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10.3k · Mar 2014
Sweet Oblivion
Floating in the Sky
Without a care tonight
Unaware the storm
All consuming, the end is nigh
My friend disappeared in the smoke
We are going to have to move
I left you behind
You fell
Down to the ever shrinking world
Your body broke
I lost all of the pieces
I am alone
Facing the storm
I watched its antics
The rain pelted
The lightning struck
As I fell
Down to the ground
I appear broken
I scream
For the rest of my days
Till I am gone
I will die a useless death
One in a million
That no one cares
Man has a natural fear of dying alone
3.2k · Mar 2014
Dark Tears
The road is
Wet and cold
The rain falls down like
Dark tears
The scars of
Your beautiful face
Made me cry
You rest your
Tired head
In my arms
As your frame
Falls still
I lower my head
Close my eyes
I call out
In despair
I am forever
Trapped in this hell
Without you
So listen now
To my love
An undying truth
Fades away in
The rain
I was captive in the dark
Which held me from you
And tantalized my mind
You fell apart
As you saved me
But oh woe
The cost was
Too high
I dug you
A rememberance
Of our past and future
And I simply limp away
And I become engulfed
By the dark shadows
Once again
wrote it after gf dumped me
Come here darling
Don’t be afraid
Im here to keep the darkness away
Kisses and hugs
Are wonderful things
I shall give you both so you can laugh and play
A shoulder to cry on
An ear to listen
Patience and love is all you require
Don’t  cry now
Please tell me whats wrong
I can help with tears, that’s all I desire
I am always here dearest one
Don’t stop living
Don’t stop shining
Your time of anxiety is hereby done
My girlfriend needed a lullaby to help with her anxiety. this is what i came up with.
1.5k · Jun 2014
Perfect little dream
The kind that breaks the best
The silent little scheme
But I have failed the test
Am I to bear the blame?
All of them are the same.
It was you who gave me hope
It was you who let me cope
Open up my ****** heart
Hoping a friendship to start
You threw it at my face
**** the whole human race
I tried, but I fall down broken
I tried, but again I'm broken
I tried, to share my secrets
You were brave, as you saw my demons
Judge jury executioner
Again, an empty future
We talked all the time
But hope isn't worth a dime
One date, it's all it took
One date, no bait just the hook
You stopped talking
I stopped walking
You said goodbye
As I die
No hug
Your face still smug
As I lie here broken
After my fall, I am again broken
Forever broken
A good friend abandoned me. I'm sad.
I walked alone

The cold wind ripping at my face

The ground covered in stone

My mind clouded with death’s dark embrace

I pulled my coat ‘round

To try and breathe one last time

As the sky fell down

Whisper one last hymn

Black out black out black out

Eyes open

The fire shadow’s cast about

She was the first sight I had awoken

Her white as ice skin

Pale blue eyes

Her shadow dark as Gwyn

My welcome is full of chastise

She only smiled

And put my head on her lap

I would not shout the reviled

About was her cloak wrap

Eyes full of worry

She stooped over for a kiss

My eyes began to blurry

.Short lived this bliss

A dark snarl

She whipped her head forward

White fur, teeth, claws, and blood lust gnarl

I reach for my sword

I fell

She stood up

It bared its teeth

The ice sharp enough to cut

Cold energy beneath

My ice queen

It leaped

Its rage caused the ice to steam

She wept

Its claw deep in my chest

Her hands like icicles

Her form was distressed

sharp as needles

Ice stuck out of its gullet

.She ran over to me

I’m just a shattered cullet

Wise and worried was she

Cradled my head in her arms

As she sang and cried

My life tumbled like a house of cards

I died?

I woke up

My love was denied

Death raised its cup

She spared my life for hers

She melted away

Tears as my eyes blurres

So I can live another day

When we kissed my heart fell in a spell

I will always want you

Now my love fell

My mind skewed

I will remember you

As I leave a white rose

The most beautiful fool

I warmed a heart that was froze

Her skin was cold

I will always return

To remember your hold

Give your death gifts in an urn

A forgotten dream

Your life of woe

I will always remember your skin and teeth beautiful as cream

The woman of snow
Everyone loses someone
1.4k · May 2016
Is it ok if i give you a hug
Well it's a big big system
And we all are the same
Don't need to be so petty, what is wrong
Is it OK if I give you a hug?
I may be a slacker, you may be a star
Don't be too busy, tell me your need
Though it's sleep o clock , though you still study away
So if you are crying
You can tell me if you're lying
You are a broken girl
I know
So don't worry
You won't lose me
I am your partner
It's just like you to worry and fear
For the future is bold
And your life is always told
Is it all right if I give you a hug
Don't be so crazy
Love you simply amaze me
You are so sweet and kind
That's why you caught my eye
A girl like you is very kissable
Your friends may disappear
But never fear, I'm always near
I am your patience
I am your kindness
You are my celebration
So if you are crying
Don't worry love I'm not lying
I will be there with
My arms so wide
Just leap inside
For our future is one desirable
For you love <3
One day I fell
Tears full of dread
I was all alone
In my white padded home
There, I cried the days away
You heard my darkened cries
And you did something in turn
You knocked and walked right in
Straight through the dark
Walked through shards
Of broken glass
Just to find the source
Of this dark time
You opened my door
My back was turned to you
You did not care
You crept behind me
Wrapped your wings
Around my cold sides
And told me to let it out
You stroked my head
And shattered the rusty chains
You carried me outside
Took me to your sunny home
Where there my strength grew and grew
'Till I was shining too
You planted a velvet kiss
On  my rosy lips
Gently grasped my hand
We left to live
We had a dream
That did come true
The bells to an fro
Our smiles bright and loved
By all who saw
Me in a suit of grey
Walking beside a girl
Who wore a black dress
And remained a noblesse
Through the darkened days
'Till we grew old
Then you fell
In my arms
I cried again
You raised your soft hand
Placed it on my cheek
Wiped away my fears
You whispered
"Don't ever stop living
For I shall be with you
Always and forevermore"
With her last breathe she passed away
Buried in her black dress
I love her to this day
I won't fall again
Because what I promised her
I keep my tears
Locked in my heart
I remember her smile
That beautiful crescent moon
I know her hair
Short and hazeled
And I know her eyes
The stars of the sky
And I remember this
'Till I drift away
But never fear
'Cuz I know this to be true
She will locate me
And I shall locate her
And we shall live after death
Bringing joys, not regrets
'Till the end of time
For my dear sweet wife, Rebecca Vail Addams
1.1k · Nov 2015
You Make Me Happy
Never wish for the end
Gonna stroke your hand
Give ya daises and roses
You smile passionately
Up fly our candles
Never cry when I am around
Gonna run us outta town
Let us burn this place down
You swig your drink
Down we go past the river of smoke
Never stop believing
Gonna stay with you I shall
Run around, declaring our love
Around this world
And every place beyond
Desert this cesspool
You blush and hide your face
Never cry for hatred, only passion
Gonna kiss your nose
Make you giggle again
You make me so happy
Cry as I give you tickles
Never stop living
Gonna grow old with you
Say our vows
Goodbye dark past
Never go back again
Gonna stay with you
Tell us soon
A couple of baby girls
Lie down as you kiss them
And be happy
Hurt will never happen again
You are the only one
Another silly poem
943 · Jan 2017
I close my eyes
Forgot my mind
Or similar kind
Eaten by flies
I'm all alone
She is sick
Burning the wick
Speaks in groans
She can't breathe
She can't move
Please improve
What's underneath
Bloodied vile
Pills are lies
Make you die
I need a smile
Not alone
Please no
Feeling low
Empty phone
No one gets it
The sorrow
Covered in yarrow
Eyes filled in grit
Poisons my mind
You are gone
Blackened dawn
Wish it was my time
Give you air
Take my strength
Your heart sank
I will make it fair
My time yours
As I depart
Owner of heart
Don't fight any wars
I hope she gets better
855 · Feb 2016
Extinctus est Mihi
Amor , amoris love
Servet me in aciem
Est vita aeterna,
Beautiful Beautiful  smiling smoke
My love is very sick
The tears keep me ballistic
"Don't worry," She spoke
Her proud figure curls up
I remain by her side
Even though plague's arm opened wide
I offered her my cup
I'm crying again
I don't want her to leave
Nor spend an eternity in grief
I hold her close to her parents disdain
Extinctus est Mihi
Ne derelinquas me
Perniciosasque tristitia
Manete in aeternum
Please get better
There are demons in  my mind
Our dreams they blind
Stay awake, read my love letter
Sadistic narcissistic fools
You idly gossip
Her fate you toss-up
Poisoned are thy souls
Ego solet abire
Te amo
In aeterno praeteriti temporis
They want me to flee
They want me to turn my back
But deathly dreams surely are black
I ignore their plea
I watch my love fade away
Take me instead
You can rest easy if I'm dead
Your soul shall stay
Et immarcescibilem
Vos postulo ut vivat in
Memento digni sunt
Vale, mea
Perspicuus caliginoso loco hoc
Fidem tibi habeo
Ne fleveris
Et nihilominus esset melior aptus.............
Industrial music + love of my life sick= a sad ballot
733 · Mar 2014
I lost my sister yesterday
Rosy hearts always fade to gray
She was always there
To make me smile, to make me care
She fell in love
As she shouted to the skies above
She required my help
But a failure began to develop
I failed her
As a horrid brother
I became
In my rage, with pain
Left a bloodstain
She is gone
Never again to witness the dawn
I am alone
My sins to atone
Another lost candle in the dark
Blown out by my bark
Goodbye Nicole
May you never again receive my toll
I ruined my relationship with my sister.  My failure caused me to become unbearable.  I never saw her again.
729 · Nov 2015
When You Are Sad
Don't cry my love
What is wrong?
Is it the heavens above?
Come here let me hold you
So listen to my heartbeat
If you'd only knew
That pain may hurt inside
So let it out
Cry the night 'till the pain subsides
Just don't fill with self doubt
Don't rot within
Don't muffle your shouts
Just don't fly away from me
Everything is fine
Here is a cup of tea
To melt your icy heart away
Please don't die within yourself
The world is only grey
If you open your eyes
And look beyond this Earth
As you smile, the world is coated in dyes
The ashes wash away towards the shore
With sterling tears
Trust me I love you so much more
Because there is nothing wrong
With your hopes with your dreams
So I weave this song
To say
I'm here for you
Through night and day
So hold my hand
As we walk through the damp sand
As we wade through the ocean
And sink into the dark
Our devotion runs deep with motivation
I know someone very dear, who is sad all the time. Please don't be sad, I'm here for you
691 · Nov 2015
My ScHiZoPhReNiC InTrIgUe
Little sir, LONELY SIR
Why are you so alone?
No flowers litter my gravestone
I just want to blend in
My problems lie within
I need to close my self off
So there is no trade-off
She's always there for me
She protects me from myself who is beastly
I refuse to listen
You won't darken my mind, it glistens!
Leave me alone
You won't break my capstone
This is a beautiful day
You won't have your way
What if they look for me?
They can always see
This is my happy life
Just me and my wife
You aren't really there
  We GrEw Up OnLy To FaLl AnD TeAr
All I seek is happiness
Why are you fueled by my sadness?
I shall and nothing will stop me
They all decay eventually
I'm NoT WeLl
BuT No OnE CaN TeLl
As I SiT AnD StAy
TrYiNg To KeEp ThE DaRkNeSs AwAy
Please help me
Before the rest of me is locked away with a skeleton key
My MiNd Is On FiRe
It BuRnS LiKe HeLlFiRe
I am depressed when she isn't around. And my thoughts aren't exactly healthy, because I am stuck with them. And they whisper nefarious things in the dark, but when she isn't around the sun doesn't shine, it's black like my putrid thoughts.
651 · Aug 2017
People ask questions
My existential meaning
Is to enjoy life
"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.  But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?  Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present." -Albert Camus
605 · Jun 2015
Why? Why?
I have no one left
All of my friends are gone
Am I a bad guy?
I thought I was a saint
My friends ignore me
They forget me
Forget that I have no one
My tears in restraint
I can't cry when it rains
There is no point
They laugh behind my back
Soley, I exist
To stand against the grains
My ashes fall in the snow
I know, it's the end of the road
The hero hangs his cape
The villain grabs the noose
My dearest one doesn't know
That I am so utterly alone
She doesn't know my sorrow
My ink filled tears
Stain the snow
My blood smears the wet stone
The sky is crying
And the ground is frozen
Soley, I am alone
I kneel to the white ground
Better spent dying
Life is a tough game
I never wanted to play it
I have no hands to help me up
I've had enough
Please don't hate my name
A note scrawled on the desk
My initials dot the goodbye
I'm sorry everybody
But I tried
Living this life, so grotesque
I thought I had a glass heart
Shattered because I'm a fallen fighter
The cracks in my armor
Prove I'm a survivor
But I'm torn apart
So long
This bleeding narrator
Is lost
Oh, well
Goodbye, off to my tomb where I truly belong
Ever felt so alone, You were the last person on Earth? Well you aren't, you committed suicide a few days ago.  Welcome to oblivion.
598 · Apr 2014
Rebellion And Comformity
Such strong words
Those who utter are great in number
Some follow
The others rise
One worships
The other shouts
Which side are you on?
Which side are you against?
It doesn’t really matter
All of it is mundane
We all end in the same place
Different time
Our ashes hit the sky
While the rest are buried in the ground
Some are burned
The others in the depths of oceans
Is it truly important what you believe in?
Or are you one of the masses
Willing to **** to appease the one true misfortune.
596 · Mar 2014
The Return of a Corpse
Face down
I fell
To the black mausoleum
Wishing I could breathe
In my cold dark coffin
Her voice was grim
As she cried through the night
Long black dress, and angels hair
Little did she know
I would arise
With a fiendish scheme
So she could fall with me
In a cast shadow
Monstrosity lives
And its in all of us
Roaring to break through
So pray
Its final kiss
Shall hurt us this day
She gazed at me
As if im the devil itself
She kissed my cheek
And pushed me away
I laugh
Im not so easy to cast away
In her final hours
Petals bloomed
Hiding the shadows in eternal gloom
Why did I have
To go away so soon
My love I will protect
My shining friend
The next thing I knew
The shadow of death
Pointed his clammy hand
Making her rise as well
As the city burned
The children screamed
And we fade away
My love please forgive me
I am lost
In not heaven
Nor hell
But a monster we become
Once we fall
in our graves
Wrote this after listening to some to zombie
543 · Oct 2015
A Madman's Halloween
The night is black
As the cold wind bites strikes my face
I mask my face with my cowl
I try to move
But collapse
Blood and gore
Blood an gore
A dark reminder
Its dangerous to be out
Need to be home
It's not safe
I freeze as the demons scream
All I hear is echoing
Run away
Run away
Before you waste away
You hide in your cabin
But it is no ****** use
The scratches are everywhere
The voices inside your head
Break their way out
Inside out
Lock the door
Hide in your bed
The demons chanting
Trick or treat
Trick or treat
Grit your teeth
And lock yourself away
On this ****** Halloween
Chained up inside the cell
The sweet taste of candy
Tastes like the blood you spilled
Woe is me
Woe is you
Knock Knock
Knock Knock
Knock Knock
Yes yes, my favorite holiday, though what if it was a maddening holiday?
538 · Nov 2015
My Darkness
Now I awake at the eve of my daemonic existence
Which we had to abort
On my crown lies a crown of barbs
Unfortunately no light
Raising my forgiving sight for the last time
The only thing I see is my dark wright
Vomiting misconception at my filthy sins
United by serpentine despair
Unanimously designed by a rogue contempt
And yet instantaneously
For temerarious to bother with such vast wisdom
And yet veracious
Thus destined a dark decent
A blackened spiral
For a blank memory
I look as the darkness consumes my  every breathe
Already swallowed by the hatred smoked by fear
I feel the hell fire
Like tears rolling down my body
I am cut chest to toe
The shadows seep in
Vile filth exalting heavenly pleasures
I can not cleanse myself
For all of the scourges I locked away
My shadow is liberated
As it goes, as it always shall
The quasi heroic act of self mutilation
Reanimates their dark possession
Again morbid licentiousness
They found their host and reached parasitical intent
Blackened by serious lust
Tumultuous in the hearts of all who have fallen
All of their jaws hinging malevolently
For the cursing how to behave
No imminence in my decay
I deserve nothing by curdling laughter
I have no cause, no war
My skin blackened by the fires of doubt
Forget my neurotic existence
And the face of the man you fear
For the last time I scream
All of my attempts hallowed
By the fear of being isolated
Abandoned, my scars still leaking    
The blackened blood into the heavens
Each drop a life wasted
During this my light is extinguished
A smile appears on a split face

One final scream
And everything I know vanishes
Somewhere a heart beats a final time
I despise my world
I wasn't created for it
Note to self, Avante Garde is amazing to listen to while making poetry.  Wish I wasn't so depressed. Oh well life goes on.
511 · Aug 2017
I rise late
My love is away
Going through the motions
Such a sorry state
The cold numbs me today
Water falls on my face
Put on the uniform
Grab my mask
I drive twenty five
Empty halls are the norm
As I complete mundane tasks
Hours roll by
Sitting alone
Back to work
I sigh
Glance anxiously at the clock
104 or 5 to 6
Speed home
Lights out
I miss her
The fairer chromosome
My heart filled with doubt
Does she miss me
Do I cross her mind
I think of her always
I lie in dark solitude
My empty tears are blind
As I fall away in a haze
Goodbye everyone
Just a note fiance is out of town on a trip, every seconds an eternity without her. I am not suicidal so please stop asking.
464 · Aug 2016
We all live
As the summers pass by
Please don't disappear
Broken hearts we always give
Our souls are
Scorched deserts
We burn out
Like a shooting star
I'm lost in my words
Does anyone know
What we're looking for
Never mind
You're all a flock of birds
Don't be light
You mean more
To me
Your soul heavy with love
Even though we're close to night
Vote for your end
Wear your masks,
Smile like nothing is wrong
Spit poison people do
Do we attack or defend?
We are our own salvation
You're the most beautiful entity
I ever dreamed of
Don't be like them
Those of a hemlock nation
I don't want time to go so quickly
The future is so slow
Why does it matter in the cosmic sense
Dust of a planets tears
Even crystals are prickly
Your heart grows warmer
As we hurtle through the sun
Blindly we bustle
Unbeknownst to the former
Lives we have lived
Smell the flowers
Don't waste your summers
In front of death lights
Or else your time has arrived
381 · Nov 2015
For You <3
The sun shines
All the roses
Grow through the dark green pines
I raise my hand from the cold snow
You ask "What can I do for you?"
As your crescent smile began to grow
Oh, what a wonderous feeling
Th e cold kisses my face
As I'm on my knees kneeling
She laughs
With the sweet smell of wine fills the air
All around us grass is eaten by all the young calves
The sky blue as the tiny flowers
Why, you helped me up
Even through the final hours
It's all the rage
Back in my home
Full of trampled sage
She said "Don't you worry
Please don't cry inside
Because life goes forward, so why hurry?"
So we lived through life real slow
'Till the tress grew round
As we just go with the flow
The waves slink back and forth
In front our tired eyes
The moon hangs above towards North
Just say you love me
And kiss me all over
Please hug me closely
Love is worth more than a dime
So please be with me?
It doesn't rain all the time
For my wife <3
365 · Aug 2017
Time is a whisper
That echoes across the void
Sullen as we are
270 · Aug 2017
Though the world might end
We always plant apple seeds
No matter what day
Never give up!
227 · Mar 2017
What is life about?
"To eat grass" sheep said fondly
The wolf frowns sadly
204 · Mar 2017
We whisper through time
Living our short quiet lives
Not leaving a mark
182 · Mar 2017
Tick tick the clock speaks
As we fade away in time
We smile sadly
177 · Feb 2017
What is life about?
Baby gabbles with no thoughts
Mother stares away
142 · Feb 2017
What is life about?
"Ask your mother!" Father said
He goes back to drink
126 · Feb 2017
Life is meaningful
We always say to ourselves
Just open your eyes

— The End —