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Jayanta Mar 2018
A wave of thought always encircles you,
A wave of yarn link to civic concern always involves you,
A hope for change always enforces you,
A longing for endeavouring cogent living always inspire you,
Your brashness for a transformation yields this long journey,
A journey for reflexion, inquest, elucidation and communication,
Communiqué for an unfailing thinking and for an effort for human wellbeing!
Now it is the time for us to continue this journey,
A journey of unfurling thought for rationality, fairness and equality!
In memories of late  Prof. S.S. Roy, Science Communicator, Researcher and Social activist.
Jayanta Jan 2015
Waiting from a long interlude of life
en route for heed the hymn of eternity,  
Searching from a extended period
Au fait with a phizog of humanity,
Budge for makeover from sterility of life to nature’s tranquillity!
Amitav Radiance Jul 2014
The caterpillar is busy doing its job
Gorging away at the leaves
It has the duty to grow rapidly
Chrysalis gives it a new identity
A beautiful butterfly comes to life

— The End —