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SeaChel Feb 19
Only four letters
and simply one syllable;
such a dreadful word.
Eleanor Sinclair Sep 2018
I miss the smell of you in bed
I miss the way you kiss my head
I miss your hand on mine
I miss the way you‘d say I look fine
I miss your hugs and their encapsulating safety
I miss the way you made my mind act crazy
I miss our laughs and emotional talks
I miss the days we would go for short walks
I miss sitting with you in close proximity
I miss the way you looked at me in a certain vicinity
I miss your smile most of all
I miss your voice echoing down the hall
I miss your eyes and their gorgeous luster
I miss my inability to find words to muster
But I think about it now and I miss none of that
Instead I just think how I want you back
Because I don’t miss your worldly qualities
Instead I miss your quirky little oddities
Everything about you is beyond this existent
I’ve hit the point of full on admittance
I’m in love with your soul and your being
Of course I’m also in love, sweetheart, with what I’m seeing
But I want you for you and not what’s outside
The day you left me part of me died
I hope to see you again in my dreams
That’s all I have left now, so it seems
Kellin Aug 2018
you are the first drop of rain
after a drought,
the first blooming flower of spring.
you are a lover’s first kiss,
the feeling of shaky fingers intertwining.
you are the first tear of someone’s first broken heart,
yet you are the glue that puts it back together.

you are the warm gratitude of the thought that we are there in this planet at the same time.
Shewrites Jul 2018
No one knew
She is hurting

No one knew
She is bleeding

No one knew
She is already
Deep down
Trapped in

Fear of not belonging
Cast away because
She's uncanny

Frightened of
Another tomorrow
Knowing it's the
Sign of another
Dreadful sorrow
Full of misery
And grief.

Lost, hazed
And confused
Breathing but
Not living
Smiling but
She's dying
Suppressed and

Wanting to
Escape but
There's no
Route out

A butterfly
Seized with
A broken wing
Unable to fly.
Gray Jun 2018
Before i got out of bed everything was going okay,
But that’s before i knew that this was going to be the last good day.

I come out of my room and noticed my family gathered around.
The feeling in the room was painfully profound.

“What’s going on?” I asked in confusion.
I only wanted to end this feeling of exclusion.

Each one of them responded with a slight whine.
Their answer sent a shiver down my unsure spine.

“Please, I am very confused,” i say this time more intensely.
The fear building up inside was growing immensely.

Someone softly whispers, “Come on dear, just go back into your room.”
I can tell by their tone that they’re full of dreadful gloom.

Without hesitation i start to walk away.
What is with them today?
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
Boredom can cause you to do

That causes hair-raising
and spine-chilling thoughts
to appear in your mind.
Yet they never seem to hurt the bee,
only the bird.
Casey May 2018
She contemplated waking up before the rain
In the hopes of feeling something--
Something other than dreary dreadful dread.
Maybe that sounds childish
And maybe, just maybe, that's okay.
J May 2018
Troubles fill your mind
Rewinding to that dreadful place
A sorrowful time
That may never be replaced

And blood all over

And toys long gone

Grim signs filling that empty place
Long nights imagining that gruesome place
Beautiful sun coved with rainy clouds
Awaiting the time spring is set back in place
Ahsan rauf Mar 2018
Time can sway and can pass away
Love can sink but can never betray!

We are nothing than a dot of clay
For we are together and forever to stay!

A wish can live and die next day
This life is real but, alas, what a fearful play

The words I think, which I can't mumble
For they are dreadful and would make one slay
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
sending shivers up our spine,
twisting our eyes to believe what we think,
unable to move because we have forgotten how,
staring at the thing outside the room,
the hands slowly slid inside the room,
wishing to horrify us more,
grabbing the **** to twist the door open,
the long creaking noise that makes us grab our covers,
the shadow looms over,
their voice was cracking and raspy,
"what do you fear, child?"
our words seem to be taken away from us,
we are helpless like a lamb when its getting preyed on,
the shadow only chuckles,
"you fear, fear itself."
you can't answer
no, you don't want to answer,
"how unfortunate for you child, for i am fear itself. "

the thing it was,
was my mind,
their was no shadow but only the thoughts that wash over me,
for our mind is fear itself
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