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a damp winter's day
prevailed in our region
dank twas its cold feel
raquezha Jul 2020
Bakô **** kasalan
na padángat ka niya
Bigla ka nalang nag-abót
Bigla nalang nagbutwá’
Bigla nalang nagkusóg
An saiyang buot.
Pirmi siyang nawawaran
ning hinangos
Hinahapot an sadíri
kun mapadágos o dai
Bakô **** kasalan
na pinili ka niya
Pirang aldaw niyang pinagisipan
Pirang patak kan urán an nabilang
Sigurado na siya sa saiyang namamatian

Garo úlod
Bigla nalang nag-abót
Bigla nalang nagbutwá
Basta nalang nagkamang sa irárom
Kan saiyang kublít
Pirit niya mang halion
Naging parte na kan hawak
Pirit niya mang halion
Sa saiyang kublít
Dai na niya magibo sa sobrang rárom
Bigla nalang nagbutwá
Bigla nalang nag-abót
Garo úlod
Natuod na gayod
Sa katuninongan na hinatod
Kan saimong pag-abot
Kadakol lugar an gustong istarán
Pero saro lang an nasunoan

Aram mo kun sáin
an pinakatunínong
na saiyang nadumanan?

Duman sa lugár kun sáin
pírme niyang nahihiling
an pagpikít asin pagbuklát
kan saimong mga matá.

—𝐔𝐥𝐨𝐝, a Bikol poetry.
Like a worm, love can be a little terrifying sometimes.
1. Úlod is a worm.
2. Instagram:
Ikigai Poet Jul 2019
What you read right now
lies in the visible region of
my soul.
-Ikigai Poet
What you read right now is something I allow you to take a look!
if Trump and Kim can reach an amicable agreement
it will go down in history as quite an achievement
may they temper the past language of dispute
to accomplish a calming that's so resolute

the Korean Peninsula needs men of level head
who'll bring to the region not a threatening dread
these talks they'll be taking part in
are the path toward a positive win

Singapore shall host this most sensitive event
which will determine the issues of crucial extent  
with both men being unpredictable in persona
the world anticipates a concordance of corona
Cat Fiske Apr 2016
To those whom this may concern,

I am 17 years old,
I am a junior,
and I wish to be treated,
with the same respect,
I have given out,
to all faculty,
no matter the location,
I understand that in life,
not everything,
can go your way,
and people,
make mistakes,
it's part of being,
I myself,
have made tons,

the difference between,
my mistakes,
and that of the regions,
is how I know to,
admit my wrong doings.
I have not once,
lied about anything,
I have done wrong,
I have been taught,
to say,
that I made a mistake,
or messed up,
but our region,
has taught me,
that when,
you mess up,
you should lie,
to save your face,
rather then admit,
to your shortcomings,

With that said,
The respect,
that I have,
given to the faculty,
has been nothing but,
It's shocking to see,
how this region,
can not return,
that respect back,
to me and,
other students,

I cannot speak,
for other students,
and I will not,
but in my own,
in the region,
it hurts me to know,
that several faculty members,
think that it's respectful,
to lie through their teeth,
about matters of where on,
the regions side,
the mistakes were made,

It's hard to perceive,
that people are lying,
when you have heard,
more variations,
of incidences and reasoning,
then you can count,
on your hands and feet,
The story you tell,
should be similar,
day to day,
week to week,
but it never is,
and the reasoning behind it,
always places the blame,
on someone else,
As I have learned,
the region likes to push blame,
onto others,
until the blame,
has been moved around,
so much the faculty,
no long know,
the lies or truths,
they have told,

I have tried,
to forget and forgive,
and when I do,
things that still,
do not work out,
or fix themselves,
like I have been promised,

I have sat though classes,
where the faculty,
egg on my classmates,
to throw the same insults,
they say, towards me,
Eventually these classmates do,
because they learn to,
from the educators in the room.

How do you punish kids,
picking on you,
saying things that only,
the faculty members,
in the confidential meetings,
are suppose to know,
When things in,
your confidential meetings,
are shared by participants,
in the meeting,
in an un-confidential setting,
as they ask you questions like,
"why can't you do this",
"why do you need more time?
Everyone else has finished,
stop being slow and get it done,
like everyone else,"
"why can't you do this,
why don't you at lest try,
come on its not that hard,
everyone else can but you,"
this would make you feel bad,
about yourself,
And the faculty,
makes the students,
think it's okay,
to say these thing to me,
like they have done,
many times before.

This is not old news,
because these are things,
that have failed to be addressed.
This is one source of trauma,
I have to keep living though.
I am tired of being,
scared and fearful,
every morning when I try,
to come to school,
because I am hoping,
nothing  bad will happen,
today or the day after,
I am stuck,
in a constant fear,
because of my un-addressed past.
Most days I can not,
ignore these fears,
and I'm lucky,
that its is not as bad,
as it used to be,
but none the less,
it's still a constant struggle.

The fact that I feel,
I can no longer trust,
some of the faculty,
in the building,
because they push me away,
during my times of struggle,
But I would hope,
at a high school level,
they wouldn't try to play me,
for a foolish little kid,
like they used to,

I'm not okay,
with people trying to,
pin me and my mother,
against each other,
The region has made me,
and my mother,
lose our relationship,
for almost a decade,
We finally have started,
to get close again,
but once again,
I see the region,
ripping my family,
to little pieces,

It reminds me,
of my third grade self,
Who didn't understand,
what was wrong with her,
and why she was treated,
so differently,
who was getting yelled at,
in school,
and then got punished,
at home,
because teachers couldn't see,
some things were hard for her,
She would pull her teeth out,
to leave the class,
and if her teeth were not loose,
she pulled her hair out,

I've been scared of school,
since I got there,
I used to *** my pants,
if someone came near me,
and said hello,
I was confused and scared,
of everything,

Yet everyone told me,
how I was stupid, and different,
and then they told me,
I was fine at the same time,
None of this,
makes much sense to me,
but would it make sense,
if it was done to you,
or if you were in my shoes,
No school system,
should tear apart,
someone's family,
and make a child,
traumatized by trying,
to learn,
like everyone else,

I'm getting tired,
of being nice and respectful,
to people who lie to me,
to cover up their own mistakes,
and I've mostly dealt with it,
with a fake smile,
across my face,
But I can no longer,
let people walk all over me,
like I'm dirt,
on the side of the road,
I will not walk away,
until I am treat and granted,
the same respect,
of that of an adult,
I'm old enough,
to know,
I have to respect the faculty,
at the school,
but they seem to have forgotten,
how to do so,

I can only change,
myself and I can not,
change anyone else,
but what I have learned,
from elementary,
through high school,
is that you have to,
cause a problem,
to get anything done,

So if I must,
throw a tantrum,
and scream and yell,
and be disrespectful,
against my own nature,
to get my point across,
so be it,
But I'd rather,
be myself,
and talk to the faculty,
at the school,
person to person,
adult to adult,
It's harder and harder,
to see who I can trust,
when the faculty,
doesn't trust me enough,
to tell me the truth,

I am 17 years old,
and a Junior in high school,
I have never been held back,
so don't treat me,
like a sophomore,
or try to hold my hand,
like I'm five years old,
I have learned to use my voice,
and speak up for myself,
This is why I'm stating,
how I feel,
I'm mature enough,
to see what really works for me,
I know better then any of you,
what works and what doesn't,
You are nothing close to me,
because I am nothing close to you,
The only thing,
that you can do for me,
is truly just treat me how,
I treat you,
so let me use my own voice,
and ask for help,
when its needed,

Please stop assuming,
you know all the answers,
to my problems,
Maybe then,
I will be less anxious,
about being in school,
Or maybe what has been done,
cannot be erased,
and I have to learn,
to deal with it,
on my own.

If that's true,
so be it,
but I'd love it if everyone
could stop trying,
to provoke my anxiety,
It would make me feel happier,
then I have in years,
All I ask of the faculty,
is for the same respect,
I give to you,
Respect is a two way road,
I've given it to you,
now it's your turn.
I sent this in email form and letter form not poem form to my school. they told me "cat if your having a problem, please stop by my office and make an appointment. Have a good weekend"
Candiese Sep 2014
Sometimes you have to go out into this world alone
Be without your friends and family
Sometimes you have to create new adventures
Sometimes you have to make new mistakes
to become better

Just remember at times it will be tough,
This will get hard
and you will feel alone
Just remember you will never be lonely

There are new regions to concur with your name on it
Places that will take your breath away

Just don't be afraid to be on your own, away from home, just you, all alone.
Give yourself time to find out who you really are and discover the wonders of the world and you will learn to find happiness in all you do.
Sy Lilang May 2014
Her alias was Sunrise
The affable Sky
Brags her entity
In the high latitude
Her voice was heard.

There exists Energy
He puts up the plug
With the invisible outlet
Of the naked Sky
His charged particles
Brought collision
Brought wonder
To the full-sized Universe.

The solar wind
The Earth
Both were crowd-pullers
Every one knelt down
As they see
The Roman Goddess of Dawn
Her melodramatic entrance
Her chameleon-like aptitude
The neon lights
Without Christmas *****
Made her zone broaden.

I am the Seeker
A Dreamer
In this winter breeze
I lied down
With the techy remote
The Goddess of Fantasy.

(12/5/13 @xirlleelang)

— The End —