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Anais Vionet Sep 19
Tuesday lasses
we all have classes
get up and go
there’s no time to waste
join the flow
there’s no reason to wait
everyone’s hustling
coffee guzzling
bus shuttling
paper shuffling
syllabus assessing
apple-watch checking
there’s a fall-like feeling
making things more appealing
file off of the bus
and join the crush
trudging up science hill
thru the doors up the stairs
climbing in pairs,
in class, at last,
setup and relax.
I open my binder
and hand in the assignment
the guy beside me can’t find it.
and the TA moves on
the guy’s upset and I get it
he’s frantic and grim
I pretend I’m not watching him
as he ransacks his rucksack
too late, they’re taking roll
carelessness takes its toll
The street is swapped with bodies
Young, old and grey
A sea of strength and weakness
Soft, eager and fragile

These streets are filled with vehicles
3-wheels, cars and motorcycles
Vast need for speed with myriad speedometers
A different sense of focus, smothers!

Our focus is just to hustle
Be a cobbler, doctor or apostle
Variants of professions, you just have to shuffle
Not the best serenity, man just settles

We focus on vanity,
I wonder if we check deep within
The goal is to reach the top.
We often forget the master of the race herein

We lose our hearts to the matrix
Most times we even forget the margin
The apocalypse is yet to come
Yet we forget, it's most catastrophic

Have You looked within?
What are you yet to see
Is it the future you seek
Or deed incomplete?

Did you notice how much rest you need?
Or how anti-social you have been.
How much you seized to live though Alive
Have you noticed how badly you lost to Hustle?
How much do you hustle for? And what does it mean to you.  The end of the poem, is a question only you can answer.
neth jones Mar 2022
busy verbalizing my merchandise                                                      ­        
a display of teeth reefed behind my smile
                                                      becau­se merchandise is what i am after
                          and The Revels watch over me
                                and laughter drains down through sewer grates
i am watched over                                                             ­                             
my potential client walks away                                                                 
    but returns again with queries                                                          ­             
on this hot day                                                              ­                                   
a smell like burnt hair raises from the gutters                                            
and these are the streets that radiate                                                          ­  
on this hot day                    

an honest clash and not some some touchy bout
and here we are                                                              ­
the costly coil of pushing business together ;           
                                   a lively thrive
thrifty "*******"s and a dressing down       
circling the other and striking their buttons   
                   interlaced within is a genuine pressing
               toward each other goals  
this partnership                                                      ­                    
swiftly made                    
                                          has an extreme edge and chaotic balance          
the both of us must master or abandon our productivity             
shall we be served by this union
                                     or sever fighting ?

unfit                                                         ­            
  it swerves and suffers a pity                  
let's keep this one brief                                                     
we manage business
and scowl away with our wares
each of us feeling equally scammed
(we've made useful enemies at best)

i break out laughing all the same-how
and howl because i feel
that feeling that this could go on forever
and business has roots in all my moods

i crouch at the curb       
the curb is abrasive               
              i sit
i look at the dry heat radiating off the tarmac
the slight greasy lime taste of the air passing
the roof of my mouth
the electric wires running hum into the buildings
the storm drains at the edges of the roads
where laughter siphons down to the magma of Hades

it is waning off now                         
and i feel vague
i stand and i scan for more players
i spot a vivid orange one
one that i may barter their aura of vigour
traded for my sketchy wares
Zack Ripley Jan 2022
To the dancer in the dark: what you do
isn't a walk in the park.
So don't be afraid to let someone
shine a light on you.
To the singer in the shower:
you know as well as anyone
how music can heal.
So let people hear your power.
To the sketchbook artist:
one person's trash is another's treasure.
So, please: don't throw something away
even if it doesn't give you pleasure.
To everyone else:
you all had dreams at some point.
If you're friends with artists, respect the hustle. Respect the passion.
Help keep the dream alive.
Because dreaming is still
how the strong survive.
But they can't do it all alone.
Mohit Ramola Apr 2021
Confidence is my armour
Optimism is my saviour
I wander in the darkness
And kiss the silence
Don't tear my wings
Don't force me the rings
Even if I get thrashed
I will land into my saviour's arms
My armour would be holding my palms
I am in distress
'Cos we still keep trying to have to stress
That we still should rest
While we keep trying to give our best

In a world where you gotta move, where you gotta prove
To people you don't know that you're the best
To hell with the others, it's a test
It's always nothing personal, "I just mean business."

But it's tiring, alright.
We keep saying we are fine
Even though it's outta line
We're fine, should be fine
I'm fine, I'm fine
Fake it 'til we make it:
'Tis the demand of the grind
Michelle A Ford Jan 2021
Only a couple will understand me
On this fateful day
The day of the Stretch
It is from here we go and why we cannot stay

The great divide, the stuck in a rut
Here is our chance to leave New York's hut

I understand I am leaving
Is not with you in tow
I love you so fiercely
I wish right now you all could go

I am going to plant some seeds in
California the State of the Sun
To which and where our Legacy will soon become

Today day 1 the hardest
The day I have to Stretch
Without the ones so dear to me

I will be back to fetch!

Always as you read know you are with me in my heart
I will not go to fail us
Get us a brand new start

California Dreaming
about to Reality
I cant wait to come back and get you
So you can be with me!
The hardest day of my life January 16 2021 @ 6am
shiny ‘vette
velvet walls
noontime cabaret

passing by, bye

cell phone calls
boot mark to the face

push and pull
take the cake
climb to the top!

rise at the top!

wallet’s fat
bank account swells
now some time to wait

nice and full
got it made
winding the clock!

(winding the clock!)

scratching backs
fingernails smell
now i'm turning grey

take my dime,
not my time

what was that?
slot machine bells
not for me today

or any day

one more sip
of lemonade
when will it stop?

when will it stop?
when will it stop?
when will it stop?

when will it?
Lyrics for small jazz ensemble & voice.
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