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Mongi Jan 2018

Diamonds in the sky
Pearls in the ocean
Gold in the soil
Precious stone
Which can't you be?
Young, bright and free

So fine and even,
Like the clear day sky
Your smile vivacious
Like a million fine diamonds,
You set the nights ablaze
You confidently show,
With no bruise from your trials
Only you spark a selfless shine

Exclusive and limited edition
Heaven's aesthetic design
The Porter's only master piece
Souvenir to the one who tastes your glory
Who could ever escape your reign,
Whether in memory, or in fantasy
Or in absolute consciousness?

True splendor of all womanhood
The only feminine beauty the earth has ever had
Prestigious gift from nature's generosity
Like the light of the day
No one competes with you to shine
No one would match even if they tried
You're your own time, and your own space
For you stand alone, and you stand out

Well of colorful butterflies
Spring of all happy colors
Architect of the rainbow
All your shades allure
All from your core
Perfect inside out
The colour of your heart

Mongi C. Nkabindze
I'm so terrible at this! Oh...
Julia Locy Nov 2016
Every day we move through life. In my experience not many people pay attention to others. Being self centered and self obsessed. Not considering that each person has their own individual battles they are fighting through. Life is a rollercoaster. There is disappointment. There are fall outs or disagreements. There are glaringly happy situations. But what I find ******* is that some people can't respect others or their feelings. No respect for their personal endeavors. I refuse to conform and be someones foot stool for all of their possible petty issues. I will listen. I will love. I will give people the respect they deserve. But don't ask me to sacrifice myself for someones amusement. I don't deserve to be treated as if I am insignificant. I am a living, breathing, and vivacious person. I will not be dulled by the entitlement of others.
sweet ridicule Apr 2016
Dancesong soul your
gentle yet competent –oh so competent—
fingers are mesmerizing with
chipped baby blue nail polish
adorning the clear keratin
you often forget exists.

you also quickly cease to remember that
You Exist.  kaleidoscopic and symphonious
tremors of life can break
you in violent waves or soft
eucalyptus scented embraces
oscillating between ecstasy and
euphonious melancholy
is Okay.

raging with life
stay vivacious and full of
sweet scented oils and soft yet strong
--oh so strong—
for my dearest friend
Jayanta Jun 2015
Some time Life is like a dark room,
Indiscernible indulge to intuit incurring infusion
Infusion of irrelevant and irregular,
Leads to a moment of disappointment and despondent!
But when light penetrate
Everything becoming vivid - vivacious
and set up Valve to visions!    
Allow light to break in and spread all over.......  
Make everyone spirited and shunt for
Peace and progress!!!
On the occasion of international year of light -2015 !

— The End —