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Akta Agarwal Apr 4
This world is changing a lot and everyone is busy blaming the youth of today
But it's wrong to always blame the youth ,
how can we blame the future only when without present we can't blame future.
Youth is the beginning of future and they can be the end of future if they didn't get guide of right way,
They have the only power to construct and destruct the world as per the guidance,
Youth are now living a virtual world on facebook, instagram or twitter ,they no longer need to speak face to face.
If they only knew the value of time and a lost childhood which is the one thing that no one could ever replace.
All the youngster want to cause riot but they also hide their faces in the hoodies,
The girls desperate to become thin and that's why they through their breakfast, lunch and tea at the toilet.
Each of us is born with a hidden gift but our future children have just forgotten how to find it.
Older generation demand respect but it's one way traffic as respect back is something they sometimes forget to show.
Instead of teaching our future generations how to fly we tied them down in the fear of if they fly high above us.
Bullies and racist still torture their victims leaving them to cry on their own because they are afraid of open up.
Sometimes they want to open up but we just ignore them and that tend them to choose the wrong path i.e .,destruction.
And then again present becomes the main or hidden reasons of destruction.
Because of our negligence their beautiful and bright dreams fades away and then their dreams captured by darkness .
The dawn of a new generation will begin and no doubt people will still blames the youth and will forget their deeds and negligence.
And the main point is blaming is nothing the ultimate solution if it's truly is then the presents itself have to be blamed not the future generations because they are only the key toy in the hands of their parents and they are the main culprit.
So lastly it is to be said our youth or we can say future generations is not only responsible for the destruction if they will have got the right guide then they were surely the proud reasons of constructions of the world.
So that's why Youth can be the beginning of destruction means end of the world.
Youth is not the main culprit
Torn Heart Mar 10
For you the days starts early
The sun rises fast
Hydrate hydrate hydrate
You need to last

Got to Get that asphalt melting
You Grab your mop
It Smells like money
Now Your slinging hot

Your roofing now
Its not for the weak
You must be tough
Almost a freak

As the day goes by
You are really moving now
Backs begin to ache
You persevere somehow

**** the break
The greenhorns quickly learn
We’re not going to stop
We still got hot to burn

You respect the danger
You know its real
There is beauty on the roof
Only a real roofer can feel

As the sun sets low
You start to wind it down
You put in real work
You never frowned

Be proud
Hold your head high
Your a god dam Roofer
You live in the sky!!!!
Ken Pepiton Sep 2020
As we flow imagining we motivate
our selves to go on,
crack the whip,
try oomph-ala
like… take and read the little book, or swallow
what you're told…

for any mind a thinking thing is companion,
welcome the strange
little light leading on,
for minded beings do not live by bread, alone.

Inside, we see alone.
Outside, I see all one. Am I enlightened,

I ask my closest confidant.
Ah, I utter

as a sigh, slack jawed awe, a we is made
right now --
me and thee, dear, dear reading being thinking

do you mind?
Did I capitalize on your confusion to stick
a point into a bubble you believed?

How would you know?
Omphalos is the hub of any bubble of being,
center of gravity, if I may
make that assertion
as certain as
may be in these days of knowledge expansion.
May is you word, now. You know.}
A stitch. Point of purpose, needles need thread, thread needs fiber, fibers must be spun. the point of a needle is for piercing, the eye is for sewing edge to edge, with thread. Nothing is simple.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2020
Use caution! Work zone!
Active poem in progress
Under construction
Wear helmets on site please or should I say on "cite" bahahahaha
Tom Waiting Aug 2020
To Destroy, First Build  (The Construction of Human Dissolution)

steely Ironies begin as the end nears, leather torn by fabric,
when humans begin the separation protocol, when first
we intend to dissolve, we need construct, *****., barriers

so true, good fences make good great enemies.
the invisible ones, freight train tracks running down the middle
of the bed, new lands of “his side, her side,” shut your light off!

he makes a joke, she don’t turn her head, maybe she, offers instead
a secret grimace, thinking inside too little late, bothering/thinking
go write your breakup poetry, that’ll keep you truly invested and

ocupado, lock door’d, why is my toothbrush in a moving van, that I didn’t hire, no destination home, notes passed via refrigerator door, what was  that “have children chatter?” months+words recent, huh?

just months ago, not confused, don’t touch his diet drink! man-o-man,
thank god we didn’t do a vaca drive up the West Coast, hanging with relatives in SF, LA not your town, you hate tinsel and pretense. BS.

arguing when we need to add gas, a wonderful double entendre, when was the end of detente, we abrogate the Treaty of Versailles, another place we won’t ever get to go-gether,
that just makes me sadly happier, and

I think; now I understand why he always booked us seats on airplanes separated  by the aisle, no head upon his shoulder, in my lap, holding hands needs disinfectant, social distancing solves many problems now,

need now, no asking how, to conceive destroy, imagine concrete:

first you must build, it’s how one does it, human dissolution requires work, malice aforethought, we both master builders, see yeah,  that’s a joke, a good one too...let’s laugh not together at us, our edifice crumbles
Ylzm May 2020
A post truth world:
     truth's a construction,
     witnesses manufactured,
     facts designed with intent;

Any lie is for sale,
     as it pleases the powers
     and brings in the money;

But your choice is your freedom:
     you believe
     what you want to believe;

     is your construction too:
     without power, without money
     but via the accessible
           social engine of truth manufacture
     many witnesses shall rise
           and believe in you too.
Aŧül Nov 2019
Rallying in hordes of horses,
Assassins from malsI pillaged us,
Maraud they did our temples.

Merely by converting out from Đhärm,
And reading the Satanic Verses,
Never you do forget your roots,
Demolish the original temple they did,
India is Bhāräŧ and will always be,
Right now the Hïnđū people celebrate.
My HP Poem #1806
©Atul Kaushal
annh Apr 2019
I do opine that a constant life, although agreeable in its construction and longevity, may render its subject without two sympathetic words to rub together.
‘Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?’
- Jane Austen
what was
at stake
there with
Homeric and
that equality
must examine
rush with
Fredrick now
outcome with
that matter
so embrown
Grecian with
extemporaneous wile
in this
mound of
their debate
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