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Eric Babsy Oct 2018
Sending all signals they possess the soul
Feel a jolt from clouds of lightning

This is all true I know
They have taken my soul

Replaced by something new
Just to get a new aspect view

Free the eternal soul within me
Not a question of why or what is with this

Songs I sing can not be replaced
The thought of that can not be erased

Things these days have no means to an end
I hope that someday there will be a another message I can send

Feeling the pressure I release a gift that will surface
Hoping someday something new will serve it’s purpose

They all confused me
Confounded because my talent is not lazy

Help me survive where I want to be
Because they all diluted me
Thomas EG Jun 2018
You possess full ownership
To the key to my heart's door
And it means an awful lot
To not only have a spot

High upon your shelf, but
To feel you open the padlock,
Tiptoe in, your smile against mine,
And tuck, and lock, yourself inside
Clearing out my drafts
~June 11th
Alice Lovey Apr 2018
I want to possess you.

I want the quivering of your throne,
The trembling of your bones underneath me.
I want beautiful blood to bleed for me.
Reach for me from your place beneath me.

Between my fingers
I want to feel the struggling breaths of your heart,
Pinched veins in your throat,
And your whimper like a sweet ****.
In the dark...the dark.

The dark in my selfish eyes match the night.
The coo in my voice tells you it's fine...
Bruises ruin ruined skin,
I make you mine.

Thin nails along your jaw,
Devil's claw.
Say it now, say it raw:
You are mine.

Never let another come near,
Nor touch you, taste you.
Raging jealousy, I fear.
You are my pet who speaks when I say, my dear.

On the scent of musk, a predator's ****;
I must admit unsettling crime:
I'm tired of watching...
I'll make you mine.

Now beg for me.
Rope 'round your wrists,
Under my control.
You are darling like this.

Teeth leave starved greedy marks,
Labored torn lips and fingertips
Where the sweat pools in the dark...
The dark.
Self-explanatory, but I wanted to go for something a little more adult and violent. May edit this more later; for now, I am exhausted.
md-writer Feb 2018
be not possessed
by any thing or passion


possess thyself in love and purity

for so he wills to dwell within his broken and beloved sheep

and ever gently leads them
and he shall be thy portion
Rachna Beegun Jan 2017
He had the power to both possess and shatter my entire universe, so he chose the latter. But he didn't know that it wasn't that easy to break me.
Arcassin B Oct 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

I sense your loving embrace,
can't nobody tell you different love
your a rocket ship in my eyes
you make me feel alive

Beat around the bush but the bush could
Get cut down,
I wouldn't feel this way in shambles if i
Had you now,
I could put away my childish things to
Only later return to a kiss,
I wish that I could taste it,  I could reach
It if it wasn't made of pure bliss,
am I what your looking for,

I sense your loving embrace,
can't nobody tell you different love
your an rocket ship in my eyes
you make me feel alive
and when I'm not talking to the hive,
my heart and lasting memories can be
soon enough repaired

I won't just die
cause the memory of you is still here.
It was a hot day
High energies
It was a cooler summer night
A night that just ached excitement
You could see it in her eyes
Nothing was going to bring her down
She looks around
“If you look for something,
You tend to find it”
There HE was!
Right behind her
At his favorite place
Just a few feet away
She disappears around her friends
Walks passed him
He almost could of saw her
But he turns away

She runs to the bathroom all flushed
Her face all warm and red
A panic attack arises
Breathe, breathe,
She needs some air
She goes upstairs asks for the hardest drink
Then heads outside
She thinks back…
Feels on edge
He could be anywhere
He looked good
His hair longer, brighter
Always in all black
Oh so tall

Everything is so weird
We were so intimate
Yet, he’s a stranger
Our duologue wasn’t there
Yet, we were so physical
It's so weird to see him!
One minute THERE then GONE
It's hard to explain
Something was there
That sacred her
So she ran
He unknowingly
Has a power over her
He's so charismatic
She can't seem to get away
These butterflies
Still have a big hold on her

Looking back
He wasn’t the one who got away
She was the one who kept running away
Yet, he still called her up every now and then…
I don’t blame him
If he’s moved on
But is it too late?
Can we pick up where we left off?

“I want to see you”
I’ve been a fool
I look back
Wish I were brave enough to say, “hey”
I’m not
Going to run away
All these boys.…
I realize we had something unique

Go on and possess me
Please, just let me
Get into your head
I don't know exactly what I want
But I think…
I’m just about ready to be yours
Even if just for a night
taia Apr 2016
i ask for what i
know i can never possess
do i never learn?
Viseract Feb 2016
Met a demon at the crossroads,
Under the night sky
Called her out because I wanted her
And I needed help to fly

"Possess me" I said,
Then a rush of warmth filled my veins
Why I needed her I didn't know
But love drives me insane

For payment she stole something,
Although I guess she played her part
She helped me get my life back on track
But now she has my heart
I don't view you as a demon, it just emphasizes my main message
Tea-ful Dec 2015
Where the sky and the earth meet is where my love is created.

Where it's always just out of reach and not physically tangible. Where the sun visits daily and the birds are in constant pursuit of.

A love that can be seen but never possessed  long enough to give away.

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