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Johnny walker Apr 15
I remember so well Helens her beautiful smile and her unique laugh and still hear her laughs and see the smiles through
all the
that are developed from the visions I see of Helen they are printed permanently In my
And still hear her laugh and see her beautiful smile
soon be two years since my sweetheart passed on from this life leaving me
But to see Helen just like before and to see Helens beautiful smile and hear her unique laugh from visions that are developed and perfectly printed In my
Visions of Helen seeing
her beautiful smile
hearing her unique
vioce and
Anya Sep 2018
What is being smart?
I've always wondered
Is it having innate talent?
Or being exceedingly knowledgeable?
Perhaps, having the skills to survive in one's society?
Is it a special skill?
Is it something that can be cultivated?
Is it limited to certain people?
So what is it?
I'd really like to know
crawl into bed
coffee stained sheets
i don't **** strangers
i don't bring tea to bed
not anymore
don't bring myself to bed
can't sleep in bed
aniket nikhade Apr 2017
Deep inside
Somewhere at the bottom of heart,
somewhere in mind
a thought runs,
a feeling remains
There is this thing called love for life,
which ceases to die.

A sense of attachment makes a way for sense of understanding
Responsibilty comes next on the list of priority,
then comes possession,
a feeling that can neither be ignored,
nor can it be denied.

Till now I was part of team,
however, as of now I want to lead the same.

So if you want to be a leader nothing wrong in it,
but always understand responsibility brings along with it a sense of trust that needs to be developed on own,
by one's own experience.
MST Jul 2014
Bombs blowing in the air,
ruins the moisture for my hair,
let dying dogs lie I always say,
as long as they don't get in my way.
Let those slum children die,
so I can let out an excited cry,
when my soccer team doesn't let a goal go by.
We should clean and fix this place,
I will say when I visit the disgrace,
how can a country be so displaced,
how did it become such a waste?
But when I get home,
I forget what I saw,
as I have no time to waste,
with society's flaw.
Daylight 4U2C Apr 2014
He bit the curb.
Does that make you disturbed?
She laughed at tears.
Does that deepen your fears?
They don't know when to stop.
There's no stop signs in this town.
If it's you, life's sad.
But if it's them they shouldn't make a sound.
Some don't fit in,
and they just can't help it,
no matter where they been.
I guess no one really developed it.

Whom I kiddin?
Some people are fake,
on the outside their only,
the character they make.

"Who wants to run like me?
Who wants to get away?
I look around,
but they all seem A-okay."
Well if he judged you,
He'd seem to be just fine.
But you'd never guess,
He's scared of being left behind.
If she beat you and spit in your face,
you'd figure she was spoiled,
but her life was just so misplaced.

Why do they have to smile?
Why do they have to drown?
Why do they have to go away,
after smashing into cold, hard ground?

I'd say you need a lesson,
but you've probably had one too.
Stop being arrogant,
if there's one thing that you do.

They've seen the grey clouds,
and you've seen the rain.
And surprisingly we've all gone insane.
So why drive us mad?
Why call us bad?
Make us sad?
What have I done?
but yet I'm being pushed.
Off my feet, off the swings, off the air, off the edge.
By you, by them, by me, by life?
I'm going to stand here,
and proclaim to the skies.
"For once, let this life be mine!"
"And please vanish the outer lies!"
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— The End —