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This society is seeming, if you cannot and haven't involve in atrocious thangs you  seem counted out in the society.

_It's more arduous if you're broke. Life in nigh *stuck
lamentation *in  oceans of temptation._

but hold on stronger
not yet the end of whole it, for no
_ matter how goes it,

dreadful night long, there shall always be a brighter day just after the dark.

  Going to reach peak 🗻, speak affirmation,
*Amen conclusion. - C9fm
Life in my community.
Traveler Sep 2020
Time is but a nagging measurement
Kinetic forces, inertia unleashed
Every birthday now forth
One year closer to entropy

Deformity of my spirituality
Preserve my heart in wine
The calamity of my existence
Chaotically divine

My charity dreary
My energy empathy drains
As I share your agony
To ease your suffering

I seek refuge
Alone in the wilderness
Drawing faces on the moon
Deities behind the clouds
Here wayward creature
Are solemnly set a fowl
Traveler Tim
Jessica Duru Aug 2020
Thunder rumbled at a distance,
and lightning crashed loudly
in the dark gray clouds above,
striking everything in its path,
and thus shaking the earth,
with everything on its surface
trembling with fear
The biting north wind came,
blowing everything in its way,
and swaying the trees
as they bowed at its command

Out on the lonely streets,
hooded creatures trudged,
with faces like that of demons...
Demons out to destroy!
In thousands,
they marched,
barging into every homes,
and feeding on innocent,pure blood
as the cries of their mothers echoed bitterly
in the dead of the night

Amidst the chaos,
laid a woman,
so weary and weak,
and breath almost drifting away
In her arms,
a little lad laid,
so tender and young,
but yet beautiful and pure
In his eyes,
she saw hope...
A hope she'd forever cherish,
and hold on to,
never letting go!

And thence came the demons of the night
In tens,
they marched through the door,
awakening her fears
their figures silhouetted in the dark
Her hopes,
her dreams...
All gone in a heart beat!
When Danger Lurks
Can you tell when danger lurks in our midst? NO! This poem portrays the demons of the night. They come matching in, with the aim of killing every newborn in their path; "pure blood", as they call them, They posed a big threat to them and so needed to be eliminated at once, else they grew stronger. They left the night filled with their blood, and the tears of their mother, dripping at their loss- It was one dreadful night, to remember!
Liam Clare Nov 2019
The light shines in the darkness
Although few can see it
It finds a way to shine through it
Those turn their back to it
Fear it will outstay
So they shove it away
Those that respect it
Have seen its array
Hoping it will sway that dreadful darkness away
In the poem the "light" is reffered to as a (person) and the "darkness" being (criminal activity)
SeaChel Feb 2019
Only four letters
and simply one syllable;
such a dreadful word.
Eleanor Sinclair Sep 2018
I miss the smell of you in bed
I miss the way you kiss my head
I miss your hand on mine
I miss the way you‘d say I look fine
I miss your hugs and their encapsulating safety
I miss the way you made my mind act crazy
I miss our laughs and emotional talks
I miss the days we would go for short walks
I miss sitting with you in close proximity
I miss the way you looked at me in a certain vicinity
I miss your smile most of all
I miss your voice echoing down the hall
I miss your eyes and their gorgeous luster
I miss my inability to find words to muster
But I think about it now and I miss none of that
Instead I just think how I want you back
Because I don’t miss your worldly qualities
Instead I miss your quirky little oddities
Everything about you is beyond this existent
I’ve hit the point of full on admittance
I’m in love with your soul and your being
Of course I’m also in love, sweetheart, with what I’m seeing
But I want you for you and not what’s outside
The day you left me part of me died
I hope to see you again in my dreams
That’s all I have left now, so it seems
Kellin Aug 2018
you are the first drop of rain
after a drought,
the first blooming flower of spring.
you are a lover’s first kiss,
the feeling of shaky fingers intertwining.
you are the first tear of someone’s first broken heart,
yet you are the glue that puts it back together.

you are the warm gratitude of the thought that we are there in this planet at the same time.
Shewrites Jul 2018
No one knew
She is hurting

No one knew
She is bleeding

No one knew
She is already
Deep down
Trapped in

Fear of not belonging
Cast away because
She's uncanny

Frightened of
Another tomorrow
Knowing it's the
Sign of another
Dreadful sorrow
Full of misery
And grief.

Lost, hazed
And confused
Breathing but
Not living
Smiling but
She's dying
Suppressed and

Wanting to
Escape but
There's no
Route out

A butterfly
Seized with
A broken wing
Unable to fly.
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
Boredom can cause you to do

That causes hair-raising
and spine-chilling thoughts
to appear in your mind.
Yet they never seem to hurt the bee,
only the bird.
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