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JaxSpade Aug 14
The triangle ate himself into a circle
Because people told him he was too square
And they meant the informal definition
So he kept eating to change his shape
He added a few pounds that multiplied his weight
But that didn't help
He wanted to be wondrous
Why couldn't he have been a rhombus
Why couldn't he have been born into a parallelogram family
I saw him sulking in the fact he was half the diagram
I told him he needed to go on a diet
And strengthen himself  into a pyramid
And only then would his base be the foundation
Of the family
He has always wanted
Chicken Jul 4
Interlocked tori
You and I
One is the other
The other is the one
This is the inescapable truth
The reality that we cannot move
Away from each other
No matter how hard
we might try.
han Jun 13
two points hurling through the void
both independent events
happening to overlap
just a moment
thus I am content
with a mere intersection
of your plane with mine
han~13 June 2019
Algebrarian May 6
Gwen Elison
Southern Utah University

Elliptic Parallel Postulate Haiku
I am a point P
I want a parallel please!
Oh, there’s none for me.

Hyperbolic Parallel Postulate Haiku
I am a point P
There so many parallels
At least 2 for me!

Euclidean Parallel Postulate
I am a point P
Elliptic? Hyperbolic?
No, just 1 for me!
Foxgopher Apr 2
Let's bend at your angles.
Be equilateral at your sides.
I'm an x on your y axis,
And I'm plotting your points.
Jack Sep 2018
I love geometry
It just makes sense to me
I wonder why I can see
When I close my eye
The shapes and colors all around

The blood the tears we throw around
The joy in my heart when I see you

I love you

I can trace the lines of your face
The shape of your smile imprinted in my mind
I look for the circumference of your head
I can see the width of your heart

The one thing I can measure is my love for you
Thank you Geometry
I love you
Kinda weird how love works ain't it.
A circle.
Two enclosed in endless togetherness.
A square.
Two aligned and side to side as equals.
A triangle.
Two begun far apart destined to meet.
A rectangle.
Two beside each other through thick and thin.
A rhombus.
Two as equals leaning on each other.
A diamond.
Two joined at the sides in perfect balance.
An oval.
Two turning as one with each the focus.
A trapezoid.
Two in parallel until they converge.
Two can be as unique as love makes them.
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Tanisha Jackland Jun 2018
I am the Sun waning
The anti-******
The subtle release
from a gripping hug
forming into
The impregnated void
of possibility

I am entropy
slowly collapsing
into the formless
darkness of chaos
rearranging my cells
into something new and
something made
of stardust
We are born again and again like fractals seeking fractals...
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