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She appeared innocent
She crooked one
She had a good heart
She had totally a black
She was always eulogised
She was often criticized
She appeared of sound mind and stable
She was arrogant, considered herself intelligent
She lacked courage and lived in silence
She was cruel and lived with arrogance
She preferred she
Lost grace and innocence
She got grinded with she
Like mite gets grinded with wheat
Admittedly, a truth!
Ekansh Kedia Apr 1
I tread beneath this limitless sky;
this limitless sky of which I also am above.
I soar high till my wings melt,
keep falling;
falling till I run out of breath.
But I am worry-free;
worry-free because I know I'll land on a fluffy bed.
What just happened?
What. The. Heck.
Falling, until I run out of breath.
Alex Gifford Feb 24
Truth will always win
though the arrogant seem tall.
The man who says there is no cliff
will be the first to fall.
- Jul 2019
Im the pinnacle of arrogance before success.
Tommy Randell May 2019
Do you remember them
The people who taught you nothing?
This may seem a little stark
Perhaps even somewhat shocking,

But have you, have you really tried
Keeping their image alive
Those people who made no impact
Neither made you laugh or cry?

So, are they even shadows,
Or semblances of moments -
Can you conjure them intact
Or even partial fragments?

Okay, they weren't cast as heroes,
They had no lines to speak -
In your life they were Walk Ons,
Dramatis Personae sans mystique!

But, perhaps in some future self
A curtain will pull back
And in your mind you will be shocked
To remember them intact -

Those parents, lovers, or friends
Who reached out but could not grasp
As you strode into your Future
And never once looked back!

You who make no promises
May still cause pain and hurt -
When all is dust and the wind blows
All rocks become sand in the desert.
Kiara Hoxie Jan 2019
Under your gaze I was lovely
Like the bright sun rising over the gray clouds
You filled the sky with shining stars above me
You promised me there was no doubts

But now your arrogant boasting crushes me
I become so insignificant and small
Like a blade of grass flattened by a falling tree
Now I don't recognize you at all

The insults and jabs are plenty
Though you search for those old stars
But my night sky is black and empty
As is my shrinking heart
b Sep 2018
i am nothing if
not just my mistakes,
with bones.

i will wear a cheap suit
to your dinner party
and hit on your wife
by accident.

im just so tired of pretending
id rather just be.

when you are those things
you just are.
and when you want to be
youre just toxic.

i am green.
with poison and absence
of anything someone would call
normal life experience.  
i cant tell *** from tequila
but i will drink them both
if offered.

i thought i found
heaven on the queensway,
it was really just a cable boy,
who wants to make music.
a sleeveless
snook that
shook the
world from
its bar
did then
retort him
as ye
professor traveled
in place
of Trump
where his
Cadillac in
the news
would cordon
worry on
his brow.
Donald on the stump
Yenson Aug 2018
How can my eyes hunger for tormentors bodies
where in my soul can I find desires for sadists
Eves threw on fitted coats of Marquis de Sade
borrowed his manuals and added even more pages
pierced the heart of a Dove defending his nest with lethal pins
And in joyous indignities with devilment aplomp
they reclined and crackled in wanton doltishness
He thinks of and desires us and wants to make amor with us

How can a heart marinated in love truely sincere
a soul ready to die rather than any harm to Eves
Be mother or sister or perchance even a stranger
alas in utter ******* and grotesque situation dire
Come undone with healthy pristine heart ripped to pieces
hung drawn and quartered and sliced in tiny morsels
Like fish baits for mice and minnows or hens clucking
All at the hands of Sirens who worshipped in Satan's cravens

How can a soul with only the spark of Salvation aglow
where it once housed his heart and enduring humanity
With brimful joy and devotions in fitting measures true
as all Eves where to him nowt but sisters and earth angels
Now his burning blood runs cold like rivelets in the Arctic
their words ring hollow and smiles shows rapiers of snakes
Nothing stirs desires for all Eves now seem and look like wicked corpses
Delilahs' wrecking vengeance on Samsons in wickedness supreme

Copyright@LaurenceA23Aug2018.All rights reserved
( Oh..please give over and go ply your delusions somewhere else, says I )
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