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Our eyes have met in an unexpected way.
He had caught my attention,
and I started to behold.
Things became a bit puzzling;
but I kept myself descrying.
As I perceived for so many days,
weeks, months...
something in me unfold.
Things were revealed;
then it showed complicated scenes.
As I closed my eyes,
he showed up in my dream.
My heart beat for him;
it felt good and seemed true.
A tiny part of me loved him in a land of
Then I woke up-
I am back in the reality,
where my feeling for him is like forbidden.
Now I couldn't wait for another night,
to love him in my dreams.

*-Steph Dionisio, May 28, 2015
My hand, a little raised, might press a star--
Where I may look, the frosted peaks are spun,
So shaped before Olympus was begun,
Spanned each to each, now, by a silver bar.
Thus to face Beauty have I traveled far,
But now, as if around my heart were run
Hard, lacing fingers, so I stand undone.
Of all my tears, the bitterest these are.

Who humbly followed Beauty all her ways,
Begging the brambles that her robe had passed,
Crying her name in corridors of stone,
That day shall know his weariedest of days--
When Beauty, still and suppliant at last,
Does not suffice him, once they are alone.
The typical 2 a.m. poem is messy
because middle of the night thoughts have no structure

The typical 2 a.m. poem is deep
because darkness is perfect for existentialism

The typical 2 a.m. poem is raw
because it's hard to edit when you're tired

This 2 a.m. poem is just another 2 a.m. poem
desperately trying to be unique
There is a gentle thought that often springs
to life in me, because it speaks of you.
Its reasoning about love’s so sweet and true,
the heart is conquered, and accepts these things.
‘Who is this’ the mind enquires of the heart,
‘who comes here to ****** our intellect?
Is his power so great we must reject
every other intellectual art?
The heart replies ‘O, meditative mind
this is love’s messenger and newly sent
to bring me all Love’s words and desires.
His life, and all the strength that he can find,
from her sweet eyes are mercifully lent,
who feels compassion for our inner fires.’
I swear I’m not a love poet but

loving you
makes me scared of dying .

I know what it’s all about now,
I get why the sun rises
and the moon sets.
I understand why the stars shine
and the birds chirp.
I get why the heart beats
and the lungs breathe.

I get it now,
why I’m alive.
loving you is the only thing I feel good at .
I remember the evening
that we sat clinging
to paper cups
of coffee gone cold

over secrets spilled and memories told
two bodies cursed
with hearts grown old

behind your eyes
I found new worlds
A winding road stretched out for miles
to a small cafe at the end of the isle

Sweet pastries filled the mouths
of those who sat beside us
and stayed for a while.

How the hours went by,
people just passing through
The descending sun ending
a forever with you.
The sun light shining through my window but only enough to welcome me to the day. The birds are chirping only waiting for me to rise from my bed, stretch, and meditate for a minute or two. The wafting smell of coffee beans and oatmeal fill my senses as I stroll into the kitchen, but half asleep. The blue sky or maybe grey will greet me as a slide the window open to great the morning air, one with the residue of last nights rain. The morning walkers quickly walk past my window only having a conversation of their own with a friend or a lover. The 5 am shift started and the 6 am is soon to be, the cars cruising past. The children at play before breakfast is served, sidewalk chalk and a box of matchsticks, mom said never to play with. The day looks inviting, may I join?
Kids at play with matchsticks and chalk
Burning together at a distance
like brightly lit stars.

Close enough to be in orbit,
safe from consumption when we're this far.

But what if just once,
we crossed the vast distance?

Making almost a reality,
I'd let nervous fingertips trace along fantasy.

You'd let me discover
all the secrets to your universe.

I'll remain your dance partner,
as we circle from afar.

I'll be the night sky you howl at
always wanting more.
I guess they love you
Because all the poems I’ve written are
About you
I guess they love you
Because every single love song I hear is
Describing you
I guess they love you
Because In every passing face
I see you
I guess they love you
Because I’m not sure if all the writers and poets fell in love before
With you
There is the belief
(Standing for centuries)
Of those colors seeming
To appear in vistas found
In this and that place..
In this season..perhaps
We might Recognize
Real joy comes from
Dissolving the distances
And simply allowing
The rise of the colors
In our Openness...
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