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Solitude Man Feb 2018
For in the algorithm of their minds lay deep strategies,
But it's a maze to a sepulchre,
a colonial mind with many rooms,
where other men are lorded to their satisfaction

For they stand in the courts, and declared to be like children
their smiles far from sinister,
but their minds create a haven like hell to those around,
though they decorate the sky like the western sun, they burn the roses with their palms like the Libyan desert sun

For their dearth of love, they carry out vengeance on the free spirited, they carry a ******* staff of justice,
they are the town criers declaring who ought to be colourful,
they crown the underserving and deserving,
their tongue a tidal wave of envy,
slander chokes their breath, loneliness fills their temple,
hatred distills their roller coaster pain.

Now I understand why roses wither,
But even the crumbs of love in these cactus hearts
will be taken away.

- Ola Bajo
martin murray Aug 2017
We are free!
We live in the land of opportunity,
With multicultural integrated communities,
Thank you elders for preaches, speeches of unity;

But now............;
I am sad, sad, sad, sad, sad;

The innocent live in a electronic prison,
And worst, some are slaves to the nation;

2017 the clink of the chain is replaced with a silent hum,
Even the whir of the brain computer interface machine disappears in the atmosphere glum;

We don't hear or see chains drag and clink,
As the imprisoned human's walk in sync,
The mainstream public unaware do not have a chance to bethink,

A spokes person will arise through the new generation,
With peaceful preaches, speeches to each Royal monarch,
And member's of Parliament to abolish electronic restraint's.
This is what cannot be seen, but is happening.
Jayanta Sep 2016
I was blossomed
With the blessing of mountain and rivers,
Grasses cover me
My friends sheltered in my fold!
But you didn’t like them!
My muscle and flesh
Capture water,
Release it for you  
Through the conduit of nature
With stored nutrient!
But you didn’t consider my contribution!
You didn’t selvage you’re thought with me!
You create your dream model
Without me!
Actually you act like
Savage to ruin me!
You enslave me!
Wajid Doumani May 2014
A rampaging torment flows
with every passing wave,
escalating regression
and stockpiling the rage.
Clarity, now a fading memory
wilting in the shadows of a cave.
The price of congenial lunacy,
satisfactory for those who enslave.
A "shawty" poem.

— The End —