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30.5k · Jun 2014
Meeting brawny
Jayanta Jun 2014
There are people who
Love to participate in meeting
And make storm and dream
in their deliberation;
But vacillate
For coming down to ground
And execute;
They are called as meeting brawny!
16.4k · May 2014
Jayanta May 2014
When you wrap Rainbow
Over your body,
Do respect it,
Befall gentle and quite,
Don’t turn into intoxicated,
Go with kindness and endure,
Then only blessing and
Breeze of happiness come up to you!
There is a hand-woven   Scarves used by the Sema Naga where colour of Rainbow are depicted on it (there are separate scarf for man and women with varied size but colour remain same, Rainbow). They have a traditional ethics regarding the use of this scarf. People believe that Rainbow rarely occurred in nature and it’s a creation of nature, they respect it. Rainbow coloured scarf is used by the Sema People on very special occasions, like marriage ceremony, Tulani (the festivals to care daughter and Son in-law) etc. Their rules for use and believes are narrated in the verse. It was shown and narrated the story to me by an grandma in Longtong Sema Naga village of Tinsukia, Assam, India.
Jayanta Sep 2015
The nature around us
Provokes to think!

The geometry of nature
Creates coincidences and intersections!
Coincidences of creation- destruction and re-construction!
Intersection reveals the connectivity,
Connectivity between deconstruction and reconstruction!

Geometry portray the commonness and uniqueness,  
Commonness and uniqueness between
‘image and number’ and ‘shape and number’!

It leads all relation to number relation!
Jayanta Apr 2014
‘We live with forest’ and ‘forest live with us’!
Tallest tree of the forest is the symbol of our hope,
The Python is our messenger of past,
Blossoming flower of grassland are our depiction of smile,
Birds are the our fortune teller,
Earthworms are our marker,
Butterflies are our messenger of worship,
We design our life with them,
They are our image of clan and family,
We can’t live without them,
Our aspiration is tuned with their respiration,
We are cheerful with them!  
Now, out of the blue, you arrived
and say we are poor!
So, you will build industry for us and give job to us!
But for that,
You occupy our land, our forest, our friends and respiration,
We never thought!
‘You are such a pitiable’
That you can’t build anything without our forest,
But you say, ‘we are poor’!

Please, go away from our blessed place
Don’t wipe out our friend!
We are rich and happy with the blessing of our friend
There is no need of your industry,
Please go away
Leave us alone we will design our destination.
There is a community called Khasi, inhabitant of State of Meghalaya, India. The Khasi matriarchal society has a cultural system, where they consider forest as sacred. They have clan forest, village forest, community forest in every village.  There is a saying that “Khasi live in forest and forest live Khasi”. Their lifestyle is designed with cycle of nature and nature stewardship is vivid in their day to day life. Now, different groups are coming up to the area, started to destroying the forest in the name of mining and industry. Ecosystem people of the area trying hard to raise their voice, but no one care about it. In every visit to the area I am becoming helpless!
8.3k · May 2014
Jayanta May 2014
It plummets and wave takes way,
But carries imprint of love and life,
Develop its niche through air, water and soil....
Refurbish to energy
Energies and connect web
Continue the cycle!
Jayanta Dec 2014
Bring to an end of this
Game of killing!
Bring to an end of this
Game of power to exploit the hard-up!
Bring to end of this
Game of censure each other!
Starts and look forward for opulence of all and sundry
Standing hand in hand
Working with head, heart and hand
No one can stand alone!
Give us a chance,
to live in concert !  
Bring everyone closer!
Bring new trust to moving together!
Transmit and get going vocation for concord and goodwill!
Probably 2014 going to end with all mistrust and everywhere killing and atrocities spread up! All news paper and channels full with news to lost hope! Let us give a chance to compassion,goodwill, concord, togetherness to hope for new days on this eve of christmas and   new year !
6.4k · Apr 2014
Prayer for Bamboo God
Jayanta Apr 2014
Consecrate us
to grow more!

Bless us
to climb high!

Craft us
to become helpful and useful to all!
Furnish us vigour
to stand sturdily !

Radiance us    
to swell your splendour and simplicity every where!
There many community in the North Eastern part of India who perceived Bamboo as a representation of God. There is a festival call ‘Bhatali’ in western part of Assam, where two Bamboo pole are decorated as bride and groom, ***** it on a tree, rituals are offered.  ‘Sonuwal Kachari’ a tribal community organized a festival called ‘Bah Gosai Puja’ (Bamboo God Rituals) in the first week ‘Bohag’ the first month of Indian Calendar( usually between April -15 to May-15). The Koch Rajbongshi people offer similar rituals in rainy season (in July) at Night; they consider Yellow Bamboo as the representation of God.    Apatani people Arunachal ***** a bamboo installation in front of their houses, believes it will protect  their house. So, Bamboo groves are maintained in every ethnic village here in North Eastern Part of India.  Bamboo is considered as poor man friend; Bamboo provides food, medicine, building material, resources for their craft etc. The words in the poem tries to summarized prayer offered in such rituals.
Jayanta May 2014
Let’s come
And have a fun
With numbers
To strengthen your balance sheet!

Let’s count.......
‘How many Kilogram of Oxygen you inhale per day?’
‘How many litres of water and energy required
for the food you consume per day?
How much ..................? .......................

Let’s calculate....
“Multiply the already estimated amount
By the total days you already spend on this planet.”
How much .........? ..............................  

Let’s assess the cost..........
“Multiply the amount of Oxygen, Water and Energy
with their respective present market price.”
How much.........? ..............................  

Let’s incorporate everything in your balance sheet,
Repay it to nature and
get the tax clearance from the Planet .......
Jayanta Apr 2014
My dear,
We have
Lost your image!
Display your vivacity!
Unable to recall your voice!
Speak loudly,
Through dancing with wind!
Forget your fragrance!
Spread it through wave!
Unable to recall your colour !
Delighted with your blossoming flower!
She replies.......
How can I?
Your bulldozer relics us!
How can I?
Your buildings stifle us!
How can I ?
Burning fuel of your vehicle and machine,
Intimidated us!
How I can
You called us ****!
How can I ....................?

My dear
Our imp dominates us!
Please salvage us!
My dear
Please extend your hand
To clutch and revive us.........
5.7k · Apr 2014
Lost wonder land
Jayanta Apr 2014
A grass land was there,
Birds use to dance around,
Their song echoed around,
Snake use to wonder around!
A grass land was there,
Porcupine, Rabbits, Pangolin........
Tidy around!
A grass land was there,
Raindrop meanders around!
Now only building and terraces are here!
Car and two wheeler running around!
Noise of human voice and machine thunderous around!
People use to say, everything is developing... in and around!

Still I am searching around
The elegant
Birds, their song,
The gorgeous
Snake, their beautiful scroll,
The Splendid raindrop on grass!
Still I am belligerent,  
Powerless to remove my childhood memories!
Still searching..........
The grass land....
In the town where I was brought up, a grass land was there, that was our wonder land, now everything replaced by human settlement
5.2k · Apr 2014
Let us dance!
Jayanta Apr 2014
Let us dance for pursuit of life!
See everyone is dancing
Dragonfly, Butterfly, Birds,
Ant, Monitor, Honeybee.... and
Assorted into eternity........

Let us dance .......  in...
Search of happiness, tranquility......
Enlighten everyone with glee and
Gain the spirit for life!
It is dedicated to all the choreographer and dancer of the globe, the great communicator, on special occasion of the World Dance Day, April, 29.
Jayanta Jun 2014
Pluck in center forward,
Self-starter in half-forward (right) and
Doers in half –forward (left);
Put Erudite as midfielder
Put Warden in back
Put Conjecture at last with
Scruples as goal keeper
Start the game
To win the cruise of life.......
In the memories of my childhood friend Robin, Who always ardent for football and try to interpret everything following football ground.
Jayanta Sep 2015
‘Hemphu’ and ‘Mukrang’
Created this world!

We were born under the ‘Amora tree’
from the egg of ‘Wo Plak Pi’.

Then ‘Sum’ and ‘Sang’ trained us,
Edify us ‘karjong is everywhere’
It is there in air, soil, water, plant, animal.....
Every where!
So we must have admiration for them,
Must nurture and protect them!
Hearting ‘Krjong’ is a crime!

Now everywhere
There is a Chaos!  
Rain fades away
Forest disappears
‘Ingnar’ and ‘Bongkrui’ar
are suffering from starvation!  
Searching food here and there!

Now everywhere
There is a bedlam!  
‘Hanthu’ and ‘Mehek’ are wane
Searching them in day and night!
How we prepare food for ‘Thong Nokbe’!

Now ‘Hi-i-Arnam’ is wandering

Call everybody
Organize ‘Cho-jun’
to Keep karjong everywhere!

Call one and all
organize ‘Rong Arnam’
To shield karjong everywhere!

Call everyone
organize ‘Wophong Rongker’
To protect ‘karjong’ everywhere!
It is based on Karbi folk believes and tradition.  Karbi is tribal group inhabited mainly in Krbi-Anglong district of Assam, India; which is located in a rain shadow zone. They belief soul is everywhere so everything in nature to be nurture, take care and protected. There is a saying that after creation of world, creator sends two parents to the world and from them again different clan are evolved. Before increase of population creator sprinkle nine seeds to east and west, out of which Hanthu and Mehek germinated and flourish. The first Warrior Thong Nokbe introduce the practices of getting food from wild, he first prepare food from Hanthu and Mehek, so Karbi people consider them as scared food and it is mandatory to prepare it in every auspicious occasion.  
‘Hemphu’ and ‘Mukrang’ – the creator, Karbis hold in high esteem on them;
Karjong- Soul; Amora tree- Foudiaf mangrifera; Wo Plak Pi- Sacred bird (a mythical bird), Sum and Sang- first Karbi Parents;  Ingnar – Elephant; Bongkrui- Tiger, Hanthu- a verity of herbs ( Scientific name Gnetum gnemon L. (Gnetaceae) Gnetum gnemon L. (family Gnetaceae); Mehek-  a variety of Shed tolerating slending tree ( Scientific name - Mehek (Rhynchotechum ellipticum (Dietr.) Gnetum gnemon L. (Gnetaceae) Gnetum gnemon L. (family Gnetaceae),  Thong Nokbe- first Karbi Warrior; Hi-i-Arnam- Evil spirit; ‘Cho-jun’ – a rituals  performed once in three years in ‘normal circumstances’ or if ‘demanded’ earlier. ‘Cho-jun’ is performed for family wellbeing during which the ancestors from both the male and female lineages are also propitiated; Rong Arnam is another ritual observed during the month of Matizang (December) for the protection of the whole village; Wophong Rongker- It is believed that the performance of WophongRongker protects the agricultural lands from the ravages of floods and ensures timely rain.The venue for the performance of Wophong Rongker is the Wophong Rongker than (a stone shrine surrounded by a patch of forest – a sacred grove) situated in the nearby hill just outside the village. It is taboo to even pluck fruits from the trees of the than.
Jayanta Mar 2015
Nothingness always void,
There is something in vacuum!*

What we called as emptiness
Also having something
Full with energy and matter!

Nothingness always void,
There is something in vacuum!

If it gets the model set it will accelerate
Bloom and illuminate!
Nothingness always void,
There is something in vacuum!

In fact by mining the vacuum’s richness
A theory of everything may emerge!

Nothingness always void,
There is something in vacuum!

Space around everything is virtual
When everyone convulse for existence
Invisible firework display
It is dark energy
Take over the dynamics of creation
and we are dreaming!

Nothingness always void,
There is something in vacuity!

Explore your verve in emptiness
Gain oomph to illuminate everything!
4.7k · Jun 2014
Post modern accord
Jayanta Jun 2014
There are two images
On the wall of the room
Where I live in;

One is ‘Gandhi’ on his way to Dandi
Another is of a ‘****’ with his gun,
In between the images there is a
Sprawling spider web,
Networking peace with warfare
Or warfare  with peace!

My soul mate said  
“Spider web trying to network
Post-modern peace with humanity & masculinity
So, that everyone agrees to it before deconstruction
out of trepidation.”
Jayanta Jun 2015
Brave - bold- bonny young are bloom here!
They have dream, desire and determination!
Preparing for peruse and practice,
Be desperate to   perform in perfection!

But we the elders try to eliminate them
In the name of enormity, efficiency and effectiveness;
Enable to create ground for their experiments
We are envious; don’t want to change our thought for them!
We fail to remember, their dreams are also our dream!
Because it’s grown up on the soil
What we prepare through our toil!
They grown up, as we prepare the soil!

But, brave, bold and bonny young are struggling  
Struggling to build their path to achieve their goal!  
Through a street which is full of snag, snobbery and sabotage
But they are poignant, they are pioneer.......
They look forward....!
Vacate the road for them now
Let them blooms further
To carry our seeds further!
Dedicated to the young people, who struggling by their heart and soul to chase their dream!
4.1k · Apr 2014
On the cross road
Jayanta Apr 2014
I was on the way to find out my destination,
It was a rugged terrain without shed of trees on the road side,
Burning Sun shine on the top of my head and
Stony patches below my foot,
On a junction of the two roads,
You came out!
With …..
“Generous green of forest in our face,
Deepest blue of ocean in your eyes,
Melodious wind of mountain valley on your hair and
Splendid light of the don on your smile”,
As if this new path after this junction
going to lead me to the nature’s own womb.
Conversely, when we face each other you asked
‘Who I am?’ and ‘where I am going to?’
I was surprised; no one poses such questions to me on this long walk,
But I have already comes a crossed the Security man with gun in their hand,
The Beggar with stony beggaring plate in their hand,
The Food vendors with hot food in their basket,
The Knowledge tycoon with bag of books on their shoulder,
The Political guardian with embryonic power in their muscle,
No one asked any thing!
Not even look at me!
Probably for them either ‘I was insignificant or invisible!’
But your questions,
Compel me to think about my identity,
I don’t have a search engine,
to take help  from  the world wide web of identity,
So, when observing you with sensors of Imagination, Emotion and Cognition,
I found my lost identity in you,
As your child everything rooted in you,
Than I started to walk with you
Just to get the aspiration of living planet and
To protect you from the spite of ownerships, rationality, consumerism,
and demonstrationist humanity.
But after a while,
Every one started to pose question,
“Who I am?”
“Why I am walking with you?”
“How I get the right to do so?”
Than I replied my scruples enlighten me to do so!
No one understands ‘what I replied?’
Now the Political guardian of the society starts a campaign,  
The knowledge baron prepared software for this operation,
The beggar and food vendor distributing the literature with illustrative interpretation,
“People like me are threat to the society”!
“This is an evil force of our society”!
The security man going to declare a ‘decree’ on
Emotion, Conscience, Humanity and Love.  □□
3.9k · Nov 2014
Dear one’s song
Jayanta Nov 2014
It is a tell of
two adored in historic past

“Their life was bumpy
No one allowed them to tie the knot!

They were lucky
Times permit them to get nearer!
In the fullness of time,
They are happy
Their new life is starts up!

They are starry
crops in their field are growing up!

They are brawny
Her haulage to a new hope!

Their hopes are turns to gusty
Draught spread out
Crops ruined up
and in the bolt from the blue
He breathes his last!

She is becoming leggy
Tears and torn encircled
People started to blame!

All of a sudden
A magic brings Mosey
A birds comes in and
tell   ‘I am here now,
Going sing everyday for you
and our up bring!’"

Then onwards
People in the hills
label birds calls are
the songs of their dearest one !

Now, birds are becoming honey
to everyone!!
Based on folk tale of ‘Sermaya’ community a sub-group of ‘Halam’ tribes of a inhabitant Tripura, belongs to North Eastern Part of India
3.8k · Apr 2014
Misfortune around a river
Jayanta Apr 2014
We had well-heeled days
With sprawling village,
Glowing crop field, homestead,
and flock of cattle !
We worked day and night
Made our life accomplish with fruits of toil!
Those were the days of amiable knot with everyone,
Spring was echoed with the   sound of ‘Dhol’ and ‘Bihu’!
Summer was fragrance with wet soil and mud of crop field!
Autumn was resonance with ‘Aoi-ni-tom’!
Winter was mirrored with golden Paddy!
Now, we are like a vagrant!
We work in other’s field
We are living on our landowner’s marshy!
“Have you seen that boat on the river?
  Our village was there!
Mighty Brahmaputra had carried away
Our home and glee!”
Now, we depend on our land owner’s marshy!
The river Brhamaputra flowing through Assam (a state of India), there are many places in the region where bank erosion takes place along with shifting of river course  and people lost their villages, home and livelihood. It is a great tragedy of the region.
When I visited one of the affected areas, a la-di-dah person belongs to Mising tribal community of Majuli River Island, shared this with me. Still, the drops of tears coming out of his eyes disturb me!

Meaning of the specific word used in the poem –
Dhol- a traditional drum (musical instrument), Bihu- it is a festival of the region and folk song sing in the spring season are also known as Bihu or Bihu Nam /Song, Aoi-ni-tom – a traditional folk song of Mising tribal community
3.2k · May 2014
Jayanta May 2014
When you drive into water,
We always wonder about
‘What you will bring for us’!
When you fly back with fish.......
We turn out to be delighted
Since you blot prosperity for us!
But when you rush back empty
We befall to upset,
As you bring misfortune for us!
However, we love you!
You are our fortune taller!
Manchalenka is a Rabha word, means Kingfisher bird. The Rabha tribal group is mainly inhabited in the state of Assam,India. They consider Masalanka as the symbol of fortune taller. Narratives of their
traditional believe is in the above mentioned verse.  They consider this bird as sacred!
3.1k · May 2014
Call for an umbrella
Jayanta May 2014
Please give me an umbrella!
It is so glittery,
Need to save them from daylight!

Please give me an umbrella!
It is so pouring,
Need to protect them from charging water!

Please give me an umbrella!
It is so scary, everyone carries gun,
At least I can carry the umbrella to protect them!

They are flimsy, delicate and hope for every one of us,
So, let me protect them!

Please give me an umbrella!
2.8k · Jun 2014
Jayanta Jun 2014
I have seen you
You smiles and
Pass by the Jasmine
and went to rose
It reminds Me
“go and search ……
Collect worthy one
from the treasure of the world
But remember!
You have to support other,
As I carries their message
To others,
so they able to create and grow “
It gives me valour …….
Inspired by the activities of Butterfly !
2.8k · Nov 2014
Icon of vigilance
Jayanta Nov 2014
I am in confusion
In my room
there is a portrait
on the wall
and the picture
Sometime smiles
give me applause,
sometimes smiles
and condemn me,
Sometime smile
and Question me !
When  share it to my
Fellows they tell me
‘You are lucky,
Somebody is there to caution you’!
One of them asked
‘Who is he?’
Really I don’t know!
But always alert me!
Everyone laughs and said
‘You are living with your scruples’!
2.7k · Sep 2016
Misplaced and covered up
Jayanta Sep 2016
Everything misplaced
Mountain, hills, plateau, plain …..

Everything misplaced
Ocean, river, stream, lake…….

Everything misplaced
Happiness, serenity, tranquility ….

Everything misplaced
Humanity, empathy, brotherhood ….

Everything covered up
With masculinity of machines and pride!
2.6k · Mar 2015
Celebration of flowering
Jayanta Mar 2015
It is the season of flowering
We celebrate the flower and tree
Pray to god keep it blooms
And save us with them!

It is the season of flowering
We celebrate the colour and new leaf
Pray to god keeps it growing
And help keep growing!

It is the season of flowering
We celebrate the fragrance
Pray to god spread out
The fragrance tranquillity, concord, amity
Everywhere for the pursuit of humanity!
Dedicated to the adored tribal community of India, who celebrate Sarhul. ‘Sarhul’ is  a festival marking the beginning of New Year, by worshiping trees. Celebrated by the tribal of Jharkhand and Odisha This annual festival is celebrated during the spring season when trees and other elements of nature are worshiped. Sarhul literally means ‘Worship of Sal’. ‘Sal’ tree is Shorea rubusta
2.6k · Mar 2015
Jayanta Mar 2015
It is raining outside,
Everything wet,
Soil, tree, terrace, flower ***, gate, wall,,,,
But aridity stifles inside,
Head, heart, hand.....
Like the fruits of silk cotton tree,
Cutlery ruptures thought
Humanist is slaughters on the street.....
But slayer forget that
In extreme dryness
When fruits of dry Cotton silk tree explode
It’s diffuse
Germinate in wet soil
and grow everywhere,
Humanist will emit all over again!
2.5k · Mar 2015
Break the door
Jayanta Mar 2015
Door is a set-up to detach open and closed,  
Door is a make-up to split between outsider and insider,
Door is a structure to segregate have and haven’t,
Door is an arraignment to cover up sin,
Door is a perturb to nature,
Door is a device to support legacy of abuse,
Door is a tool to manipulate truth for concealing the phony;  
Door is a tragedy to humanity to isolate it from bionetwork;
Get up and come together to break the door to fortify bionetworks!
Jayanta Apr 2014
They come and
Sale their wilderness
To the city!

They come and
Disseminate their chortle to city dwellers!
They come and
Teach business of honesty and humanity to the
People living in the jungle of concrete and sorrow!

They are prudent,
They are celebrant of
Compassion, peace and happiness!
Every Sunday in our place (Guwahati) there is a weekly market at Beltola. Many tribal women coming from neighboring villages to this market to sale different herbs, Serbs, creeper, roots etc for sale. These are collected from the wilderness in their homestead and village common land. These women not only sale these product but also disseminate many indigenous knowledge on food and medicine along with recipe.  They are so polite and witty everyone will be delighted with them. In every Sun day their smiling face reminds me about compassion, peace and happiness.
2.4k · May 2014
Weather deceive us
Jayanta May 2014
Our world is small
We sense content with little,
We are very small in this paradise of god!

We know simply ‘how take care of sheep’
and we moved around in search their food,
Because when they become happy and grow
They bless us to prosper!

People call us nomad!
But we are concern about the life with us!

When summer approach and snow started to melt,
Green covers spread out on the mountain valley,
We moved from the river valley
And spent the summer there-
to cater the need of our adored friends.

When snow starts to melt down,
We come down.

Now things are changing!
Last year we were divested.

We gather the information
from river water
about snow melting;
and moved ahead.

But without warning,
thunders come with snow followed by downpour
We have lost our children and many great friends,
Every one suffers!

Don’t know ‘why weather deceives us’?
In the memories of the discussion with nomadic herding people in their summer camp site, they are belongs to   Bakarwal community of Jammu and Kashmir ( near Patnitop), India, in 2011.
2.3k · Nov 2014
Jayanta Nov 2014
“Observe and listen to nature,
it will guide you to lead our life”
Give up your greed
Search out the need
Design your deed
In the way
Where nature meets!

Go by the way of nature
the ultimate creature
Give you pleasure!
In the remembrance of the conversation with two Lepcha women of Lingzoo village, South Sikkim, India. They said, ‘Observe and listen to nature, it will guide you to lead our life’.
2.2k · Jun 2015
Allow light to break in
Jayanta Jun 2015
Some time Life is like a dark room,
Indiscernible indulge to intuit incurring infusion
Infusion of irrelevant and irregular,
Leads to a moment of disappointment and despondent!
But when light penetrate
Everything becoming vivid - vivacious
and set up Valve to visions!    
Allow light to break in and spread all over.......  
Make everyone spirited and shunt for
Peace and progress!!!
On the occasion of international year of light -2015 !
2.2k · Apr 2014
Bunged up!
Jayanta Apr 2014
You branded me as Pachyderms!
But, your skin is thicker than me,
thus, my appeal never pats you!

You alter me to an exhibit ....
  .... 'Rhino show' and
  get earning from my show!

You **** me for my horn
to energies you and heal your seen!
But ‘Why don’t use your hair and nails?’

I am older than you
Carrying the heritage of  
Fifty million years!
We have the imprint of thirty million years in us!
Yours is only four million years!
You are quite junior to me in experience of survival!
“How, you claim you are supreme?”

This is my grass land
I nurture it with my compassion and essence,
My toil not only gives us food,
But we,..........
........Protect the sources of food for you too..... will get the fruits in future!........  

You never listen to me.... me........
.....Our hue and cry.....
...Unable to penetrate....
.....your rigid casing of so called kindness and charity......

Please stop your .........
.......cruelty and defacement.....

Other wise
Planet’s history will never forgive you!
Rhinoceros (comes from the Greek ‘rhino’ - "nose" and ‘ceros’- "horn"); is the one of the most threatening and endangered wildlife in the world. It is categories as Pachyderms (comes from Greek, ‘pachys’ -thick and ‘derma’-skin). Rhino caries the imprint of existence in this planet about 50 million years old out of which present species caries imprint of 30 million years; whereas human imprint is only 4 million years. Our vandalism on it is blunders to our future!  
Rhino’s horn is not attached to its skull. It is actually a compacted mass of hairs that continues to grow throughout the animal’s lifetime, just like our own hair and nails. There are a growing number of killings of Rhino only for its horn, to fulfil our faulty belief. But the Rhino habitat grassland is the source of diversity of grasses, which may provide us new variety of rice and wheat in future to face the challenges of climate change.  But our age old superstition invigorated with the availability of modern tools (an outcome of rational thinking and innovation). It is a tragedy of our civilization. There is a need for global approach and initiatives to protect this beautiful life and remove superstition. Let us try for it!
2.0k · Apr 2014
Observe and learn!
Jayanta Apr 2014
Sit by a river,
Inquiry about flow!

Look at sky
Think about infinity!

Travel in a forest
Look at the relationship!
Reveals, how tiny and pitiable we are
1.8k · Apr 2014
Nature’s arcade
Jayanta Apr 2014
Soil: the great connector and healer!
River: the messenger of time and energy!
Mountain: the mark of immense hope and stepping up!
Plain: the ground for practicing and achieving dream!
Flower: the smear of flourishing smiles!
Grass: the broaden of tranquility!
Birds: the messenger of exuberance!
We are only visitors to this arcade!
Since the don of our civilization trying hard to infer nature’s creation!
In the sweet memory of the conversation with the Mr Yrmolotha Phiro,a  ninety six years old Lotha Naga  gentleman of Phiro village of Wokha district of Nagaland  ,India, in January 12, 2014 . He share me their view on nature and human life  as per  Lotha Naga's  Ethos-Ethics and world view. It was a great learning.
1.8k · May 2014
Jayanta May 2014
Now, “When it shower leads to torrent
And when it glow leads to draught “
They call it Climate Change!
But for us, it is result of felony of our works!
Stop to devour mother’s resources!
Let her go in her own pace!
Cope with it, akin to our forefather and tag along the same path!
1.8k · Apr 2014
Waiting for them!
Jayanta Apr 2014
They will come and
Bliss us!

They will come and
Animate us!
They will come and
Resume us!  

They will come
So, we decorate our abode!

They will come
So, I go for fishing!
They will come
So, she bakes cake!

They will come and
Make us vibrant! Nascent!  
We are waiting for them
Year after year................
They will come.........
Bathe us with music and chortle......
Dedicated to Uncle Harka Bahadur Thapa. I met him three years back in Samrung (a village in Udalguri district of Assam,India). He was of 91 years. He came to this village at the age of seven with his father from a village of present Dargeeling in search fertile agricultural land. At that time entire area was full of jungle, they struggle a lot to establish their village with five families (now it is 120). Uncle Hraka Bahadur realizes later on, that even though he has good agricultural earning, he had no education. So, he gave outmost priority to educate his two son (the only children), they achieve it, well establish themselves and stay in abroad, working there.  When I met him, both of them (Uncle Harka Bahadur and his wife) were very busy with preparation to welcome their sons, daughter in-law    and grandchild; after twenty years they are visiting Samrung.  Still I remember their smiling face! Truly waiting for children to see their smile is something different........
1.7k · Jun 2014
Mail from Asylum
Jayanta Jun 2014
received a mail
from asylum ,
send a check list
Who is allowed to  
Visit the place!
These are
Doer for betterment of everyone,
Crusader of humanity
Harbinger of nature
Achiever of truth
Onlooker and caretaker
of concord.......
I couldn't able to positioned myself with any one
So, decide to stay on this planet only!
1.6k · Mar 2015
Empty space
Jayanta Mar 2015
Everyone is odium to empty space
It doesn't have anything to convoy!

Everyone is disgust about empty space
It doesn't have anything to perturb!

Everyone have repulsion to empty space
Everyone is dithering to talk with self!

But I am searching for that,
Incapable to mark out
The empty space  
To talk with self!
Searching for empty space  
Departing from everything

Searching for empty space  
Verify my sin and accomplishment!

If you have any information
Please intimate me
With its boundary information and
Milestone of air, water, soil and life!
1.6k · Mar 2015
Jayanta Mar 2015
Now deadline entrapped!
Deadline to safe life
Deadline to take food
Deadline to drink water
Deadline to  breathe air!
Now dead line entrapped!
Deadline to recharge vitality
Deadline to recharge vanity
Deadline to recharge - cover-up felony!
Now deadline entrapped!  
Deadline to makeover
Deadline to sprawl
Deadline to crawl
Deadline to growl
Deadline to  haul!
Now deadline entrapped!
Deadline to  behold toxicity
Deadline to amuse atrocity
Deadline to submit buoyancy
Deadline to ****** and welcome grief I
It is the deadline for post modern reformation!
Jayanta Sep 2015
Days are not smooth!
Start with the news of conflict
accident, enmity, extortion,
inflation and starvation!

Clogs everything at night
with music of friendship and snigger
in the platform of virtual union!
But it is full with the misfortune of
physical aloofness and cloaked darkness!
Napping on
With a belief
to  get light at dawn !
1.6k · Jun 2014
Rule of seasonality
Jayanta Jun 2014
Now everyone looking bright
Luxury flourishes  
Because she is watering on one and all!

But when she disappear
It will dried up
Luxury replaced by poverty
Flourishes will walked
Hunger spread out
Everyone will be in despondency!
1.6k · Jun 2014
Bathou Bwrai
Jayanta Jun 2014
You are invincible,
You are vigour of nature
You are all-pervading
Fire cannot glow you
Water cannot humidify you
Air cannot parched you
Assegai can’t engrave you
You elucidate our world
You point up way to our life
You are the source of our
Knowledge and happiness
You bequeath on us the lot
We need in this world
You are our Bathou Bwrai!
Our ultimate soul!
Bathou Bwrai- are two words from Bodo language. Bodo are the inhabitant of Assam. They have rich cultural and economic traditions.
Bathou - Ba means five and thou mean “deep philosophical thought”; Bwrai- the oldest or most elderly man in power and knowledge. The five elements are- Bar (Air), San (Sun), Ha (Earth) and Okhrang (Sky). Hence, Bathou means five principles.
The traditional religion of the Bodos is called Bathou which has been practiced since time immemorial. This religion is invariably linked up with and centre around the worship of Bathoubwrai, the supreme god of the Bodos. Hence it is known as Bathou religion. In Bathou religion, the Sijou plant (Euphorbia splendens) has been widely accepted as the symbol of life or soul .
Jayanta Mar 2015
It was dark outside,
Sun is yet to break the dark quilt of night,
I was on my bed,
Fighting with slumber and trance!
Fight hours after hours.... nothing comes out..
All of a sudden wake up with the sound in my door,
Run and open...
Newspaper was on the floor,
The hawker was passed by on his bicycle,
Sun already on the top of the mango tree,
My trance flyaway and stupor enclose by..
But reverie of politics over news paper again beat on..
  If you vote you will change your state of happiness.... with words on to with wealth
Jayanta May 2014
They remain in perplex.......  
...... Year after year........
.........for this butterfly......
...... it will come and sit on the flower .....
No one is censure........
......over the period trance blossomed.....
Butterfly takes a seat..... on the flower.... craft the route for a great continuity....
Both of them are now smiling.......
They have developed a new garden for humanity...
Knock down all the snag of cast and class........
Both of them are smiling.......
They tie the knot for existence, care and new vocation...
To creating a legacy of love and happiness.......
Today they are smiling under sprinkling of flowers and blessing!
Dedicated to two of my young friends who going to marry today. They struggle for years to arrive on this particular day, trying hard to break the hurdles cast and class. May god consecrate them to elevate their example of harmony and humanity!
In our India Butterfly is considered as the symbol of marriage .
1.5k · Apr 2014
Bridge to the island!
Jayanta Apr 2014
Everyone is an island,
But everyone is trying to connect the island with the main land through a bridge!
Everyone is trying hard to get the soil to grow!
Thus, everybody is busy building their own viaduct!
They build it,
With their own materials of heart and soul!
But when storms come hearts are split and destabilized,
Some time liquefy in rain water!  And Bridges break down!
Again it is becoming an isolated island!
So, in the race of edifice,
Everyone is searching for material of strongest and vibrant heart,
To build the bridges sturdy and eternal!
But hearts are delicate and soluble to state of affairs of life,
So, it breaks and link fall down, and
Every one becoming island with its own soul!
………………………..however try to Connect love and humanity, people with people, otherwise contentment of life will disappear for ever ,   … Jayanta Kr Sarma
1.5k · Apr 2015
Gala of spring
Jayanta Apr 2015
Now orchids are blooming here,
Sun rises by the call of ‘Koel’!
Sun beam around by the call of ‘Keteki’!
Everywhere fragrance of ‘Keteki flower’ spread out!  

It is the time of blossoming!
It is the time of celebration!

A gala for......
“Merriment of brotherhood,
Gaiety of collectively
High spirited choir with nature!”

People are celebrating spring..  
Dancing under the Banyan tree
On the mid of the farmyard;
Biting the drum with a wish
The Sounds go to sky and break the clouds
Thunder and rain follows.....
With promises
To watering the crops in summer;
People call it
“Madam ‘Bordoi-chila’ coming to her mother’s place!

Everyone venerate
For nature and season!
They pray to nature
Though their amiable laughs and ovation  
Showcasing gaiety of connectivity and togetherness
With a wish for nature’s blessing for production!
From today ‘Rongali Bihu’ is celebrated in Assam,India; ‘Rong’ means cheerful festivity and ‘Bihu’ the festival of Spring, which is link to agricultural activities. After this festival people will start their wet paddy/summer paddy cultivation with preparation of land. It is celebration for seven days. First day is marked for care of domesticated animal, particularly cattle.  ‘Bihu’ dance and song are the major part of celebration. Here, a variety of Orchid, call of koel (locally called as Kuli; Koel - Eudynmys scolopaceus- is a member of the Cuckoo order of birds), Keteki (Brain fever bird, scientific name Hierococcyx varius);  Keteki flower (Pandanus odoratissimus)are symbolize as the sign of spring. ‘Bordoi-chila’ myth link to thunder storm, this particular as per its roots means butterfly dancer.
1.4k · Sep 2015
Squall for creation
Jayanta Sep 2015
Squall comes in due to differences of pressure
Evolved by temperature,
But when it appears everything reformed to neutral
Calmness creates new ground for creation.
So they always tell that squall is required for creation
Because new creation evolved after destruction.
Let’s pray for squall
To wipe out the felony and annoyance
To prepare the ground for creation!
1.4k · Feb 2016
Staying alone
Jayanta Feb 2016
Staying alone means talking with the self
Staying alone means reviewing the past
Staying alone means scanning the identity
Staying alone means recounting the plummet of felony
Staying alone means recovering the stolen glee  
Staying alone means invigorating yesterday
Staying alone means get ready for tomorrow!
1.4k · May 2014
Rajmao’s Water
Jayanta May 2014
It was belongs to Rajmao.
She used come with her group of assistant,
Walk around on the bank in the morning.

Some time,
Sit on the bank and
observed the water.

When it is sand still,
She said, ‘ it is not a good sign, nature is dynamic and changing’,
When the big tortoise came over the bank and sit,
She said, ‘ god send him to observed us’,
When fishes run and jump in the water,
She said, ‘they remind us joy of struggle, continuity for future’!

She used to offer a pair of Betelnut leaf with a Betelnut  to the water and
Pray, make everyone gracious, prudent and human to served for betterment of all.
Then she goes into the water and
deep into it , twice or thrice
to washed away all the pompous sticks on her heart and soul,
acquire lots of endurance and audacity to taking care for all.

That was a time,
When Rajmao came,
Everything elated by her touch and care,
Grasses grows with vigour,
Lotus in the water smiles with esteem,
Grasshopper dances around her with adore,
Standing Bamboo spread up their umbrella
To protect her from Sunshine with admiration and worship!

When she came
Everything was invigorated and stimulating!
Now only water is there
Full with stains of our time
and it is step forward for turn down!
In the name Rajmao Pukhuri
Rajmao – Mother of King; Pukhuri- Pond
Assam was under Ahom rule for sixty decades; they instituted great care for nature and people. Kings mother was considering as the wisest women of the state. The pond Rajmao pukhuri located at present Jorhat town was used by Rajmao . Narrations were based on different stories continued among the people of the locality, who feel proud of this heritage water body.
1.3k · Dec 2014
Settle on vocation
Jayanta Dec 2014
Whether drops of dew
Able diminish fire spark up in our home land?
Whether rice boil in well-off houses
Served the requirement of subjugated one of our home land?
Whether peace installed in meeting hall
Spread to countryside of our home land?
Everyone is in shrunken
With devastation malevolence’s follower,
Who dream that, they will make everything golden!
Therefore, my grandmother said
“We are just with soil, water and air
Don’t dream about gold or silver, it will wipe out your vigour to survive!
Go for vocation to nurture soil;
Bring in water, profoundly breath air...
You will grow along with other!”
Dedicated to people who lost their life , who lost their family member, who were displaced by militant atrocity last two days in my state.
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