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It was so sad In the days before Helen passed on
all throughout her life through
Helen had a total lack concentration all she'd do Is listen to radio her favourite
But did finally get her to use a tablet I put word search on for and she loved It
She became engrossed In! I think through Helen illness her mind memory was fading deteriorating fast she sat with her
It was so sad but almost cute to see Helen who was totally oblivious to any In the room or anyone talking to her
But so happy with her word search her eyes never lifting from almost from the screen like a kid with a toy but she
happy Helen had entered her own little world where she was happy and It's a comfort to know
Helen at that moment was free of worries and of pain she was happy and although It was hard to watch her slowly slipping away
To see her playing on that tablet with not a care In the world made me happy even though she was getting the point of not knowing who I was anymore
Her mind was going It was very hard to deal with but so cute she was
on tablet word search games I'll never forget those moments my God how I loved
Towards the end Helen was getting to point she didn't always recognise me but we gave her a tablet to play word search she loved It so sad that I was losing her but she looked so cute playing on the tablet she for once her life was free of pain and worries of the world In her own little world
Bygone are the maybes of yesteryear,
Make way for the probably's of today.

Gone are the ways of those festering years,
All those tears of sorrow.

Twenty-Five years, and far too many fears,
Have given way,
to the absolutely,
The easily,
The finally's of tomorrow.
nobody Jan 26
the door in my old room. the one with light blue sky and clouds painted over every inch of the walls. the two window sills in my room, with the dirt from when i’d go in and out of them. my ceiling from which i hung wind chimes. my bunk bed that had alllllll my stuffed animals on the top bunk. with a book called the anybodies (my favorite as a kid) to read on the top bunk with the fan on. anyway,
the door in my old room. i wasn’t allowed to close it, so i almost never did. but when i did, it was so I could write and draw on the white backside. my teenage poetry. pure, ****** poetry.
well i wonder if it’s all still there.
nostalgia is a slow, everlasting-like ******. a guaranteed good feeling. because i feel just enough sorrow that it’s the really good feeling pain because also, i’m happy as if i’m happy crying. if that makes sense
“i know it well” blood bank
momma, i miss you. i feel you. i only wish to ever be enough, and to be a good person.
even the best of us aren’t perfect hm?
my old door was cool. i miss some of those times. i feel like thinking about the lyric “hearts are broken every day.” has been messing with me lately. heartbreak (don’t judge me aight) reminds me that i am human. heartbreak makes me feel mortal in a way few things can. so what is the point of my life when i already know such heartbreak, it’s impacted me a lot, but it is simultaneously an every single day, multiple times per second occurrence. very common. very common **** my ****. that **** hurts in a good way you feel me?
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Abigail Rose Jan 6
Blinking middle age
word ***** is everywhere
Diagnose the flu
ruqi Dec 2018
days without
are the worst kind of days
because they remind me of the time
when were still here
when we used to laugh all the time
and never be without a smile
even when i had trouble to

every day without
keeps me regret ever meeting
because people cry as much as they laugh
and made me more happy than anybody

all the days without
keep reminding me
that aren't here anymore
that can't speak to me anymore
can't sing to me anymore
can't smile to me anymore

days without
tell me that i can't live without
that i don't want to be anything without
that i am nothing without

still love
this is gonna be a pain to read
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Nearly eleven month of pain I've suffered since
My wife has passed on
Just when I felt like giving
up, a message came my way by
from a lady who had read a poem I wrote of my wife on reading she felt compelled she didn't no why
She needed to look after me and we've become friends
Although she Is many miles away  she contacts me at the end of her busy day
Brings such a smile to my face she makes my day my Internet friend doesn't no she has probably save my
A friend from out the blue woo has probably saved my life but dosen't no It
Saint Audrey Nov 2018
I can't see the bright side
Why'd you look me in the eyes
This time

But let's
Out or something
I've been feeling
Like its Sunday

So let's
Down to the lake house
I've been feeling
Like its Sunday
All the time
Aniseed Aug 2018
It's a dance I've forgotten the steps to
An equation, a misplaced formula
A melody with lost lyrics

Forgiving myself is as easy
As putting my hand on a hot skillet

Loving myself might as well be
Rocket science


Bitter are the memories
That marr my skin
In unwanted scars
And paint my prose
In purple flowers

Give me an IV
Of rain-soaked November nights
Or dry heat against my skin
And fresh earth between my toes
Or the feeling of a hand
On my shoulder
Maybe I need to talk to someone.
eF Jul 2018
Bending over backwards for you,
Only hurt my back and left me
Broken hearted.
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