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I still
don't get it.
It hasn't fixed yet in
my head.
He's not coming back
this time.
He's really
I still can't process it inside.
He's so cute the way he smiles.
He's so cute the way he laughs.
He's so huggable when he's happy
And even when he's sad.
He's so in love with me.
I agree he's the only boy for me.

He's so cute when he sings,
the songs he sings for me.
He's so cute the way he talks,
like he's lighting up my soul.
I'm so in love with him.
He agrees I'm the only boy he needs.

© Copyright Tyler Atherton
I'm in love. And for once in my life he loves me back <3
LodHi-HidLo-LoLo Oct 2018
(insert trap beat)
The name's Noah Kathman,
Known as the wrathman,
You're smart,
You're loyal,
Another one,

Noah Kathman,
He's back, man,
and talking smack, man,

Noah Kathman,
no more snazz,
all bout the jazz,
Noah Kathman,
he can get down low,
like HidLo-LodHi over LoLo

(one minute of silence)

uh uh,
uh uh uh,

(fade out)

...........uh uh uh uh,
(en­d trap beat)
This new poem is fire, lets get this trending.
Elizabeth Zenk Aug 2018
I sit in front of my fractured mirror,
my eyes dripping like raindrops from the canopy above.
I didn’t want to know
Everything crumbles and my heart begins to crack.
I missed my chance.
To see and memorize the niceties of your stunning mind.
I missed your face, and your words, and your grace.
I watched as it all fell apart, my vision blurring and slurring
My teeth chattering, my fist pounding.
Deja vu I guess.
Snail trails caused by sorrow streak across my face.
My hands shake with confusion
I thought we were over him.
But she told me what you said.
She said you told them you missed me, and you fell in love last year.
Now I’m back to where we started.  
I love you
I miss you
You’re gone
I wrote this with fuzzy eyes covered by saddness.
It’s nothing but pure emotion.
sankavi Apr 2018
"why do you like him?"
he's smart
he's funny
he's cute
he's crazy
he's friendly
he's kind
he's him
                                                 "no he's not. i don't see why you like him"
                                                            ­                                             "hes ****"
                                                           ­                                          "he's stupid"
                                                                ­                                       "he's blunt"
                                                                ­                                  "he's ignorant"
                                                                ­                                       "he's mean"
                                                           ­                        "he's not good enough"


                     ­                    no one sees what i see
                                he doesn't even see what i see
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Don't let me be misunderstood
the Lord must have sent you
but we know how that goes
messengers appear, leave faster too.

Saying, don't let me be misunderstood
Only possible with a voice gleaming
bright and loud; that's what you like.

Goodbye soft smiles, warm and aware
hard to say if we'll meet again
hurts, but i'll let you live you're life.
Katelyn Billat Oct 2017
Never fall in love in autumn.
Hear me again,
I beg you
Never fall in love in autumn.

Take it from me,
I have fallen in love in autumn.
And every time, it left me broken.
It seems every time, the passion dies,
Just like the leaves die and fall.

Maybe that is why another word for
Is fall.
Ironically, I'm telling you
To never fall in love in fall.

Maybe it's inevitable for me,
But I hope I can save you the heartache.
C Oct 2017
Who do you call when you are having the having the most miserable day?
Who do you call when you just have something to say?
Who do you call when you're doing just okay?
Who do you call just to complain?
Who do you call when you think you're going insane?

Who always answers?

"I'm trying to find the perfect one," he says.

Well, I hate to break it to you, buddy, but you're blind.
You lost your sense of sight a long time ago.
You lost the ability to see the beautiful things of the world.
The true things.
The honest things.

The things that love your stupid jokes and the way you laugh at yourself for telling them.

The things that offer for you to lick the brownie batter even though it's her favorite.

The things that will watch those horribly childish shows you recommend because she knows it will make you happy.

Those things that listen to your complaints about being tired, even though she is exhausted herself, and helps you find a restaurant to get some dinner when you could easily ask Siri.

The thing that, unlike most genies, would let you wish for more wishes.

The thing that you're too blind to appreciate.

Who will you call now?
True story, folks.
Arlene Corwin Feb 2017
Rescued Cat
(To Veronica, his rescuer)

This very eve
A cat retrieved
From execution -
(Known as ‘putting it to sleep’
In worlds polite.)

I am relieved.
Others too -
Others who were grieved
At contemplating Mickey’s plight.
(We’ve named him Mickey.
It seems right.)

Every living thing loves life.
Who’d take the life of such a creature?
Harmless, causing not one other creature
Strife?  Well, mice of course:
A course he takes out in the wood,
Hunting out there as he should.

Saved by the bell.
Saved from the hell of being killed
By skilled hands, skilled injections:
“Put to sleep” a healthy, pretty cat rejected.  

Time to cheer.
A darling, eager friend
Consulting friends,
And friends of friends
Until she reached the blessèd end
Of finding little **** a home.

Cat Rescued 2.15.2017
Cat Book II;
Arlene Corwin
He's saved!
I feel so different now
Its like a weight is lifted
Its so amazing how
All my views have shifted

Its like i can finally see
I feel renewed within
Here begins a new me
Christ has freed me from sin

Im no longer consumed by shame
Im not burdened by guilt
I look to you and know your name
My soul no longer wilts

Im a new creature
What is this sudden change?
I feel almost pure
Its such a sudden change

My mind was all dark
I was consumed by hate
But then you spoke to me like a beautiful lark
Your words were of love and it was like a grate

You pushed me out of my comfort zone
It was so hard
But now suddenly i actually feel at home
I no longer feel alone

I know you love me
Its like for the first time i see
Its you who i want to be
I want to resemble you more
So in my heart i will store
Your word i want to memorize
Your people i want to know
I want to actually show
How i feel in my heart
I wish i had from the start
But i can see all this time
Your hand working in me
Even when i was close
To taking my life
Even in the darkness and the strife
I can see how you took away the knife
And gave me something so much better
Your water will make my thirsty soul wetter
Your love i want to show
And slowly i hope to grow
I truy do love you Lord
The change Christ makes in me.
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