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The rain came down in heavy sheets. He pulled his soaked hood tighter to protect himself and kept walking.
Where the hell was she?
Would he find her in time?
Or was it already too late?
He wanted nothing but to find her in that moment before she did something dumb and regret filled.
Lightning struck.
There sitting on the bridge railing he saw a dark shape he knew was her.
He rushed towards her calling her name.
She looked back and hurriedly went to stand.
He grabbed her before she could jump, pulling her into his chest.
He could not tell for the rain if she had been crying.
But when opened her mouth to let out the most gut wrenching sob he'd ever heard, he knew that her face was damp with salty tears.
Wrapped in his arms she finally looked at him with nothing but pleading in her eyes. He solemnly looked at her and nodded, promising to keep her safe.
He pulled her closer to his chest.
He knew that she wouldn't be his forever, but he would protect her while she was
This started with a prompt i found on Pinterest and it slowly shifted into a really sad short story so....yeah
Write about the Sky
                       how it shines
Write about the Ocean
                         and all its tides

Write about Pain
         Write about Belief
Write about Love
         And how It's Received

Write about Friends
          Write about Trends

Write about Healing
           Write about the Feeling

Write about the Cosmo
       Write about Speed
             Write about Trees
                  Write about Greed

Write about Memory and how it serves
Write about Honor and what it deserves

Write it once
              Write it again
                          Save the draft &
                                    label The End
Write about it all or write about bone if you only have one thought then you've already begun
Butterfly Feb 27
Am here
Ur not
Still crying
enough with flippant poetry
just give me something heavy (yeah!)
you know as well as i do:
that's what depression's for!

(chorus?, then repeat)
Bryce Nov 2018
Amongst the leaves I am a conductor
I have guided their hue and told them their future
they have agreed

I am a wanderer, I am Bede and lost amidst the cockles
I have bled and tasted the Salton Seas

I will give my entire wealth of the universe which is replenished
I will show the world the gift of my unknown

It is soft chocolate that has melted in the heat
It is a love that is unrequited and dies inevitably

I am a philosopher and upon my hill I view some lady in the garden
She is beautiful but of the state and in that way I cannot be
I am a trader of knowledge and wealth is the secret I guard enviously
She will never have this treatise

I will grow old and wither on the steps of the acropolis
I will become food for the olivine complexion of her skin
I will be the very foundations of her visions
I will touch the corneal fragments of her children

I am a faker and a figment of imagination
winter Oct 2018
Dear friends its been a while!
I can't believe
It took so long to reconcile.
So often it feels like
I'm only giving off a profile.
so I must say
I’ve missed your smile.

I've been thinking lately
(And you know how
My thoughts can be deadly)
That maybe I
Am lost again already.
I’ll swallow my pride this time
And ask for help before I go crazy.

I can't feel my emotions.
Every other obstacle feels like
a toss into the deepest of oceans.
And no matter what I do
Its like I’m only going through the motions.
It's so hard to be around people
Without feeling like my mind and body are prisons

Help me, please
I don't want to be alone anymore but
this is the only place I feel at ease.
I feel sicker than before now,
How can I cure my self of this disease?
All my efforts drain me.
Why would my heart have a lock without keys?

I am so sorry
I'm working through some
of this explosive self-fury.
I hope you can forgive me
and save yourself some worry
because I know to ask now and besides:
it's not as bad as it could be.
tbh i could really use some attention. thanks.
Nathaniel Blair May 2018
What do I say?
What do I do?
Because I hope and pray.
That I wont lose you too.

But do you love me the same?
Please tell me the truth.
You hide me away.
In pain.

What's it to you?
Nathaniel Blair May 2018
Am I writing the poem?
Oh um!...
Sorry about that...

I'm back!
I know you're happy for that.
So relax, eat snacks and enjoy the poem.


Bestowed below him.
He holds his only pair of clothes.
The story goes.
He was raised within a broken home.

The hate and discrimination.
Creates his inner sanctum.
The way that they raised him.
Makes him the same.
Hate them.

Insane he became.
Someone save him.
If you liked please share. Otherwise, I dont know. You know what you dont have to share its all good. Have a good day.. Share it.
Angel Turner Apr 2018
"I'm sorry."
Sorry for what?
Sorry for not caring?
Sorry for all the times you were
forced to say it?
Sorry for every time
you weren't?
Cause yeah.
Me too.
A note to my sister that will never pass my lips
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