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Aug 17 · 146
Ikigai Poet Aug 17
The art that resonates with you right now
is an echo of my love.
-Ikigai Poet
Aug 12 · 747
To Forever
Ikigai Poet Aug 12
Whatever song you'll hum
while you drive is like a rhapsody
to my heart.
we'd have our fingers interlaced
and our hair
feeling the caress
of midnight breeze
as we speed at the highway
looking our way
to forever.
-Ikigai Poet
Aug 11 · 115
Ikigai Poet Aug 11
Every night
I stare at those bed sheets
Where you once lay,
I don't know what went wrong.
Why are we going through this?

Why you did to me is unforgettable  
But what I did is unforgivable,
I fell for you.  
Those nights,
When we used to stay up the whole night
Just to enjoy each other's company
Now have become memories,
Hardened at the back of my throat  
And drops from my eyelid.

I guess I'll blame myself,
For I wished a love so deep,
That I didn't even think of consequences.  
-Ikigai Poet
Love; a consequence
Aug 10 · 176
Ikigai Poet Aug 10
There she laid looking at me
In a way no one has ever looked at me before.
My hands were shaking as I explained  
My knotted past.
I will not be easy to hold on to
For my heart is scattered with thorns.
Some nights I'll be quiet and she wouldn't know
How to pull me out of my delusion,
Some nights I'll forget what she sees in me
And lose my balance,
Some nights I'll overthink and
Create a hell for myself,
Some nights I'll trip over the mess I created and apologize for it.
On those nights,
The one thing that will drag me out  
Of my own labyrinth is
That look.  
No one has ever looked at me quite like that.  
-Ikigai Poet
Aug 10 · 238
Ikigai Poet Aug 10
The chaos in your heart
is another form of art.
-Ikigai Poet
Aug 4 · 230
Ikigai Poet Aug 4
Beauty is much more than
what you've been conditioned to think.
-Ikigai Poet
Aug 3 · 174
Ikigai Poet Aug 3
I am still in awe..
How could a heart as small as
Our own fist,
Can provide love
To the world which is so big.
-Ikigai Poet
Jul 28 · 122
Ikigai Poet Jul 28
I am the memory of someone gone
foreshadowing of someone to come.
-Ikigai Poet
Jul 28 · 461
Jul 28 · 130
Ikigai Poet Jul 28
Moon taught me to be a gentle light in subtle darkness.
-Ikigai Poet
Jul 28 · 194
Ikigai Poet Jul 28
Life will teach you ,
Not everything is worth your
-Ikigai Poet
Jul 28 · 129
Ikigai Poet Jul 28
You are an integral multiple
of the beliefs that you
-Ikigai Poet
Jul 25 · 168
Ikigai Poet Jul 25
Let's laugh in the silence
For the world shouldn't know
That we're together.  
And when the sun sets  
Let's paint the skies with  
Darker shades of purple  
And let's fade into forever.  
Let's paint our hearts a little darker
So that they don't resemble the broken ones
We're not broken, nor our hearts are  
We're complete and unified as long as we're together.  

Let's run on the sand  
That takes us to nowhere  
I'm too sure that we'll reach
The place where we always wanted to be.
Let's call this night our own
And just feel each other  
Cause this is where we're supposed to be
Cause we've been here before.  
When the silence hits us
And Hush takes all over the place  
We'll know where to go.  
Let's walk a little bit faster
Let's scream with our footsteps  
Which are a bit too chained
We'll break those chains  
Those cage, those constraints  
We'll not call it a home.  
Let's be the music
Not what everyone expects us to be
But the one we wanna be
We don't know the music but we'll change the lyrics  
And call them Hope.
Let our heart beat a little faster  
Let's sit on the moon  
And let's chase those Shooting stars
For I know we'll always chase the infinity  
And at the same time we're infinite.  
Let's count the breaths  
That we never took
And dance on tiptoes.
Before we swoon  
Let's get drunk on the night
Chase the madness  
Trip a little and stop.  
Let's just be as we are  
Our flaws, our scars
Our laughter, our Chaos.
Tonight let's chase who we are
And fall for each other.  

-Ikigai Poet
Jul 24 · 164
Ikigai Poet Jul 24
Monsters never find peace in the bed
but in your head.
-Ikigai Poet
Demons will hurt you only if you allow them to do so.
Jul 24 · 172
Ikigai Poet Jul 24
What you read right now
lies in the visible region of
my soul.
-Ikigai Poet
What you read right now is something I allow you to take a look!
Jul 24 · 96
Ikigai Poet Jul 24
I was brainstorming while reading a book,
Forgetting about the existence of the words
Which once, took my breath away.

Standing atop a mountain,
Placing my eyes at the peak,
Seeing the tides of time and the very history,
Unfold, change and manifest.
The rise of the wind,
The rise in the energy,
What a rush it was.

Standing at the fields,
I plunged my nose,
Into the springs of hope,
I held my breath to see what the future unveils,
What will the winds of time bring,
No one knows.

I had my ears hearing the
Tales of brave men fighting to conquer their freedom
Singing the hymn of glory and hope.
Instead of writing a poetry on the
Pages of frontiers,
I set my skin free on the continuum of feelings
To feel every emotion there is,
To heat up with anger
To send chilling waves of horror
And to get excited when happy.
I set my skin free to feel this life.

I now am enlightened,
Realizing that there’s light everywhere,
Every emotion, every flower, every being
And everything is made up of this light.
We’re all cosmic beings made of stardust
That can’s be stopped from illuminating out
The shine of it’s potential and excellence.
With all the knowledge and enlightenment within me,
I still wonder,
Aren’t we all a galaxy of stars trapped inside human body
Trying to find our way back?
-Ikigai Poet
Jul 22 · 205
Ikigai Poet Jul 22
You were created to
-Ikigai Poet
You're manifested to manifest :)
Jul 22 · 77
Remember me
Ikigai Poet Jul 22
Please tell me, please explain it to me
What's wrong with me?
Who else could it be
That dwells within me?

My veins are now ruptured
My bones too shattered
And yet I'm smiling bright
Being blind to the light.

I've questioned myself
I've doubted myself
It all ends in resentment
Until the day you found me.

I'll still wait and stand here
Feel the rotting wretched existence
Until death consumes me
Don't come to find me
A fading nobody.
I don't want to hurt you
You have to forgive me
Remember me
The way I used to be.

At once I started changing
But the things were remaining
I'm corrupt for wishing a paradise
With the paralyzing change.

I don't want to hurt you,
Who else could it be
That dwells within me?
Remember me
The way I used to be
When I was shining vividly.

-Ikiai Poet
Jul 20 · 190
Ikigai Poet Jul 20
However dreadful, scary or sad
the reality may be,
it is the only place where you can
dream peacefully.
-Ikigai Poet
Jul 18 · 228
Plot Twist
Ikigai Poet Jul 18
You were the plot twist
in this young man's story.
-Ikigai Poet
Everybody needs a plot twist, no?
Jul 16 · 548
Ikigai Poet Jul 16
You are alive,
and that's enough for today.
-Ikigai Poet
Being alive is enough for today and for starting tomorrow!
Jul 14 · 210
Ikigai Poet Jul 14
The emotion that you wanna feel,
is totally under your control.
-Ikigai Poet
It is under your control and wish the emotion that you'd like to get affected from.
Jul 13 · 134
Ikigai Poet Jul 13
I am a celestial wanderer,
Rather than a terrestrial one.
-Ikigai Poet
Jul 12 · 598
Ikigai Poet Jul 12
Prolonged silence often hurts more than
betrayal and truth.  
-Ikigai Poet
Jul 11 · 115
Ikigai Poet Jul 11
You always become stronger not because how it began,
but how it ended.  
-Ikigai Poet
Jul 11 · 226
Black and White
Ikigai Poet Jul 11
The world,
Black and White,
without you.
-Ikigai Poet
Jul 11 · 91
Ikigai Poet Jul 11
It's just that, it takes a lifetime for people to find,
What I have found in you.
-Ikigai Poet
You were the different one.
Jul 10 · 114
Ikigai Poet Jul 10
From the subtle art of annihilation, comes the existence of manifestation.
-Ikigai Poet
You will learn to create as you destroy.
Jul 10 · 107
Fairy tale
Ikigai Poet Jul 10
If only you knew what's going on this side,
It's so much more than stepping away,
Falling out of love,
Poison, my love.  

Forever, we said we'd stay together,  
Your warmth, is all I can remember.  
We spent every day with each other,  
Why did you leave me alone?

How we talked about life,
Not even words are coherent with your feelings now.
Perhaps our someday,
Was simply a code for never.  

How easily did you walk away,  
Strangely everything is gone.
I can only feel the chill in the air,
My cold heart,
No longer beats to keep me alive.  

I cannot read my name on your lips,
I cannot sense my warmth in your hugs,
Words, empty words, my love,
Delusional, viscous love.

You fell out of it,
While I still stay,
That's the tale, my love,  
A painful fairy tale.  

-Ikigai Poet
Maybe this adds up to something..
Jul 9 · 181
Without Goodbye
Ikigai Poet Jul 9
I stand in the rain,
Hoping that my pain would wash away,
Just like my loneliness did when we were together.
I watched the rain pour down,  
As if the waters may give life to my withered soul.  

As the clouds rumble,
Lambent lights are absorbed by my senses,
Nourished with the memories,
I feel your presence.  
The way the wind caress my cheek,
The sound of the thunder,
Reminds me of our first kiss,
Refreshing, electrifying, warm and calm.  

As the drops drizzle down, reinforced by the mist,
My heart feels knotted with doubts,
Insanity and delusions are on the rise,
Are you still the person who
Taught my insane heart to beat calmly?

As the fog thickens,  
My vision seems blocked,
But so is the reality.
As the very nature seems to be hidden behind the white cloak,
I feel my every cell die from within,
A feel of isolation which followed me
When you left without saying a goodbye.  
-Ikigai Poet
Jul 9 · 381
Ikigai Poet Jul 9
It's okay if the sun doesn't shine today.
The world may be just as beautiful  
Under the moonlight.

-Ikigai Poet
Jul 8 · 129
Ikigai Poet Jul 8
What a dull day it is
Full of sorrow
There ain't no cold breeze  
Only more sadness to borrow.  
There is a sad symphony in the air
Which I just wanna play  
No matter what I think
The sky is just grey.  
And here I find teardrops on my Piano
Trying to play some unknown sonata.  

What has happened to me
Why can't I feel?
There's nothing to heal
Did I lose someone
Or did I find out my own feelings  
Dwelling inside my mind for so long.  

My hands aren't at work  
But my fingers are,
Playing some unknown sonata  
As my tears flow right from my cheeks.  

I feel numb and yet I continue to play
Is it enlightenment I'm trying to find
Or is it solitude,
Maybe I am blind  
My feelings must be crude.  
With each note I proceed
It defines just how I feel
Never ending sorrow  
It just keeps on going deep.  

I still try to find out  
Why am I so sad
And I find teardrops on my Piano
Trying to play some unknown sonata.
-Ikigai Poet
Jul 8 · 151
Ikigai Poet Jul 8
I am alive
And that's enough for today .
- Ikigai Poet
Ikigai Poet Jul 7
As the moon rises
My memory becomes clearer
Standing right here at the dusk
My heart becomes my feelings' mirror.

As the time passes  
The youth in me begins to rebel  
As I approach the midnight  
My pulse rise as well.  

Midnight memories and the moon,
As my eyes shed tears
I sail across the sea of memory  
Walk across the dunes of sorrow
Endure the pain to which there's no recovery.

As I look into the infinite skies
I ask myself and the world within me
"Why do I exist in such a dreadful place?"  
As I look down towards the earth  
An answer bubbles up within me
"Because you have a purpose."  

As the moonlight touch my scars  
They begin to have a melody of melancholy  
A pain felt, a memory recalled and my heart cried...  
As the moon reaches it's peak,  
I realize and feel the very skin I'm wrapped with and the energy it holds.

As the night begins to descend  
I see a shadow of someone lost long ago
Yet strives to find a way back to the soul.

As the sun begins to rise
So does the hope within me
But the world will remain the same  
And so will my memories.
Experiences are something valuable
But nothing teaches me a lesson like  
Midnight memories and the moon.  

-Ikigai Poet
Jul 6 · 122
Ikigai Poet Jul 6
When becoming happy feels like Nostalgia,
When there were good old days  
And now the present seems so boring.  
That's when you know you're going down.

What a feeling it is  
When you can feel bees buzzing inside your chest
And feel the stomach turning to stone
Your heart no more beats with an intention to keep you alive.  
That's when you know you're hollow
That's when you know you're going down.  

What a feeling it is
When you spend the whole day sitting  
And staring outside the window,
When you go to bed every night for sleeping  
But your eyes are wide awake.
That's when you know you're alone
That's when you know you're going down.  

- Ikigai Poet
Jul 5 · 179
The Hymn of Pain
Ikigai Poet Jul 5
My heart is driven by the hymns of selflessness,
The falling sakura leaves touch the strings,
Playing a beautiful melody on shamisen.
I'm resonating,
One with the nature,
My heart beats fifty dying stars a second,
Such is the magic of a heartbreak.
The ecstatic hallucination,
The vicious pleasure,
Raging sanity,
Become one with reality,
Let your wounds sing the hymn of pain.
-Ikigai Poet
Heartbreaks are often powerful.

— The End —