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My darling, will you marry me?
Years of hints
I decided to ask
Is it wrong for a woman to ask first?

His reaction
His breath heavy and heaving
Fidgeting in his chair

My face, sallow in its seriousness
Cast a cold shadow on his bones
His body turning away
The back of his head

In my veins moved oxygen pure
My breath calm and subdued
Knowing the answer before it was asked
Confirmation from his lips due

What does one do after many years?
Is it ok to force one into marriage?
Am I giving myself up?
Am I giving in?

My darling. Will you marry me?
You are the love of my life.
Will you marry me?
No, he said.
I will never leave you
Your melodic voice
Makes me feel alive
Through my dark moments
Your infectious smile
Brings out the best in me
Your everyday care and affection
Make me feel like a perfect man
You heal my wounds every time I am hurt
You're calm and clear, soft and tender
Your beauty is not just about being pretty
But also about your morals and thoughts
I will always think about you
Even if we are worlds apart
Cuz’ you are all I yearn for
Make me your final decision
And we will grow old together
Marry me..
err...marry me?
err..will you marry me?
I pop the question
as I look into her eyes
in that dark room lit only by the billboard backlight outside
She puts the table lamp on and looks at me
These few seconds are agonising
as I look at her face lit by the lamp.
Need time?
None of the above?
Deep Feb 14
O! You,
Who hasn't found one.
CautiousRain Nov 2021
In the early hours of the morning,
you asked me to marry you;
I pushed it off, taking it as a joke,
but you leapt up from our bed anyway,
and I protested, saying there were no rings in sight,
and yet, you wrapped paper, so delicately, into a ring for me.

From the dim-lit room,
I saw you kneel on one knee to ask me.
I swore you were mocking me,
but you persisted that we elope,
and even then I couldn't take you at your word.

Did you really love me like that?
And if so, why did you leave?
Digesting some past memories lately....
Àŧùl Jul 2021
You are so beautiful,
As if right from my dream.

I'm very lucky that you are in my life,
To my thoughts, you give positivity.

Now soon be my wedded wife,
You are a blessing in disguise.

You are so mindful,
As if here to stay forever.
My HP Poem #1936
©Atul Kaushal
Jeremie Jun 2021
At the edge of our galaxy,
under the violet light
is where I found you.
I waited til the Sun shut his eyes
And the Earth grew silent.
Then with my heart on both knees,
I proposed to yours with a ring made from
the petals of your favorite flower.

“In your eyes is where I’ll sleep.
In your heart is where I’ll dream.
In your smile is where I’ll live.
Promise me the eternity of an eternity
spent in your arms. And I will promise you
the immovable sky will come to envy
the way the stars have left her side
and have chosen to live in your eyes..”
Eternally yours, now and forever
Àŧùl Apr 2021
Bereft of love all my life,
Thought I would not need any.
Still, you entered my life,
And now I need you as my wife.
Proposals, you can get many,
Yet you say you will be my wife.
You scuttled my ship.
My HP Poem #1926
©Atul Kaushal
TAW Feb 2021
If I write a  poem about you,
Using all the imaginations that roars in my head about us.
I fear I'd not just fill a paper, I'd fill my fears.
With the drinks of, What if your hands don't end up in mine?
Or sadly your heart loses the tune of my voice?
What if your lips loses the taste of the words you would have said to me?

Or suddenly, your nose can no longer smell the aroma of our love because all seasoning had been stopped?

My too much a love, what if your ears gets blocked?
And finally your one or two of your knees refuses to get down?

I'd just wait!
Just wait rather  than run into a wrong future.
Cause what I have with you is right.
I will enjoy my now.
Leave the imaginations for  fear...?
What if I'd just wait.

I'm excited. My first poem here, do follow me
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