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Jan 23 · 49
People need people
People meet people
Then people support people
And people love people.

Then suddenly, people meet new people
and forgot the old people
**** on old people
Called them old people
Paint them rogue people.

People praise people
Then next, they malign  people
Yes, they hate people.....
they have designed sequel
Jan 20 · 40
I pray
Lord I came to thee.... weak
Tired and sick.
Lord I'm down on my knee..
My palms stretched wide... praying for your bliss.

I've sail through the turbulent sea
in search of treasures buried down deep
Trekk the earth from peak to abyss
Yet my trials never seems to have yield.

I've drank from the elixir of sinful pleasure.
and stole from the box of forbidden treasure.
Yet the things I seek, never seek me.

Can't even fathom the places that I've been
Life seems lifeless; can't comprehend my being
Eyes swollen from the troubles I've seen

Responsibilities bough me to the knee.
Friends getting tired of me.
Family laughs at my irresponsibility.
A joke of a being; that's who I be
Or maybe that's who... they dim me fit

Lord, I pray
Cos only you can stop this rain.
Create me anew and make me whole again
Take away this pain and fill me with hope.
Pave me way and lead me through the road
In your Name again, I pray...
Dec 2023 · 64
Save me from myself
Save me, I need some help
Save me from my soul
Lord, my heart is filled with holes

Save me from my feelings...
Lord save me, I need some healing.
Staring at ceiling
as the thoughts starts to creep-in

My heart trembles in pain.
mind struggles for sane.
My spirit.... tears my souls apart.
as I tried to find some meanings to my life.

Quiet and less-brutal... I fight this battles.
I feel frightened when my mind gets idle
And anxiety almost settles in
as I tried to conquer... the demons within

Brain in fatal contraption
Heavy and sleek like an improper fraction.
Friends gone, loved ones forlorn
Thinking how, when, where do I get it wrong
Dec 2023 · 98
Freedom is the most overrated wants of life.
People crave freedom more than 3² meal.
They would do everything to taste that freedom sweet

Yea, they want to be free.
They want to do that, they want to this
They want to have fun, go places they'd never been.

They want to be free... from pain and agony
Free from stress..... making real their fantasy
They want to laugh and hence fill their cheek...
with rays of smile brighter than halogens

They want to talk, they want to see.
They want to breathe without oxygen
They want to chop life and do crazy things
They want the freedom to live eternity

Freedom yes, that's all you need...
Freedom to rule; freedom to be king
To run the street before the lights turns green

Freedom to loot, freedom to steal
Freedom to **** without questioning

Freedom they say, is the peak of everything,
Well, so they think
But what if I tell you bro
Freedom as it is, is slavery pro
Slave to the gold, slave to the doe....
Slave to a life thats not your own

Freedom is the reason 2pac was shot.
Freedom is the reason humans life gets short
Freedom is the reason why after 63 years of independecy
My people will **** for a chance to flee abroad.

Freedom is bad, yea, freedom is crap.
We all slaving to life's goodytrash.
So, I guess you can choose that freedom instead
Cos' to be real..... freedom is bitter sweet.

But afterwards, what do you get... you find yourself swinging in the pendulum of slavery to -slavery fro.
A pendulum that swings you to that 6feet hole.
Nov 2023 · 59
People yay
People say....
This and that without thinking straight.
People chase....
effortfully till they meet dismay

People crave
For more than need-to-be-take
Then people play
and pray.....
for fun-filled days... and creamy cakes

People late....
Always wanna be on time; please don't keep em wait
People wake.
Quit dreaming great while still awake

People stake
Their heart for miragelike castle in Spain
And next, people create.... this messy space....
For their desire to proliferate
Without realising they're turning snake

People behave
irrationally farther from being sane
Shamelessly... you know.... "without feeling shame"

People change
One minute they're here, the next, they're on another space
People stray
Entangled by their emotions in disarray

People lie... and stylishly  deviate
Oh, I meant to say "sway"....
away from righteous way

People hey
Life ain't got "Yes" or "Nay", the answer's "May"
So, people Yay
Keep straying though one day you may find the way
Nov 2023 · 84
Amazing men
Ever-blazing men
They go through dens
To meet those ends

Yes, I tread with classic men
Men who defend... those with less
Not them... who lay in bed
Till the clock struck ten

No, not every men
Just friendly men
Cos' men with messy heads......
I don't trend with them

I'm talking non-breaking men
Not lazyish men
Men whose hench....
's to fend off fiendish fiend
Oct 2023 · 412
When do poets fall in love
Poets fall in love everyday
It might be with the sun; or even a tiny ray.
It might be with the stars; or the clouds as it turns to rain.
Or maybe the morning dew as it springs down from the seventh sky

It might be with the way... the pen and the note make beautiful love
Caressing every inch of its sheets; moaning at its ink-filled touch.
Making beautiful baby poems with rhymes and rhythmical style

it might be with the way....... the autunm kiss the twilight moon
Or as the honeybees sinks its stings on the petals as the flower bloom

Poets fall in love with every gift that nature gives.
Chaos, pains and heartbreak arent enough to make em weak.
Sep 2023 · 68
Under the Autunm Tree
Can I ask you if
You would have done it to me
If I wasn't weak

No, I guess the real question is this...
How does it really feel
to be in love with me

Am I a joke a being
Or maybe some playing thing
to fill some empty reels

Have I ever being....
taken seriously
Or maybe the words I speak....
are just some fallacy

Is that why you flee
and leave silently

Have you ever think...
That this shattered part of me
will ever bind to its piece

Do you even believe
That this rageful heart I keep
will ever find its peace

I thought we were the king and Queen
That this love kingdom needs
I the petals and you' the bees
to produce ah honey sweet

Do you feel I'm a kid
or maybe a thoughtless being
living in fantasy
For writing this poetry

Why'd you keep me in shack
And let pain bleed me dry
When you leave me behind

Whyd you feed me to sharks
And then you leave me to cry
even if it would lead me blind

All I know is this
I will continue to keep
this rages I nurture within
Till you come set them free

I hope one day you will...
maybe come back to be
my ever-blazing peace

And if it never come to be
I'll brace myself and script...
beautiful poetry
under the autumn tree 🌳
Happy New months poetry lovers
Aug 2023 · 201
Ayinke mi, eleyinju aro
Your arms comforts me... like ēka iroko
your eyes... so colourful like rainbow light
and your cuticle smiles.... gives ah heavenly sight

Nibo lo wa, Ayinke mi owon
Omo to rewa ti o la 'bawon
Our heart has been intertwine to one
So living alone suffocates my lungs

What else could I have hoped
Luxuries and gold, don't want none of that
The doctor said I've been diagnosed
And ife re nikan lo le mu mi lara da

Ayinke mi, igbawo lo' made
If you want me to, I'll forever wait
Cos you're worth more than okuta iyebiye
I'll spend all I have.... mi o ko iyekiye
To make my heart' the home you forever stay
Aug 2023 · 57
Be it sun; be it rain
Be it fun; be it pain
Be it blur; be it plain
I'll be the shade where your worries lay

Just like flowers and them bumble bees
And like fire accompanied by wind
Or more like the sun makes the farmland green
You are my ribs; my source of energy

What's a poetry without a rhyme
a stonefish without it's spine
Shapeless and boredom with prosy lines
That's how'd be with you out my life

Be it night; be it day
Be it shine; be it gray
Be it aye; be it nay
My love will stay... till forever fade
People judge...
too much
But that doesn't mean people are just....
too wrong

Their judgements are base....
on the part they see.
But stuffs they see....
might be far from real

Aye "my Gee"
Their judgmental course....
can't be processed at court
Yes "my lord"....  
The court hearing has been adjourned

Okay, okay...  
Let's state the fact
Judgement is a tact...
That weak people use...
Words misconstrued
to make others confused

Well, that could be truth
Most people do.....
Judge from words told  
by them jury folks

Lies they contrive
And then they connive
to spew and judge
Tittle-tattle stuff
That's far from their scope

The next you see
is... you're being abused,,,
Sorry, I mean accused....
of being this and that
with their judgemtal dart...
pointing at you

And at the end of the day,
You're the one who'd be paint
As the the badass mate

Hunm, that's deep  
But if I may ask
Are you...
being accused  
Or wrongly judged
By someone ***?
Not really that
Just thinking out loud
Aug 2023 · 355
Why oh why
Too many whys
Running through my mind

Like why o why
Do we live our life
Searching for things that never wanted to be found

Why do we shy....
away from our real purpose in this life

Why oh why
do our Politicians lie
Telling us things will be fine
beguiling us with few cups of rice
Acting like we the people blind

How oh how, do they expect us to thrive
When the only thing they subsidised....
is our faces filled with joyful smiles

Why do they connive
to bring sufferings to our lives
with the politicking vice they devise

Why do fathers die
Living their kids orphaned

Where are the real mothers and Wives
When wishy-washy women keep tiktoking their pride.

Why wont our elders understand
That the life we in now is different from the past

Why oh why
Is it so hard to find
Someone to keep close to our heart
When all they do is t mess up our mind

Oh why Oh why
Do our youth put on guise
guise of lies' just because they want to survive

Why do our boys sell their soul all for that luxury life.
why do our girls dress bare; to impress and advertise.

Why do our clerics keep weponising our mind
Building partition in the name of the most high

Why do those terrorist thinks they're doing it right
When clearly tis not jihad

Why oh why
Won't God listen to our doleful cries
Forgive our past; filled with sins and crimes
Guide our leaders right....
and liberate us from the powers that victimise our lives.
Aug 2023 · 60
Black Roses
What would you choose
Love or cruise....
Option one or two
or things you do... when no one looks

Would you rather have fun with love...
than love with fun?
Would you go eschew....
when the condition turn askew

What's your idea of cool?
A handsome dude... with a cherry look...
Or the luxury type, with fast cars and phat yard too

Would you rather use and spew
People you're bounded to
like they're just a cue... in your game of pool

Guess you're not confused...
Or are you... puzzled....
by the terms I used
The words I used are a factual proof... that I'm from terror schools

What is your point of view
Or the nonconforming proof
that things you do....
is yes... the truth

When reality knocks' with its factual hook
Would you stay aloof
Or rather give-in to your conscience coup
Dear Wordsmith
Where have you been?

Have you forsaken your art
or thy art has forsaken thee

Where now... do you keep?...
the words spiralling in your head

Those words you ****** to me
Every time you're sick, lonely and weak

Have I moved from being your favourite girl
to your long-forsaken ex

When last was it you pick your pen
and make me ouch like it's first time *

Scribing those words; tattooing my skin
Fantasising every bit of my whim

Did you not miss my kiss
Those goosebumps we feel; when we scroll through each other's skin

Why have thee forsaken thy art
Has anyone broken thy heart
Has your world fallen apart

Is it family feuds or country's nukes
thats rampaging your being from deep within

Just tell me; I'll be' the comforter I've always been
Dust your chin up and get back on your feet
Please don't abolish your dreams
No, you mustn't fall apart at the seam
Apr 2023 · 115
Come sit by my fire 🔥
If you're a philospher; a deep-thinker
A Richard Cypher; I mean a truth-seeker
A teach-er; whose thought linger...
on spaces farther
farther from higi-haga
Or some silly wishy-washer
If you belong to this division; holla; let me see ya

If you are a dreamer; an uprighter
A sleepwalker; a future teleporter
A fine writer; a real rhyme slayer
A hoper; a believer; a true-preacher
If you're a realer; come sit by my fire
Mar 2023 · 70
LonE PoEt
Witty writers with wishy-washy writes
Rhyming everything that comes to em mind
With every beat that cross em heart
Uncertainty and confusion though surround his live
Struggling to revive his injured vibe  
Like autunm tree; they think he died  
Poor and ugly; they paint him black  
Couldn't find love, no, he couldn't thrive  
Beauty shred but he still survive  
They even named him "the brokest ***** alive"  
But see, words has always been his spine  
His greatest ally when troubles arise
When the moon, the sun and the earth collide  
And the sky is tiled with a scary clime  
Clouding his heart, eclipsing his mind  
poem brought smile with its lines as guide  
So if not for rhyme, depressions could've ruin his life  
Writing to him is what oxygen is to the heart
Feb 2023 · 71
Dear Me,
I know your esteem has been trampled on
I know your boots' pervaded with sharpened thorn
your dream; shattered and your heart grinded to atom

everyone you love has either hurt you or more
And when you needed them is when they did abscond
Taking away your joy; departed... never to return

Emptied and depressed, your very being..s.. forlorn
Your emotions boiled and your feeling toyed
Those psych smile are a true sign that you are deformed

You tried to be strong; but your brokenness can't be restored
Your mind and heart doesn't seem to get along
Your soul quaver and your spirit mourn
But your face gets paler at the sight of those you adorn

You've done your all to be more in this world
You've loved and loved, and you've been loved times and more

Though you're dying now, but you're bound to be reborn
in the heart of those you truly love, you'd be martyr when you're gone
Feb 2023 · 69
Without you
Can love and hate coexist in a single being
Can a heart halved in pain and peace maintain its rhythm still
Can the angel without its wings sour through the galaxies

Can there ever be a Eve, without Adam's rib...
Can there even be a me without thee; my zephyrette
With you; right by me, I'm a quadrillion times complete

Only you have the combo of beauty and brilliant mixed
And like the settling sun garnish the beauty of the autumn leaves....
You lighten my path from the nooks to every whim
Feb 2023 · 73
lonE writEr
I write because I can't
be alive without my rhyme
My mind are so sporadic; I act like I'm ah psychic
My spirit's so Islamic; but I rhyme like I'm fanatic

I love like I'm ah nerd
And I was treated like crap
My thought got too dynamic; so I script like I'm an addict
Till my world got tore apart
Feb 2023 · 107
Without her
What's a man without shelter
flower without petal
Veiny wing without feathers
A bee without its nectar

How do I live without my igniter
Power, strength, lost forever...
Like a piano without its pedals
Iron-man without body-metals

Without you; I'm emp-tied
Like a sealed envelope without a letter.
A congruent angle without bisector
An aircraft that's lost its vector

Now how do I tell her
That I can't survive a second....
Without your embrace; my zephyr
No shield: no protector
Just living helter skelter
Feb 2023 · 87
It's 1:00am in the night
I closed my eyes
but my mind seems hesitant
My soul seeks for a place to hide
But my spirit acting irrelevant
A devastated hurtful heart
Beating backwards every time
each beat comes a little late and with questions?
'Like how and why?'
'did you not cry?'
'Why is thy eye?'
'Filled with tearful smile'
'is your tear sack dry?'
'From those hurtful trials?'
See, I'm in love with you
And my feeling's true
But the vibe isn't cool
And dude don't have a clue

Yes; I'm most confused
Don't know what to do
how to pass it through to you
And how you'd take it too

You could call me fool
or a nincompoop
But I'm just afraid I won't
wont be loving you
like I wish I could

Want to talk to you
But my mouth goes mute
and my legs too; glued...
When I wanted to

Boo, my heart is bruised
And it cuts me through
That I'm not loving you,
The way I wanted to

If I only knew
How to love you true
Maybe the sky will once again be blue
Maybe you'd love me too
I admit it
I admit my mind hasn't been stable
I admit my story 's full of fables
I admit I feel disabled
Cos' I've got nothing to bring to the table

I admit I haven't been responsible
And my mind and my heart ain't compatible

I admit I haven't been good
A victim of family feud
I admit I haven't stay truth
Or maybe I'm just being misconstrued

I admit that I've hurt the people that love me
I admit I've loved and in return I'm hurting

I admit that I'm weak and weary
And I almost give up; nearly
Dreaming feels like nighmare; scary
And surviving feels like warfare; deadly

I admit I haven't been myself lately
There's no Yes or No, it's just maybe

I admit my past 's filled with commotion
I admit I've got lingering emotions
I admit I almost took the potion

I admit that I am a loner
And most times I buried my head; feeling sober
responsibilities man had to shoulder
Hoping tomorrow it'd all be over

I admit I'm a lover boy
and I love; 💘 right to the core
And I admit that I'm filth and poor
I wish I had been more

I admit to all the accusation
I admit I'm a bad association
I'm guilty of all the offence
Now you can throw me off the fence
Nothing seems to interest me these days
Neither reading nor sleeping
Even writing seems tiring😫,  
Talking to people seems exhausting
And socialising too'..... boring
Food most especially; all taste the same
And hunger unusually doesn't feel like pain
Movies and games even..... couldn't keep my brain at bay

See, most times, I just get weak,
tired and sick
And sleeping on its part, doesn't come with ease
The future too; seems blurry to see
Knowing that nothing is promised to be
Knowing we could work as hard as we need.... but still nothing achieved
Knowing our destiny and dreams could go unfulfilled.
Knowing that our end result could be nothing but filth
Knowing that the promise land is nothing but myth
Nov 2022 · 131
Love, Love, love as you feel
You don't need approval, you're perfect a being
It's all within you, the love that you seek
You are a definition of what cutie could mean
Forget Aphrodite, you're the goddess of beauty to me

And you are brilliant with the most pleasant sight
You are the most beautiful to ever grace earth
You are the apple of God's own eye
See, the stars you admire merely reflect your light
You are to me; what words can't define
Oct 2022 · 89
Dear Mate
Dear mate
Do not make the mistake
of rating yourself as being irreplaceable

humans' thoughts,
Their words,
Their love,
is still changeable

And your affection
your compassion,
your love...
in their heart... tends to be degradable
What do you want from me?
Affection, love,.... care, support
Protective shield, or skydiving wings
My heart, my soul... or my existence at whole

How do you want me to be?
A lover that listen, or the one that speaks
I could be meek, sing if it'd give the peace you need
If it appease thee, I'd be ya puppetie

What do you want with me?
To be your light when darkness creeps
Your autumn leaves when you're lonely and sick
Or that bright petals that beautify your leaves

What do you want to do to me?
No, you don't have to speak
Want to grab my arm or throw it to shard ?
Protect me from depressions and this self-harm?
I guess not....
Seems I was wrong... all along

But why can't I have a proper love?
Love that last and never leaves crack
Love that mends and never bends
Now, I'm back to where I was
And my emotions gone,.... lost, forlorn
Child, oh child,
What have you done to the world
That they treat you like a prodigal son

Why do they rebuke you this much
Your art dirt and burn
Your heart hurt and torn

Child; oh child
Prepare your heart for battle...
And your mind for war
Prepare your body for the hurdles...
And your spirit for worse
Be strong and know what is what

Child oh child
Do not shiver, do not cry,
For the trying times will soon go bye

Child oh child
Your past seems cursed
Present... tossed
And the future feels blurred
But there'd be clear path after the fog

Child, oh child
do not whimper, keep your head high
Spread your wings and take to the sky
deck up the ship and hoist the colours high
For the wavering sea will soon change tide

Child oh child
Dont give in; its just a trick
Loosing isn't defeat
No!, you're not even weak
They'd try to break your hinge...
But hey; don't even flinch
You're all that you need

Child oh child
Fret not, God could hear you sobbing
Fret not, his goodness is coming
And since the earth is still revolving
Fret not, salvation will come knocking
Do you believe in God?
Do you believe in love?
Do you believe in us?
Do you believe we can hold hand in one accord?
Black and white, the rich and the filth, english spanish, muslim Jews and the ireligious
Do you believe in a unifying peaceful world?

Okay, let me switch thoughts
Do you believe in destiny?
If I say I don't believe in anything, would you label me an enemy
Do you believe we're slave in the face of our Lord?
So I don't have a say in things that comes
Oh, guess that makes me a bot
No, it does not?
Then What!
Why is there...
Heaven and hell
No, it doesn't make sense,
Do you think I need help
Cos my state of mind is getting messed

Well then, let me take it one at a time.
Now tell me, where does "Will" comes to term
I mean "Noun form of Will" not the verb
The will to choose what I want to
The will to do and undo
Will and destiny, do they converge?...
To infer how we live our lives

Will you believe me if I say I'm an atheist?
Or will you think I'm just wordplaying with my writings?
Okay, okay; Anything you say...

Now, the next question goes thus...
Do you believe in love?
Yes, I've asked that before...
Have you ever love unconditionally?
Literally given it everything; originally
Without been flinch by frictional heat
By bling bling and material things

Did you just say "Aye"
Nah, that's a lie
Unconditional love only comes from mums
When I said mums, I mean mother not *******
Mothers who raise children; not ******* who just have kids
Women who are loving; Not those who have stings
Mothers and ******* belongs to different class
Mothers would rather starve to see their wards living trash
They'd better live filth to see their kids been lift
But ******* with their stings will do the opposite
Popping up at bars showing off their ***
Most women are *******  and most dads are tards..
Now, let me ask again
Do you believe in love without a gain
Would you still love me the same,... if the reasons gets displaced
Would you still stay even if I make you feel pained
Will you love me back to life if my heart is clouded with hate
Will you take the blame for mistakes I made
And when the earth quakes and my heart trembles and break
Would you go on your knees and pray
Cos thats what makes mother's love unremitting
A love that stand strong without Oremiti

I guess you can't,
Cos love as it is; is just a game of heart
It's hyperbolic saying love is an art
Not shambolic; if I said its just a contract

Undisputedly; true love does exist.
Loyalty, trust, honesty; those are the charges it emits
But being unconditional is out of it
Yea, it's a first-degree counterfeit

So, that brings in my last questions,
Do you believe in truth?
Do you believe in things that you do?
You should.....
Believe in you
Minutes after minutes I try to manifest positivity.
Distract my mind from depressions it harbours in
I try to hold on strong to whatever holds me, despite how I feel.
Be it pain, struggle or love that never be.
My dreams gets wrecked and so does my self-esteem
Even Mc Gregor can't survive the punches I take within
My age increases but my status stay on hold
Just when I try to do something for me; new calamity unfold
I want to give up on everything; but my spirit say No!
Its hard to be strong: but harder to let myself go
It wasn't so... easy though.
Especially when you're at your lowest low
I ask myself every time “why?”
Why oh why
Do I feel the way that I do
Why do I get bruised so black and blue?.
No answer; no response, just hum
Just myself and I, No one to hold onto
So I mask my emotions and all that I feel.
I guess I am the greatest actor that'd ever be
I keep thuging every punches life throws at me
Like Deadpool did every time he gets killed
At times I can’t bare it, but most times I did.
And when dark times come, I tell myself that I can move forward.
Since I make it this far; there's no retreat
if I can defeat this anxiety and the pain that aches within
Then I can do it again...
I  can move mountains.
Aug 2022 · 879
What is love
And so they asked' bruh
What is love?
And then I said... thus...
Love is an unexplainable trago-chemical curse ******
into your heart leading to a kinda shock
That neither ABC nor CPR can resolve
But instead of dying... you hearts keeps fighting
And instead of crying... your eyes keeps igniting
with lights that's almost blinding
See, what I'm implying....
Is though love strucks like lightening,  it still feels exciting

Pretence, judge, privacy, remorse
Nah, love is far from stuff like such
Love is the brother of loyalty and trust
The great grandpa of affection and lust
Who happens to be the uncle of honesty and Wisdom
And right next to the wall of love
Lives  heartbreak and hurt
Even though they're not related by blood
The same boundary engulfed their hut 🏠

But see, even at detriment of abuse and insult
And when the whole world connive
to bring love distress and strive
True love thrives and survives
All the tempo of life
True love is the upgrade of Love and Like
Yea, I said love and like cos they're alike

Love is immortal; it never dies
Love don't give up; it don't say goodbye
And even if it gets weak; it play back the golden times

Love  attracts enmity; unlike water 💧
But like Leonidas and em 300 Spartans; love don't falter
Yea, love slaughter; any obstacles that tryna taunt her
to Moses and Samson in the bible; Love is stronger
Even box to box; Tyson Fury wouldn't last a quarter

Love don't lie, love don't hide
Love ain't fly, but it touch the sky
Love don't cry; love don't deny
Love don't oblige to picking side
Love don't die; love survive
Love don't sly when bad time arise
Love ain't man; but its arm is open wide
Like clouds up in the sky, love dont lack supply

Love is philanthropic; love don't deal in hate
White or black; love won't discriminate
If you're rich, and I'm not; love won't disintegrate
Love will share with you every grain in its plate
Love is transparent; no tricky games
Love don't give space for hate to lay
Love don't hibernate; it's brain is wide awake
Love don't stray from the right-filled way

Love forgives, love don't seek revenge
Love repent wholeheartedly; love don't pretend
Love don't hold grudges; yea, love dont resent
And when its blood boils hot; it clicks reset
Loyalty and honesty is what love do pledge
Love is trust; love don't set cunning tests
Love believes; it don't need evidence
God is what Love represents
Jul 2022 · 58
She was so green at the start
Full of bliss and love-filled heart

Then as red as blood
With intent so innocence and pure

And then as white as the water
Purity like most friends will call her

Eventually as blue as the ocean
Full of visions and emotions

And then as brown as the earth
Dusted with commotion and bizzare

Suddenly as grey as the ash
Can't discern the wrongs from the right

Finally as dark as the night
Trekking on a thin thorny path
Its been years that she arrived
Pleasuring my heart like it was hers
Changing the tides... like...
Aye! it's the beginning of my life

And I... treasuring her like the Dutchman Mine
the apple of her lover's eye
like she's the vein connecting my brain to my heart
Ah hybrid of wisdom and beauty combined
She brings stability to my mind
Can't wait to make her my wife
In my home, keeping her close to my heart

But Nah, she's ready to fly
Don't know how, what and why?
Unconsciously breaking the heart that we have tied
Turning a smiling face to teary eyes
I'm going to miss her in my sky
Jul 2022 · 84
I'm very rich
So uniquely rich

I don't have big cars; no bars and no big yards
I'm richly rich; though my account is less than 5 digits😑

Aye, I've got these eyes👀
that millions 💵  can't buy

I've got these legs'
that some billions can't get

I've got this brain
that calculate faster and accurate

I've got this memory that's loads quicker than your gig RAM
I've got this life' no commision: no discount

I've got this heart ❤  filled with love, power and hope
I've got this soul that microscope 🔬 can't find its scope

I've got this physique that you physicist think mystique
I've got will, I've got dream; I've got instinct
My spirit real; its only victory ✔; check ya history
It's one me; I'm so unique; my existence is just mystery
Jun 2022 · 81
Where do we go from here
Street ain't safe
Home feels like jail
our mind isn't sane
Wrongness always win the debate

Parents killed...
Leaving their kids... orphaned
Kids kidnapped
others shipped to the other side
Students axed; travellers gunned
Markets nuked; chapels bombed

Is this the end of the world or just a mini-war
Our streets are filled with frauds and thugs...
Youths doing drugs...
Girls *****; travellers abduct....
Farmers robbed of their lives and stuffs
Will all this ever stop...

MY country bleeds red
The government' brain-dead
The youth'brain-fed with lies and deceit

The freedom that we crave
Has now turn us to slaves

Slaves in our own home
Slaves to the diablo-throne
Living in a zone' proned to nuke-stone...
thrown through cloned drone
A drone that's homegrown
designed by our own-own

How do we get here
How did our good night rest gets nightmared right on our bed
How do our once cheery face turn teary
Our once feirceful chest' now eerie
A face once filled with cheers...
Now can't stop dripping tears

Where do we go from here...
With whom should we seek refuge
The path is clearly lost
Could this be a curse
Has the God forsaken us

Where do we go from here
Where do we go from here
May 2022 · 76
Freedom isn't free

Freedom is sold
to folks who know
Where and how to be
where they're told to be

Folks who don't think
They just agree
to everything

Do what you're told
and you'd be free

Freedom ain't for outlaws like me
It's for them zombie

Oh, before I go,
Just so you know,
Freedom so.....
is slavery pro
May 2022 · 80
Dear Black Poet
I used to read your poems
Your words have always been my stem
Stabilises my head...
when I'm depressed
Like a ship to ah helm

But lately you haven't write,
You know' that isn't right?

Dude, Have you been cool?
Or it's the country's nukes...
thats crueling you
Well, I feel it too

But see, you can't abolish your dreams
You mustn't fall apart at the seam

you're a poet of the heart
Though life at-times,
can make you feel like "Aarghh"
"Man, I can't survive"

But, still,
You're a king,
your pen and your ink
and the words they script
are just too lit

So don't stop
Scripting your thoughts...
Say what you can' in words
Live like a wordsmith you are
A hermit's not your style
#wordsmith #streetpoetry #superwhizzy
Nov 2021 · 66
Who are you!
Yea, politics is good
But now it's often abused
by those clueless old dudes
Whose ways are cruel
Cos' the style they choose
and the rule they shrewd
doesn't favour the youth
That's why I choose
to stay my cool
you can call me a fool
or a lifeless dude
I'll just sigh
And afterward... write
about the kinda sheople you are
Just like I am now
about the crazy old clown
who see it fit
to drag me in his filth-filled pit
of political ****
Well then, this is it...
Let me give you a bit...
of my poetic hit.

First; here is my question to you
Who are you?
A branded fool?
A nincompoop?
Or a new-age tool...?
for politicking dudes.

Alright ***
I already got the answer to that
Now, let me ask you this...

Who you be...?
To remotely think
That you can silence me
with your conning tricks

Wielding worthless words
With wrecked worsened world
slewing witty words
Spewing stink-filled spit
That smells like public pit

I don't dine with cocky crew
So, get off my track' ***
I can't deck with you
Cos' I don't roll with people
Who are mentally sheople
And if you refuse to be feeble
You'll get psychologically crippled
Cos where Wordsmith roll
is high like church steeple
far from your scope
and sacred from your evil
Nov 2021 · 104
You Were There
People often ask
Why'd I love you this hard

What they never knew is that;
You were my stars
When the night was dark

You were my angel
When the devil harass

You were my antidote
When life was toxic

You were my backbone
When the goings' gone chaotic

You were there
when others thought I was no good

You were there
when I lived in the hood

And when others weren't so cool
You were my moon

Stayed with me through the dark
When my world almost turn apart
You brought me light
Appease my heart

You were so close to me
When other hide afar

Turned a kid to a man
Completed my half

You were there
when live was a struggle

You were there
when my mind 's filled with troubles

Gave me hope and I believe...
we'll make it through the hurdle

Yea; you were there
in pain and pleasure

You were there
during work and leisure

And so' my dear
You are the one I most treasure

Said you see the world through my eye
Darling; so do I

The helm to my ship
that guide my path through the stormy sea

My anchor and my whilm
that keeps me steady and stiff

You breath peace to my heart; out and inside
You're like nicotine to my lungs

You are my guide when I lost my sight
You are the one true love that I'd long

Like the bandage to the wound...
you heal my pain; and get me rebrand

And when people still ask
Why do I love you this hard
I said to them
You are to me' more than I can describe
Aug 2021 · 171
Rich Man; Rich Man
Rich man; Rich man
Where is your dignity
people's sweat is your evening Schweppes
Their suffering is your hobby... funny
Their hungry tummy is your stomach yummy

Rich man; Rich man
You'll never know peace
For the riches you steal
And the things you give to buy that dignity

Rich man; oh Rich Man
Cruel and unsympathetic; with your evil-mind politics
Enslaving weak mind; with your rich man policies
No one dares challenge what you did or say
Anyone who dares tell the tale; won't live the coming day

Rich man; oh Rich man
Rich in knowledge or rich in cash
Rich in power or rich in class
Rich and wealthy; though your rich is farce
When it gets to showing-off; na you rich pass
Yet your riches never reach the mass

You're less of a leader and more of a boss
Your ways are devilish and your attitude is cross
You're not really rich; yea, you're richly poor
Listen to me' dog; don't close that door

Rich man; Rich man, heard you're damnly rich
Rich such that; you've reach the peak
The peak you reach and cut-off the breach
So, no one else could reach your streak

Rich man; Oh, Rich man
Soon you'll know the deal
Your mouth will open; but your goat won't bleat
The period will soon throw stone on you
Cos' even the devil is scared of you
And' even now; God is ashamed of you

Rich Man; Oh! Rich Man
You toxic heart will end up axed
You're crazily rich yet' your rich is trash
And for that; you'll leave in despair
Your soul will rot and turn to cotton in the air
And your spirit will be sent to the depth of hell

Earth will quake apart and swallow your body part
Your spirit will quiver as you're buried alive
Your sky(mind) will get broken and so will your heart
And when death comes to take you afar
No one will be there to bid you bye
Aug 2021 · 1.2k
Enough is enough
Don't tell me there is true love
No, I don't wanna hear such a disgusting stuff

True love should be independent
Wholeheartedly aligned; not indented
Lovers shouldn't feel indebted
For the love they co-invented

"I love you to the moon and back"
"The stars are the witness to our...
rhythmically beating heart"
"For you only; my heart' beat forth and back"
Well, all those might just be brutal lies
Lies and lies; until those lies have no more space to lie

Okay; tell me; what is this thing called love
Isn't it the combo of loyalty and trust
Accompanied by stuff like affections and such
Why do we still search for more;
Shouldn't love be sufficient for us?

Well, love doesn't always stand true
Cos' everyone you give you heart to
Will break it in different way
Some will break it into two
Some will trap it to a close-edge cage

Some will throw it into the wildest zoo
Some will manufacture hell out of you
Some will shatter it to the tiniest atom
Some will turn it to the sourest alum

At the end of the day
You will find, that love is two-faced
Cos' it tends to not be enough
When it isn't beneficial at all

When you fall in love
You'll become a sage
The sky above
changes to a poetry page
And then you'll see
The stars as ink
Forming galaxies
Of rhythmic rhymes.

Your lovers' smile
will give you wings to fly
Looking to her pair of eyes
Will feel like paradise
A kiss from her
Will make your plane crash-land
Without being harmed

She/He'll be all your need
at that time indeed
But soon you'll find
That love for cash
And stuff that shines
Supersedes all of that
Especially if you aren't a good looking guy
With urbanic style

And she'll leave you behind
For that good-looking guy
And become the wife
Of that corporate guy
Who's got phat yard
At the country side

And then; you'll be there
Feeling despaired
Towards yourself

But all I want to say is this
Love Isn't always what it seems...
Sometimes; it's overrated
Sometimes underrated
Love is way beyond
Kisses and touch(es)
There's this emotional bond
That can't be swayed
by anything you can name
The feelings that you can't survive
If she isn't a part of your life

So, did you feel like that
When you say he holds the key to your heart
And when you stare at her
Do you feel like Aargh; she's a paradise on earth
Do you love her more; than you love yourself?
Do you feel secure; when he wrap you around himself

Does he make you feel safe and secure?
And she' the sunshine in human form?
Do you taste forever on his curl lips
When your two hearts clipped
Does he arouse you mentally
Does she inflame you spiritually

If she makes you feel more
Than you ever thought you was
And he prioritise you above
Every creature in his world
If he does; then I'll conform
That; that is true love
Jul 2021 · 618
You Will Remember Me
There will come a day;
When you'll miss me
And you'll wish I'm still
What you're then; blind to see

Maybe on that day; you'll realise...
I live my best...
As ah honest man
And a friend indeed
Who always lend...
A helping hand...
when in need

You'll get the ploy
That I was a lonely boy
But a caring son
A loyal lover
And a buoyant brother

It will get clearer
That I was a corporate *****
A competent teacher
An original gents
An OG; yes!

You'll understand...
That the lot behind...
That sourful smile...
is a hurtful guy;...
With a vengeful mind,
a toxic heart,
And a thorn-filled path

But by that time,
Maybe my soul would've turn to star
My body... buried down...
Six feet underground
My heart dusted apart
With my deeds to the seventh sky
Where judgement 'd be passed

And then you'll regret
How you treated me
Like I'm just a mess
How you jilted me
Like nothingness
How you tossed me
Like I'm option Z
How you judged me
As a prodigal son
How you lambasted me
Like an outlaw
How you loved me with pretence
and negligence

One day
Yes, one day,
You'll remember me
Like you never did
When I was your everything
Jun 2021 · 1.1k
A lame boy; they say I be
Low-pitched guy?; yee' that's me
been a lame boy since I was three
Dull and placid; unsatisfactory

been a quiet boy; since I was born
Psychopathic; and somewhat tough
Sail your ship up-north; I go offshore
A prodigal son;...
left by his mum; at the age of four

Sometime I'm cool; sometimes I'm warm
Father wasn't sure; if I was sane or not
Thought my abnormalities; equals 'dull
So he left Up-North where he'd be bother-not

Father's gone; mum's living rough
Doing enough stuff to rid the boy off.....
the black hole living in the boy's thought
Cos' everyone gets lost; crossing the boy's port

Afterward; I was left in this dungeon
Life raised me to this lame strong boy
A lame boy; raised by rain of dirt
All he's ever taste was the opposite of joy

This lame boy will soon find joy
I'm lame for sure; but my feet are strong
My mind find words when my hands are bored
My heart finds love when my head's at fault

When you bring me stress; I'm turning blind
Cos' this lame boy seems to find
Peace in the loneliness of his mind
Seeing the path ahead and behind

This lame boy is ****** enshrined
Prodigal and divine; a boy you can't confine
Cos' money or ******* doesn't define
his mentality and the way he grind

I'm that lame boy; that you hiss and judge
For my writability and use of words
While you nuisance spew sh*t and sort
I do my lame stuff; Yea; I sit and jot...
And then I pour.....; my state of mind; in a distinctive thought

Well; I'm a lame boy; I only look upfront
I don't care if my root; is clean or not
Don't mind if my boot is filled with mud
Only focus on my dreams and things I sought

I'm a lame boy; I've seen the sea and shore
Crawled this earth from south to North
Been in this world before 94
Before Abacha ruin the course; of this Nation more

Lame boy this; lame boy that
'Lame boy 's ****'; 'lame boy 's bad'
"He's lame and dull; he can't attack"
"too rough and poor; he's not my type"
Well; this lame boy doesn't care 'bout
Words from your lilly-filthy mouth
Cos' this lame boy is now an OG; yes!
An Original Gent; who is God-blessed
Oct 2020 · 77
Best of Love
Love is phenomenal
Love is cool
Love is good
But love to me
is nothing real

Different kinda love everywhere
Love for ***
Keep you on bed
With your **** ex
Even when you tend
To have move onto next

Love for cash
Is another trash
That love abash

Love for pleasure
is within the measure
of ignoring the scope
Of pipe for a hole
To being ****
****! That's the kinda love
I despise the most

Some men desire
Girl that's fair
Tall and set
With big **** and breast

Well, such men are something else
Coz they tend to regret
And spit load of contempt
After they've touch and check
What's under that; ****** dress

Same goes for women
Who tend to pretend
They're worthy and shy
But are quick to spread their thigh
For that upfront guy
The muscular type
Or someone who's got some cash

Girls like this
I now dismiss
Girls with wandering hips
Who are quick
To run their lips
Feminine ****
Who claim to believe
in Feminism

Anyway, this is my advice to thee
Girls and guys like this
are full of tricks
I hope you're heeding this
Coz AIDs right now; cannot be fixed

Okay Wordsmith
What love do you think
is raw and real
And make love bliss

I don't think there's such
things as love
For better for worse

Love to me
is nothing real
Coz most partners tends
To stay with you
If the love is beneficial

When there is nothing to give
That love that seems real
Will suddenly leave
That's when you'll see
That love isn't real

Wordsmith my bud
I guess you're hurt
Or you've been on the wrong
Side of love

Alright Alright
You've got to stop
I don't despise love
I'm a lover boy
Who give my all
When I find someone
I wholeheartedly love

But what I'm saying
is that human love
Is overrated of course
There is true love
But attach to some'n

The best of love
Is that of God
To human being
That's the kinda love
That comes in all
without expecting a unit return
Oct 2020 · 684
*When will we be free*
Every year; we sing
We're independently free
From colonisation regime
From human-slavery
Free from
Antihuman policies

Impose on we
By em British colony

Free from slavery
to a free-free world
Free from brutality
to a greater course

But when exactly
Will we be free
From the war within

When will we be free
From talks of guns
When will we be free
From wars and bombs

When will we be free
From bad leadership
Coz all I see
is corruptive cliques
occupying governmental seats

When will we be free
From terrorism
territory separatism
Religion barbarism
And tri-balism

When will we be free
From governmental deceit
And societal laws
Made by bribe-filled judge
Whose laws only affects the poor

When will we be free
From godfatherism
And political regime
Where the corruptive folks
Are immune to probe

When will be free
From deadly disease
State of emergency
And economical insurgency

When will we be free
From violent street
Filled with vicious police
Whose only role
is to harass those
Who can't afford 50 naira note

When will we be free

The north is filled
with refugees
victims of terrorism
younger kids
with nowhere to sleep
Roaming the street
Trying to get their belly feed

The southeast is the zone
where them militant roam
Armed to the bone
Brainwashed and scoped
By them Biafran folks
Shooting this; shooting that
Disturbing peace and breaking pipe
yearning for separation
of our beloved Nation

And what about the west
Them Wild Wild West
the district where
Godfatherism dwells
Ruthless men
Political theft
And fraudulent youth
Who often get used
By political dudes
Senseless thugs
Whom at the end of all
's abused and dumped

And human-right activist
Who aren't really for the citizens
Political sheople
Misleading the people
The only thing that matters' ah
getting their pocket's fat

I'm not here to preach
But when will we be free
From being brain-feed
with lies and deceit
Most people can't use their head
Yes, unless it is used for them
Most now follow religious leaders
Instead of the Lord
Whatever the preacher says; is right
Yea, he is the man of God

When will we be free
From enchanted beats
Musical *****
That aren't up to feat

When will we be free
When will we be free

Raise the Green-White-Green
And steadily roll the rim
Even though the white seems gray
I believe one day
We'd be chanced to make
This country great again
So let us pray

O God of Creation
Direct our Noble Course
Guide our Leaders Right
Help our youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
And living just and true
Great lofty heights attain
To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.
Sep 2020 · 181
Peace and Love
If you bring trouble to my home, I would not run
Cos' peace and love
is something I'd die for
A world without war
A world filled with patience to the earth core
Do you understand what I'm saying
Or do I need to say more
This is a course....
with pictures to draw
Pictures of love
From sons to their mothers
Pictures of love
From brother to brother
Pictures of love
From hoodlums to thugs
Pictures from all
Regardless of colours
Pictures of a non-
-xenophobic world
A world without
Tribalism tout
A world free from guns
And racist words
A world free from war drum
Sep 2020 · 133
Guardian Angel
In time of despair
She's always there

When loneliness gives no tales to tell
When hope seems to disappear
And not a single soul is left
To keep you dear

When those you call your friend
Don't want you near
Coz you're a stigma to them

When surviving feels like hell
And you almost succumb to fear
That everyone leave you to despair

When your heart swing back and forth
And you never knew the joy of love
You try to keep up, but nah! you fell
****! you're hurt beyond repair

That's when she appear
With an handkerchief held
to her right hand and then
A spear to her left
One to wipe your tears
And the other to protect

She's not so perfect, yea
But despite the less she gets,
she's willing to share
Her life, her heart and soul
Her whole to give you hope

She's a flawless dear to me
A worthy human being
A guardian angel..... Yes!
With her; I'd be forever bless
Sep 2020 · 88
Nothing to Proof
I can be the moon, sun and stars
I can paint your sky blue, black and white
Then the planets will be dully aligned
with your name written in the stars

I can be your armour; I can be your guard
I can be a god; so I'll give your life
Then I'd make you an angel; so you'll be immortalised
I can reset the rhythm to your weary heart
I can be the consolation to your teary eyes

I can be your heaven; I can be your earth
I can be this; I can be that
But nothing seems enough
To affirm my love

So now, I retire
Coz I'm tired
I'm getting loose
I've got nothing else to proof
Sep 2020 · 393
Prodigal son
I'm the prodigal son
Born with a gold-silver spoon
Mummy said when I was born
She was on her caramel top
Showing her Rïchïë stunt off

They call me the prodigal son
Platonically coz
I'm Sardonically born
By the gold-digger mom

Now, I'll tell you more
Of how this prodigal son
was practically born
to this satanical world

Yea, papa was a ****
Mama was a flirt
Then my mama gave birth
to this diamond in the ruff

Father is a political don
A strict guy to the core
I know...and
He knows that
I don't give a ****
Whether he's a don or not

When I was young
He used to be my hero,
All night long
He used to be my pillow
All that has gone
Now, he's my all time foe

Enough of his
What about me
Am I suppose to fall?
By another man flaws
I'm less of a greed
More of a bandit

Yea, I'm that thrifty one
Tagged filthy boy
I grew up a fatherless son
in a slum
not far from the north

I'm the prodigal child
Living life
With my cynical pride
Flaunting my dad riches
Oh! What a *****... I'm.

****, growing up was tough
Papa wasn't home
Mama got issue of her own
So I was left alone
in another family flow

As if that's not enough
Heavens know better; that
I smoke more than a weeder
Come visit my villa
It's more like a smoky lounge

Yea, call me the prodigal son
I'm rough and I'm bad
I'm different from them herd
I laugh when I'm sad
Coz my tears' ******* dry

I'm not done yet
I be the Casanova lad
My promiscuous act
Is topping the chart
They can't get enough of me
Em silly-dumb girls.

I'm that prodigal ****
That your papa doesn't want
That your mama warn you of
Okay now, run, little boy
Or your head 's getting hurt

But, to be honest
All these...
Doesn't behoove my parent
And this's
My mood of regret; please
Forgive and wish me the best.
Combo work from Wordsmith and Radioboi
Aug 2020 · 289
Her and I
She's the angel you'd fight the devil for
And I am the hatred you'd give up love for

She is the heaven you'll go through hell for
I'm malignantly toxic; you can't help, but ask more

She's the light you'd go through darkness for
And I am the earthquake preceded by cloudburst

She is the sunshine after a thunderous downpour
Well, I am a terror; no height I wont bring you down from
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