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A place void of shape.
Exists within my mind's eye.
Past words; only faith.
my inalienable
right keeps
me brilliant
as jazz
in a
gem that
stars wonder
but in
their moments
here I
tweet too
as the
bird sings
as Dizzy's
wishes register
their key
note again
a be-bop  duet
Jayanta Jun 2015
Some time Life is like a dark room,
Indiscernible indulge to intuit incurring infusion
Infusion of irrelevant and irregular,
Leads to a moment of disappointment and despondent!
But when light penetrate
Everything becoming vivid - vivacious
and set up Valve to visions!    
Allow light to break in and spread all over.......  
Make everyone spirited and shunt for
Peace and progress!!!
On the occasion of international year of light -2015 !

— The End —