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Nala Alfira Sep 2021
you build me a castle
but you give me no room
to be myself
to feel myself
BJFWords Aug 2021
If I were like air then I'd breathe you.
As I sit in the the bowl and observe.
I'd never succeed in the quest that I'm freed.
I'll rot though, if I had the nerve.

Just take me and pick as I ripen.
Bite me, as nectar escapes to your chin.
Enraptured by spell to entice you again.
And feast on sweet secrets within.

But leave me and pass with your ignorance.
Overlooked as I signal my true end of days.
For I will repay you with sorrow.
As my beauty fades, waving farewell decays.
Purcy Flaherty Apr 2021
Who will enlighten little Bo-Peep.

On the surface compliant sheep,
Though breading monsters underneath,
and once the sheep have grown their teeth,
Were-sheep will have their share of meat.

****** wolves derived from sheep!
****** wolves from sheep Bo-Peep!
Carlo C Gomez Oct 2020
Here come the confectionary clouds
Packed like powdered sugar


Little quicksilver has
A bit of a sweet tooth
And grubby hands well into
A box of Quality Street
stranger Dec 2019
Friday morning
Already ironic.
Casually sitting in a taxi cuz today my history thesis is happening.
A kid was hit on the crossing, laying there with the only three people around who called the ambulance.
A few meters on the other side of the road,
The side the kid wanted to get to,
A man casually arranging tables in the betting house.
Watching the desperation in my eyes as I watch the scene before me.
Now is stuck in meaninglessness.
I heard later that day that the kid lives and hopefully so he won't stop.
So now I'm stuck in pink doored bathrooms and the road the trams pass by.
Thinking how desperation is hope because fear is motivation and anger's the fuel.
How much of a human I am, thinking the sole  existence of life is somewhat philosophical.
Cuz that kid on the street and that bathroom I was in, are both poetry.
And I'm nothing but an observer.
Things before others realise.
And still what value has this moment in time?
Almost 100km per hour, I could die right?
I could die by my own means so of course 100km is just a simple factor.
I wanna die by my own means.
No car hitting me, no sudden disease.
I want the odds that are against me to at least respect my timing.
Though it's selfish.
I've been wanting to write about that kid for a while, just couldn't get myself to.
Like a letter to myself I'd never wanna send.
Naturally running out of fuel, life itself slips away in front of my eye.
So in the most mundane mindset, I cannot stop it.
Kayla Gallant Sep 2019
Filthy lies

Spread across

Blank canvases

Young minds


Like milk

Left out in the sun
warped young minds becoming who the world told them to be, So much wasted potential.
Syreena Phelps Jul 2019
We cover her skin with long trails of asphalt roads
We fill her waters with plastic waste and burnt out cigarette butts
We overwhelm her atmosphere with toxic smoke in a million different ways
We throw bombs at her body while fighting with one another
We bury burning garbage beneath her flesh, hide our waste beneath her flesh, constantly build build build beneath her flesh
We **** her animals, we **** her trees, we **** her oceans and her seas. We **** her land and her sky.

All she did was give us a place to call home. How selfish can we possibly be?

Take care of the earth. She needs you.
Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
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