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Bongani Sep 21
I dedicate this to you
cause only you
can hold me down
you might think this a joke
but i can't act as clawn
i can't stand red noses
they make me to frown

I dedicate this to you
cause you always held
my spine
for me to be focused on my physics
so i can be new Einstein
you will be my Matilda
together will be fine
in the dark we will shine
in our success we will celebrate with wine
I will always keep you close
cause you are mine
You have a home in my mind cause i always think about you all the time
I dedicate this to you....
I dedicate this to you
Ikigai Poet Aug 10
There she laid looking at me
In a way no one has ever looked at me before.
My hands were shaking as I explained  
My knotted past.
I will not be easy to hold on to
For my heart is scattered with thorns.
Some nights I'll be quiet and she wouldn't know
How to pull me out of my delusion,
Some nights I'll forget what she sees in me
And lose my balance,
Some nights I'll overthink and
Create a hell for myself,
Some nights I'll trip over the mess I created and apologize for it.
On those nights,
The one thing that will drag me out  
Of my own labyrinth is
That look.  
No one has ever looked at me quite like that.  
-Ikigai Poet
Johnny walker May 11
Wake up In the mornings
to find you are not there
every day Is just the same
never know different since you've been
but I'm still here living surviving on all my memory and dreams never forget of her she was my life and all I
but happy now to live alone with all my dreams
and memories of my sweetheart I dedicate the rest of my life
adira Feb 2018
everything seems so dark so sad
then i see your smile and my heart ***** its wings gladly
in a way i could like a leach
into joy i would reach
i live off of smiles
if i harvested none i would disapaer from all the worlds inches and miles
in my own ocean of tears
i dedicate my life so no one must be like me with a heart full of tares
only held together with thin fragile thread
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2017
~ ❤️ ~
A unique soul who shone amidst
bleeding roses and crying lilies.
~ ❤️ ~
One who blurred the line between
realism and divinity.
~ ❤️ ~
One who had a golden nimbus,
two wistful blue pools, and carnal lips.
~ ❤️ ~
A woman intact with her inner child.
~ ❤️ ~
A mirror who shone even with all the
cracks shown.
~ ❤️ ~
An iconic image, underestimated and
~ ❤️ ~
An angel who fought off all your demons
and in your death, never fell from grace.
~ ❤️ ~
A dreamer who held and achieved her dreams.
A dream in lace, a poison in place.
~ ❤️ ~
Greatly loved to this day.
For every little girl is a walking star.
Poem dedicated to Marilyn Monroe. I just finished watching Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She was charming from start to finish...
A soul as beautiful and strong as she was tragic.
RIP Marilyn Monroe
Nikhil Nov 2016
A Woman Will Wear Her Emotions On Her Sleeve, You Can See Her Feelings On Her Face. So If A Woman Dedicates Herself To Her Man By Providing Him With Loyalty And Trust, The Man In Return Should Give Her The Satisfaction Of Knowing That No Woman Out There Is Capable Of Replacing Her.
I am the one to give you the stars
When you have the skies.
I am the one who will watch you sleep
And feel the miracle when you breathe.
I am the one who will block fire
In your obnoxious world.
I am the one to give you flowers
Even if you have bounty gardens.
I am the one who will make you happy
Even if you don't need me to.
I am the one who's willing to pain
herself & others for your happiness.
I am the one to see the pain in your eyes
And hate myself for it.
I am the one who caused them to you
Then vow to ease the pain.
I am the one who will dedicate herself
To your happiness
Until the last day
For my love, Khadiza Amiril.
Sheik Hazi Jul 2016
Without blinking eyes I want to see you,
Each moment I want to hear you,
I know I am not so fortunate,
Every moment for you to dedicate,
I want to be with you in every way,
God should bless me with you I pray,
The air around me is your presence,
Till I live I should not feel your absence,‎
An empty second without you, ‎
is the whole day not lived for you.‎‎
‎I want to dissolve myself in you,
My Honey I Love you.‎
How Could Love Hurt???
We don't even talk no more
Ig we ran out of words for each other
But your my everything
She's my heart
She's my world
But we barley get along
Have you ever been in love??
Well I have
It was the best in my life
But my past life changed all that with the blink of an eye
I can't function
I need time to think feels like I'm falling
Don't wanna have to start all over
I'm use to you baby
I just want you back in my arms
Baby I need you back with me
she my heart  and I love her with everything in me
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