If you’re not being stretched,
then could it be that you’re…
suffering an ungodly attitude
of your own Life’s complacency?
When looking around, do you see

the discrimination, intolerance,
injustice, hatred, poverty and
other societal ills affecting us?
Is God’s Love evident in actions
of everyday living, so Salvation

is really sought, by those, you…
hope to spiritually influence?
Can others even tell, that Christ’s
essence, upon your life has been…
sacredly and divinely etched?

Inspired by:
Zeph 1:12; Luke 12:15-31  and

The world needs Christians who don't tolerate the complacency of their
own lives. ―Francis Chan

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2017, All rights reserved.
Sydney Jan 28

I've never prayed, but I write about religion like I know what it means. I've never gone to church, but I have more faith than I know what to do with. I don't know if I believe in God, but I believe in this. I believe in everything we're doing here. I believe in mankind, our ability to do good. I don't believe that we were created for a reason. I believe that we were created to find one. And this right here, this is my reason.

This past summer I went on a mission trip with my friend's church down to Sneedville, TN to repair houses. I was definitely nervous going into the trip, because I had never been very religious and I'd be spending a week and a half fixing houses with people who grew up in the church. But even though I spent 10 days in 90 degree weather, sleeping in an old middle school with a bunch of strangers, working 8 hours a day to repair a stranger's house, I would consider my trip with ASP as one of the most amazing and important experiences of my life. This trip exposed me to a spiritual side of me that I didn't even know existed. And I wouldn't trade my time with ASP for the world.
Pauline Russell Jul 2016

I just want to bail
Out of this life's jail
The whole thing's been a living hell

Plunge into the fire
When I was just a child
Things where so dire

It only grew worse
As the horror filled years I tried to transverse
In all my life's sorrow I am immersed

I want this life to be shortened
For my view is so distorted
My life is so unimportant

Look at all the evil that on my life fell
It can only be used as a cautionary Tale
Of what happens to a life lived in hell

Elle Jun 2016

When I was a kid I lived in a fairytale.
I had my parents, the king and queen of the kingdom
Who loved me unconditionally and doted on me; their baby girl
I spent my days chasing butterflies and trying to grasp on to those last remains of Summer
Before the Fall came
And oh what a mighty Fall it was

I was sixteen when my life stopped being all about fairytales and happily ever afters
And became a mixture of bitter hatred for this reality and yearning to revert back to those Summer days
But I can't, I can't reach those early afternoons playing in the sandpit of my childhood,
Or those evenings when I would run back to
a home cooked meal sitting ready for me on the dinner table.

And now as I wander ever faster towards the winter of my life, all I have is the memories.
They say you shouldn't hold on the past
But why not, when the present is burying you right where you dug the grave which you labeled the "good old days".
And the photographs on the mantelpiece come tumbling down as you begin to realize that mommy isn't perfect and daddy isn't invincible.

They're human.
And humans hurt, and they heal and they love, and they feel.
And never will there be a day when I look back and think, "hey let the past be the past"
Because now?
Now I live in endless agony, crippled by my fear of growing old; getting married, paying bills, and growing my family.
and facing the heartbreak that everyone has at least once in their lives.
If you're lucky, it's quick like the pain of a band aid tearing off your skin.
But if like me you're not, then I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for the pain and the slow burning ache that will settle itself in your heart and never leave.

Because sometimes,
A person will nestle a home for themselves in your chest and they will be with you all your life.
No matter what happens, even after marriage and children and all that comes with it.
You will grow old and in your last moments on this earth, you will reminisce about that love you lost all those years ago.
Not the one who got away-
But the one who never left.

To this day,
I live as a memory box
Constantly reminded that when you grow up, life's a bitch and then you die.
But you'll always have the memories to remind you that life was not always this way.
That sometimes, it can surprise you
And make you laugh like you've never laughed and cry like you've never cried.
You'll live like the uphills are mountains
And the downhills are cliffs to drag you back down to reality.

© Elle 2016

Kurt Carman Apr 2016

As the blue moon climbs over the Potomac River,
I lay my tired body down next to the planted field.
Momma tells me that I’ll turn 13 tomorrow; my birthday wish….to be free
Like brail, the scars on my back speak to the humility in my life.
My dog Jip lays beside me and with a warm tongue conveys everything will be fine.

It’s the early fall here at Georgetown University
My name is Cornelius, Cornelius Hawkins and I write these words so you know my plight.
Here with me are my father, mother and 2 yr old sister.
We toil the field from dawn to dusk…the salt herring and cornmeal give us strength.
And my hands are forever clinging to this rosary and I pray God will hear my prayers.

I can’t begin to tell how afraid I am each and every day.
I try not to dwell on our strife and struggles, but day dream of downright happiness.
My family and our ancestors before us have been confined to slavery for 200 years.
Momma always says “There is no slavery, just ignorance”.
I hold her words near and dear to my heart and I never give up hope for a better life.

Unfortunately, Cornelius Hawkins never got the life he prayed for. Cornelius was one of the 272 slaves at Georgetown University and all were sold off to keep the school running. I read a recent article in the NY Times about GU272 and felt compelled to try and convey some of Cornelius Hawkins thoughts. I labored over this for days. Spent a fair amount time researching as much information about GU272 that I could find. Although I know I'll never come close to knowing the entire story, what I do know is that Cornelius is in a better place today and I can't wait to meet him in the by and by. RIP Mr. Hawkins!

I have changed.
Newer colors from my inner light.
Count these colors…at the end of
My rainbow… A heart of gold is in sight.
I may not be accepted into many lanes of social traffic.
So, I continue an enjoyable ride to
Where I shall be clearly seen and finally have a pit stop and enjoy some limited moments of social interactions.
Then I’m off and going with the other faceless drivers trucking their goods to those who understand the boxed tricks.
To a waved message along my way down life’s sometimes lonely highway.
I enjoy the sights along my way.
Fake historic landmarks might be shortly breath taking..
However, my truer trip takes to the better city attractions…..
The true structures in life’s light in the road that ends from some faceless traffic.
I see your meaning and learned from the lessons taught well.
Later on, I shall be the teacher and the newest of brighter attractions… Pennies for my thoughts?
After the millions of writings are bought.
A millionaire shall I be in my well earned heaven.
Never,hastily, choosing the quick and easy fix and route to hell.

Gracie Knoll Dec 2015

Under the mountain
Into the stream
Glowing like sunshine
It must be a dream!
A river of gold
Mountains of jewels
Palaces and castles
Kingdoms of old
Battles first cry
The clashing of swords
Rivers of blood
Mad men on hoards
The banners fly high
The victory's won
The battle is over
But the cycle goes on
Thousands of years later
War rages on
The battles not over
But neither's the song
Mans greed is his noose
It entangles his heart
And when he keeps pulling
It pulls him apart
But children still play
And the sun will keep rising
You say we want peace
But I say you are lying
You're fighting more wars
You're gaining more gold
You're just repeating
the cycle of old
Peace is here
It comes from your heart
No need to fight others
Just remember your part.

MOTV Nov 2015

Through your power

Moving mountains
Spittin fountains
Youth crowding

Smoking loudly
Bass booming rowdy

Times infinity
The Empowered Soul
Counting, countless
Forming symphonies

Heavens gleam
Life's a dream
Life's a dream
Life's a dream

Mind has wings
And we fly
We fly
And we flying

War, turning men to predators

Will we Will we
Still see heavens doors

Anytime anywhere
cluster jam
man can be led like a lamb

how can a lion flow

eating, without ripping meat
or breaking a bone

oh, my soul
my soul
I still let go

PoETE May 2015

Drop your legs to sit and think, life can change at any blink, stop my evil at any glance, crazy to me but not my dance, climb this earth and take a chance, justify to me how it feels, position my life and bust my seals, take a look but do not stare, hard to burn this light that is not there, wrapped with such little time, your body only breaks a stolen vine, grab down beneath your burning hell, this deep bell has a boiling bell, rip my insides and let them hide, stack after stack you see my pride, frozen brains that do not breathe, count these steps that will never leave.....

Life can change at any blink.......

Written by
{2000 ~~ 2015}
~©~ Protected & never neglected.
PoETE May 2015

The mind begins to bend, in odd direction, a mixture of emotions, and kaotic affection, is this my mind or life, losing connection? No Fucken alarm, and no damn detection, it just swallows my mind, and creates a section, where have I've gone, With my life's erection? Chasing my mind, that has no protection, but me myself and I, are the only correction, as the mirror explodes, at my fucken reflection, now the person I see, I just lost my complexion, put all of the pieces together, and it's still a rejection.........

P.s- don't lose yourself, but prove yourself.

Written by
{2000 ~~ 2015}
~©~ Protected & never neglected.
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