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Rich man; Rich man
Where is your dignity
people's sweat is your evening Schweppes
Their suffering is your hobby... funny
Their hungry tummy is your stomach yummy

Rich man; Rich man
You'll never know peace
For the riches you steal
And the things you give to buy that dignity

Rich man; oh Rich Man
Cruel and unsympathetic; with your evil-mind politics
Enslaving weak mind; with your rich man policies
No one dares challenge what you did or say
Anyone who dares tell the tale; won't live the coming day

Rich man; oh Rich man
Rich in knowledge or rich in cash
Rich in power or rich in class
Rich and wealthy; though your rich is farce
When it gets to showing-off; na you rich pass
Yet your riches never reach the mass

You're less of a leader and more of a boss
Your ways are devilish and your attitude is cross
You're not really rich; yea, you're richly poor
Listen to me' dog; don't close that door

Rich man; Rich man, heard you're damnly rich
Rich such that; you've reach the peak
The peak you reach and cut-off the breach
So, no one else could reach your streak

Rich man; Oh, Rich man
Soon you'll know the deal
Your mouth will open; but your goat won't bleat
The period will soon throw stone on you
Cos' even the devil is scared of you
And' even now; God is ashamed of you

Rich Man; Oh! Rich Man
You toxic heart will end up axed
You're crazily rich yet' your rich is trash
And for that; you'll leave in despair
Your soul will rot and turn to cotton in the air
And your spirit will be sent to the depth of hell

Earth will quake apart and swallow your body part
Your spirit will quiver as you're buried alive
Your sky(mind) will get broken and so will your heart
And when death comes to take you afar
No one will be there to bid you bye
Enough is enough
Don't tell me there is true love
No, I don't wanna hear such a disgusting stuff

True love should be independent
Wholeheartedly aligned; not indented
Lovers shouldn't feel indebted
For the love they co-invented

"I love you to the moon and back"
"The stars are the witness to our...
rhythmically beating heart"
"For you only; my heart' beat forth and back"
Well, all those might just be brutal lies
Lies and lies; until those lies have no more space to lie

Okay; tell me; what is this thing called love
Isn't it the combo of loyalty and trust
Accompanied by stuff like affections and such
Why do we still search for more;
Shouldn't love be sufficient for us?

Well, love doesn't always stand true
Cos' everyone you give you heart to
Will break it in different way
Some will break it into two
Some will trap it to a close-edge cage

Some will throw it into the wildest zoo
Some will manufacture hell out of you
Some will shatter it to the tiniest atom
Some will turn it to the sourest alum

At the end of the day
You will find, that love is two-faced
Cos' it tends to not be enough
When it isn't beneficial at all

When you fall in love
You'll become a sage
The sky above
changes to a poetry page
And then you'll see
The stars as ink
Forming galaxies
Of rhythmic rhymes.

Your lovers' smile
will give you wings to fly
Looking to her pair of eyes
Will feel like paradise
A kiss from her
Will make your plane crash-land
Without being harmed

She/He'll be all your need
at that time indeed
But soon you'll find
That love for cash
And stuff that shines
Supersedes all of that
Especially if you aren't a good looking guy
With urbanic style

And she'll leave you behind
For that good-looking guy
And become the wife
Of that corporate guy
Who's got phat yard
At the country side

And then; you'll be there
Feeling despaired
Towards yourself

But all I want to say is this
Love Isn't always what it seems...
Sometimes; it's overrated
Sometimes underrated
Love is way beyond
Kisses and touch(es)
There's this emotional bond
That can't be swayed
by anything you can name
The feelings that you can't survive
If she isn't a part of your life

So, did you feel like that
When you say he holds the key to your heart
And when you stare at her
Do you feel like Aargh; she's a paradise on earth
Do you love her more; than you love yourself?
Do you feel secure; when he wrap you around himself

Does he make you feel safe and secure?
And she' the sunshine in human form?
Do you taste forever on his curl lips
When your two hearts clipped
Does he arouse you mentally
Does she inflame you spiritually

If she makes you feel more
Than you ever thought you was
And he prioritise you above
Every creature in his world
If he does; then I'll conform
That; that is true love
There will come a day;
When you'll miss me
And you'll wish I'm still
What you're then; blind to see

Maybe on that day; you'll realise...
I live my best...
As ah honest man
And a friend indeed
Who always lend...
A helping hand...
when in need

You'll get the ploy
That I was a lonely boy
But a caring son
A loyal lover
And a buoyant brother

It will get clearer
That I was a corporate *****
A competent teacher
An original gents
An OG; yes!

You'll understand...
That the lot behind...
That sourful smile...
is a hurtful guy;...
With a vengeful mind,
a toxic heart,
And a thorn-filled path

But by that time,
Maybe my soul would've turn to star
My body... buried down...
Six feet underground
My heart dusted apart
With my deeds to the seventh sky
Where judgement 'd be passed

And then you'll regret
How you treated me
Like I'm just a mess
How you jilted me
Like nothingness
How you tossed me
Like I'm option Z
How you judged me
As a prodigal son
How you lambasted me
Like an outlaw
How you loved me with pretence
and negligence

One day
Yes, one day,
You'll remember me
Like you never did
When I was your everything
A lame boy; they say I be
Low-pitched guy?; yee' that's me
been a lame boy since I was three
Dull and placid; unsatisfactory

been a quiet boy; since I was born
Psychopathic; and somewhat tough
Sail your ship up-north; I go offshore
A prodigal son;...
left by his mum; at the age of four

Sometime I'm cool; sometimes I'm warm
Father wasn't sure; if I was sane or not
Thought my abnormalities; equals 'dull
So he left Up-North where he'd be bother-not

Father's gone; mum's living rough
Doing enough stuff to rid the boy off.....
the black hole living in the boy's thought
Cos' everyone gets lost; crossing the boy's port

Afterward; I was left in this dungeon
Life raised me to this lame strong boy
A lame boy; raised by rain of dirt
All he's ever taste was the opposite of joy

This lame boy will soon find joy
I'm lame for sure; but my feet are strong
My mind find words when my hands are bored
My heart finds love when my head's at fault

When you bring me stress; I'm turning blind
Cos' this lame boy seems to find
Peace in the loneliness of his mind
Seeing the path ahead and behind

This lame boy is ****** enshrined
Prodigal and divine; a boy you can't confine
Cos' money or ******* doesn't define
his mentality and the way he grind

I'm that lame boy; that you hiss and judge
For my writability and use of words
While you nuisance spew sh*t and sort
I do my lame stuff; Yea; I sit and jot...
And then I pour.....; my state of mind; in a distinctive thought

Well; I'm a lame boy; I only look upfront
I don't care if my root; is clean or not
Don't mind if my boot is filled with mud
Only focus on my dreams and things I sought

I'm a lame boy; I've seen the sea and shore
Crawled this earth from south to North
Been in this world before 94
Before Abacha ruin the course; of this Nation more

Lame boy this; lame boy that
'Lame boy 's ****'; 'lame boy 's bad'
"He's lame and dull; he can't attack"
"too rough and poor; he's not my type"
Well; this lame boy doesn't care 'bout
Words from your lilly-filthy mouth
Cos' this lame boy is now an OG; yes!
An Original Gent; who is God-blessed
Love is phenomenal
Love is cool
Love is good
But love to me
is nothing real

Different kinda love everywhere
Love for ***
Keep you on bed
With your **** ex
Even when you tend
To have move onto next

Love for cash
Is another trash
That love abash

Love for pleasure
is within the measure
of ignoring the scope
Of pipe for a hole
To being ****
****! That's the kinda love
I despise the most

Some men desire
Girl that's fair
Tall and set
With big **** and breast

Well, such men are something else
Coz they tend to regret
And spit load of contempt
After they've touch and check
What's under that; ****** dress

Same goes for women
Who tend to pretend
They're worthy and shy
But are quick to spread their thigh
For that upfront guy
The muscular type
Or someone who's got some cash

Girls like this
I now dismiss
Girls with wandering hips
Who are quick
To run their lips
Feminine ****
Who claim to believe
in Feminism

Anyway, this is my advice to thee
Girls and guys like this
are full of tricks
I hope you're heeding this
Coz AIDs right now; cannot be fixed

Okay Wordsmith
What love do you think
is raw and real
And make love bliss

I don't think there's such
things as love
For better for worse

Love to me
is nothing real
Coz most partners tends
To stay with you
If the love is beneficial

When there is nothing to give
That love that seems real
Will suddenly leave
That's when you'll see
That love isn't real

Wordsmith my bud
I guess you're hurt
Or you've been on the wrong
Side of love

Alright Alright
You've got to stop
I don't despise love
I'm a lover boy
Who give my all
When I find someone
I wholeheartedly love

But what I'm saying
is that human love
Is overrated of course
There is true love
But attach to some'n

The best of love
Is that of God
To human being
That's the kinda love
That comes in all
without expecting a unit return
Every year; we sing
We're independently free
From colonisation regime
From human-slavery
Free from
Antihuman policies

Impose on we
By em British colony

Free from slavery
to a free-free world
Free from brutality
to a greater course

But when exactly
Will we be free
From the war within

When will we be free
From talks of guns
When will we be free
From wars and bombs

When will we be free
From bad leadership
Coz all I see
is corruptive cliques
occupying governmental seats

When will we be free
From terrorism
territory separatism
Religion barbarism
And tri-balism

When will we be free
From governmental deceit
And societal laws
Made by bribe-filled judge
Whose laws only affects the poor

When will we be free
From godfatherism
And political regime
Where the corruptive folks
Are immune to probe

When will be free
From deadly disease
State of emergency
And economical insurgency

When will we be free
From violent street
Filled with vicious police
Whose only role
is to harass those
Who can't afford 50 naira note

When will we be free

The north is filled
with refugees
victims of terrorism
younger kids
with nowhere to sleep
Roaming the street
Trying to get their belly feed

The southeast is the zone
where them militant roam
Armed to the bone
Brainwashed and scoped
By them Biafran folks
Shooting this; shooting that
Disturbing peace and breaking pipe
yearning for separation
of our beloved Nation

And what about the west
Them Wild Wild West
the district where
Godfatherism dwells
Ruthless men
Political theft
And fraudulent youth
Who often get used
By political dudes
Senseless thugs
Whom at the end of all
's abused and dumped

And human-right activist
Who aren't really for the citizens
Political sheople
Misleading the people
The only thing that matters' ah
getting their pocket's fat

I'm not here to preach
But when will we be free
From being brain-feed
with lies and deceit
Most people can't use their head
Yes, unless it is used for them
Most now follow religious leaders
Instead of the Lord
Whatever the preacher says; is right
Yea, he is the man of God

When will we be free
From enchanted beats
Musical *****
That aren't up to feat

When will we be free
When will we be free

Raise the Green-White-Green
And steadily roll the rim
Even though the white seems gray
I believe one day
We'd be chanced to make
This country great again
So let us pray

O God of Creation
Direct our Noble Course
Guide our Leaders Right
Help our youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
And living just and true
Great lofty heights attain
To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.
If you bring trouble to my home, I would not run
Cos' peace and love
is something I'd die for
A world without war
A world filled with patience to the earth core
Do you understand what I'm saying
Or do I need to say more
This is a course....
with pictures to draw
Pictures of love
From sons to their mothers
Pictures of love
From brother to brother
Pictures of love
From hoodlums to thugs
Pictures from all
Regardless of colours
Pictures of a non-
-xenophobic world
A world without
Tribalism tout
A world free from guns
And racist words
A world free from war drum
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