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I've never wanted to be the hero
And surely I know
You we're never any damsel in distress

So leave saving mankind
To the chumps in tights
We wear leather *****
And no seatbelts when we ride

Take the sands of time
And diamonds in our minds
Slinging silver and silk
In a world we've defined
Priyam Jun 5
A babbling beauty
That's what she was
A damsel who dared
To speak her heart
Frolicking furiously
Through the gates of hell, she
Gave great new meanings
To malice and mutiny
Wayward Feb 19
A strangled cry,
A scream.
As loud as a whisper,
Screeching yet unheard.
Who's to save this damsel?
Who brought on her distress?
A heart of glass she bore.
Were the shattered glass pieces.
On and on she picks what she can find,
But what's lost is gone forever.

                                                       ­                           -Wayward❤
I don't even know what this is. This is a little different from my usual writing style. Have fun lol
Much love! Stay safe, stay wayward!
Shubham Solanki Dec 2018
I sit by the window
Staring out with hope
Gloomy face eyes low
Captive in this castle
A solitary dreamer
Waiting for the one
Riding with her sword
My dauntless damsel
To rescue me away
far-far away from
this deranged world

I wonder though
What amuses you more
Am I less of a man
Or do you doubt
A woman's valour
Capable of Creating
Life in her womb
Open your petty mind
Break thy stereotypes
Crush the misogyny
Prove to the feminine soul
Chivalry isn't dead anymore
Rizna M Rameez Dec 2018
When I cry for help
I do not cry as
A damsel in distress
A wounded samurai.
Paige Error Dec 2018
My head is spinning like the vinyl record I bought you for Valentine’s Day.
I thought a break from the stresses of pre-engineering.
Would be good for me but if that means being near you maybe not.
So I’ll just lock myself in the highest tower of my mind and pretend I’m
I’d let you in but I kinda chopped off my hair
theo bea Nov 2018
cheers to every strong and independent woman
out there in the open,
she who faces excruciating dilemmas
with a classic wink.

cheers to the most lethal lady
who does not need a man to define her self worth,
yet still glues her feet to the ground
for she acknowledges their mighty presence.

cheers to the brave young girl
who stands her ground
for she is made of gold,
a true champion amidst those who defy her.

cheers to the innocent little kid
playing around the park,
for we get the most genuine smile
that makes our day brighter.

cheers to the most hardworking single mother,
she who fights a bear as a lioness.
taking no jabs from anyone
whilst the humility and compassion in her still remain.

cheers to the mother who is in a father figure,
she who does not let society define her capabilities.
for she raises her children right,
God-fearing, respectful, and loving.

cheers to the women of the world,
for every single one has played an important role.
ladies, you do not need to rely on someone else’s protection
for you carry your own shields and deadly swords.
Druzzayne Rika Oct 2018
I'll **** my own pride
to go on this fairytale ride
to become a distressed damsel
to live a life stable

There are no fancy knights alive
no one teaches them what's right
we'll be waiting half our life
then proceed ahead on our right

Little late on this race
there is not enough space
running knowing no better
getting a place whenever

The world not shy to show the unfairness
same status, more the less
crowning someone else the royal prince
it has this same ending long since.
Saif Jun 2018
Shes's the pretties carrier of a soul,
A Damsel fallen through a wonder hole;
She bounces in joy all around the place,
A moment she's here, and another she's everywhere.

Her face round like the softest stress ball,
Eyes with a diamond's shine
Hair fallen down the shoulder like a waterfall.

Ohh My!! I tell you
She's like a divine doll
She's as cheerful as a bird in dawn
She's got flair of grass in a fine uncut lawn.

He never touched her, never spoke to her or even said a Hii
Just kept getting mesmerized from the Corner of an Eye !!!
Lilly frost Sep 2016
Damsel in distress
Indeed that's what you are
You sat on the side lines
Everyone cleaned up for you
Oh what a pretty princess
You clean up nice in a frilly little dress
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