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You may not,
Know me that well;

A relic from your past,
Trying to find a way;
Back, into your heart.

However long,
It may take you,
To open your doors:

I just want you to know,
That I have loved you,
Since the first day.

And I want to love you,
Till the last.
Zack Ripley Feb 17
I didn't hear you say what you said in my dreams.
But I guess that's the way things go sometimes.
I'm okay with it though, because when I got down on one knee, you agreed to be my partner in crime.
Zack Ripley Nov 2019
I want to live.
I want to love.
I want to feel the strength that can only come from above.
I want to take your hand.
Stand by your side.
And never get off of this ******* crazy ride.
I want to dance.
I want to fight.
I just want to give you all of me tonight.
I don't just want to say.
I want to do.
I want to understand,
And baby, I think I'm starting to.
So if you'll let me, I want to feel your soul.
I want to bathe in your light.
I want to take your pain and make things right.
I want to play the game with you on my team
and we can show the world things are better than they seem.
I hope you'll make my dream come true, I hope you'll be my wife,
and be the best part of my life.
be the best part of my life.
I want to feel the fire burn.
I want to feel the waves rush over me.
I want to see the world from sea to shining sea.
I want to make mistakes.
Not be afraid to fall.
As long as you're with me, I want to do it all.
So, if you'll let me, I want to feel your soul.
I want to bathe in your light.
I want to take your pain and make things right.
I want to play the game with you on my team
and we can show the world things are better than they seem.
I hope you'll make my dream come true.
I hope you'll be my wife
and be the best part of my life.
Be the best part of my life.
The night we met, it was me, myself and I.
don't know where I'd be without you by my side.
Want to play the game with you on my team.
We can show the world things are better than they seem.
I hope you'll make my dream come true.
I hope you'll be my wife.
And be the best part of my life.
Will you be the best part of my life.
My first full length song. Played on a radio show dedicated to poetry stationed in Denver
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
Glass divides
where the heart does not,
come inside,
sit beside me
in annex to this fledgling love,
spurn the sun,
in lieu of its warmth,
for the charm of
an intimate hideaway,
sweet somethings
I shall whisper into your ear,
until inner vibrations
have reached your core,
the view from here
speaks of gardens,
fountains, and holy ground,
I give them all to you
as trousseau,
so long as you agree
to dwell with me,
within a niche
of the imperishable lustre,
Makenzie Marie Oct 2019
You’re so afraid of your security
That you accidentally take mine from me.

I felt secure in you until you changed your mind, repeatedly.

If you aren’t ready, please tell me.

Because I’m afraid to wait forever for you only to find that I’ll never be enough for you.
You’re worth the wait and everyone gets cold feet sometimes. I understand your mind a little better now.
Makenzie Marie Oct 2019
Even the guy who didn’t really want me, was able to get down on one knee. Hell, he even married me— albeit unfaithfully.
Is that why you can’t do the same thing? Do you not really want me? Or are you not sure I’m everything you need?
Why am I not enough for you to really choose me?
Anthony Feb 10
You were like I, a faceless person in a faceless crowd.
Enthralled in the tones of her enchanting voice,
with each sweet lyric embracing us with warmth and cheer.
Yet there you were, quietly contemplating one singular choice.
A choice that would forever decide the path of your life.
When all eyes gazed towards the stage, ears perking to that familiar tune,
you waited, looking once at her, then towards that tiny velvet box.
Waiting for those heartfelt words to ring out.
"It's you, it's you, it's all for you.
Everything I do.
I tell you all the time.
Heaven is a place on Earth with you."

What nervous excitement must've gripped you in that moment!
Yet, nervousness aside, you rose bravely and knelt to your knee.
Delicately clutching her hand, you smiled and said the most precious of words:
"Will you marry me?"
Oh, how exuberant such a moment can be!
Ecstatically pulling you into that dear loving embrace,
she endlessly pecked you with kisses all across your face.
Only to be followed by that magnificent roar of the crowd's shared jubilation!
All around roused to celebrate your happiness,
with hoots, cheers and plenty shedding their own bliss-filled tears.
For we could only bask in this moment of life's dazzling beauty,
as it resonated with the deepest desire within our hearts.
That there is such great love and tenderness in the world for all who seek it.
That we as well will one day bask in it's warmth and too say the words as you did.
To the unknown couple, for you I do not have enough words;
but I will speak what my heart hopes.
That all your days be blessed within each other's comfort.
That you may never lose that affectionate glitter within your eyes.
That indescribably beautiful, passionate shine
of heartfelt feelings of love requited.
Something so truly sublime.
On September 21st, 2019, I attended the Lana Del Rey concert at Jones Beach Theater as I'm a fan of her music. I was lucky enough to see this touching scene during the playing of "Video Games". I, for months, could not find the words to describe it. I believe I won't ever be able to encapsulate such a tender moment in these words but it is rather better that others such as yourselves know of this beautiful moment. All the best in the world to you two.
Hyacinth Sep 2019
Edified by our prayers-
     mustered from the beginning
Years we've been together,
     retrospects we are reliving.

Rendezvous at 71st-
     always brings back joy
My feelings always comes to burst,
     undeniably the best moment I do

One and two and three and counting
     years since we've been with each
Love encompasses our reminiscing
     longing more in making memories

In God we always hope and trust, we
      raise Him up!
With all of these, there's only one
      question left to be asked...
Khoi-San Aug 2019
One day he got up to speed
and he took the lead
they formed an impenetrable ring
dancing to the tune of a love song
sung by Sting.
Love is the seventh wave
Poetus Jun 2019
I begged,

On bent knee, my palm gently kissing her hand.

If I needed to smith a sword she was my searing heat.

If I needed to craft a ship she was my impenetrable weld.

If I needed to fly she was the wind beneath my wings.

I had never been able to do anything without her.

Once again I beseeched her to lend herself to me.

Her dark brown eyes probed mine in keenness

Discerning the nobility of my plea, if to heed

If I am to set sail amidst the flooding waves of life

I’d need her as my anchor

If I am to brave the fog and the winter cold

I’d need her to radiate against my skin

If I am to fashion a generation of impeccable humans

I’d need only her to be.

Once again I entreated her to lend herself to me.

Her eyes came out of my deeps, sparkling with satisfaction

And a curve of her lips preceded the calm in her answer

I give myself to you!
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