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so they said to me ...
can you believe it?
so i told them ...
the nerve!
what are they thinking?
some people!

We are the reasonable ones
but They
are idiotic, stupid bogans
greedy arrogant money-grabbing capitalists
or non believing infidels

we are quick to form our clubs
our churches of belief
secure our self-righteousness
fomenting hate for others

we reinforce our togetherness
with short hash-tagged rants
we are bonded in our contempt
for those other miscreants

we forget our humanity
and squabble over scraps
while our planet dies
we draw territorial maps

we reinforce our borders
forgetting what our wars have done
to our fellow humans
what has our fighting won?

self interest media
helps to congeal
a fake ****** mess
a long long way from real

so spare the indignation
open minds and hearts
it’s only what we gave that’s
remembered when we pass
noticing seemingly more self righteous indignation in the streets
There's sense in every opinion
But are we ready to listen?

Or are we too blinded by
The loudness that glisten?

We are too tiny an entity to spare
But world to the ones who care

There's no division of our beloved sky
Then why my friend, why do we pry?
SomaSonata Oct 12
These long days I need to sigh
And take things breath to breath
Some days I escape to forget
My appetite's multidimensional
Even though the love is mutual
What happened to the ages lost?
Was today just waiting in the wings?
Motivation is like a ***** word
My lucky coin can't buy nothing
But nothing else can buy it back
Time to rise and shine
And get the wheels back on track
Watching cable TV
It screams a blue and red dichotomy

Blend to purple
Black and blue
What am I supposed to do?
Black and blue
Those aimless zombies missed the mark
But their shot rings true

In a state of disbelief
In a land of disagreement
I'll hang my hat on tempting fate
Knowing well I'll never get a second chance
I'll melt the polar glaciers
With the laser focus of an errant glance
These lost days I need to find my peace
And speak my piece
Let the dogs up off the leash
The fighting spirit runs wild and free
No mental fitness guru tells me who to be
Or what to say
I have a mantra I repeat
Again and again and again

I test the muddy waters
And dip my toes in
But the verdict is lukewarm
I steal the honey all for the money
District the bees that swarm
Why else, of course
Blend to purple
A royal cordial

Black and blue
No guru gonna tell me what to do
You’ve recalled what it’s like to be cold
in this blustered autumn wind
your fingers may be privileged
to flick a switch on central heating
and ignore the insistent, shivering world
while it continues to divide and burn
Quit your childish, mouth breathing,
shirt buttoned up wrong nonsense
and as a grown human
witness the others around you

Sometimes they cook and talk different,
sometimes look and worry too,
but as has been said for centuries
blood is always red
and there are way too many ******

The ones truly coming to take your lives,
your jobs, your holidays,
your houses, cars and sweethearts
speak on TV, Facebook, Twitter and the rags,
demanding you fear the folk
whose hearts and hands are desperate
to protect their kin, like you

In their money nests
the few snooze and giggle at your
wasted weight and misdirected roar

Bring it to bear
Brian Yule Aug 19
Morphisms ignored
You seed sour schisms
Divide & bleed
Bluster-concealed claw of iniquity
Blink & you'll miss misdeeds
Bleak greed breeds alacrity
Mimic predators
Crack fatigue
Shoved in your leaking maw
Sweet as a fatal flaw niggling
Raw needs wriggling
Impelled again to begin again
Fresh meat, feed me, let me sin again
Defeat just past the next win
But when
Actions unsating swiftly flow
Satisfaction ebbs
Objectifying friend & foe
This spluttering glut will not quench
You loved her in the womb,
Until you saw her face,
Then you decided she was an ugly baby,
You loved the story until you saw the person,
Then you decided you don’t believe them,
Because of their Race.
You wanted them teaching your children,
Until you saw their sexuality,
Their appearance their beliefs their eyes.
You loved them until you saw who they love
And how they choose who and how to love,
Then you decided they weren’t worth hearing.

You decided that they Are crazy.
You decided that they belong in a box,
Because we know “how to deal with people like them
How to fix people like them”.
But what you don’t do is listen.
You are so quick to change your opinion,
When you judge with your eyes.

You are so quick to tell call them worthless,
And to say, “YOU’RE FIRED”,
For believing something you didn’t.
You are so quick to ostracize them, to hate them,
To say that something is wrong with them.
Because you judge with your Eyes,
And forgot your heart.

Copyright Ashley Marlow ©
I am published in a literary journal for this work, it is 100% original work by me and I own copyright to it.
Do you hear the muttering?
Foul and desperate falsities fencing through the air?
Do you hear them cluttering, in fickle clamor over futures in despair?
Certainly you hear them fluttering?
In a fervent dichotomy facing disrepair.
All I hear is fomented stuttering, Sowing division, in deleterious affair.
Jayanta Jul 9
Vagueness encircled
Fragmented aspiration!
Vagueness crafted
Fadeout the dream of living!
Vagueness designed
Slaughter the humanity!
Vagueness contrived
Maneuver division!
Vagueness persuaded
Project masculinity!
Vagueness indorsed
Homicide creation.
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