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Breanna Riddle Dec 2016
theres no more grey clouds
theres no more rainy days
theres only sunlight shinning through

theres no more silent tears
theres no more weary years
theres only happiness all around you

theres no more all alone
theres no more go away
theres only please stay here with me

theres no more be afraid
theres no more go and hide
theres only stand tall and face your fears

theres no more dark  side
theres no more good byes
theres only hey how are you

theres no more aching pain
theres no more lonely hearts
theres only love for everyone

theres no more grey skies
theres no more silent griefs
theres only smiles all around

theres no more go away
theres no more silent days
theres only night full of laughter

theres no more falling down
theres no more lying on the ground
theres only spread your wings and fly

theres no more missing you
theres no more crying eyes
theres only i will be home soon

theres no more crying
theres no more saddened days
theres only smile and keep moving on

theres no more blood shed
theres no more falling walls
theres only happy things all around

Theres no more bad things
theres no more melting wings
theres only rainbows,peace, and love
Zane2976 Aug 2020
theres old music
and theres new music
theres music to evoke feelings
and theres music to lull memories out
theres music for moods
and theres music for thoughts
theres music for whispers
and theres music for loud
theres music for words
and theres music without
theres music for softness
and theres music for hard times

theres music you play
and theres music that comes out of you
theres music that sends chills down your spine
and theres music that warms you deep down
theres music for getting things done
and theres music for sitting alone
theres music that comes and goes
and theres music that remains steady

Everything falls away
And then there was music.
Sit back. Relax. Take a breath. Take a minute. Take a hit. Take a drink. Take a sting. Take a shot. Take a line. Take a day. Take a time. Take a mental Picture. Take a pill. Take something you've always wanted. Sit back and chill..

Sit back, watch the ashes, their crumbling down.
Keep your head in the sky. Keep your feet on the ground.
Keep your buzz going. Don't ever come down.
Keep your face smiling and don't ever frown.
Keep the toxins flowing. Keep your head held high.
Keep your thoughts clear. Stop wondering why.
Keep your hopes up. Drink that whiskey and rye.
Keep moving yourself forward. Live life 'til you die.

Sit back, watch the ashes. They fall to the ground.
Take a listen to the birds, its a beautiful sound.
Take a minute, sit back, watch the world go around.
Take a look at the sky, so vast and profound.
Take a drag of your cigarette, and let yourself go.
Take notice of your freedom, and let the wind blow.
Take off your winter coat, go with the flow.
Take off your mask, let your true colors show.

Sit back, watch the ashes as they land on the earth.
Feel the rediscovery, and feel the rebirth.
Feel the wind on your fingertips, for what it is worth.
Feel the world, what it is, it's incredible girth.
Feel yourself drift away, feel the grass on your toes.
Feel the sun on your face, feel the wind as it blows.
Feel the love in this world, as it blooms, as it grows.
Feel the light on your soul, see the beauty it shows.

Sit back, watch the ashes, their coming, their due
Realize, though, that it's beautiful too.
Redo all of the things, that you love to do.
Remember there's people that truly love you.
Replay all of the memories that make you smile.
Revisit your best friends, and chill for a while.
Resign from your deviance, cunning, and guile.
Relax in recumbence, sit back, reconcile.

The ashes will soon, cover all of this land.
Theres nothing to stop it, no curing command.
Theres someone who loves you, so go hold their hand.
Theres a shortage of love in this world of demand.
Theres only one thought that comes into my mind.
Theres nothing new out there, theres nothing to find.
Theres everything I need, right here, am I blind?
Theres people who love me, people of my kind.

So the world can go ahead and crash down around me, I'll just look Away. I'll just take a look at the things I love.  I'll just take notice of the beautiful Day.
I'll just take another shot, I'll just sit in the beautiful green Grass. I'll just look up at the sky and let the ending pass.
I'll just be sitting with the people I love, and we'll be letting our true colors Show. We'll be feeling the grass on our toes, and letting the beautiful wind Blow.
Get ready to watch the rest of the world fall to pieces. To watch the ashes fall. Prepare for the Show.  But Don't worry...Just Sit back, relax, and let the last of that beautiful wind Blow.


Fall with me. Drop with me. Drop like the rain descending from the pregnant clouds overhead.  Fall like an avalanche, free and uncontrollable. Fall like the waterfall, endlessly powerful.  Fall with the world, but not in disgrace, we're falling like leaves into a beautiful place.  We're falling into eternity… discomforting but true. So enjoy the descent, it's the least you could do, for out of this fall comes a beautiful view...

Fall with the leaves. Fall peaceful and slow
Forget everything that you don't need to know
Form truces with enemies, befriend every foe
For now is the time to let everything go
Forbidden are thoughts of a peaceful demise
Forsaken, the image of peace in disguise
Forgive all the subtle and meaningless lies
Forego a renewal, re-open you're eyes

Fall with the Rain drops, now finally freed
This is the beginning of the end indeed
This peaceful decline may be just what we need
This fall from our old withered branches of greed
This pressure discharged… our old ways replaced
This wind now uplifting, this beauty embraced
This Government Tangle, this Empire, erased
This Is the End of the struggles we've faced

Fall with the Waterfall, Establish your voice
Pro-life… Pro-love… Pro-strength… Pro-choice
Protest your opinions, don't let them devoice
Progress now possible, so revel, rejoice
Provide the necessities, laughter and love
Produce something new, something unheard of
Proclaim your new freedom, and wake with the dove
Promise to fall with the rain from above.

Fall with the Avalanche, plush and severe
Don't let the ending take hold of your fear
Don't forget, there's people that still love you here
Don't let these people, your friends, disappear
Don't be afraid now…  The grass is still green
Don't take your eyes off the beautiful scene
Don't let your colors be shaded unclean
Don't let the distance grow vast in between

Fall with the ashes that cover this earth
Be Born Once Again, re-discover rebirth
Believe in true beauty, for what it is worth
Beware of this world, its incredible girth
Below you are roots from which you can grow
Beyond the Horizon is the end as we know
Belong To A Bigger Picture, go with the flow
Become something less…  Sit back… Watch the show.

Fall with the ashes, but not in disgrace. Finally we can escape from this place. The government gone, the Empires erased.  We can Fall with the raindrops, with beauty embraced.
Take off your masks, let your true colors Show. Let the sun shine bright, let the moonlight glow.  Revisit your best friends, Let yourselves go.
and let the very last of that beautiful wind blow…
i woke up from a dream this morning
the thoguht of it almost made me cry.
i was lieing in a fied and it was raining
i was looking at the colours of the sky.

it was cold it was late september
i was wet and i didnt even care.
i was trying to see into the distance
i was trying not to choke on the air.

i could hear the birds in the background
they were siging but the song wasnt there.
they were looking for a soul who could hear them
it was me, but there was somthing in my ears.

it was the voice of a fallen spirit
it was broken beyond repair.
it was crying, it was the rain thats falling
it was the gravity, the air.

another heart that lost its passion
another child that grew up scared.
one more lone range soldier
looking for a love that was lost
but it was never even there.

they were singing: dont let this break you
i know your scared but tommorows here.
theres someone out there waiting
who can stop the floods of tears.

untill then just keep your head up
your strong your an army of stars.
inside youll know youll be fine
youv been alone and youve made it this far.

i woke up in a feild this morning
my surroundings almost made me cry.
i was lying in a wave of flowers
there were birds, a symphony in the sky.

i could see the light in the horizon
it was bright it blinded my eyes.
i could feel my soul returning
i could feel the power of life.

theres person who can stop the thunder
theres aperson who compltetes ur life.
theres a person who makes you wonder
if everything youve learned was i lie.

theres a person who knows whats out there
the direction to a life that feels right.
and theres a person who takes the long way
picks a fight but still enjoys the ride.

theres a person who can break your heart
and youll still forgive them in time.
theres aperson you can always count on
even if you misread the signs.

theres a person you can always trust
when no one else has a clue.
theres a person who knows what worth it
and that person is you.
Jonny C Sep 2015
the fight with in

theres no where to run
theres no where to hide
you try to fight it
you try to hide it

no one can see it
no one can feel it

no one can see the pain your going through
you look fine on the outside
but no one can see you on the inside

you smile but deep down theres a fight with in you
no one else knows
just only you

you get in a panik
but theres no where to run
theres no where to hide

a little voice inside is saying help
but no one can see it
no one can feel it

you smile to try and hide it
you smile to be stronger
you smile to fight how you truly feel

but when your alone its there
no one to help
only you
theres no where to run
theres no where hide

theres no quick fix
only time can heal

the fight with in
Arcassin B Apr 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

You fell too many times til you fell on your face,
Taking problems into your own hands,you need space,
I Don't know what this means for the human race,
But I'd give anything right now to see your face,

When you were younger, you had dreams that faded,
When you were younger,* you had things you loved,
When you were younger, *your friends moved away,
When you were younger, you had things to say,
theres a light here , a light there,
at the end of the tunnel,
now theres a light here , a light there,
at the end of the tunnel,
theres a light here , a light there,
at the end of the tunnel,
now theres a light here , a light there,
at the end of the tunnel,
fall in the rabbit hole,

The things that you've been through in your life was a phase,
you kept scrapbooks of everything just in case,
and even though to your parents you were a disgrace,
And i don't care,
cause I'd give anything right now to see your face,

When you were younger, you had dreams that faded,
When you were younger,* you had things you loved,
When you were younger, *your friends moved away,
When you were younger, you had things to say,
theres a light here , a light there,
at the end of the tunnel,
now theres a light here , a light there,
at the end of the tunnel,
theres a light here , a light there,
at the end of the tunnel,
now theres a light here , a light there,
at the end of the tunnel,
fall in the rabbit hole.


I swear they always want something brand new..
I swear they always want something brand new..
when it comes back around, what you gonna do?
I swear they always crave something brand new..
Why you try to come around pulling my card..
looking for a problem straight out the yard..
And i'm like why you gotta be brand new..
I swear they always gotta be brand new.
Growing up as a guy I have something to admit
Its that theres so many girls that i'll never forget
So i'll jump right in and go right from the start
and tell you about all these girls that have affected my heart
So lets start with the As there is two that first come to mind
and thats Ambrea and Ashley, their each one of a kind
Now those are my sisters so their first to be said
but lets continue on to who else pops in my head
lets see...there's 2 Ashley As, but only one Ashley G
can't forget Amanda K, or all 7 Amys
There are so many As that we'd have to stay way long
let me wrap it up quick with the cutest one "akon"
You should see all these B's their so pretty it scares me
theres Beth and theres B thou, theres Bee and  B. Barry
In the C's we have Crepeele with her pretty long blonde hur
and then we have Cameo, thats right, Mama Burr
On to the Ds they would never be meana
theres danielle carey, and then there is dreena
though im sure there are Es-Hs to do
i'm skipping to Js starting with J. Gubbes
Janelle, Jolene, or Jocelyn B.
Jordan, and Jen, and Jill L. you see
Jamie, and jasmine, or J. Allen
Jaylene, and Jessica, and then jen again
Oh God now the Ks, not sure where to begin...
I'll start with the departed R.I.P. Kristin
On to the girls that are more than alive,
Lets take, Keilyn, Kayla, and Karmen on a test drive
Three other K's must get named out for sure
And that's Kaley, Kansas, and Kristjana Schure
Two Girls in the Ls that are way way to awesome
And thats Lauren Borsheim, and of course, Laura Klassen
On to the Ms there is no time to spare
Just one, Maryke, and she cuts my hair
...I'm just kidding MOM you know your up there!
We do have an N there's nothing to fear
Her name is Niki, she lives in Red Deer
No Os, or Ps, or Qs to discuss
we'll move on to R's cause this next ones a must
Rachael K the Australian Wonder
Rebecca's art is so good she draws lightning and thunder
Theres a couple of shellys, and Sam 1 and 2
Tara looks like a model, and Tia does too
Don't know any Us, the Vs go in order
Vanessa M, V. Young, and VJ the reporter
If your name wasn't mentioned no need to be sour
this poem was rushed, took me less than an hour
Aidan A Aug 2017
Hey ***,

Theres something I need to tell you -
That the thought of you is the first to
Sing through the stage of my mind
Every morning, reverberating through
consciousness, permeating my dreams -
And though it may not seem
That my longing for you
Could be of that capacity, I
Wanted you to know that
Not a second passes where you
Arent present in my thoughts.

Theres something I need to tell you -
That I look forward to every text and call
Even if they are few and far apart
Good or bad, even mundane
I still cherish them all,
I keep your words somewhere deep
Within my soul
Words are all I have of you
Right now

Theres something special I feel for you -
An emotion I can't pen
Its like love and longing and
Hope for that moment
Where we'll see each other again,
Where we can be together in the end
I can't tell you how much you mean to me,
For words are not enough
But still the thought of that glimmer in your eyes
And your head resting upon my chest
Is the moment I replay every day

And though I am far away

Theres something I need to tell you-
I'm waiting for a time that will
Let me be with you again
Im waiting for that smile,
The one that never ends.
I miss her so much
Alexander T  Sep 2018
Alexander T Sep 2018
what is the meaning of life
if my heart wants the knife

What is the point of love
if theres nothing to dream of

How am I supposed to live,
feeling this way
If I want to **** myself,
Every **** day

I keep searching for reasons
Theres only a steady hum
stuck with closed minded relations
hearing nothing but a drum

stuck in this war
I am cold and sore

I am doing the time
but what is my crime

I can see blood
It looks like mud
Theres nothing left in me
so why dont you flee

I am undefined
and not so kind

you need to see
that theres nothing left for me
I dont want to breathe
So say I wont leave
One may be  fun
but several can be even better.
She's got that  certin something.
But dam if her sister doesnt look  good  in that sweater.

Had this problem  since  I was  like five.
Two  might  be  tricky.
But ******* off ten  your lucky to be alive.

Im not a man *****  just gotta alot of  love to share.
A tiger  does fear text.
And Nine  irons  okay and left behind underwear.

I think theres a problem  when your black book
reads longer  than gone with the  wind.
I swear honey there's nothing going on.
She's just  a really hot shoulder inwhich I can depend.

Saying goodbye never has been much fun.
Bullet proof  vest  taser   peper spray no it"s
not a riot
Just taking caution  probaly be easier breaking up with only

Hey if it works for hugh's old wrinkled *** then
why not me.
But at this pace I'll  be lucky to make it past
thirty three.

I think theres a problem but that's okay.
Cause if I get the boot.
I got some friends  with benfits  house's
inwhich I can stay.

Im not bad  just a lotta fun.
Cardio is key.
When she pulls out the meat clever
dont play stupid just run.

And if I seem terrible keep in mind
it takes two to tango.
For what is the banna without the mango.

I think  theres problem that I really dont
wanna fix my dear.
Im a bit of a effection ******.
***** the cold shower how bout a warm bed and
a beer?

Call me terrible cause hell even I know
I'm not right.
We should  take this slow.
So how bout we discuss this in a hot tub tommorow night.

And if I did offend  with these word I've spoken.
Then please pull the twig out your backside.
Grab a drink have some fun cause was only jokin.
Life is to short to wallow in misery  live it and have some fun
treat each other right  cause there is no promise of another night.
cheers my friends
Anthony Moore Sep 2011
You have the right to love
and be loved as well.
The right to, not just break but, shatter from your shell.
Run free, run proud
sing to me and sing it loud.
Slacks and dresses spinning and twirling,
backs and arms bending and curling.
Dance like the puppets do
not seeing the strings touching you.

please puppet master loosen your grip
please god let his hand slip

Listen to me love theres no need
for the begging and the pleeding,
theres no reason for the weeping and the bleeding.
Never stray from whats true in your heart
and like a soft candle light,
it will guide you through the dark.

Now I've spoke with your master
it's not such a disaster,
he told me with no laughter,
"No one will ever out last her."

But the grey sky above has killed my sense of love
and with so much to talk about
but nothing left to say,
I bit my tongue
and just walked away.
Rachael Judd  Feb 2015
Rachael Judd Feb 2015
Controlling my everyday life
Taking my heart and throwing it against the wall
Wrapping around in my head to consume my thoughts
Crying and screaming against my throat
Crashing and thrashing its way into my body making me shudder
When theres a knock at the door
Lighting fires to my insides
Making my hands shake so someone will notice im unbalanced
Life ***** and I want to leave this place people call home, because no where is home anymore and I cant feel safe unless I am free

— The End —