Lu Lu Jun 2

Coffee stained corners
and thumbprints in icing;
my books worn and torn
with love and lack of sleep;

I grew latte mustaches and cinnamon goatees
while contemplating how to combat Islamophobia.

Pro tip: Don't change your essay topic two days before the final.
p.s. I'm a regular at Caffe Rococo now.
WJ Thompson May 23

I'm underneath an amber twilight
(and tasteful landscaping)
flirting with nostalgic anticipation
in room 1034
yet alone and content
I should photograph my life events
or the morning dew, still wet
with evaporating trepidation
which breaks into a cold sweat
when soothed by the resolution
of the seventh, to the third, to the root of the polyphony, harmonizing to the tune
of a Scantron being scribbled on,
or my choice
to ignore
(at least until finals are over)

ALC May 18

I can feel it,
Filling me up,
Wheeling inside me,
Pushing at my fragile seams.

It’s growing in mass,
Starting in my core
And expanding outward to my fingers,
My mouth,
My legs,
My eyes,
My brain.

It’s shutting me down,
Trying to pour out of me
As I stare off blankly at the white board in front of me.

It threatens to stream through my eyes
In helpless, uncontrollable tears.
It threatens to shoot from my mouth
In hysterical laughter.

I stare wide-eyed at the professor lecturing in front of me,
Trying to control the inner volcano erupting inside of me.
I stare straight ahead with glazed eyes
On the verge of getting up and leaving,
So I can open the valve and release all the pressure.

I force my eyes down,
And with a shaking hand,
Finish what I started.
-ALC May 16, 2017

I've forgotten the last time I had to memorize
oh wait, it was today.
I memorized so I didn't have to plagiarize
and I plagiarized because I had no idea what to say.

instead of studying, I was out at play
breaking ankles instead of pencil tips.
made some gnarly 3 pointers, I might say,
all I could think about were my papercut lips.

the keyboard fights me with whips
I'm trying, I am really trying,
but I'm collapsing, like sunken battleships.
Well, at least I'm not dying.

written before finals crushed my pencils
Leia R May 1

i sympathize

i empathize

i want to be euthanized


good luck to everyone. may the odds be ever in your favour

( i haven't even read or seen the hunger games )
Angelica Apr 30

2am cups of coffee
and scattered paper sheets
plastic rimmed glasses
summer night's heat

Lu Lu Mar 3

Blurry vision days
are sleep deprived nights coming
back to get revenge.

Stressed out, dressed up.

I fear
But I do not know what I fear
Maybe it's
Late nights wasted with people
And thoughts of people
Who do not matter
And who will never matter
Or only mattered once

consume endless stimulants
anything to get through this

lifeless eyes with sunken souls
tucked away in hidden holes

the hands on the clock do a full rotation
returning then surpassing their first location

alternating breaks between coffee and bogies
i sit on the floor, my effort withholding

breathe in, breathe out, inhale deep
i know not about counting sheep

a few more bodies tough it out
"we are the champions," i want to shout

and i'm delusional, so i just might
tell this empty room about my sleepless night

Finals week, man. I just have to keep telling myself, "Only one more semester."
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