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Cox Aug 2020
I love you, even though at times you are the **** in my garden.
Jennifer May 2020
taste the bitterness upon flowering
buds, it’s a bliss known only
to those who can bite the dark
and see the beauty within it.
Banele Dec 2018
Mountain flower ,
She kept on flowering,
She gave the green grass utmost flowering,
She kept on flowering
Onto the rocks of the mountain
She grew and glowed
Away from the shades of darkness
She ran and rest at the shades of light.
With the rock ahead , she turned,
With the baking sun
She longed for the cool shade
under the vine ,climbing on another vine.
She ogled like a seductive goddess ,
Like boiling water she kept boiling.
Mountain flower.

Praise not the barren, praise the rich consummate flower,
Fair only to those without sight, so full of internal power.
None nobler with an unlimiting petaled command,
Given by the earth’s love to all the native land.
Given a successive name, tall, short, light or dark,
Drawn from those once hidden away in the human Ark.
It is now, as when on the holiest of land
No less joyful as it spreads around my willful gland.
Covering the breach, and lengthening the strand
Rising like the Prince of Consummation’s imagined height,
Coming tumbling downward with diminished fight.
To unbetray the plot free of public scorn,
For this is our only blessing until his blest return.
To all those heaps which one petal does nigh bind,
Blown off, and scattered like tumble weeds that unwind.
What strength can you or your designs propose
With naked friends who round you upturn their toes?
If the flower is doubtful of how it should you use,
A foreign object would more satisfy its queenly news.
The proud stamen would assemble a friendship ring,
Foment the battle, and support the coming King.
Nor would this royal party ever unite
When in the flower’s arms, it strains to set it right.
Or if understood, the gripping interest soon shall break,
And by odious aid, make the reed return to the weak.
All sorts of vessels, by their successful arts,
Abhorring the panting, encountering their altered hearts.
From love’s incandescent rule, and a heart beats nature’s cry,
Thought, passion, common-wealth and health all belie
As the flower is the champion of all the public good.
As into her arms falls another chief of royal blood,
What may not the suitor hope, and to what applause
Might such a King regain by the flower’s cause.

Nature oh nature - how beautiful is your cause...
Danielle Mar 2018
Perhaps, sometimes,
I wonder at your indecision.
A little bright leaf.
Refusing to touch the ground.
But there’s very little wrong with the ground.
And in touching it,
Something astounding might begin to flower.
Written about a friend who was almost a whirlwind incarnate lol, always doing something.
K Balachandran Jul 2017
She goes on sniffing him like a hunter's dog, persistent,
He eats her hurriedly as if she is a honey filled cake,
Chance  ****** encounter, unbridled wild desires run amok.
They are fully taken over by the agile demons of ***** amour.
Completely  forget shame, even  the thought of sin, altogether.
Make the bed a ground where they play with such vehemence!

She is a rare tree, yielding to caressing touch, flowering all over.
The goose bumps refusing to disappear,tell the whole untold story.
She makes noises of approval, while tracking the scent downwards
When she  finds the bone at last, she doesn't know what she does!
All  unapologetic shenanigans!
This feeling is more flowering
When I was showered by an unending love
There is even a seed of feelings that have grown inside since then
I can not refuse
These flowering feelings are increasingly flowering
Snehith Kumbla May 2016
summer burns out
its ****-end,
out it goes in
an ember glow,
wrap the skies,
and a tree attires
itself in new clothes...
Jayanta Mar 2015
It is the season of flowering
We celebrate the flower and tree
Pray to god keep it blooms
And save us with them!

It is the season of flowering
We celebrate the colour and new leaf
Pray to god keeps it growing
And help keep growing!

It is the season of flowering
We celebrate the fragrance
Pray to god spread out
The fragrance tranquillity, concord, amity
Everywhere for the pursuit of humanity!
Dedicated to the adored tribal community of India, who celebrate Sarhul. ‘Sarhul’ is  a festival marking the beginning of New Year, by worshiping trees. Celebrated by the tribal of Jharkhand and Odisha This annual festival is celebrated during the spring season when trees and other elements of nature are worshiped. Sarhul literally means ‘Worship of Sal’. ‘Sal’ tree is Shorea rubusta

— The End —