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People need people
People meet people
Then people support people
And people love people.

Then suddenly, people meet new people
and forgot the old people
**** on old people
Called them old people
Paint them rogue people.

People praise people
Then next, they malign  people
Yes, they hate people.....
they have designed sequel
Lord I came to thee.... weak
Tired and sick.
Lord I'm down on my knee..
My palms stretched wide... praying for your bliss.

I've sail through the turbulent sea
in search of treasures buried down deep
Trekk the earth from peak to abyss
Yet my trials never seems to have yield.

I've drank from the elixir of sinful pleasure.
and stole from the box of forbidden treasure.
Yet the things I seek, never seek me.

Can't even fathom the places that I've been
Life seems lifeless; can't comprehend my being
Eyes swollen from the troubles I've seen

Responsibilities bough me to the knee.
Friends getting tired of me.
Family laughs at my irresponsibility.
A joke of a being; that's who I be
Or maybe that's who... they dim me fit

Lord, I pray
Cos only you can stop this rain.
Create me anew and make me whole again
Take away this pain and fill me with hope.
Pave me way and lead me through the road
In your Name again, I pray...
Save me from myself
Save me, I need some help
Save me from my soul
Lord, my heart is filled with holes

Save me from my feelings...
Lord save me, I need some healing.
Staring at ceiling
as the thoughts starts to creep-in

My heart trembles in pain.
mind struggles for sane.
My spirit.... tears my souls apart.
as I tried to find some meanings to my life.

Quiet and less-brutal... I fight this battles.
I feel frightened when my mind gets idle
And anxiety almost settles in
as I tried to conquer... the demons within

Brain in fatal contraption
Heavy and sleek like an improper fraction.
Friends gone, loved ones forlorn
Thinking how, when, where do I get it wrong
Freedom is the most overrated wants of life.
People crave freedom more than 3² meal.
They would do everything to taste that freedom sweet

Yea, they want to be free.
They want to do that, they want to this
They want to have fun, go places they'd never been.

They want to be free... from pain and agony
Free from stress..... making real their fantasy
They want to laugh and hence fill their cheek...
with rays of smile brighter than halogens

They want to talk, they want to see.
They want to breathe without oxygen
They want to chop life and do crazy things
They want the freedom to live eternity

Freedom yes, that's all you need...
Freedom to rule; freedom to be king
To run the street before the lights turns green

Freedom to loot, freedom to steal
Freedom to **** without questioning

Freedom they say, is the peak of everything,
Well, so they think
But what if I tell you bro
Freedom as it is, is slavery pro
Slave to the gold, slave to the doe....
Slave to a life thats not your own

Freedom is the reason 2pac was shot.
Freedom is the reason humans life gets short
Freedom is the reason why after 63 years of independecy
My people will **** for a chance to flee abroad.

Freedom is bad, yea, freedom is crap.
We all slaving to life's goodytrash.
So, I guess you can choose that freedom instead
Cos' to be real..... freedom is bitter sweet.

But afterwards, what do you get... you find yourself swinging in the pendulum of slavery to -slavery fro.
A pendulum that swings you to that 6feet hole.
People say....
This and that without thinking straight.
People chase....
effortfully till they meet dismay

People crave
For more than need-to-be-take
Then people play
and pray.....
for fun-filled days... and creamy cakes

People late....
Always wanna be on time; please don't keep em wait
People wake.
Quit dreaming great while still awake

People stake
Their heart for miragelike castle in Spain
And next, people create.... this messy space....
For their desire to proliferate
Without realising they're turning snake

People behave
irrationally farther from being sane
Shamelessly... you know.... "without feeling shame"

People change
One minute they're here, the next, they're on another space
People stray
Entangled by their emotions in disarray

People lie... and stylishly  deviate
Oh, I meant to say "sway"....
away from righteous way

People hey
Life ain't got "Yes" or "Nay", the answer's "May"
So, people Yay
Keep straying though one day you may find the way
Amazing men
Ever-blazing men
They go through dens
To meet those ends

Yes, I tread with classic men
Men who defend... those with less
Not them... who lay in bed
Till the clock struck ten

No, not every men
Just friendly men
Cos' men with messy heads......
I don't trend with them

I'm talking non-breaking men
Not lazyish men
Men whose hench....
's to fend off fiendish fiend
Poets fall in love everyday
It might be with the sun; or even a tiny ray.
It might be with the stars; or the clouds as it turns to rain.
Or maybe the morning dew as it springs down from the seventh sky

It might be with the way... the pen and the note make beautiful love
Caressing every inch of its sheets; moaning at its ink-filled touch.
Making beautiful baby poems with rhymes and rhythmical style

it might be with the way....... the autunm kiss the twilight moon
Or as the honeybees sinks its stings on the petals as the flower bloom

Poets fall in love with every gift that nature gives.
Chaos, pains and heartbreak arent enough to make em weak.
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