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May 2016
Well it's a big big system
And we all are the same
Don't need to be so petty, what is wrong
Is it OK if I give you a hug?
I may be a slacker, you may be a star
Don't be too busy, tell me your need
Though it's sleep o clock , though you still study away
So if you are crying
You can tell me if you're lying
You are a broken girl
I know
So don't worry
You won't lose me
I am your partner
It's just like you to worry and fear
For the future is bold
And your life is always told
Is it all right if I give you a hug
Don't be so crazy
Love you simply amaze me
You are so sweet and kind
That's why you caught my eye
A girl like you is very kissable
Your friends may disappear
But never fear, I'm always near
I am your patience
I am your kindness
You are my celebration
So if you are crying
Don't worry love I'm not lying
I will be there with
My arms so wide
Just leap inside
For our future is one desirable
For you love <3
Bram Cyrus 'O Cyrus Addams
Written by
Bram Cyrus 'O Cyrus Addams  sacramento
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