That guy that you seek
Cause what he did to you you did to me
Staring at the long road ahead
Uncertain of where it will lead
During this time of pandemic
To stay at home is my gimmick.

Something’s whispering in my mind
It says, “Let’s go out and unwind.”
Hey! Businesses are still closed
Waiting to serve their purpose.

But then, my hearts’ sole desire
Keeps blazing like a campfire.
It says, “Let’s do something
Or else, we’ll get nothing.”

Just don’t mind about the profit
As long as you’re happy with it
Now, I’ve decided to propose
To serve others is my purpose.
I wrote this poem for people who love to serve other people in whatever way they can.  This is my way of expressing my gratitude to all the front liners and volunteers during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thanks for reading and visiting my page. :-)
You may not,
Know me that well;

A relic from your past,
Trying to find a way;
Back, into your heart.

However long,
It may take you,
To open your doors:

I just want you to know,
That I have loved you,
Since the first day.

And I want to love you,
Till the last.
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