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Time is a whisper
That echoes across the void
Sullen as we are
Though the world might end
We always plant apple seeds
No matter what day
Never give up!
People ask questions
My existential meaning
Is to enjoy life
"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.  But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?  Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present." -Albert Camus
I rise late
My love is away
Going through the motions
Such a sorry state
The cold numbs me today
Water falls on my face
Put on the uniform
Grab my mask
I drive twenty five
Empty halls are the norm
As I complete mundane tasks
Hours roll by
Sitting alone
Back to work
I sigh
Glance anxiously at the clock
104 or 5 to 6
Speed home
Lights out
I miss her
The fairer chromosome
My heart filled with doubt
Does she miss me
Do I cross her mind
I think of her always
I lie in dark solitude
My empty tears are blind
As I fall away in a haze
Goodbye everyone
Just a note fiance is out of town on a trip, every seconds an eternity without her. I am not suicidal so please stop asking.
We whisper through time
Living our short quiet lives
Not leaving a mark
Tick tick the clock speaks
As we fade away in time
We smile sadly
What is life about?
"To eat grass" sheep said fondly
The wolf frowns sadly
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