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I like you a


It's like a little,
except a lot.
Shofi Ahmed Apr 10
Love loving -
               love pain!
Because you will also
               have a lot of it.
It's up to you -
               to complain!
Matterhorn Apr 4
A lone plastic bag
Of unknown, mysterious origin,
Now floats, heaven-bound.
© Ethan M. Pfahning 2019
Annie Jan 16
The salt of the earth
Seasons fresh mirth
on the plates of the gifted among us.
Gifted with pride,
And holding inside
A wealth of greed stronger than all ****.
lifeonLSD Oct 2018
Vergeten in een tijd, plek of plaats
De omgeving een onontdekte paradijs,
vol toeters en bellen
Van een ongeluk een avontuur,
tovernaar van je eigen film

Geluk onder een steen,
met een lucht vol zacht prachtige bloemen
Ruikend naar eeuwige liefde,
zo betoverend als de eindeloos omarmende
warmte van de zon

Openluchten vol kastelen en woestijnen gestrand
aan wonderschone oceanen
Voelbaar als eigen ledematen,
voortvloeiend door de ritme van eeuwige beweging

Zo ook elk van de stappen een eigen betekenis,
onderdeel van de creatie
Gezegend en geschonken met onderschatte keuzes,
bewustwording door een spectrum van
adembenemende visioenen

Bevrijd van de restricties opgelegd door gelijkenis,
door eenheid te hebben gevonden in een universum
van ongelijkheid
Ieder en elk een rol, eeuwig vervullend en verschillend

Des te onthullend dat ieder een eigen specialiteit heeft
in spiritualiteit, vertrouwend op het gevoel en
opgenomen in het moment
Losgelaten in een hemelsbrede vangnet,
opgevangen door het lot vastgehouden in eigen hand
America Aug 2018
yesterday night, i know you saw the text bubble with the ellipses
and you must have been wondering
what the HECK i was typing
because i did a lot of backspacing and suddenly that text was
g o n e
and you never got the terrifying notification that would put all the weight of the world on your shoulders
as you read that the world's smallest soul had a thing for you!
you never got the text i was supposed to send when i was rocking back and forth within my own mind
trying to figure out how to own up to what i wanted to send

i wanted to send you a simple 3 words ( i like you )
and yet i did a lot of backspacing before i got the nerve and
now the moment is gone.
awknight Jul 2018
the concrete beneath our feet
turned to **** rugs peeking between
our toes.

headlights from a passing car
illuminate what is already clear
as you pull my waist in closer.

music drifts in the background
as words unspoken
spark creation under the soft
sounds of our eyes meeting.
have you ever wanted someone to stay so badly that simple goodbyes make you ache?
usagi Jul 2018
Everything can change and you barely notice it. Until you stop and think back at a time when things were different, and feel a pang in your chest as you realize those thoughts are nothing more than nostalgic memories now. Thinking about the person I was, I realized I had digressed significantly. Sure, physically and superficially I’m doing as good as I ever have. I’m doing exactly what I had always wanted. But mentally, I had lost the kind hearted spirit I was. The patient and understanding person I was. It came naturally. It was easy. I was nice, I was kind. Now I am finding I have to think twice and still struggle to be that way.

Some days I can barely remember her. That girl. I don’t know her anymore. Its as if I had induced a new girl, one that was hardly me to use as a decoy defense mechanism. I’m not sure when the decoy girl started to fuse with myself. I don’t know when, but its almost like she has taken over, like an evil twin in utero, engulfing her very own blood for no other reason but to survive. Survival of the fittest? Was I not fit to survive in our world? Could I not thrive with that demeanour? Apart of me believes not, and that part of me mourns deeply.

I know she is not gone though, I know there are bits of her floating around. I always hated her, I had wished so badly that she would stop being so emotional, so kind, so naïve. I had wished her dead and ironically, now I am frantically trying to find any remnants of her to piece together to make some knock off version of her. I miss her. How long has it been? A year? Perhaps two? Had she been slowly dissolving away for longer and I had never noticed because I was too busy looking for ways to stop the pain? She was always so kind to everyone. Everyone but me. It seems she did not find me worthy of her grace and soulful advice.  I wish she had told me, this would be more painful. Losing her. Losing myself.
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