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Muneer Nov 2017
You are a gem among the souls
Polished to sharp edges
Radiating spectrum of colors when held
A smile of the morning sun
Stretching around your simple creation
Stops time in its track
Lips of heavenly clouds
Stained my heart in a single kiss
Eyes of cocoa dream
Dancing to imaginary tunes
Drowning the roars of the ocean around
People speculating insanity
But for me
An addiction unlike other
A heart that leaves even the saints envious
Look at what you have made
What you are
What you hold
A life
Of unmade bed
And adorable pups
Filled with passion
For chocolates
And lust for adventures
Pay no heed to the whispers
That haunt your ears
For they are just jealous
Of what you have
And what they don't
A beautful life,
Of your making.
- ©M
Àŧùl May 2017
There's a lot,
Passing between,
You and me,
There's a lot,
Passing between,
You and me,

Though we are separate now,
On different lands...
But we have walked along,
Holding hands...

There's a lot,
Passing between,
You and me,

Though we are distant now,
So far away...
But we have moved along,
Hips in sway...

There's a lot,
Passing between,
You and me,
It's an original song of mine.

My HP Poem #1552
©Atul Kaushal
Wren Djinn Rain Jul 2015
Do you believe the powers come from heaven in rain?
Denounce the brittle, little lies that keep you detained.
With one fell swoop your family denies that womb water
from their line ever held you. Our child, disgraceful.
Hold me now, wicked wind, in twilight to find truth,
for no amount of trying will mend the boards began
pried to the point of breaking right loose. Glue won't
fix this rift. Don't worry, I find it nice that some do
get to choose. Ungrateful mug, she rejected our
love by walking with her brow upright. Beaten none,
for the patchwork of lashes mashed in back above
the *** of property, branded and pushed in.

The sky will call a caw for you on one more day
you kept yourself from death, promising to do
your due, never invite the listless, self-inflicted
sorrow, others lip to ear in shadow gaslight to
imbue. One more day others in shadow decline

I. Will sing a prayer.
(She denies the gods given)
I. Own nothing to give.
(Free and kindly)
I. Will sing.
As much and where I would like to sing.
(She's another one with a will)
Not crying at the back of the world, not holding just to hold.
(She's another one who hunts happiness as if to others she's disappeared)
Not stopping to cry back at the ceiling holding me
to the floor in a box as its missing pieces

(When she's only a another piece)
straight up in a hot flash
Jason Thompson Jan 2015
I awoke from a nightmare to see my dream
Every word I say is not what it may seem,
A dream so breath taking but now I can't breathe
The suffocation feeling is a feeling that needs to leave,
At one point I feel so high that I can fly all the way past the big blue sky
But then something passes and it caught eye,
I turned and said who are you
They gave me a glimpse and then continued to do what they had to do,
I went to the king and said what's going on
He laughed and giggled and said that this is the place you come to when your sole is gone,
I was frozen, scared and totally shocked
Not realizing that it was all a dream from the very start.
Kurt LaVacque Sep 2014
let's be water
and flow where we want 
go where we wish 
and fall till were gone

let's be sand
and lay till we can’t
sit where we stand
as I crawl to your hand

let's be ice 
and go where its cool
live like we rule
the world is no fool

let's be fire 
and burn till we’re cold
flicker to the beat
with the rhythm and soul

let's be air 
and float through the sky
stop all our cares
and go where its high

let's be rocks
and last forever we will
roll around and fall down
without a care in the world 

let's be trees 
and live as long as we last
grow taller than the highest mast
and give love at every pass

let's be flowers 
and grow where there’s grass
love with our hearts
and let go of the past

let's be flowers and grow where there’s grass
I sent the line "lets be flowers and grow where there's grass" to my very best friend, we were talking about who and what we could be, and or going to be one day.
She was very satisfied with bing a flower. ha.
In a sea of sweaty people and no air, you're there, no doubt
Like font made bold, your thick lashes and laughter lines stand out

Being attracted to you is perilous, a sign of my impending doom
I can't stop inundating you with flustered stares across the room

You beset me with selfish and opportunistic wants better not said
So I'll dream of you shoving me up against a wall instead
Because he has no idea how hard it is to tell myself to chill out and not act upon my urges.
Yara Jul 2014
I lay on my back, absorbing the warmth.
I dream.

I look up at the sky.
I watch the clouds as they take shape.

I count the sheep,
They are swimming in the heaven's blues.

I think of the times I let my self tear.

I hope that i'm gazing at the same sky as You.
*Insanely ancient poem.*
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