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You stalk the wood on fleeting foot,
your ruff a misty grey,
like silent death, you hunt your ****
your eyes fixed on your prey.

Your lips drawn back, a silent snarl,
a growl caught in your throat,
your teeth sunk into now-still flesh,
dark blood stains on your coat.

You stalk the shade of empty woods,
as graceful as your ****,
look to the moon, my friend, and howl
as silent woods grow still.
Zero Nine Jun 2017
I wish for once your snoring
Was the growl you made
When you looked at me
Mims Jan 2017
The smoke go to your brain,
Even though,
We're told,
It only fills our lungs,
Cuz you just wanted fun,
For a night,

And now,
Your obsession growls,

While you try,
Not to let,
Engulf you.
Viseract Jul 2016
Me, me, me
Always me
Hiding away the monster
Hoping that nobody sees

I slip up sometimes
And a shudder through my spine
My head twitches to one side
And everything is red lines

Time for me to rise and make it end, once again
That voice in my head always putting me on edge
I talk to him sometimes, people think that I'm crazy
And perhaps I am, maybe, just maybe...

I growl in anger too,
A deep guttural sound
That makes people step away
That makes others turn around

I'm scared of my own monster
Perhaps you should be too
Because when I've had a **** day,
Target marked and he's hunting you
Maybe I'm the insane one here.... but it happens so rarely that I don't mind. Having a sense of power... its a confidence booster
Nigel Finn Jan 2016
Did you know that dogs
In their natural state
Never bark?
That we gave their sprogs
Such an acquired trait
For a lark?

They would whine and growl
If they were left alone
To be free,
A dog will even howl
But won't bark on its own
Apparently dogs don't usually bark. One of the little-known and wonderful facts I acquired whilst skimming through Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase & Fable. I'm starting to wonder if everything I learned in nursery school was a lie now...
Jayanta Mar 2015
Now deadline entrapped!
Deadline to safe life
Deadline to take food
Deadline to drink water
Deadline to  breathe air!
Now dead line entrapped!
Deadline to recharge vitality
Deadline to recharge vanity
Deadline to recharge - cover-up felony!
Now deadline entrapped!  
Deadline to makeover
Deadline to sprawl
Deadline to crawl
Deadline to growl
Deadline to  haul!
Now deadline entrapped!
Deadline to  behold toxicity
Deadline to amuse atrocity
Deadline to submit buoyancy
Deadline to ****** and welcome grief I
It is the deadline for post modern reformation!
You make a tent of
to cover my face
from the morning sun
and watch me breathe

When I move or growl
you kiss me with a smile
All this time
while I am still dreaming
you already know
what you are making
for breakfast

You gently stroke my body
With the feeling of a new touch
You don’t wake me up
but arouse me from my sleep
Caressing gently all over
you hug me close to your
We make love
Even before we wake up
for the day
#tent #blanket #morning #sun #watch #breathe #growl #breakfast stroke #wake #arouse #hug #day
A hair fell from my eyebrow
and landed in my eye,
it caused my eye to water
just like when you cry.

I cleaned it with my finger
which made this small hair slip
it landed underneath my nose,
just above my lip.

I hadn't noticed where it went
it lay there on my face,
and over time it rooted
and then multiplied this place.

I started scratching at the spot,
I thought I had a rash
but when I looked more closely
I found I had a moustache.

It was as I point out to you
protruding out of the skin
and spread out over many days
and now its on my chin.

I know I didn't have a rash
and it was as I feared
I never only had moustache,
now I had a beard.

This spreading still continues
and I don't think that it's fair
for from my head to toenail
I am now covered in hair.

I've tried so hard to cut it off
and every time I fail
but what is really worrying
is now I have a tail.

So if you see a hair that's loose
and resting on your face
I do suggest you take it off
before it grows some place.

Cause when this hair gets rooted
you see how it can take over
and it is so embarrassing
when people call you Rover.

I don't know what is happening
but when I'm in the park,
I run around, I lick my nuts,
I growl and I bark.
14th December 2014
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