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Ikigai Poet Jul 24
What you read right now
lies in the visible region of
my soul.
-Ikigai Poet
What you read right now is something I allow you to take a look!
Badshah Khan Feb 8
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 14

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Fi zulmat qatimat alruwh,

Du’i almaryiy yuadiy hatmana ‘iilaa mashhad jamil,

Baynama ‘ana ‘ashtaeilu binafsi bshd,

Fi zalamik al’abdii ‘me altahmil sabri!

Ya Habibi!

In Your grim darkness Soul,

My visible light inevitably ensues a lovely scene,

While I am furiously blazing myself,

In your eternal darkness’ with my patience endurance!

Oh My Beloved!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT – BK 2018
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Micaela Nov 2018
i don't wish to be invisible
but i wish they'd never seen me
or heard my voice.

i wish to be known and i guess
also to be loved
without anyone ascribing a sense
of beautiful or **** to me.

i wish you would expose me
for the brave comment
for the snide remark
for the gentle mention
for the valiant mistake
that i am.

but--stop! don't do it,
my pretty face is my shield
and if i weren't so scared
i would've already destroyed it.
i would've made my invisible visible
and you would all see what i am,

don't do it

i wish i could do it for myself:
to be naked but not afraid
AsJay Nov 2018
You let your feelings be said on paper
Rather than saying it verbal
Amazing how the emotions fade like vapor
I start to wonder, am I visible?

Staring at me as if I’m thick
You really think I’m that stupid?
Who am I to you, some young *****?
Guess you don’t know I heard you say it

I wish I could read your mind
To see where you get your motives
Wondering why you think I’m blind
When I see you carrying your explosives

Opinions dividing me as a human
No matter what; no one’s thrilled
One thing surprising is the confusion
Better be careful to not get killed

Living life without a say
Going through all the struggles
Tryna make it out as though I am brave
Though my pain should be clearly visible

Where are my friends, are they here?
Ghostly marking their presence
I think I can sense something in the air
Or maybe that’s just my annoyance
The second of my trilogy of poems... Visible is another one of the poems in my portfolio that I gladly sit back and grin at in admiration, because of such vibrancy within the words I've used.
Just like the previous poem, that being 'Gone With The Wind', this poem is mostly a stab at what I've seen in my life and judgements made against me.
Hope You Enjoy!
Comment & Let Me Know Your Thoughts!
Delaney Jul 2016
I'd rather walk
a city street;
where, at least,
the people passing do not
know my name,
much more than
I would enjoy
walking into
my local grocery store:
where I am
too visible.
AJ Jun 2016
I wish you well
My dear old friend
My green-backed flame
Set along the clouds.

You lie beyond the night
When the people have all
Fallen asleep in their cots
Doomed to awaken
To a gilded sky that brews
With unseen grace
Not invisible because eyes
Cannot track it
But invisible because gazes
Are melded with the grass.
DivineDao Mar 2016
Aww wow the visual world is become distorted
Help!!! The all pervading abstract art is me eating up
The familiar The girlsurroundings I'm bumping auch! !
Into the ****** crystal chandelier  Why does it have to grow right out of this absurd scuffy and smitten sofa
dangling sadly
beneath this blatant ceiling ... Ohhh awaww where are the Stairs to my bedroom **** ! they are twisted like a shabby shaggy. No no no how  can I climb now up to my pink silvery bedroom? I need a rest! The  windows became cracks of the lawnmowers soil pointing to the magma earth core. Or is it vacant and inhabited!? I have to go ballistic  Braaaaaam a flight out of the lobsters hut hut succeded Love shack is grooving
Everybody is moving come around I'll shake the tree branch and have a lovely dawn dinner with wise clouds. Even got a grip on a beautiful anthem borne upon allmighty god's finger. I
Am pushed forward with artistic arms plentitude dancing the strokes across my ideal robes. I don't need an unbreakable strong rope anymore - ditto !!!? I have three eyes. One for you.
One for me. One for the emerald sea.
Thank you
Tha k you
Oscar Mann Dec 2015
I am not a mad man
Indeed, I’m not a man
I am the Fisher King
An enigmatic fraction
Of your frantic imagination
I come and go as I please
Mixing serene silence
With immaculate impotence
Who will help me
The King and his kinsmen
The King and his people
A barren madman
In a barren world
Living on hope alone
Hope and make-belief

Yet behind the façade
Of a harmless hermit
Lies greatness and goodness
And the promise of purity
The meaning of life
And the riddance of meanness
The secret of bliss
Without ignorance
The purest pleasure
For both body and soul
For the King and his kinsmen
The King and his people
The barren madman
Changing the barren world
Into a painting-like paradise

So forget about reason
And the rules they imply
And embrace the essence
Of my delusional ravings
Look out for the invisible
Listen to silent whispers
And expose hidden meanings
I’ll be here for a while
Resting on the riverside
For I am not a mad man
I am not a man
I am not mad
I am the Fisher King
A barren beacon
In a dark, dark world
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
" the  spectator "

i am not  writing for 5k
i'm not preparing for compilation
i am not trying to set new record
i'm not trying to impress you,,i was just saving my life

the thing is.... I feel like dizzy because i am lack of sleep
doing alone all the laundries
then i need to wake up early to hang those over
even though i am too sleepy!yet 12 hours of driving is await for me

i am telling  you this because my privacy
is just like a book on the library
you can read me all over again,if you want to pick me up
but then again,,there is a policy beyond my legacy...


starting from then on

boost my self to face more aspiration
and i do believe that " a day after " is our comprehension

such as my own motto in life and it goes something like this...
" Tomorrow will never be the same beautiful as you unless you keep
yesterday seems to be precious,, for you to surprisingly
survive the essence of today's challenges! "
the question is---
---mirror is my visible answer ;)
Puspangana Singh Nov 2015
Who told you that there was something like soul-mate floating around in the depths of the air?
Who told you that even air has depths?
Was it during introspection that it dawned upon you that all shallow things have depths?
But then, the air is not shallow;
It is not deep, nor shallow;
How has the shallow air depths?

If there are soul-mates floating in the air, it cannot be shallow;
If the air is a mere mixture of gases, it cannot harbour depth.
Now turn everything around:
The air is shallow because it has souls floating in it;
The air is deep because it is a mixture of gases-
It is all a tale of contrasting realities,
And I am asked that why is the shallow air deep, and where is the depth hidden?

If somethin is hidden, how can I measure the depth and the shallowness?
If it is visible, I cannot see it.
I cannot see it even when I see it.
After all, things visible are invisible,
And relatedness is a centrifugal force.
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