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Jayanta Jan 2022
It is a place of abode to eternity
Everything is vivacious and startling
With the blessing of almighty!

Nature creates its own mystic presence
With its vigor and extensiveness
To make it generous!

Everything resembles with our life and its process
Inspire and embolden to lead the life!

In the end we return to the place
In search of eternal peace!

It is a place of perpetual wind
We call it ‘Balpakram’ !
Inspired by the traditional cultural believes of Garo tribal community of Garo Hills of Meghalaya, India. Literal meaning of Balpakram is place of perpetual wind in Garo language.  As per Garo traditional cultural believes Balpakram is a sacred place where human soul rest after the death for eternal peace. Garo people also practice conservation in their villages in the forms of sacred grooves, village forest and community reserve.
Balpakram is now a National Park in South Garo Hills district of Meghalaya, India. The forest covers the canyon-gorges and plateau with vivid existence of limestone, woodlands, and grass land and water bodies. It is the habited of Asian Elephant, Red Panda, Sambar Deer, Barking . Deer, Tiger, Leopard, Clouded Leopard etc. It is also enriched with diversity of flora including the Pitcher plant.
Jayanta Jul 2020
Vagueness encircled
Fragmented aspiration!
Vagueness crafted
Fadeout the dream of living!
Vagueness designed
Slaughter the humanity!
Vagueness contrived
Maneuver division!
Vagueness persuaded
Project masculinity!
Vagueness indorsed
Homicide creation.
Jayanta Jun 2020
Insanity engraved in
Exhibition is going on
Madness instill
Paradox of false learning continue!
Nature encores its own functions
So called exhibitionism never inspire
to learn, unlearn and relearn!  
So, madness continue
to engraved its own coffer for exhibition!
Jayanta Apr 2020
It was a sunny afternoon
You identify what is new with me,
I was in puzzle, unable to internalize
“What new you talks about”?
Then you underline on my notebook ‘
Put a margin remarks,
It is different here
Appreciate ‘humanize dimension of nature’
Be careful
“Do not replaced nature from the frame
Never forget about identity of culture rooted in nature! “

That’s you are, a curator of younger
And Pater for many one!
I know you become tired
In the long journey of loving and living!
I know you become aide-de-camp
By rapturing of your beloved one!
I know you want to go for a long sleep
  Please take rest in peace!
We will run-through the practices of curatorship for young
But not for incubation!
In the memories our  adored teacher Prof. Tritha Borkatoki, funder HoD of Geograpohy, Cotton College, Guwahati,Assam , India
Jayanta Mar 2020
You never realize you’re potent,
Always absorbed to ponder differently!

Your argumentative nature
Make many one peeved!

But no one realize
Where lies the
Idea of own thoughtfulness
Alternative thinking!

You mobilize the collective
To think alternatively
And work differently
To put colours in others life
To make them blissful!

No one able to forget
About your thought and effort
To form a collective
To putting colour of happiness for other!
Now everyone is committed
to continue your endeavor !
To bring colours of delightedness
to other!
In the memories of Alashree Basumotary, who was expired on March 15, 2020. She was an inhabitant of fringe village of Manas National Park and world natural heritage site ( inKokilabari area of Baksa, Assam,India).
Up to 2015, their daily life and livelihood was depending on NTFP collection from the park. It was mid part of 2016 Alashree lead five other fellow village women started their plan for alternative livelihood. In course of time Alashree mobilize and motivate more women and form Purnima Women SHG. Alashree lead the SHG as president. They started their venture of Chalk pencil production. In the process of pursuing their passion, they started new venture of dyeing of cotton thread using different natural sources including uses of leaves of different invasive plant. These ventures bring more secured livelihood to these 12 women. Their colour threads were used for apparel making, dress material production in handloom. Now all the SHG members are committed to continue the venture keep alive Alashree’s dream venture.
Purnima SHG was supported by Aaranyak( an NGO based at Guwahati, Assam,India ) under Manas Tiger Conservation Programme (MTCP).
I was personally involved with many of their planning and strategy making discussion, in-fact in a village level meeting where I was a participant ( as an associate of MTCP team )  Alashree and the fellow women for the  first time  share their idea of SHG formation and group venture. It is difficult to forget her thoughtful argument and desire to work together to change their own life and make bring delightedness to others.
Last we mate on January 21, 2020    (in a programme on “One Month Certificate Course on Value Addition & Marketing of Non-timber Forest Products (NTFPs) by ENVIS Secretariat, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC), Govt of India in Manas in association with  ENVIS Cell of ASTE council and Green Environment Task Force (GETF)),   where in a technical session  conducted by me, Alashree and one of their SHG member give demonstration on utilization leaves and flower of non-cultivated floral sources for natural dyeing. After the session Alashree jokingly told me you make us teacher too.
May her soul rest in peace!
Jayanta Mar 2020
It is the supply
Receipt of the followings
Ecological security,
Social and emotional security, and  
Economic security!
These supply are conditional
With the followings
Passion for naturalism and nature stewardship,
Care for humanism,  
Ready to co-exist with diversity,
And minimalism!
Total Cost for supply is
World with stable equilibrium linking to steady state
With additional taxes for negative externalities
And subsidy for positive externalities!
Receipt from mother earth
Jayanta Mar 2020
It is a call for ‘social isolation’
to make ‘social distance’ far-reaching
Isolate the self and searching for self!

So, lock the gate from inside
And Lock the main door!
Confined myself at house!
Try to find myself in the space within!
Searching for the self!

Searching self in the gadgets of communication
Unable to find out the absolute self …
It is Relative!
Relative to space and time ….
At point becoming invisible!
Question arises
“Whether invisibility link to infinity?”

Now, it is started to rain,
Sound of raindrops on the rooftop
Remind me
‘you are not alone’!

In-between ponder on
  ‘Existence of infinity’
“An infinite temporal regress of events is an actual infinite”……
“An infinite temporal regress of events cannot exist”!

‘Infinite cannot exist’,
Self is not infinite
It is miniscule!

“What is about sense of singularity
Individuality, or self-sameness?”
Is it there!

It is
Confronted with question of identity
In the world where flexibility expected
As virtue and
Accelerating change transfuses in society!

It is the call for ‘social isolation’
To make ‘social distance’ far-reaching
Searching self and
Answering who am I?
Pondering with pandemic under incursions   of Covid19
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