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Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2020
First it might start
Like a wonder

It may jolt like lightening
It may crumble the ground
It may burn like acid
It may melt volatile promise
You may cry like rain

To water your roots
Get space
To bloom
Like a lotus
And sigh

Levelled up
This is your milestone
Yes you
Who is reading this
Genre: Evolutionary
Theme: Rollercoster, It's better this way
Note: If one does not rest in peace, Still time to strive.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2020
The sun strokes my cheeks
The winds blows bird songs to me
Day of birth has come
Hard to believe that I have made it to 25 years of age!
I have been blessed with another year and now, some changes will be made.
Thank you so so much for 334 followers, it's honestly crazy for me to believe!
Stay safe and well everyone 💜
Much love
Lyn 💜
Moving on the road
Don't know where it leads
Thinking on the right path
Stumble, but rise up!

Walk again on the same path
Reaching the milestone
But how to know it is this
Somewhere in the middle.

The feeling of completeness
Tells you about your goal.
If it is the same you are feeling
You have reached at one of them.
Milestone are like short term goal.
Francesca Nov 2018
It’s just another milestone,
You’re finally sleeping through,
People praise me - it’s a miracle!
I’m lucky to have a baby like you.

But it all just feels so final,
You’re to sleep in your own room,
I cried myself to sleep last night,
Memories of you dancing in my womb,

The empty space beside my bed
was such a shattering blow,
An overwhelming sense of loss
consumed me head to toe,

I sobbed into my pillow,
As your Dada held me tight,
He’s only next door, he whispered,
Let’s see how he sleeps tonight.

At 4am I heard you cry,
I checked to see what’s wrong,
You were sound asleep my dear,
Did I dream it all along?

It’s just another milestone,
I know everything is fine,
But it’s also another reminder,
Of the relentless passing of time.
My baby boy slept in his own room for the first time this week and I didn’t expect to find it so hard!
SeaChel Nov 2018
That day was a penultimate beginning of the end.
She had known it too
somewhere deep inside,
but it threatened to compromise her “happiness.”
So, she chose to disregard it completely,
although seemingly ridiculous notions
already started swirling through her mind.
Anxiety began to bubble up and
lllll  over.
Her locked away thoughts and feelings
ate away even more at her festering heart.
Then, it ended.
Slowly, so slowly,
she healed; returned to normal.
The scars are still there,
but she stands stronger than before.
Milestones hold some invisible power over me, but almost, almost I can breathe again
I write my heart out
In my thoughts and words
You will see glimpses of my soul

Two years of writing
Has brought in me a change
Meltdowns have gone down
A mature turnaround
I am all happy , yet insane :))
This part of me remains the same

Life begins at 40 they say
At + 2 ,
Young and free spirited mind
The child within me thrives

Sometimes I like my shell
Undefined solitude
Peaceful place to dwell

There is beauty and pain in the Walk of life
The beauty I love to rejoice and pain I learn to endure
To strengthen the core
The heart and soul

My calling lay here
Unknown to me for years
It was destiny and good fate
A passion for words
That led me to this place
Hello poetry
A haven for Thoughts and Words

Reading writing sharing
Has taught me
To imbibe , absorb and let go

Not moving an inch yet trotting the globe
We may never meet
But I already know
The hearts and minds of so many of you
Thanks for showing me your world
And sharing your thoughts and words

I have always been fascinated
By nature and philosophy
Here I read them in abundance
Enrichment it brings to my soul
Thanks for sharing the knowledge keep doing so

The lesson I took  to my heart ,
“Share the love , share your gifts “
Thanks for teaching me so

Life is uncertain
Sure , here I share my thoughts
And will
Whenever I can

Blessings to one and all
Peace love and harmony to the world
(19th Oct , I complete two years of writing)
Have been sharing my work here , since Dec ‘ 16 .
I want to thank you all for being a part of my journey here on HP and all the love encouragement and support!!

Also would like to thank
my cousin( Sparkle In Wisdom) here on HP,
She suggested I should share my work someplace, where I would be able to connect on a wider platform .
And ,HP happened to me .

Had posted this poem few hours ago have comments from (Lyn , Fawn and Ben , thank you so much for the same)
But I was alerted  By ( sparkle in wisdom) that it is not visible on my stream so posting it again !!
Twalib Mushi Aug 2018
It's good to see you dawn
Finally the two of us were alone
As you approach me with a wide grin
With your delicious sound
Well decorated with those birdsongs.

Dear dawn
I want you to say
Together we will reach a milestone
Hoping you stay
Strong as mountain.

Alas !!
I know you won't stay
Your really a bird of passage
Always you go away
Left me with nothing but a damage.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
I don’t know
Who I’m

May be, I'm
A collection of wishes

At the age of,
2, wish was to be like my father
5, wish was to be faster
10, wish was to be stronger
15, wish was to be popular
20, wish was to be myself
25, wish was to be reflective
30, wish was to be content
40, wish was to be in peace
50, wish was to be silent
60, wish was to be out of medicine
70, wish was to be free of pain
80, wish was to see more new faces

90, wish was to feel every single tomorrow
100, wish was to live  

I started to

So that,
I can fulfill
All my wishes
I reach 101

By next year.
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Human perspective cycle
Mane Omsy Dec 2017
To the milestones on the side
So far, I have walked alone
Waiting for a travel companion
To carry my weight with her
Laughing at silly jokes we share
I intend to keep her forever
And you have shown me things
Every traveler will see in his life

Then, passing time
We’ll share our heart
With some off springs
Blossomed out of her beauty
Her smile will be painted
As a perfect picture
On their little shining faces

Together, we will journey more
Till the end of the road
And depart away with her
Leaving wisdom and provision
To the ones we cared the most
I’ll carry her through the heavens
To an eternal garden of harmony
love you as always forever
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