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Sleep starts fogging up my mind
But all I want to ever think about is you
You sustain me, keep me sane
Stitch the parts back where holes once grew

Take a zip line through my mind
You'll find out that you mean so much
Hope you read every poem I made for you
You're my pills, my greens, my crutch

Oblivion takes over my mind
Eyes tight shut but you are all I clearly see
Strung out, bare in your bed
A display, an audience limited to me
Written at 2:12 AM while sleepy af.
I wanna be the one to make you laugh
Throw your head back, eyes squinted
Your mouth in the form of a toothy grin
Maybe some dimples here and there
But it's okay if you don't have them
I'd still think you're perfect anyway
Killing time before I leave for PE class.
Haven't felt it in a while
That tearing inside and out
The feeling of an impaled heart
The breath coming to a halt
As your name and message
Flashed across the screen
I like you. I don't know what to feel about it. Are you a distraction or a motivation?
There's not quite a face like yours
No one else but me adores
Mapped out, pinned inside my head
Still think of you when I lay in bed

I asked if we could get a picture
You obliged and said, "Okay, sure,"
Your braces cyan at that time
Wished right then that you'd be mine

Then you left and went to places
Red was the color of your braces
Last time, you got to Singapore
Back home I rotted to the core

Saw you then not too long after
Give or take just one year later
Turned my head back, saw your smile
Happiest I've felt in a while
Part 1 of 'For MLCN', also the first piece in my book 'Guys: Volume 1'.
i can take on anyone
their identities
fabricated personalities

i can look like anyone
a stolen selfie
i can claim to be mine

i can change myself
i'm a stranger
you'll never know
Because you never know who the person on the other side of the screen really is.
är världens fira

att det tog dig ifrån mig

**från oss?
Trying to write myself back in. It's been a while.
Our mouths and lungs became remnants of volcanic eruptions
But then I lost you in the magma, the soot, and the rubble
I lost you long before the apex of Armageddon
And now all I ever see is in varying shades of red
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