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Nov 2016
We relate everything to colour!
Red directed us to Sun
Blue directed us to water
Yellow directed us to Soil
Green directed us to Vegetation
and white directed us to Sky !
These are basic to our life.
Red bid with energy!
Blue hold with trust and commitment!
Yellow rapt with happiness!
Green engrossed with freshness and fertility!
and White immersed with purity and divinity!
Anyone who born is associated with
one of  these colour!
We preferred for marriage of Yellow and green
and everything resemble to white when die!
Based on the interpretation of Mr Tashi Dorzi Thougan of Rupa, Arunachal Pradesh- India, who interpreted about colour in the life of Sherdukpen community of Arunachal Pradesh)
Written by
Jayanta  Guwahati,India
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