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Nov 2018 · 113
Jayanta Nov 2018
Shadows are black
Darkness encompass around;
Shadows stand opposite to bright
Where opaqueness block the light!
Darkness of self
Encompasses with transgression;
Craft the shadow
Snag with off beam;  
Brighter exertion fade-out!
Obscurity of shadow
Remain in recollections!
Shadow, darkness, fade-out,
Jayanta May 2018
Something wrong somewhere?
River is supposed to carry water not silt!
It supposed to bless us with water and humus!
But not with sandcasting!

Something wrong somewhere?
Forest is supposed to encompass us with diversity of fortune not with weeds!
It supposed to bless with wilderness of life and opportunity to learn relationship
But not with generation of threat and depreciation!  

Something wrong somewhere?
Road supposed to provides us way to transfer,
Transfer of goods and services of our toil
Transfer of knowledge, idea and skills for betterment!
Not to transfer all the venom of destruction!
Destruction of nature, culture and people!

Something wrong somewhere?
Ruler suppose take position for welfare of all
Not for material gain, congregation of power and arriving at fame!

Something wrong somewhere?
People supposed to stand by the people in joy and in misfortune!
Suppose to stand for brotherhood and posterity
But not to abuse and overthrow!

Something wrong somewhere in the commencement
We unable to learn
‘How to learn and make decision!’
Because every decision spoils our dream, robbed our mammon of life!

Something wrong somewhere
Need to start it again from the beginning!
Jayanta Mar 2018
A wave of thought always encircles you,
A wave of yarn link to civic concern always involves you,
A hope for change always enforces you,
A longing for endeavouring cogent living always inspire you,
Your brashness for a transformation yields this long journey,
A journey for reflexion, inquest, elucidation and communication,
Communiqué for an unfailing thinking and for an effort for human wellbeing!
Now it is the time for us to continue this journey,
A journey of unfurling thought for rationality, fairness and equality!
In memories of late  Prof. S.S. Roy, Science Communicator, Researcher and Social activist.
Jayanta Feb 2018
You asked me,
“What work I like most?”

Really interesting question!
No one asked me till date.
Really difficult to answer!
What should I say …..

If I say caring child,
When they grow up they are independent self,
I can’t say they are my mirror,
They are individual with own stream of aspiration!
If I say household course
It is for the members not for me alone
No body appreciate! Put Complain!
If I say cooking
It is not for self
For the members
After their banqueting
I got the opportunity to eat!

If I say agriculture
It is not for self
It is for the member
No one consult me what to cultivate!
No one consult me when to harvest!
No one consult when harvested will sale out!
However, asked for my labour!

If I say, weaving
Outcome is sale out
Support the member
No one appreciate
Purchase only!

What should I say …….
Very very difficult …….!
Still searching a work of my heart and sole
Only to reflect “who am I”!
Dedicated to the women of the villages located in the Kohora River Basin
of Karbi Anglong, Assam India.
Based on experience gathered from the interaction with the group of women of these villages.
Sep 2017 · 555
Life around water
Jayanta Sep 2017
We create conduit for water to flow
Water flowing and revive life
Life bring cheerfulness
Cheerfulness change the face of the paucity
Paucity blessed us to search for changes
Changes makes it cheerful and vibrant with harmony!
In memory of the people living in Subankhata area of Baksa district of Assam, India; who practices traditional water harnessing system locally called as ‘****’; to overcome surface water scarcity in Bahabar zone of Eastern Himalaya.
Feb 2017 · 1.0k
Dream to sail
Jayanta Feb 2017
Try to sail my boat on the river
With a ……
dream to reach the Ocean
thawed in the immensity
and wane the self in verve of azure!
But when started to sail
Water ways displaced by sand-casting,
Stuck-up and waiting
Waiting to wane in verve of timelessness sapphire!
Sail, dream, azure, sapphire water way
Feb 2017 · 957
Direction of follow
Jayanta Feb 2017
Wind flow in the direction
As pressure directed it!
Water flows in the direction
As gravitation directed it!
We follow the direction
As inner voice directed!
Feb 2017 · 845
Jayanta Feb 2017
Shadows are black
Darkness encompass around;
Shadows stand opposite to bright
Where opaqueness block the light!
Darkness of self
Encompasses with transgression;
Craft the shadow
Snag with off beam;  
Brighter exertion fade-out!
Obscurity of shadow
Remain in recollections!
Nov 2016 · 841
Colour of life
Jayanta Nov 2016
We relate everything to colour!
Red directed us to Sun
Blue directed us to water
Yellow directed us to Soil
Green directed us to Vegetation
and white directed us to Sky !
These are basic to our life.
Red bid with energy!
Blue hold with trust and commitment!
Yellow rapt with happiness!
Green engrossed with freshness and fertility!
and White immersed with purity and divinity!
Anyone who born is associated with
one of  these colour!
We preferred for marriage of Yellow and green
and everything resemble to white when die!
Based on the interpretation of Mr Tashi Dorzi Thougan of Rupa, Arunachal Pradesh- India, who interpreted about colour in the life of Sherdukpen community of Arunachal Pradesh)
Sep 2016 · 814
Rain instill gaiety
Jayanta Sep 2016
Today takes a bath in rain
Feel it wash away my sins!
Toady takes a bath in rain
Feel it wash away my stains!
Today takes a bath in rain
Feel it wash away my ascendance!
Today takes a bath in rain
and rain  instill gaiety in me!
Sep 2016 · 2.7k
Misplaced and covered up
Jayanta Sep 2016
Everything misplaced
Mountain, hills, plateau, plain …..

Everything misplaced
Ocean, river, stream, lake…….

Everything misplaced
Happiness, serenity, tranquility ….

Everything misplaced
Humanity, empathy, brotherhood ….

Everything covered up
With masculinity of machines and pride!
Sep 2016 · 700
You enslaved me!
Jayanta Sep 2016
I was blossomed
With the blessing of mountain and rivers,
Grasses cover me
My friends sheltered in my fold!
But you didn’t like them!
My muscle and flesh
Capture water,
Release it for you  
Through the conduit of nature
With stored nutrient!
But you didn’t consider my contribution!
You didn’t selvage you’re thought with me!
You create your dream model
Without me!
Actually you act like
Savage to ruin me!
You enslave me!
Sep 2016 · 1.1k
Link in
Jayanta Sep 2016
They said
“You are different now!”
I told them – it is the rule of nature,
But I am carrying hardly
One percent difference;
Rest was set by the spiral code,
My base is also ninety nine percent same as of you!
They laughed and replied life is link in the spiral network
Our base was designed on sugar and phosphorus!
Feb 2016 · 749
Jayanta Feb 2016
There was a miscall
When called back
Only weeping was there  
then it was end!

There was a miscall
When called back
Only anguish was uttered
then switch off!

There was a miscall
When called back
Only hilarity was overt
then it was disconnect!

There was a miscall
When called back
Divinity replied
“good time is approaching towards you”
Suddenly call was dropped!

Try to call again and again
but line remains busy!

So, waiting for the miscall!
Jayanta Feb 2016
There is a transect from colour to colourless,
There is a traversing from sunup to sunset!
A track from vividness to lifelessness!
Morning brings colour to life
Birds sign and fly, hark back splendour of work,
Butterfly invigorate redden of existence
Existence of life in the doodle nature
Every one blossom for breathing!

But we are waiting for dusk
Becoming everything murky
Than eliminate nature from life
Carnage everything with our manliness
and swollen with pride!
Feb 2016 · 1.4k
Staying alone
Jayanta Feb 2016
Staying alone means talking with the self
Staying alone means reviewing the past
Staying alone means scanning the identity
Staying alone means recounting the plummet of felony
Staying alone means recovering the stolen glee  
Staying alone means invigorating yesterday
Staying alone means get ready for tomorrow!
Sep 2015 · 1.4k
Squall for creation
Jayanta Sep 2015
Squall comes in due to differences of pressure
Evolved by temperature,
But when it appears everything reformed to neutral
Calmness creates new ground for creation.
So they always tell that squall is required for creation
Because new creation evolved after destruction.
Let’s pray for squall
To wipe out the felony and annoyance
To prepare the ground for creation!
Jayanta Sep 2015
Days are not smooth!
Start with the news of conflict
accident, enmity, extortion,
inflation and starvation!

Clogs everything at night
with music of friendship and snigger
in the platform of virtual union!
But it is full with the misfortune of
physical aloofness and cloaked darkness!
Napping on
With a belief
to  get light at dawn !
Jayanta Sep 2015
The nature around us
Provokes to think!

The geometry of nature
Creates coincidences and intersections!
Coincidences of creation- destruction and re-construction!
Intersection reveals the connectivity,
Connectivity between deconstruction and reconstruction!

Geometry portray the commonness and uniqueness,  
Commonness and uniqueness between
‘image and number’ and ‘shape and number’!

It leads all relation to number relation!
Jayanta Sep 2015
‘Hemphu’ and ‘Mukrang’
Created this world!

We were born under the ‘Amora tree’
from the egg of ‘Wo Plak Pi’.

Then ‘Sum’ and ‘Sang’ trained us,
Edify us ‘karjong is everywhere’
It is there in air, soil, water, plant, animal.....
Every where!
So we must have admiration for them,
Must nurture and protect them!
Hearting ‘Krjong’ is a crime!

Now everywhere
There is a Chaos!  
Rain fades away
Forest disappears
‘Ingnar’ and ‘Bongkrui’ar
are suffering from starvation!  
Searching food here and there!

Now everywhere
There is a bedlam!  
‘Hanthu’ and ‘Mehek’ are wane
Searching them in day and night!
How we prepare food for ‘Thong Nokbe’!

Now ‘Hi-i-Arnam’ is wandering

Call everybody
Organize ‘Cho-jun’
to Keep karjong everywhere!

Call one and all
organize ‘Rong Arnam’
To shield karjong everywhere!

Call everyone
organize ‘Wophong Rongker’
To protect ‘karjong’ everywhere!
It is based on Karbi folk believes and tradition.  Karbi is tribal group inhabited mainly in Krbi-Anglong district of Assam, India; which is located in a rain shadow zone. They belief soul is everywhere so everything in nature to be nurture, take care and protected. There is a saying that after creation of world, creator sends two parents to the world and from them again different clan are evolved. Before increase of population creator sprinkle nine seeds to east and west, out of which Hanthu and Mehek germinated and flourish. The first Warrior Thong Nokbe introduce the practices of getting food from wild, he first prepare food from Hanthu and Mehek, so Karbi people consider them as scared food and it is mandatory to prepare it in every auspicious occasion.  
‘Hemphu’ and ‘Mukrang’ – the creator, Karbis hold in high esteem on them;
Karjong- Soul; Amora tree- Foudiaf mangrifera; Wo Plak Pi- Sacred bird (a mythical bird), Sum and Sang- first Karbi Parents;  Ingnar – Elephant; Bongkrui- Tiger, Hanthu- a verity of herbs ( Scientific name Gnetum gnemon L. (Gnetaceae) Gnetum gnemon L. (family Gnetaceae); Mehek-  a variety of Shed tolerating slending tree ( Scientific name - Mehek (Rhynchotechum ellipticum (Dietr.) Gnetum gnemon L. (Gnetaceae) Gnetum gnemon L. (family Gnetaceae),  Thong Nokbe- first Karbi Warrior; Hi-i-Arnam- Evil spirit; ‘Cho-jun’ – a rituals  performed once in three years in ‘normal circumstances’ or if ‘demanded’ earlier. ‘Cho-jun’ is performed for family wellbeing during which the ancestors from both the male and female lineages are also propitiated; Rong Arnam is another ritual observed during the month of Matizang (December) for the protection of the whole village; Wophong Rongker- It is believed that the performance of WophongRongker protects the agricultural lands from the ravages of floods and ensures timely rain.The venue for the performance of Wophong Rongker is the Wophong Rongker than (a stone shrine surrounded by a patch of forest – a sacred grove) situated in the nearby hill just outside the village. It is taboo to even pluck fruits from the trees of the than.
Sep 2015 · 526
Query of a casualty
Jayanta Sep 2015
Philosopher once said
“Everyone is involved in constructing their own world!”
But what I will construct..... ?
“At that time,
We are playing in the courtyard,
My sister cooking on Coconut cell
I was a fisherman, catching fish
( it was a world of imagination where sand were the rice
Leaf of pumpkin were the fish)
All of a sudden father’s voice is come in
He is running towards home from the field
and outcry “again it is coming, get out and
Let’s go to main road”;
My mother was almost pasty,
Elder sister pick up important things in a bag
along with some utensil;
In a moment all of we run towards the main road,
When we reached there it was full of fallow villagers
My father searching for my uncle in the crowd
and get him;
He took us to a corner along the side of the road,
It was small shed made out of plastic sheet;
Uncle said to ‘now we have to stay here until normalcy come down’;
We sit on the floor with my sister,
Mother and aunt both are crying,  
Father is looking towards the habitat;  
Water flowing in.....  everything immerse.....
Only the areca nut tree and bamboo indicates
Where our home was;
All of we are waiting for the moment to water goes out
This it is second time in the year,
Last year it was once,
Year before last year my younger brother was washes out;
‘Can you tell me how we stop this?’
‘Whether I will create my world far from the river or construct a wall?’
Devastating flood in our state sprak same question to everyone .
Jayanta Sep 2015
Someone observe darkness on the edge of the territory
Where our turret is located;

Everyone looking into it for decoding,
Decoding the darkness of our bastion and territory;
Talk shows are going on...
Everyone is quarrelling with their own view point...  
One is trying to profess.... ‘darkness emerging for a new embryonic......’
Another one counter act.... ‘darkness means light don’t penetrate ...
... how can you expect some new without stroke of light .........?’
In between someone tweet ... ‘as they behave differently we call them dark....’
Another tweet comes in .......... ‘it is not baryonic.........
.......try to assess the mass..... You will get the answer....’  
Debate goes on
Anchor asked for a break

Add comes in.....
..... illuminating the results of health drink to spout brilliance...
two and four wheelers run on.... as if going to search darkness in cosmos....

Put off the TV.......
Stand in the balcony......
Street light elucidate the road....
As if, try to cover up the darkness with gloss....
One pedestrian coming back from a wine bar.......
......and outcry.....
..... all of you are sinner......
Don’t cover up this with light and gloss
Let it be dark as dark matter
Stolen light and gloss unable to penetrate.....
..... let it be remain in the history as murky.....

Night bird crossed the light post ....
....and strike a chord to everyone that deepness of night is growing...
Back to bed room  
Laying in bed and put off the eyes expecting a new morning.....
Jun 2015 · 803
Let the Air to impel!
Jayanta Jun 2015
Let the air to blow
Cool down the indoor
Drive away whiff of wreckage
Waft away dart of rudeness and snobbery  
Make everything fresh and divine  
To begin the new days in tranquillity!
Jayanta Jun 2015
Brave - bold- bonny young are bloom here!
They have dream, desire and determination!
Preparing for peruse and practice,
Be desperate to   perform in perfection!

But we the elders try to eliminate them
In the name of enormity, efficiency and effectiveness;
Enable to create ground for their experiments
We are envious; don’t want to change our thought for them!
We fail to remember, their dreams are also our dream!
Because it’s grown up on the soil
What we prepare through our toil!
They grown up, as we prepare the soil!

But, brave, bold and bonny young are struggling  
Struggling to build their path to achieve their goal!  
Through a street which is full of snag, snobbery and sabotage
But they are poignant, they are pioneer.......
They look forward....!
Vacate the road for them now
Let them blooms further
To carry our seeds further!
Dedicated to the young people, who struggling by their heart and soul to chase their dream!
Jun 2015 · 2.2k
Allow light to break in
Jayanta Jun 2015
Some time Life is like a dark room,
Indiscernible indulge to intuit incurring infusion
Infusion of irrelevant and irregular,
Leads to a moment of disappointment and despondent!
But when light penetrate
Everything becoming vivid - vivacious
and set up Valve to visions!    
Allow light to break in and spread all over.......  
Make everyone spirited and shunt for
Peace and progress!!!
On the occasion of international year of light -2015 !
Jayanta Jun 2015
A-   ‘Dusk roofed me!’
B- ‘No! You are in Blister Effect!’
A- ‘Why?’
B- ‘Two penumbras overlap!’

A -   ‘What?’
B- ‘You are in wider sources of light!’

A – ‘Then what?’
B – ‘It attracts and unites!’

A – ‘But umbra is there!’
B – ‘It is with everyone, you can’t confiscate!’
‘It will hark back about nimbus- to shower – dispense water’!
Shadow of light is there throughout our life! But, it always compelled us to sense!  Sense the radiance and darkness of life! Ultimately nurture everyone’s creativity! It is dedicated to all the creative people who dispense water for life through their work and facilitate other to grow in their way!
Apr 2015 · 1.5k
Gala of spring
Jayanta Apr 2015
Now orchids are blooming here,
Sun rises by the call of ‘Koel’!
Sun beam around by the call of ‘Keteki’!
Everywhere fragrance of ‘Keteki flower’ spread out!  

It is the time of blossoming!
It is the time of celebration!

A gala for......
“Merriment of brotherhood,
Gaiety of collectively
High spirited choir with nature!”

People are celebrating spring..  
Dancing under the Banyan tree
On the mid of the farmyard;
Biting the drum with a wish
The Sounds go to sky and break the clouds
Thunder and rain follows.....
With promises
To watering the crops in summer;
People call it
“Madam ‘Bordoi-chila’ coming to her mother’s place!

Everyone venerate
For nature and season!
They pray to nature
Though their amiable laughs and ovation  
Showcasing gaiety of connectivity and togetherness
With a wish for nature’s blessing for production!
From today ‘Rongali Bihu’ is celebrated in Assam,India; ‘Rong’ means cheerful festivity and ‘Bihu’ the festival of Spring, which is link to agricultural activities. After this festival people will start their wet paddy/summer paddy cultivation with preparation of land. It is celebration for seven days. First day is marked for care of domesticated animal, particularly cattle.  ‘Bihu’ dance and song are the major part of celebration. Here, a variety of Orchid, call of koel (locally called as Kuli; Koel - Eudynmys scolopaceus- is a member of the Cuckoo order of birds), Keteki (Brain fever bird, scientific name Hierococcyx varius);  Keteki flower (Pandanus odoratissimus)are symbolize as the sign of spring. ‘Bordoi-chila’ myth link to thunder storm, this particular as per its roots means butterfly dancer.
Apr 2015 · 1.1k
On the cross road
Jayanta Apr 2015
I was on the way to find out my destination,
It was a rugged terrain without shed of trees on the road side,
Burning Sun shine on the top of my head and
Stony patches below my foot,
On a junction of the two roads,
You came out!
With …..
“Generous green of forest in our face,
Deepest blue of ocean in your eyes,
Melodious wind of mountain valley on your hair and
Splendid light of the don on your smile”,
As if this new path after this junction
going to lead me to the nature’s own womb.
Conversely, when we face each other you asked
‘Who I am?’ and ‘where I am going to?’
I was surprised; no one poses such questions to me on this long walk,
But I have already comes a crossed the Security man with gun in their hand,
The Beggar with stony beggaring plate in their hand,
The Food vendors with hot food in their basket,
The Knowledge tycoon with bag of books on their shoulder,
The Political guardian with embryonic power in their muscle,
No one asked any thing!
Not even look at me!
Probably for them either ‘I was insignificant or invisible!’
But your questions,
Compel me to think about my identity,
I don’t have a search engine,
to take help  from  the world wide web of identity,
So, when observing you with sensors of Imagination, Emotion and Cognition,
I found my lost identity in you,
As your child everything rooted in you,
Than I started to walk with you
Just to get the aspiration of living planet and
To protect you from the spite of ownerships, rationality, consumerism,
and demonstrations humanity.
But after a while,
Every one started to pose question,
“Who I am?”
“Why I am walking with you?”
“How I get the right to do so?”
Than I replied my scruples enlighten me to do so!
No one understands ‘what I replied?’
Now the Political guardian of the society starts a campaign,  
The knowledge baron prepared software for this operation,
The beggar and food vendor distributing the literature with illustrative interpretation,
“People like me are threat to the society”!
“This is an evil force of our society”!
The security man going to declare a ‘decree’ on
Emotion, Conscience, Humanity and Love.
Mar 2015 · 2.5k
Break the door
Jayanta Mar 2015
Door is a set-up to detach open and closed,  
Door is a make-up to split between outsider and insider,
Door is a structure to segregate have and haven’t,
Door is an arraignment to cover up sin,
Door is a perturb to nature,
Door is a device to support legacy of abuse,
Door is a tool to manipulate truth for concealing the phony;  
Door is a tragedy to humanity to isolate it from bionetwork;
Get up and come together to break the door to fortify bionetworks!
Mar 2015 · 1.6k
Jayanta Mar 2015
Now deadline entrapped!
Deadline to safe life
Deadline to take food
Deadline to drink water
Deadline to  breathe air!
Now dead line entrapped!
Deadline to recharge vitality
Deadline to recharge vanity
Deadline to recharge - cover-up felony!
Now deadline entrapped!  
Deadline to makeover
Deadline to sprawl
Deadline to crawl
Deadline to growl
Deadline to  haul!
Now deadline entrapped!
Deadline to  behold toxicity
Deadline to amuse atrocity
Deadline to submit buoyancy
Deadline to ****** and welcome grief I
It is the deadline for post modern reformation!
Jayanta Mar 2015
Who will talk now with common man gesture?
Who will give message now about humour and giggle of life?
Who will play the character now which can rejuvenate farmer’s dream?
We miss you,
In all occasion of acuity to animate!  
But we will carry your message of humour and giggle of life
To invigorate and survive,
Lead towards simplicity and acuity!  
Hope you will be there in golden paddy field,
In the blue river,
In green mountain
To remind us  
About humour and simplicity of life!
We have lost our adored actor Indra Baniya, who was only the fifth Indian and first Assamese to bag the prestigious Silver Leopard Award at the Lucerne International Film Festival, Switzerland. Our young days were passed listen his dialogue in Radio drama and later on film. He was famous for his humour and simplicity. In my graduation days in a public programme three our friend performs group recitation where he was there for his comedy show. After the programme he appreciate us and suggested in such public predominance don't carry loose pages with your poem in your hand, either carry a notebook or write it on card.  I still follow this. We have lost a great humanitarian who face every troubles in life with humour. May his soul rest in peace!
Jayanta Mar 2015
Nothingness always void,
There is something in vacuum!*

What we called as emptiness
Also having something
Full with energy and matter!

Nothingness always void,
There is something in vacuum!

If it gets the model set it will accelerate
Bloom and illuminate!
Nothingness always void,
There is something in vacuum!

In fact by mining the vacuum’s richness
A theory of everything may emerge!

Nothingness always void,
There is something in vacuum!

Space around everything is virtual
When everyone convulse for existence
Invisible firework display
It is dark energy
Take over the dynamics of creation
and we are dreaming!

Nothingness always void,
There is something in vacuity!

Explore your verve in emptiness
Gain oomph to illuminate everything!
Mar 2015 · 1.6k
Empty space
Jayanta Mar 2015
Everyone is odium to empty space
It doesn't have anything to convoy!

Everyone is disgust about empty space
It doesn't have anything to perturb!

Everyone have repulsion to empty space
Everyone is dithering to talk with self!

But I am searching for that,
Incapable to mark out
The empty space  
To talk with self!
Searching for empty space  
Departing from everything

Searching for empty space  
Verify my sin and accomplishment!

If you have any information
Please intimate me
With its boundary information and
Milestone of air, water, soil and life!
Mar 2015 · 1.0k
Gala for concord
Jayanta Mar 2015
We are obliged to almighty  
For our food and shelter!

We are gratified our supreme
Who caring us
From the infinity of sky,
From the top of mountain,
From the intimate green of forest,
From the profound blue of water
For our vigour and glee!

Let us come up to  
Sprawling green under the unwrapped sky  
Craft it an asylum
For all of us
Implore to fortitude of Boori Boot
To live together!

Let us rejoice in concert
For spring and new cycle of harvest!
Boori Boot is a festival celebrated by Hill-Miri –tribe of Upper Subansiri and Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh, India in the month of February. Boori Boot in local Hill- Miri dialect means to get together irrespective of caste, creed, age and *** to celebrate the arrival of spring. Another aspect of this festival is that people pray to the spirit of Boori Boot so that it blesses them with prosperity and frees them from diseases.
Mar 2015 · 2.6k
Celebration of flowering
Jayanta Mar 2015
It is the season of flowering
We celebrate the flower and tree
Pray to god keep it blooms
And save us with them!

It is the season of flowering
We celebrate the colour and new leaf
Pray to god keeps it growing
And help keep growing!

It is the season of flowering
We celebrate the fragrance
Pray to god spread out
The fragrance tranquillity, concord, amity
Everywhere for the pursuit of humanity!
Dedicated to the adored tribal community of India, who celebrate Sarhul. ‘Sarhul’ is  a festival marking the beginning of New Year, by worshiping trees. Celebrated by the tribal of Jharkhand and Odisha This annual festival is celebrated during the spring season when trees and other elements of nature are worshiped. Sarhul literally means ‘Worship of Sal’. ‘Sal’ tree is Shorea rubusta
Jayanta Mar 2015
It was dark outside,
Sun is yet to break the dark quilt of night,
I was on my bed,
Fighting with slumber and trance!
Fight hours after hours.... nothing comes out..
All of a sudden wake up with the sound in my door,
Run and open...
Newspaper was on the floor,
The hawker was passed by on his bicycle,
Sun already on the top of the mango tree,
My trance flyaway and stupor enclose by..
But reverie of politics over news paper again beat on..
  If you vote you will change your state of happiness.... with words on to with wealth
Mar 2015 · 999
Evoke the preeminent
Jayanta Mar 2015
Why you recall the grief and falling word,
Forget what they thought and said,  
Which restraint your spirit and rush scorch,
Retain the best and beautiful moment with people and nature
Smile and fly as butterfly did!
evoke, smile, fly
Mar 2015 · 2.6k
Jayanta Mar 2015
It is raining outside,
Everything wet,
Soil, tree, terrace, flower ***, gate, wall,,,,
But aridity stifles inside,
Head, heart, hand.....
Like the fruits of silk cotton tree,
Cutlery ruptures thought
Humanist is slaughters on the street.....
But slayer forget that
In extreme dryness
When fruits of dry Cotton silk tree explode
It’s diffuse
Germinate in wet soil
and grow everywhere,
Humanist will emit all over again!
Jayanta Mar 2015
Four of them are waiting for another four!
A - Sends a message
“ I am in trouble with traffic, will be late”;
They consider, it intentional!

B - Sends a message    
“I am on the way need some time”;
They consider intentional delay!

C- Sends a message
“about to reach, start”
They consider, may be need some time!

D- Sends a message
“ at  the courtyard!”
They consider let him come!

Four of them are waiting for another four!
Waiting in desire to discussed and resolve, smile and go!
Messages reach again and again
Four of them are waiting for another four!
Feb 2015 · 457
Shifting baseline syndrome
Jayanta Feb 2015
When my grandfather starts his career
He was engaged in field to measure and tilling of land
To get return out of it;
Once he said, ‘my father use to visit river every morning
To gather something for the day”!

My father, use to travel on bicycle
From village to town in morning and back home in the evening
He fetches his substances to support us!

When I start of my own
Migrated from village to town then from town to city,
Derived sustenance,
Up bring all whom I care!

Now my son
Prepare to migrate from city to megalopolis
To gather gen, awareness
To make an understanding
and to  navigate  in the ocean  
towards placing himself on a marked point!
Jayanta Feb 2015
It is a seminal deliberation,
Searching ways to
Cure our home!

Everyone demands,  
“It is transforming
From machinosophic to ecosophic
Way of life!
It is transforming
From city to village!
It is transforming
From road to river!
It is transforming
From car to boat!”

In the wilderness
Fellow species are in laugh and talking
*“They need so much of time to realize it!”
Jayanta Jan 2015

She had a dream to fly,
Fly to high!
Her teacher said that
‘Education is power and
Power can help in turn up the dream’!

So, she pursues it by spirit and mind!

All of a sudden everything change,
River spark up and everything trash out!
She is became alone
others are move away with water!

They bring her to their steeple
Now she rinse their cloths and utensil !  
In secrete read the paper, what they discarded
But don’t add power
Only buried her dream under the dry soil
Soggy with her tears!


I want to grow
But they put me inside!

I want to play
But they tied me with armlet!

I want to dance
But they fixed me with norms!

I want run behind the butterfly
But they keep on plagiarize!

I want to count the star in the sky
But they make me sightless!  

I want to make mosaic of dream on my slate
But they covert me to a string-puppet!

Now they want to put me in showcase
To auction me!

But, I have taken a vow,
‘I will break this showcase and
Built my own way to grow’!



At that time I was in my mother’s cradle!
My mother was flying away from the village
Keep me in under her shawl!
She was running through the forest
Climb over the hill
Cross the wet land.....
Want go far away from our village..

They are supposed to come on that night
And **** her!
Because   they liable her as witch!

My mother flies away from the village and
settled in rugged land in the mix of stranger!

Now I am twenty two,
Nobody wants to marry me  
Since, I was bringing up in a witch womb!  □□
January 24 is celebrated as the National Girl Child Day in our country. But it is the harsh reality! How all of we will make are hand together to transfer our daughter’s dream to reality.
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
Waiting for a makeover!
Jayanta Jan 2015
Waiting from a long interlude of life
en route for heed the hymn of eternity,  
Searching from a extended period
Au fait with a phizog of humanity,
Budge for makeover from sterility of life to nature’s tranquillity!
Dec 2014 · 1.3k
Settle on vocation
Jayanta Dec 2014
Whether drops of dew
Able diminish fire spark up in our home land?
Whether rice boil in well-off houses
Served the requirement of subjugated one of our home land?
Whether peace installed in meeting hall
Spread to countryside of our home land?
Everyone is in shrunken
With devastation malevolence’s follower,
Who dream that, they will make everything golden!
Therefore, my grandmother said
“We are just with soil, water and air
Don’t dream about gold or silver, it will wipe out your vigour to survive!
Go for vocation to nurture soil;
Bring in water, profoundly breath air...
You will grow along with other!”
Dedicated to people who lost their life , who lost their family member, who were displaced by militant atrocity last two days in my state.
Jayanta Dec 2014
Bring to an end of this
Game of killing!
Bring to an end of this
Game of power to exploit the hard-up!
Bring to end of this
Game of censure each other!
Starts and look forward for opulence of all and sundry
Standing hand in hand
Working with head, heart and hand
No one can stand alone!
Give us a chance,
to live in concert !  
Bring everyone closer!
Bring new trust to moving together!
Transmit and get going vocation for concord and goodwill!
Probably 2014 going to end with all mistrust and everywhere killing and atrocities spread up! All news paper and channels full with news to lost hope! Let us give a chance to compassion,goodwill, concord, togetherness to hope for new days on this eve of christmas and   new year !
Dec 2014 · 854
Feeble depiction
Jayanta Dec 2014
There was a day,
Water is flowing across hills to the valley
With the water, wave of sound is scrolling
melody of song and dance
Sprawl from hills to plains
everything glint up
‘Hoi la lia.... hoi la lai ..... ‘!
Rivers said to its people
In the hills “Barat’ is going on
Their women are determined to safe their nature and children!
Winds are blowing
From valley to the hills
In the wintery evening
Everything drenched by the aroma of new rice
The winds also carry the hum of ‘Mai Pathala’
Hills said to its people
Their young men are processing harvested paddy!
“Only sterile hills are there
Only sluggish waters are there”
They are weeping around
for land, water and food.
‘Barat’ and ‘Mai Pathala’are two specific activities associated with Tiwa tribal communities of Assam,India. ‘Barat’ is rituals where women go fasting and praying to almighty for the safety and security of nature and their fallow members of the family. After the break of fasting a celebration is organized where everyone sing and dance. Mai Pathala’ is process of separating rice grain for its plants , where paddy with plants are arraigned on earthen floor above which young boy sing and dance . Ultimately owners are happy and new paddies were collected safely.
Dec 2014 · 632
Chase of life
Jayanta Dec 2014
There is a turning point on the road
Where three different roads are connected to a point
One lead to holiness of eternity,
One is towards wisdom to explore through vocation,
and another one is towards world of embryonic market
to eat, drink and muddle!  
We are standing on this turning point
from a historic past,
Searching and researching
to identify the apt way to step forward...
Probably it is the great chase of life.
Based on the interpretation of Mr Changse Kanglom about life and its discourses. Mr Kanglong is village priest of Dihing Kinar Nocte Village, Assam, India a habitation of Nocte tribal community.
Nov 2014 · 3.9k
Dear one’s song
Jayanta Nov 2014
It is a tell of
two adored in historic past

“Their life was bumpy
No one allowed them to tie the knot!

They were lucky
Times permit them to get nearer!
In the fullness of time,
They are happy
Their new life is starts up!

They are starry
crops in their field are growing up!

They are brawny
Her haulage to a new hope!

Their hopes are turns to gusty
Draught spread out
Crops ruined up
and in the bolt from the blue
He breathes his last!

She is becoming leggy
Tears and torn encircled
People started to blame!

All of a sudden
A magic brings Mosey
A birds comes in and
tell   ‘I am here now,
Going sing everyday for you
and our up bring!’"

Then onwards
People in the hills
label birds calls are
the songs of their dearest one !

Now, birds are becoming honey
to everyone!!
Based on folk tale of ‘Sermaya’ community a sub-group of ‘Halam’ tribes of a inhabitant Tripura, belongs to North Eastern Part of India
Nov 2014 · 650
Imprint of head and heart
Jayanta Nov 2014
When it flows
It Moist the heart
and smiles manifest around!

When it dried up
Heart slice up with have and haven’t
and tears emerge around!

It is called marvel of head and heart
and hoard of past, present and it’s around
It is fragility to everyone
It is reminiscences around!
Nov 2014 · 1.0k
Levy to lead a life
Jayanta Nov 2014
It is began with cry
and end with cry!
But everything filled in between
With the thrash about a quest
to accomplish glee and sanity!
If it is engaged as
the journey through breezy
Swept of right and might!
It is the
Levy to lead a life!
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