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See, I'm in love with you
And my feeling's true
But the vibe isn't cool
And dude don't have a clue

Yes; I'm most confused
Don't know what to do
how to pass it through to you
And how you'd take it too

You could call me fool
or a nincompoop
But I'm just afraid I won't
wont be loving you
like I wish I could

Want to talk to you
But my mouth goes mute
and my legs too; glued...
When I wanted to

Boo, my heart is bruised
And it cuts me through
That I'm not loving you,
The way I wanted to

If I only knew
How to love you true
Maybe the sky will once again be blue
Maybe you'd love me too
I admit it
I admit my mind hasn't been stable
I admit my story 's full of fables
I admit I feel disabled
Cos' I've got nothing to bring to the table

I admit I haven't been responsible
And my mind and my heart ain't compatible

I admit I haven't been good
A victim of family feud
I admit I haven't stay truth
Or maybe I'm just being misconstrued

I admit that I've hurt the people that love me
I admit I've loved and in return I'm hurting

I admit that I'm weak and weary
And I almost give up; nearly
Dreaming feels like nighmare; scary
And surviving feels like warfare; deadly

I admit I haven't been myself lately
There's no Yes or No, it's just maybe

I admit my past 's filled with commotion
I admit I've got lingering emotions
I admit I almost took the potion

I admit that I am a loner
And most times I buried my head; feeling sober
responsibilities man had to shoulder
Hoping tomorrow it'd all be over

I admit I'm a lover boy
and I love; πŸ’˜ right to the core
And I admit that I'm filth and poor
I wish I had been more

I admit to all the accusation
I admit I'm a bad association
I'm guilty of all the offence
Now you can throw me off the fence
Nothing seems to interest me these days
Neither reading nor sleeping
Even writing seems tiring😫,  
Talking to people seems exhausting
And socialising too'..... boring
Food most especially; all taste the same
And hunger unusually doesn't feel like pain
Movies and games even..... couldn't keep my brain at bay

See, most times, I just get weak,
tired and sick
And sleeping on its part, doesn't come with ease
The future too; seems blurry to see
Knowing that nothing is promised to be
Knowing we could work as hard as we need.... but still nothing achieved
Knowing our destiny and dreams could go unfulfilled.
Knowing that our end result could be nothing but filth
Knowing that the promise land is nothing but myth
Love, Love, love as you feel
You don't need approval, you're perfect a being
It's all within you, the love that you seek
You are a definition of what cutie could mean
Forget Aphrodite, you're the goddess of beauty to me

And you are brilliant with the most pleasant sight
You are the most beautiful to ever grace earth
You are the apple of God's own eye
See, the stars you admire merely reflect your light
You are to me; what words can't define
Dear mate
Do not make the mistake
of rating yourself as being irreplaceable

humans' thoughts,
Their words,
Their love,
is still changeable

And your affection
your compassion,
your love...
in their heart... tends to be degradable
What do you want from me?
Affection, love,.... care, support
Protective shield, or skydiving wings
My heart, my soul... or my existence at whole

How do you want me to be?
A lover that listen, or the one that speaks
I could be meek, sing if it'd give the peace you need
If it appease thee, I'd be ya puppetie

What do you want with me?
To be your light when darkness creeps
Your autumn leaves when you're lonely and sick
Or that bright petals that beautify your leaves

What do you want to do to me?
No, you don't have to speak
Want to grab my arm or throw it to shard ?
Protect me from depressions and this self-harm?
I guess not....
Seems I was wrong... all along

But why can't I have a proper love?
Love that last and never leaves crack
Love that mends and never bends
Now, I'm back to where I was
And my emotions gone,.... lost, forlorn
Child, oh child,
What have you done to the world
That they treat you like a prodigal son

Why do they rebuke you this much
Your art dirt and burn
Your heart hurt and torn

Child; oh child
Prepare your heart for battle...
And your mind for war
Prepare your body for the hurdles...
And your spirit for worse
Be strong and know what is what

Child oh child
Do not shiver, do not cry,
For the trying times will soon go bye

Child oh child
Your past seems cursed
Present... tossed
And the future feels blurred
But there'd be clear path after the fog

Child, oh child
do not whimper, keep your head high
Spread your wings and take to the sky
deck up the ship and hoist the colours high
For the wavering sea will soon change tide

Child oh child
Dont give in; its just a trick
Loosing isn't defeat
No!, you're not even weak
They'd try to break your hinge...
But hey; don't even flinch
You're all that you need

Child oh child
Fret not, God could hear you sobbing
Fret not, his goodness is coming
And since the earth is still revolving
Fret not, salvation will come knocking
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