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verse Oct 2019
Naysayers are bystanders
meant to only see the clouds thicken as you climb
and to only smell the dust of your triumphs.

Haters are takers
of your brilliant shine
and elysian decent

You are delightfully masterful!
and in some small way...  you are      Godly!
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
मन गोरा, रंग गोरा चंचलसी अदाए
दिवाने बनगँए हम देखकर उन निगाहँे
य खुबसुरती तुने पाइ कहाँसे ?——२

समलकर चल्ना जालीम हे हर नजर
दवाकर रख्ना अप्नी बढ्ती धढ्कन
बन्द कर्दो होठपे लव्ज अप्नी
कम न पढे खुबसुरती तुम्हारी ——२

राहोमे तुम्हे भट्का सक्ता हे कोही
आवाज देकर बुला सक्ता हे कोही
बन्द कर्दो दिलके सारे दरवाजे
कम न पढे खुबसुरती तुम्हारी ——२

सकल तुम्हारा उस चाँदनीकी तरह
साँस तुम्हारा उस चमेलीकी तरह
दिल तुम्हारा  उस मोमकी तरह
य खुबसुरती तुने पाइ कहासे ?——२

उम्मीदे मराहँे जिनेका गम पिकर
दिप लग्ताहे हस्ता हो मेरे उपर
आइनो ने मुझसे बन्द कर्र्र्र्दी बातँे
समलकर चल्ना जालीम हे हर नजर ——२

मीलाव जुत्फे अप्नि मतलव निकाल सक्ता हे कोही
गिरालो अाँचल अप्नि देख् सख्ता हे कोही
बन्द करो होठ अप्नि पुछ सक्ता हे कोही
य खुबसुरती तुने पाई कहाँसे ?——३
Genre: Romantic Gazal
Theme: You are Beautiful
Alp Feb 2019
I'll write gibberish
and you just can't
throw    this poem      away
But it doesn't bother you, indeed
you Liked this one.
you liked it because
you don't look for meaning
Some gibberish to waste your time
           Relief and Relax
your time is already gibberished
and what I mean by "gibberished"
is just a simple gibberish.
But who the hell cares.
Hope you like this one. Since this is my third one published, I would like to hear from you. Waiting your comments.
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2019
If skeptic
How can one be
So decent
So blissful

Look at her, closer

Her way
Her moves
Answers the all

She is
A work of precious art
Who breathe
Who  inspires

You don’t need to be a writer
You don’t need to be a poet
Whoever you are

She has something
Alluring, magical charm
What makes you
Something to say

She is the dream
And the reality
That, She is
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: She is no other than, the hope
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
तिम्रो बिचार पढेको भए
म ज्ञानी हुन्थिए होला
बुझेको भए
झन् ज्ञानी हुन्थिए होला

मेरो चकचक
तिमीले बुझेनौ
तिम्रो ज्ञान मैले बुझिन
धन्यवाद ।
शैली : मुक्तक
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2018
Humans don’t inherit
Dogs do

Expect loyalty
From sane Dogs

That clear
Genre: Observational
Theme: In memory of beloved Dog
Note: On this day, all hindus celebrate Dog's day
pookie Aug 2018
A spiral
A staircase
A long fall

How ever you decend it's always down,
Never do we see the light before we go,
It's forever darkness,
Never do we know what waits for us,
We think we know,
We hope we know,
Never do we get a chance to change our minds,
It's there it's easy once you've made the distance to get there.

What ever we do we decend,
I won't romanticise it it's not a decision we should make yet we do,
I won't tell you to stop because that will push you even harder than before because hell what do I know.

But I will say is this:

My mind is my prison
My body the vehicle I use
My soul the fuel
The decent my escape

Every morning it is there
Every night it welcomes me like a lover
Every time I close my eyes it becons to me
Every time I get up it threatens to pull me down

Yet I stand strong
Resting on the edge
Like running a knife across my throat hard enough to bite but not bleed
A damgours game to feel alive
To feel at all

A decent into darkness
A game we play alone
Mystic Ink Plus May 2018
When I am about to log in
That remind me  

Never did,
I write before
About the human gallery

Here I have
A decent group of people
Who stays skeptic

Let their
Charm prevailed
As an unveiled glory
With the virtue of silence

To me,
Everyone here,
A limited edition
Inside the gravity of wonder

Enjoyed your presence
Always you will be, as
An epitome of decency

If it is real.
Genre: eXperimental
Theme: Silent Friends  |  Carefree Strangers   |  Online/Offline
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