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even though I don't have somebody,
I'll have me.
even if no one will wipe my tears,
I'll still be here.

I'm afraid,
of being alone,
until then I'll wait,
for someone to say

I'm afraid that no one will miss me,
when I'm gone,
When I'm six feet underneath.

I'm afraid that no one will appreciate me,
no one will join their hands,
when I graduate,
or walk up that stage.

I'm terrified that my only somebody,
will leave me.
for someone so much better.

even if I have nobody.
nobody was there,
when I didn't have anybody,
and Nobody will be me.
And that's enough for me.
Johnny walker Jan 21
How strange life can be sometimes you blinded by
what changes you see an ever-changing world to where we
Sadly I don't see all changes as being good there Is a lot of bad In this world but dig deep and there Is well hidden beneath the
Really kind people always ready to help advise just be there In times if needed It seems once people gain power that's when they change
It to there the greed for riches creeps In
and corrupts I suppose that's just way It Is and always will be I just think It's so sad ordinary people
they are the ones who suffer every
So much bad In this world but If you dig deep below the surface there's a lot of good
people who will help be there for the needy
Muneer Nov 2017
You are a gem among the souls
Polished to sharp edges
Radiating spectrum of colors when held
A smile of the morning sun
Stretching around your simple creation
Stops time in its track
Lips of heavenly clouds
Stained my heart in a single kiss
Eyes of cocoa dream
Dancing to imaginary tunes
Drowning the roars of the ocean around
People speculating insanity
But for me
An addiction unlike other
A heart that leaves even the saints envious
Look at what you have made
What you are
What you hold
A life
Of unmade bed
And adorable pups
Filled with passion
For chocolates
And **** for adventures
Pay no heed to the whispers
That haunt your ears
For they are just jealous
Of what you have
And what they don't
A beautful life,
Of your making.
- ©M
Elin Roberts Aug 2017
i'm struggling to write
my happiness is my inspiration
my sadness too
but right now i feel neither

so what am i to do?

i feel sick to my stomach
at thoughts of you
what joy you brought me is gone
was any of it real?

a question i can't answer
thoughts swimming through my brain
the same one question, over and over
a repetitive fool
eating away at my mind whilst shaking hands type hurriedly
craving to feel the emotion that your smile brings

i've lost that now

if this isn't what you wanted
then why say the things that you did?
why ignite hope in the empty chambers of my heart?
why give a cold girl warmth just to ****** it away so needlessly?

i've been used to the darkness for so long now
you didn't need to give joy to this broken soul
you didn't need to give myself a place to be me
you didn't need to do any of it

if only i knew how easy it was to rip away the facade of your care
that was never really there to begin with
one argument and you toss me aside
say this isn't what you need, isn't what you want

i've surpassed my use now
you've taken all you can and fed off it
like a leech
****** me of my self worth and left me to rot in the wake of this mess
and i let you do it through my own foolish behavior

so i guess for now
i'll retreat back to the shadows
where unhappiness lives and demons play
where hope isn't even a dream to begin with
where you can't destroy something's that's already been desecrated so carelessly

and here is where i'll stay
why did you even bother to begin with
Äŧül May 2017
There's a lot,
Passing between,
You and me,
There's a lot,
Passing between,
You and me,

Though we are separate now,
On different lands...
But we have walked along,
Holding hands...

There's a lot,
Passing between,
You and me,

Though we are distant now,
So far away...
But we have moved along,
Hips in sway...

There's a lot,
Passing between,
You and me,
It's an original song of mine.

My HP Poem #1552
©Atul Kaushal
Wyatt Sep 2016
There's something so serene about a thunderstorm.
There's something so inspiring about a crash.
There's something so beautiful about you.
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